red feather earrings

I’m sorry, did someone say ball?

Look at Red and I showing up 9 days late without even the excuse of Starbucks. Is the party even still going? I hope so, The Phantom does love a good ball. and look, we have new clothes! Red (who I have now decided to just call Red Death or the Phantom, since I’m not to fond of Phantom Mark) is sporting a fantastic red, black and gold number more then a little inspired by the deadly Coral Snake. Remember folks ‘red touching yellow will kill a fellow!’ And me in a steampunk-ish ditty with raptor inspired accessories including a Kestral mask and hairpiece, Red-tail feather earrings, and a (hard to see) Golden Eagle/Bald Eagle/Peregrine Falcon hip clasp.

Just something quick between commissions because I don’t like to be left out, and Red is the closest thing I have to a Darkiplier…