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It had taken a few months before things returned to some semblance of normalcy around the camp.

So much has changed since your divorce, you obviously weren’t staying with Peter in the tree house anymore. You stayed in a tent for a few weeks before you found a really nifty tree.

There was a medium sized hole hidden by the large roots, you had fallen through and landed in a sort of dirt cave. You walked around a bit and found it was very sturdy, surprisingly well insulated.

With the help of a few Lost Boys you made it your new home, added some wooden boards to the walls and roof, a ladder, and a little door at the hole that you liked to cover with leaves.

There was also a change of dynamics with the Lost Boys.

While everyone was loyal to Pan and no one would rebel against him, most of the boys were being a lot more friendly with you now. Invited you to play more games and let you in on their other activities.

You appreciated that so much, during the day they would keep you busy and distracted, sometimes you even managed to have a good time, but still at night you would cry your eyes out.

You wished your feelings for Peter would just wither and die the way your heart had, but just the thought of him still made your heart skip a beat.

Peter had changed too, he was hardly ever around the camp other than actual camp business, like training and assigning the weekly duties. He avoided you like the plague during these time, often communicated with you through Felix.

You were with the boys listening to the stories of all their scars when you heard a very loud crow.

In all your years on this island you had never heard such a bird call, something was up.

You look up at the sky and search for what was responsible for that powerful crow, it only took you a second to spot the shadow.

It was carrying a boy dressed in black and red, you couldn’t make out much more from this distance.

‘Look out!’ the boy shouted as the shadow dropped him.

The boy landed on his feet and he stood confident as he looked around the camp.

‘Anyone want to tell why the creepy dark thing dragged me out of my room?’ the boy asked.

You got a good look at him now, he was a very athletically built, and quite stylish. A red triple Mohawk, red feather earring, a necklace of teeth that came from some beast, a small jacket that was half leather and tassels a belt to match. Under his ripped black pants red tights.

He looked fucking awesome.

‘What’s your name?’ you asked as you stepped forward.

‘Rufio, and yours?’ he smiled.

Well he was certainly handsome you couldn’t help but notice.

‘(Y/N), second in command around here.’ you replied.

‘Second? Who is in charge?’ he asked.

‘You’ll meet him later, after you get through me.’ you said as you took a fighting stance.

‘Excuse me? Not to offend but I don’t fight girls.’ he said politely.

‘Fight me, you can’t do anything around here until you do. Can’t meet the boss, can’t play our games or even eat until you face me.’ you explained.

This was how you placed the boys in their sections for training.

Rufio smiled as he took his own stance before charging at you.

The fight was a swift one, you had pinned him down as soon as he was in reach.

‘You held your arms out like a starfish when you attacked, we’ll work on that later, for now we’ll occupy those hands and put you with the clubbers. You’ll train with… where is he?’ you asked distractedly looking around for Felix.

‘Anyone seen-’ 

Just then Felix ran into the camp looking around frantically, it was only when his eyes landed on the colorful boy under you did they stop jumping around.

‘Rooster?’ Felix smiled.

You stood up and pull Rufio up, his eyes brighten as he looked back at Felix.

‘Oy Fruit Cake.’ he smiled.

The two boys stood there smiling brightly before finally running into each other’s arms.

You watch the two embrace each other for a moment before rolling your eyes in mild annoyance.

Of course he’s on Felix’s team as they say in your world, taken or gay, and this guy was both apparently. Oh well, no point in being bitter.

‘So I take it you know this boy…Fruit Cake.’ you teased.

Felix rolled his eyes as he pulled away from Rufio.

‘Shut it, this is my brother and he is the only who calls me that and lives.’ Felix said.

‘Brother?’ you asked.

‘Not by blood clearly, grew up together in the Emerald City.’ Rufio explained.

‘Emerald City? As in Oz, Felix you’re from Oz? Why didn’t you tell me?’ you accused hitting your best friend.

‘You never asked.’ he shrugged.

‘Still so quiet I see.’ Rufio smiled.

‘You’re still outrageously loud, I heard you miles from here, you damn rooster crowing all over the place.’ Felix  retorted.

Rufio laughed before looking around once more.

‘Not that I’m complaining but where am I exactly? It was past midnight last I checked.’

‘In Oz it was, but here the day has barely begun. This is Neverland, and these are your new brothers the Lost Boys.’ you explained, gesturing to the whole camp.

‘Boys?’ he questioned, looking you up and down.

‘Oh I’m in fact a girl, a Lost Girl, the one and only. I basically turned these chumps into a well oiled killing machine.’ you introduced yourself.

‘Are you the only girl on this island?’

You scoffed with pure aggravation.

‘I wish.’ you said pointing down a path, at the end of it there was an annoyingly cute cottage.

‘Wendy, such a damn daffodil she cant even have a regular tent, the wimp would scream anytime a bug got near her. Not a Lost Girl at all, doesn’t train, doesn’t hunt, just eats our food and sings annoying useless songs while brushing her stupid hair.’ you griped.

‘She hates Wendy.’ Felix said simply.

‘I get it, I don’t like her and I haven’t met her yet. Why is she here then?’ Rufio asked.

‘I have a pretty good idea.’ mumbled as Peter walked into the camp.

It was true, while Peter admitted he was dumb to think I’d be friends with Wendy, he still needed to keep her here. You understood that, he using her to keep John and Micheal on his hook, but as of late he was being very friendly to the useless girl.

‘Meet your leader Peter Pan, I have other places to be right now.’ you said before walking away.

‘(Y/N).’ Peter said, stopping you in your tracks.

‘Speaking to me directly, what’s the occasion?’ you snarked. 

Peter sighed.

‘The shadow brought a new boy I hear.’ he said.

‘Yeah, he is right here waiting for you to give him his tour and all that crap. Why do I need to be here…Pan?’ you spat.

‘I need you.’ he answered.

‘For what? Need me to collect dreamshade, collect wood for the fire, sharpen tools? Anything involves not being here right now?’

‘Dammit, Felix show him around.’ Peter ordered before he grabbing your arm and transporting you to some random clearing.

‘What the HELL?!’ you shouted, snatching your arm away from him.

‘I need you.’ Peter repeated.

‘For what, is little miss Wendy too busy singing songs about rainbows to satisfy you? If that’s the case then you better just wait it out with your dick in your hand, because you won’t get a damn thing from me.’ you glared.

‘The hourglass.’ Peter stated.

‘What about it?’

‘It’s running out, we messed with the curse now the sand is falling faster. It should last a thousand years, but now only eight hundred remain.’ he said seriously.

You looked in his eyes and saw the panic in them.

‘What do you need?’ you asked. 

‘Same as before, true loves kiss.’ he confessed, not looking you in the eye.

You face went red with rage, you stomped up to him and slapped him with all your might.

You’d punch him more times than you can count during training and sparring, but you’ve never slapped him.

‘It’s NOT true love!’ you shouted.

‘Your love wasn’t real! My feelings for you were just another pawn in your long game! I thought it was real, you made me think it was all real! You told me that the love had to be on both ends and you LIED!’ you shouted as your eyes watered.

‘You only needed an idiot girl to fall for you, then you made me that idiot! Maybe I could forgive that one day, but you used me. It was the first time I had ever trusted anyone and you-’ you choked on your own words.

‘(Y/N) I never meant to-’ Peter tried to say, but you cut him off. 

‘You never meant to what?’ you interrupted. 

‘Never meant to hurt me? How did you think I would feel when you told me you were through with me? When you tried to throw me off the island? When you started parading around the island with Wendy? When you broke my heart?’ you sobbed.

You had cried every night with these thoughts in your head, but now you had said it all out loud and it felt like a weight was lifted from your shoulders.

‘You want your kiss? You want me to be your sand bag and fill your stupid hourglass for you, since that’s all I ever was to you. Fine, take all the damn sand I have, but one day the bag will be empty, and you’ll need a new fool.’ you said before you slammed Pan against tree and kissed him.

You kissed him with all of the emotion you had for him, the anger, the sadness and every bit of heart break.

Only this time there was no great wind, it didn’t work.

You pulled away and looked at Peter with wet eyes,

‘The bag is finally empty.’ you smiled before walking away.

I’m sorry, did someone say ball?

Look at Red and I showing up 9 days late without even the excuse of Starbucks. Is the party even still going? I hope so, The Phantom does love a good ball. and look, we have new clothes! Red (who I have now decided to just call Red Death or the Phantom, since I’m not to fond of Phantom Mark) is sporting a fantastic red, black and gold number more then a little inspired by the deadly Coral Snake. Remember folks ‘red touching yellow will kill a fellow!’ And me in a steampunk-ish ditty with raptor inspired accessories including a Kestral mask and hairpiece, Red-tail feather earrings, and a (hard to see) Golden Eagle/Bald Eagle/Peregrine Falcon hip clasp.

Just something quick between commissions because I don’t like to be left out, and Red is the closest thing I have to a Darkiplier…