red falcons


NAME: Caithe Faulkner
AGE: 37
SPECIES: Hyur, Highlander
GENDER: Female
NAMEDAY: 7th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (Aug. 7)
RESIDENCE: Wanders Gyr Abania, with some more permanent residence in Rhalgr’s Reach

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
DRINK: Whiskey, herbal tea
FOOD: Red meats, rich flavours
SNACKS: Nuts and berries

PET: Koe, her hunting falcon
COLOUR: Reds, Greens and Purples
FLOWER: Snapdragons
SEXUALITY: Bi-sexual
ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: Demiromantic – Generally non-committal
BODY TYPE: Slight hourglass, relatively soft muscle definition
EYE COLOUR: Dark green

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Jehan who writes poetry like a fifteenth century monk.

Jehan who, given on the day, wears a fine rosé gold dust powder on his cheekbones, along with a shredded hippie vest.

Jehan, the kind of guy who drops his bag and twenty or so bones tumble out and he apologizes like it’s an everyday occurrence.

“Why didn’t jehan make it to the meeting tonight?” “It’s Oscar Wilde’s death day,” “oh, poor thing,”

Jehan, who catches pneumonia from staying in a graveyard through the night in the middle of January

“John Keats died at 26 as an accomplished poet, I have accomplished far less at 21,”

Who writes his poetry with a customized red falcon feather quill and a blood red ink pressed from the berries in a certain remote berry farm in the appalachian mountains

Hawk selfie!! This red-tail has a permanent wing injury, making her only semi-flighted for the rest of her life. In past years I’ve always worked with red-tailed hawks that are fully flighted, training them for one season and then releasing them back into the wild. Since this bird can’t survive on her own, she won’t be released and will instead be used for educational programs. Aspen, CO.