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i'd love to know how you came up with names for mimelords and their mollishers (i.e rag&bone man, halfpenny, jenny greenteeth(is this right i don't remember), bully-rook, abbess)

Most of them are drawn from folklore, slang, or parts of London. A few examples: 

  • Abbess: Victorian slang term for the madam of a brothel. 
  • Bloody Knuckles: A game in which two people essentially punch each other’s knuckles until one of them drops out. 
  • The Buried King: Refers to the district of Kingsbury in London. 
  • The Fifth Sister: Refers to the district of Seven Sisters in London. 
  • Jenny Greenteeth: A hag of English folklore who lives in rivers and drowns children and the elderly. 
  • Haymarket Hector: Victorian slang term for a thug or a pimp.
  • Madam Speaker: Refers to the position of Speaker of the House of Commons. This position no longer exists in Scion.  
  • Ognena Maria: A fire goddess in Eastern European folklore. 
  • Rag and Bone Man: Also known as bone-grubbers, rag-and-bone men used to walk the streets of London collecting people’s unwanted items and selling them on. They were in Britain recently enough for my grandma to remember them. 
  • Spring-heel’d Jack: Urban legend originating in the Victorian era. A red-eyed, devil-like man who attacks people at random and can leap to incredible heights. 
  • Tom the Rhymer: A figure from Scottish history who, in legend, gains the gift of foresight after being taken to the realm of the Queen of Elphame. Supposedly he was unable to lie. 

Title : Luna 

Characters : Taehyung (V) of BTS & You

Genre : Smut, Vampire!Taehyung, Alternate Universe

Rating : M

Summary : "Over my rotten corpse!“ You spite in coarse voice, and nearly, nearly regretting it the next second because the vampire prince’s eyes fire up so treacherously bright.

And If imprudence kills, you might as well write a death wish.

Word Count : 8,171 words

A/N : This is a Vampire AU, sounds pretty self explanatory, but I work hard on the world building (which explains the length of this story T.T), and on the plot line too because i don’t want a pwp.  I really hope you read through it all because I spend a lot of time writing this, which was also abundantly fun!

Please please please reblog and/or like if you read this (and enjoy), because every note sincerely put a smile on my face. Feedbacks are entirely welcomed too, and definitely will make my day!

My Other Works : Bread Pudding (Jungkook of BTS), Submerged (Dream!Namjoon)Good Cop (Jungkook of BTS), My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON), Friend from College (Zico of Block B), Darling? (Jimin of BTS)

Request Box is open!

*Gif found from google, sorry for not crediting T.T*

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Now I Understand

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 1660

Characters: Benjamin x reader, the Cullens, Amun and Kebi

Warnings: kind of angsty, mention of the reader killing her partner, general vampire stuff I guess

Summary: The reader, who has power similar to Benjamin’s, meets him when he comes to help the Cullens.

As the evening sun dipped below the horizon, you crept away from the rest of the Cullens to sit outside the house, looking over the river. The fading light glinted off your skin in a muted shimmer.

You gazed out over the forest, basking in the peace whilst you could. Away from everyone, you had space to think. To process what was coming. And you’d rather do it out here, where there was no one to judge your reaction. The whole house was swarming with the other vampires now, and it felt like there was no room to breathe. You didn’t need to, of course, but it was still stifling.

Even to your senses, the landscape was unusually quiet. It felt like the whole world had gone still, waiting for what happened next. There was already a layer of cold lying over the landscape. Not that you could feel it, but you knew it was there. Pretty soon there’d be snow.

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REQUEST: Imaginary Lover Part 1 [Ardyn/Fem!Reader]

Originally posted by datamarluxia

This was originally going to be a oneshot… but my thirst for Ardyn is too great. As a result, this may be another Ardyn series of mine (I already know how it’s going to end though… >.>…)… but each part might be more smut…

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Welcome to the Wild Side [2]

<– [One] |

Genre: Superpowers + College AU

Rated: T

Words: 1,961

A/N: I’m back again with this train wreck xD surprise surprise. Anyway, enjoy the second chapter. All the chapters in this story are probably gonna be shorter, but hey–on the bright side, that probably means that I can publish them faster :p

In the middle of your lecture you find yourself staring at your contact list, eyes locked on the contact that simply reads “Jeon Jungkook”. He had given it to you a week ago after having saved you. You hadn’t wanted to take it—feeling like he was shoving himself into your personal space without warning—but he’d just snatched you phone with a roll of his eyes and entered his number in anyway. Nothing had ever come of it—he had never texted you or even called, and you were beginning to assume that he had no plans of contacting you either. Why would he, anyway?

Sighing, you pick up your bag and sling it over your shoulder, lazily making your way from the lecture hall along with the other students. Once again, its dinner time and you need to go to work. So, you turn the opposite direction of most students and…not-so-softly ram your face into someone’s chest.

“Oof!” you breathe, stumbling backwards and rubbing at your now sore nose. The blond haired male in front of you blinks, his hand reaching out to help steady you.

“Sorry about that,” he says meekly, flashing you an apologetic, dimple-lined smile, and you stare as he shuffles past you and continues on his way. Well that was an unfortunate occurrence, but at least he was kinda cute…

All of the sudden screams ring out in the distance, coming from the direction of the dining hall, and you turn to see what’s going on. Up ahead there are people running in all directions, looking scared, and you take a step forward to try and get a better look but the buzzing of your phone makes you stop.

Jeon Jungkook

“Hello?!” you say, surprise evident in your voice as your eyes remain ahead, watching as the screams grow louder.

You gotta meet up with me right now!” Jungkook’s hurried voice replies. You stare at your phone, frowning at the incredulous request.


That psycho dude is looking for you! He usually never lets people get away so you’re kinda in deep shit right now!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You scream, eyes widening as ahead, through the parted crowd, you spot the red-eyed man who had nearly murdered you the week before. You’re already in motion before he spots you, hightailing it out of there with you cellphone pressed tightly against your ear.


There’s a struggle at his end of the line, and suddenly a new voice is talking to you.

Hi there! Just meet us at the old art building on east campus, alright?”

“And who are you?!” you scream as you veer around a bench, chancing a look over your shoulder. A couple hundred feet behind you is the red-eyed man, having spotted you at some point and now chasing after you like a beast hungry for prey.

My name is Jin.


I mean you did ask who I wa—”

There’s the sound of the phone being passed over once again.

Just hurry your ass over here!” a completely different voice barks, and then the line goes dead. You curse, shoving your phone back into your pocket and continuing to run as fast as your feet can manage. A minute later the art building comes into sight and you sprint across the dry grass, ducking through the front door and crashing into a body immediately.

“Ouch,” the male beneath you whines and you stumble to your feet, gasping when you see the blood staining his head. Not to mention—oh god!—it’s the blond haired, dimpled boy you’d just see a minute before.

“Oh shit!” you say, not going to deny that you’re royally freaking out. You reach for him, making as if you’re going to help—but how the hell are you supposed to help a head wound??? You’re not a pre-med student! All you know is CPR and it’s been years since you learned it!

However, before you can stand there and make more of a fool of yourself, someone grabs you around the waist.

“C’mon idiot,” Jungkook’s voice reaches your ears, his fluffy hair tickling your cheek as he hefts you up onto his shoulder. You open your mouth to question his actions—because honestly what the fuck??!?! That blond haired guy could be dying and he’s dragging you away! But your voice dies in your throat when the front door of the building splinters open. Jungkook bounds up the stairs just as you catch a glimpse of mister Sasuke Uchiha wannabe—his red eyes locking on blond head-wound, the muscles in his arms flexing as he readies himself to pounce.

“Jun—mmph!” you try to protest, internally and externally ready to flip the FUCK OUT—but Jungkook slaps his hands over your lips, effectively silencing you as he runs up the last three flights. Finally on the top floor, he jumps to the right and skids into a dirty art room—the door shutting behind him.

Apparently feeling safe for time being, Jungkook allows you to struggle off his shoulder, watching you with the slightest furrow of his eyebrows as you crawl to the nearest wall and press your back to the cool brick—lungs heaving.

It’s at that point that you realize you two aren’t in here alone—there are 5 other boys scattered throughout the room, all of them looking at you with varying degrees of worry.

“You ok?” one asks, moving closer. His voice sounds familiar, even though you’ve never seen this brunet haired male before. It clicks after a frantic second that this must be Jin.

“I am—but what about that dude downstairs!” you hiss, pointing a finger towards the door. “He’s probably fucking dead because of me! Oh god…,” you trail off, hunching over to grab at your hair. You’re so stupid for having tried to save that woman—if you hadn’t been dumb enough to step out into the open that blond guy wouldn’t be dead, and you wouldn’t be royally fucked, and–!

“Who is she talking about?” a deeper voiced male asks, and you peek up. The one speaking is shorter, with silver hair covered by a snapback. He has the balls to yawn—as if Sasuke Uchiha isn’t downstairs rampaging. “Namjoon? I didn’t see him make it up.”

“Yeah, hyung got the short end of the stick,” Jungkook sighs, rubbing his head. He casts his gaze over at you.

“Well, he’ll live,” another chimes in, tone nonchalant—and at seeing your incredulous look he flashes you a brilliant smile that causes his eyes to disappear.

“No he won’t!” you argue, “There’s no way! He—!” You can hardly bear to think about what’s possibly happening to him right now…

“Oh, hush,” gray hair speaks up again, pushing forward from where’s he’s been leisurely leaned against one of the tables. B-lining for you, you don’t dare tear your eyes off of him, staring him straight on as he finally makes it to where you’re sitting.

“We’re all gonna get out of here alive, Namjoon included,” he tells you, his gaze reflecting his seriousness. “And frankly, I don’t feel like getting my ass handed to me today—so trust us to get you outta here and stop that red eyed freak.”

“And if for some reason we fail,” cheeky box-smile adds in—how many of these guys are there???—“then you can blame Jungkook.”

“What–?!” Jungkook steps forward, outraged at the insinuation that this is all his fault—but Jin shushes him.

“All of you shut up.”

Immediately the room goes silent, and you watch them all in question, furrowing your eyebrows when you see them all frown, eyes shifting to look at the door. And then you hear it too—angry yells, stomping feet coming closer and closer.

Give me that bitch and the fucker who punched me!” Red-eyes roars, his voice bellowing up the stairwell, and you immediately shiver, your blood running cold. Eye-smile notices, his frown deepening.

“We should probably get her out of here.”

“Hoseok,” Jin nods, his eyes flickering to you, and Hoseok dips his head in understanding. Hurrying to your side, he offers you a hand and pulls you to your feet when you accept the help.

“Grab onto me,” he tells you, wrapping one of your hands around his waist. You want to question him—ask what he’s about to do or what the hell all of these boys are scheming—but at that moment the floor shakes, angry footfalls just feet away from the door—and without hesitation you grip him even tighter.

“Go!” gray-hair growls, shifting into a fighting stance, his hands palm-open at his sides. You hear the sink in the corner rattling angrily, and the last thing you see before the door crashes open is every single table in the room lifting off the floor—and then, all of the sudden…you’re gone.

The world shifts around you—streaking past in a blur of bright colors—and when your feet finally meet solid ground all the sights in front of you have changed. You’re not in an art room in an old building, you’re—you pause to look around. Immediately familiar landmarks fill your vision, and you slice your gaze upward when a crash sounds in the distance—from the…east campus art building. How–?!

“Teleportation,” Hoseok explains, flashing you a brief, understanding smile. However, a majority of his attention is directed at the building the two of you had just evacuated. You’re on the roof of the next building across the way—watching as the art building shakes, screams of rage and anger ringing out.

After a minute, however, the shaking stops—as does the screaming. Immediately you step forward, hoping and praying for the best—that the boys are all alive, and that the Sasuke Uchiha wannabe is gone—for good.

Luckily, the heavens seem to be on your side for once, because after another grueling minute of waiting, the front door of the building squeaks open, and box-smile is the first to skip out. He waves at both you and Hoseok happily as the others trail out behind him—their clothes a little dirty and light scratches coating their skin—but overall it hardly looks like they had been involved in a fight with a maniac.

And—to your immense relief—Jin steps out of the building last, accompanied by the male with dimples—whose head looks healed as ever—no evidence of the injury marking him besides the thin line of dried blood near his ear.

“Hoseokie hyung!” Taehyung yells happily, grinning from ear to ear. Mimicking the wide smile, Hoseok waves back, but immediately freezes when sirens sound in the distance.

“Shit!” you hear dimples curse, all of the boys on the pathway below immediately scrambling into action.

“Let’s book it!”

Glancing over at Hoseok, unsure what to do or say, you simply allow yourself to be tugged into his hold once again. Next thing you know, you’re on the ground, feet quickly pounding against the cement beneath you as you make your escape—all 7 of the males keeping pace around you.

When you catch eye-smiles gaze, he giggles at your confused and surprised look, and beams a smile.

“Welcome to the club!” he says, the others laughing as soon as the words leave his mouth—and even though you’re still freaking out and have no idea why or who you’re running from—you end up curving your lips into a small smile too.

“I really didn’t want to join!”

At that, the guys laugh even louder—and you join them, feeling surprisingly safe and relaxed in their presence. Just what have you gotten yourself into?


Wanna have a big time spoiler from me? (This scene will be in the next installment of my Argent Series) There will be more to this in the series, but if you want the Spoiler, then expect the cliffhanger. ;)

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Secrets and Sirens (sebaciel stripper AU w/ thxtnight)

“No, I’m just going to meet some friends, I’ll be back late.” Ciel said, rolling his eyes as his mother bugged him about where he was going. “Jesus Christ mom, I’m nineteen, I can fucking go do what I want.” he said, grabbing his bag and slamming the door behind him for good measure, not caring that this was especially bratty. He couldn’t give half a shit anymore. He desperately wanted to be able to move out, to finally get his own place so he wouldn’t have to go back to his parents on his breaks from university.

He shoved his bag in his car, a sleek Maserati that he’d received for his eighteenth birthday. Of course his mother really did have a right to worry, as Ciel wasn’t going to see some friends. He was going to work. 

The strip club he worked at was about as classy as you could get in London. There was a hefty entrance fee, there was a two drink minimum, and the cheapest drink was £20. He stripped for wealthy men and women, who never threw less than twenty to fifty pounds at him. He went home with five hundred on a slow night. He only worked twice a week, but a thousand pound income wasn’t something he’d pass up. He had his own little spot on Wednesdays and Fridays, and today was the latter of the two. 


There were more customers than usual. His heart sort of fluttered as he finished putting on his little costume. His only friend there was helping his with his makeup, putting on his dark indigo lipstick to match his whole blue persona as the Blue Siren. Alois, the ever popular Pink Devil, was cooing over him. The twenty year old always made a fuss over his appearance.

“My baby blue boy, you have to get here earlier to get ready, Claude was making such a fuss that you weren’t here on time, and you know how scary he can be!” Alois fussed, tousling Ciel’s hair to perfection as he used ample amount of hair spray to keep it in place. 

“Not like you have anything to worry about, Alois. You blow him every night to keep yourself in his good graces.” 

“Yes, I do, and now he’s taking me to Barcelona for a week, so who’s the desperate slut now?”

“You are.” Ciel rolled his eyes but got up as he heard Claude announce him and a burst of hearty applause follow. He squeezed Alois’s hand before gliding onto the stage and into his role. 

The routine was second nature to him now. He didn’t have to think about his movements, his body just did them. his hips rolled and his hands grasped the pole as he lifted himself up and back down to be closer to his audience. Usually, they just blended in, but tonight, a pair of brown, almost red eyes caught him. The belonged to a handsome face with short dark hair and a black suit. Ciel didn’t falter, but he didn’t take his gaze away from the red-eyed man.


The Lion of Skyhold

Omg, I have the bestest of friends! @im-not-great-at-making-up-names commissioned @feylen to make me a picture of Paile and Cullen all done up in their Sleeping Beauty counterparts outfits! I love it so so so much, you guys! You both are seriously the sweetest and I am so surprised!

Chapter 1

Rating: Explicit (eventually)

Relationship: Female Inquisitor Lavellan/ Cullen Rutherford

Tags: Romance, Angst, UST, Slow Burn, Bodyguard

Link: AO3

Summary: Commander Cullen has disappeared, and Inquisitor Paile Lavellan is determined to find him. Little does she know that a spell gone wrong has transformed Cullen into a cat, the same cat who has appointed himself her personal bodyguard.

A world of Thedas retelling of Sleeping Beauty!

(Inquisitor’s name is pronounced pale, like the shade!)

A slight glow of red pulsed in the dark room. It did little to illuminate the small area, but the fire in the dank fireplace threw off enough light to cast shadows.

“The Inquisition is of no match for one such as I,” a strangely hypnotic voice spoke, “The Anchor may be set, but it is of no matter. This ‘Inquisitor’ cannot hope to stand against me. She is but a mortal; nothing to a God.” He turned toward the ex-Templar in the room with him, looking down from his height. “She will fall when next we meet. Continue your mission.”

Samson bowed low, “My lord, I know that this Herald is not a rival to you. We all know it. However, there is something that I would discuss with you.” When Samson’s words did not provoke a whiplash, only a slight nod, he proceeded. “The Inquisition has become popular with the ants. Its army, though filled with peasants, has grown quite large.” Samson straightened, his tone sliding into a sneer, “Command Cullen,” the consonants came out sharp and mocking, “Is someone I know. Although his is a fool, he is not an idiot. He is capable of training a strong army, one that could rival ours.”

Corypheus looked into the weak flames, watching them snap and writhe. “We have assassins for such events.”

Samson licked his lips and spoke once more, “He is a Templar; he has the addiction.”

The misshapen head turned slowly towards the red eyed man. “Then turn him.” A sickening smile spread across Samson’s face, and he bowed low once more, placing his hand on his armor as he backed away.

“Your will be done.”


Cullen Rutherford, Commander of the Inquisitions armies, leaned back in his chair, rubbing his neck with a grimace. Not only was it late, but he could feel the itch under his skin, the pull for the box that sat in one of his drawers. He resisted the urge to pull it out; to lay it on the table and stare. On those instances, it felt like the lyrium won. Even though he hadn’t ever succumbed, sometimes he wondered if it wouldn’t be the wiser decision. Sometimes he just…

Cullen pushed away from the table, rolling his shoulders beneath his armor. Dwelling on his addiction just made things more difficult. Besides, it was late, and he was tired. The rest of his reports could wait until after tomorrows morning’s drills. Cullen started towards the ladder that led up to his makeshift bedroom. He and the Inquisitor Lavellan would be drilling tomorrow. A small smile quirked the scar on his lip, softening the tension in his forehead. She had said she wanted to spend more time with him…

No sound was made, but Cullen froze, all his senses on sudden high alert. Something made him stop with one foot up on the ladder rung, his eyes snapped back and forth. Nothing was out of place that he could tell, but something was wrong. Slowly, Cullen backed into the corner, dropping his hand to his sword pommel, slowly drawing his sword. His instincts had gotten him this far in life, through Ferelden and Kirkwall. A warrior does not ignore them and last long.

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Qrow's reaction to his S/O picking him up bridal style and just throwing him onto the bed and cuddleling with him for the rest of the day

Qrow did not expect this at all, let alone his lover suddenly picking him up from his feet. He had no time to react considering his intoxicated condition was causing the delay in the reaction. However, he did not protest knowing he was safe in the arms of their significant other.

“ Ya’ know. I could have possibly thrown up if you just suddenly picked me up like that.” The scythe wielder scoff as he took this as a sign to lay off the flask and turn his full attention to them.

“ A little more and you could have tumbled down the stairs of Beacon and I’m sure Glynda would not want to see the sight of that.”  S/O lightly chuckled as they kick the bedroom door open lightly. They place the red-eyed man on the bed and without giving him any time to move, their body simply falls on top of the man causing a light ‘oof’ from him.

“ If ya’ needed cuddles you could have just said so.” Qrow’s arms automatically wrapped around their lover and pulled them up. “ Sorry I smell like alcohol.”

“ I smell Jack mixed with Coke. I’d expect you’d go for a more hard one like Double Black.” S/O comments simply nuzzling Qrow’s chest as they eased their entire body onto him.

Qrow scoffed, “ Do you WANT Glynda to throw me out of the window? You wouldn’t even be able to lift me if that were the case.” He lightly chuckled eased his head atop the others.

“ Shush you. Now sleep. I wanna sleep too.” S/O lightly whined and pressed their palm on Qrow’s eyes.

“ Go ahead, I’ll be here. I’m pretty sure you’d wanna sleep first if you don’t want to hear this old geezer snoring by your ear.” At least he admits he snores.

“ Okay fine~”  S/O let out a soft happy sigh until they’d close their own eyes, slowly falling asleep beside the drunk man they love anyway.

Qrow just silently watched their lover fall asleep, moving their hair and tucked it behind their ear. “ Goodnight sweetcheeks.” Pressing a kiss on their forehead, he too slowly fell asleep.

Of course not long after he starts snoring but thankfully his S/O was already fast asleep.

       ░  ~ [ Admin Kei

For a first post, that awfully got long for a quick drabble~! ] ~ ░

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can you do a vampire taehyung au that's sweet and fluffy but maybe with some slight angst? 😊

In The Rain | Taehyung (Part 1)

A/N- So.. Uhh… I kind of got carried away with this. This part contains literally no fluff, or sweetness. It’s all angst. And terror. And blood. Please forgive me anon, I just got really inspired when I read the words ‘vampire’ and ‘Taehyung’ together. I promise there’ll be fluff and sweetness in the next part (if yall want me to write one). 


Originally posted by streetsof2043

Your thin jacket clung to your soaking wet shoulders as you walked briskly through a torrential downpour towards your apartment building, which was still a good ten minutes away. The late-night life and lights of the city were behind you now as you made your way into a less friendly part of town. You knew it probably wasn’t a good idea to be walking through this area alone at night, but you figured no one in their right mind would be out in this massive rainstorm.

“I knew i should have called a cab,” you mumbled to yourself as you accidentally stepped in a puddle; the cold water immediately seeping into your old converse. “At least this isn’t a thundersto-” before you had a chance to finish your somewhat-uplifting thought, a sickening crack of thunder resonated through you, causing an unwelcome chill to shoot down your spine. “Figures.” You sighed. Not even two seconds later, a flash of lightning lit up the sky, illuminating the narrow road and unkempt buildings in front of you. In the split-second that everything was surrounded by white light, you caught a glimpse of a shady figure crouched over something in the middle of the sidewalk not too far away from you. Your blood ran cold, and every nerve in your body was telling you to cross the street and avoid who- or what- ever that was.

For once in your life you decided that you agreed with your nerves, and you slowly stepped off of the curb to make it to the safety of the left side of the street. When you were halfway across the road, another crash of thunder echoed through the sky. You spun around when you heard rustling behind you, just in time for lightning to send a second flash of light onto the scene. Your heart stopped when your eyes landed on the same figure from before, only now it was standing and facing you, still hovering over whatever was on the ground below it. Everything about the standing silhouette looked normal- except for one vivid detail: it’s eyes. Glowing red orbs remained illuminated in the darkness long after the flash of lightning disappeared, causing your pulse to speed up immensely. The shape crumpled on the ground below the red-eyed man was beginning to look more and more like a body, and just as your eyes began to adjust to the darkness once again, lightning lit up the shape, and your suspicions were, unfortunately, confirmed. Deep red liquid surrounded the lifeless body, the rain causing the blood to run down the street into the gutter.

Not sparing yourself a second glance, you spun on your heel and took off running, leaping onto the sidewalk and dashing into an alley between two extremely sketchy-looking buildings. As you ran further down the alley, you kept your eyes on the ground right in front of you, not daring to look back. Unfortunately, this caused you to run into a trashcan, which then caused you to come crashing down to the ground in a painful heap. You heard a coarse laugh from your left, and you glanced up in horror to see another man, much larger-looking than the red-eyed one from a few moments ago, towering over you. Your eyes traveled from him to the two other men behind him, barely visible in the low-light provided by a window from above. They all reeked of alcohol; you could smell it even as the rain continued to pound down all around you.

“Well wouldja looky here boys,” the man in front slurred, stepping toward your shivering frame. “We found ourselves a pretty little thing, didn’t we?”

“She practically ran straight into us, boss.” another one piped up from behind, cracking his knuckles. He stepped around the side of the “boss,” grabbing onto your shoulder roughly. You were frozen in fear as he lifted you to your feet and clasped your chin in his giant, soggy hand, yanking your head from side to side to get a better look at you.

This brought you partially back to your senses, and you began to thrash under his grip, managing to land a hard kick on his shin. He let out a string of curses before slamming your head against the brick of the building behind you, causing black to streak across your vision. You were about to scream, but it caught in your throat when the man holding onto you was suddenly tackled to the ground, causing you to drop back against the wall. You heard a terrified shout coming from one of your captors, followed by a sickening crack.

You pushed yourself against the brick wall in an attempt to stay out of the commotion as the second thug’s leg was pulled out from underneath him. He flopped to the ground, his chin smacking the concrete as he went down. He cried out in pain before being dragged backwards by his feet into the darkness of the back-end of the alley. By now, the supposed boss had given you a final glance and was already booking it toward the street. You clenched your eyes shut the moment you saw a figure dart out from the shadows in which the previous man had been pulled to his doom, but opened them slightly when you realized that the figure looked oddly familiar.

He had reached the boss, and at an alarmingly fast pace, slammed into his back, taking him to the ground. You now recognized the figure as the same one you had seen on the sidewalk earlier… The same one who had been bent over a bloody dead body. As you began to wonder how on earth you managed to get yourself into this situation, you nearly missed the red-eyed man raising one of his hands in the air, on which there were extremely sharp claws, and bringing it down swiftly to slash across the now-screaming man’s abdomen. Your eyes widened in absolute horror as you watched the man-or creature, or whatever the heck it was- lean down toward his victim’s body, opening his mouth and latching onto his neck. His red eyes seemed to glow brighter as the thug struggled beneath him, his claws sinking into the man’s soft flesh.

After several silent moments of the boss trying to escape, his languid movements slowed until there was a deadly stillness amidst the receding rain. You pulled your knees to your chest in an unconscious attempt to look smaller, but your shoes scraping against the concrete elicited a much louder sound than you had expected. You let out an almost inaudible noise of protest, which you immediately regretted when the man, or creature, or whatever the heck he was, unlatched his jaw from the dead thug’s neck, craning his head around to meet your gaze. His crimson eyes landed on you, trapping you in some sort of trance that you couldn’t quite explain. Beneath the animosity of his stare, you couldn’t help but notice a second emotion peering through the confines of those eyes. It almost looked like… worry?

You were snapped out of your thoughts when a distant strike of lightning irradiated the stranger’s sharp face, causing you to shrink back even further into the wall in fear. However interesting this creature’s eyes may have been, your heartbeat seemed to cease at the sight of several jagged fangs protruding from his bloodstained mouth, the wine-colored liquid running down his chin and dripping onto the body below him. 

A/N- WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN? I’m not sure when I’ll get the next part out, but let me know what you think so far. :)


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Yes did you get it 😂😂 it was the jumin+ MC and the phone call THAT drove zen crazy 😂

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary:  “…she accidentally butt dials zen and he hears MC SCREAMING JUMINS NAME AND HE thinks that MC is in danger so he calls the other RFA and they barge in seeing MC tied up and enjoying their meal what are they reactions from bringing to end xD” - by Anon’s request ;)

Genre: Semi-smutt fic


It’s under the cut.  😂 😂 😂 I tried!!!! Hope you like it!!! You naughty anon you

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He's Mine

Not the babysitter Bill story I’ve been working on but I needed to finish this one and get it posted. Also I know this has been done before, by several different people. But I wanted to give it a shot, I hope no one minds.


“Lovely child.” A voice purred from around him. It echoed trough the trees like a sibilant hiss. Shuddering Dipper reached for the little packet of herbs he kept in his coat pocket. It was a varied mixture, but could do mild damage to most creatures. Enough for him to be able to get away hopefully. “So pretty, won’t you come with me young one?”

“Yeah” Dipper started, narrowed eyes peering about the shadows, “that seems like an incredibly stupid idea.”

In response the voice snickered. “Oooh,” it hummed, “little boy with little claws. What a feisty thing.” It sounded incredibly pleased for some reason. “I’ll enjoy playing with you.”

Scowling, Dipper tensed. “That’s not going to happen.”

“Hmm, pride looks good on you lovely boy.” It hissed and before anything else could be said a shape blurred from the tree line and barreled into him. With a grunt Dipper was slammed into a tree and then thrown to the ground. Groaning he turned onto his back in time to see a man with bright red eyes and hair as dark as the night hovering over him with a grin. “Pain looks better.” He commented.

Glaring, Dipper quickly pulled out the packet of herbs and tossed it at him. The man screamed, stumbling back and Dipper scrambled to his feet, rushing away. He just had to make it back to the shack. There were protections around the shack, things to keep creatures like that out. He just had to-

He yelled as a hand caught his arm in a bruising grip, long claws tearing into his skin as he was slammed hard against another tree. The man pressed against him, lips pulled back into a snarl that was all sharp, black teeth. “You impudent little brat.” The creature hissed, his other hand grabbing Dipper’s face, covering his mouth as he did. Dipper winced as more of those pointed finger’s dug into his cheeks, drawing trails of warm blood that slid languidly down his skin.

“I was going to play nice pretty thing.” The inhuman man growled pushing Dipper’s head further into the tree, forcing the teen to wince. “I was going to make you my lovely little pet, we would’ve had fun.” Some of the anger seemed to drain from him suddenly and his burning eyes trailed from Dipper’s face and down his body before drawing back up. His grin returned then.

“Maybe we still will.” He murmured leaning in and licking a bloody trail up Dipper’s chin. “I can approve of a bit of violence, your claws aren’t particularly sharp little thing.” He laughed then, nipping lightly at the brunette’s throat and Dipper grimaced under the creature’s hand. “I’ll just need to punish you a bit. A little training and i’m sure I can make you purr for me.”

Grimace morphing into a scowl as the red eyed man trailed sharp kisses down his throat, Dipper reached again into his pocket. This time his hand closed around a knife, which he slowly slid out. The herbs hadn’t done much good so he really didn’t think his chances were that good with a measly little pocket knife. But there was no way he was going to just sit back and let this creature do what he wanted with him.

Maybe a good stab to the heart or a slash across the throat would catch him off guard. The shack was only a few minutes away. If he could just wound this guy enough to distract him for a few minutes, he’d be home free. He adjusted his grip on the knife, still debating between the two options.

Only to have the decision taken from his as a shot of fire sent the creature flying away from him. Shocked, Dipper could only stare ahead of himself, knife hand slightly raised and poised to strike. “I leave you alone for five minutes.” Blue flames trailed up from Dipper’s feet, wrapping around him and pulling him away from the tree and towards-

“Bill?” Dipper asked sounding shocked as he came to a stop beside the blonde demon. Said demon smirked at him despite the definite red glow to his eye.

“Hey there Pine Tree.” He chirped running the tips of his finger’s across one of Dipper’s bloody cheeks. “You been cheating on me with a lesser demon? For shame kid.”

“I-what?” Dipper blinked. “That’s a demon?” It took a moment for the entirety of Bill’s sentence to sink in at which point he flushed. “Wait a- Bill!”

“Shhh kid.” Bill hushed pressing his bloody finger against the brunette’s lips. Dipper grimaced at the slick of his own blood while Bill grinned a grin that was too wide to be anything but fake. The demon turned from the floating teenager and directed that grin on the lesser demon who was just starting to pick himself up off the ground. His eye began to burn a toxic red as he stepped away from Dipper and towards the other hell spawn.

Shadows flicked about him, darkening, lengthening and distorting as red flames grew from the ground around his feet, licking steadily up his body as he moved. The grin he’d directed at Dipper, previously purposefully calm and cheerful slid into something wider and more sinister. A terrifying thing that was all teeth and malice that reflected the bloodlust in his single burning eye perfectly. He snickered as the other demon began to look rightly uneasy, shifting back into a more defensive stance. “The adults are talking.”

“Cipher.” The other demon growled, one foot sliding almost unconsciously back as the blonde shapeshifter drew ever closer.

“Oh, so you’ve heard of me?” Bill asked almost pleasantly. Almost because really, there was nothing pleasant about the demon right now. All fire and death wrapping around him like a shroud, seeming to saturate the very air in shimmering waves of power. His grin widened. “Goooood, that’ll make this much easier.”

The other demon had a split second to react, leaping out of the way as the very ground beneath him reached up in a giant stone hand that cracked loudly as it closed around nothing but air. He had no time to celebrate this evasion as seconds after, a black gloved hand wrapped tight around his neck and slammed him into the ground. “You.” Bill growled, his lips pulled back in a snarl. “You touched my meat sack,” his grip tightened and he stood, pulling the other demon up with him until he was held above Bill’s.

“How dare you touch my meat sack.” The lesser demon’s hands scraped at Bill’s arm insistently, tearing clothing and skin but Bill paid that no mind. With a twitch of his hand he tossed the red eyed demon through a tree, following him and forcing his hand ‘through’ the dark haired demon’s chest. He reveled in the scream that tore itself away from the red eyed bastard’s lips even as he covered his mouth with a ruthless, clawed hand. Snickering at the pain in the other’s eyes, the dream demon leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Give me,” he cooed, “one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

The only answer he received was a muffled groan and Bill’s face morphed into a terrible, gleeful smile. “That’s what I thought.” Without a second’s hesitation, Bill ripped the other demon’s head off. Still grinning, the Shapeshifter stood up and made his way back toward’s Dipper who looked caught somewhere between horrified and impressed. His grin only widened.

“You really are a trouble magnet kid.” He hummed cupping the teen’s cheeks with both of his bloody hands. The brunette flinched and frowned at the warm, iron scented liquid, like he wasn’t already covered in enough blood. “Really, isn’t one demon enough for you?”

“You’re bleeding.” Dipper blurted because honestly, what else could he say? He’d been attacked and Bill freaking Cipher had shown up to save him. And really, shouldn’t he be more terrified about the fact that Bill seemed so, invested in him? That he’d literally torn apart another demon for trying to take him? He felt like he should be, so why did he feel so warm inside instead?

Bill laughed. “Aww, are you worried about me Pine Tree?” The demon cooed, leaning in to press a kiss to his eyebrow. “How cute,” he snickered at the glare Dipper shot him as he pulled away, “but don’t be. I’ll be all healed and good as new before you can say ‘being of pure energy with no weaknesses’.”

Dipper scowled but nodded. “Okay, fair enough.” He wiggled slightly and glanced down at the ground, which he was still hovering several inches above. “Can you put me down now?”

He seemed to consider the request for a moment before smirking and kissing one of Dipper’s bloody cheeks. “Nah, you look cute wrapped up in my power kid.” He purred, wrapping his arms around the now blushing teen. “Besides,” the demon knocked their foreheads together, “I still haven’t heard a thank you Pine Treee. Come on, repeat after me. Thank you oh merciless and grand Lord Cipher, Master of Dreams!”

Dipper gaped at him. “Wha-Bill!” He shrieked looking mortified. “I’m not saying that!”

The demon scoffed, looking amused. “Wow Pine Tree, who knew you were the ungrateful type.” He faked a sniffled, looking hurt. “And to think, I risked my life to save you.”

Dipper scowled and turned his head away. “No you didn’t.” He grumbled quietly as Bill continued to go on about how ungrateful Dipper was. Flushing he bit his lip before muttering a near silent, “thank you.”

Bill’s rant immediately ground to a halt. “What was that kid?” He chirped sounding pleased as he titled his head so that he was once again looking the embarrassed brunette in the eye. “I didn’t quite hear you.”

Dipper rolled his eyes at that. Yeah right, Bill could hear a mouse sneeze if he wanted to. Blush only growing as the demon continued to stare at him expectantly, he finally mustered up the courage to repeat himself. “Thank you.”

Bill’s grin was unbearably smug. “You’re welcome Pine Tree.” He chirped before darting in to kiss him again, only this time the demon kissed him on the lips. Dipper’s eyes blew wide but before he could react it was over and Bill was pulling away, smirking with wide, bloody lips. “Keep looking at me like that and you can consider us even.” He purred, running his thumb along the teen’s lower lip.

Suddenly Dipper was dropped to the ground with a yelp and Bill was laughing as he began to float towards the tree tops. “See you later Pine Tree!” He chirped down at him. “Try not to get attacked by anything else on your way home, aside from me of course.”

Dipper’s entire face flushed. “Bill!” He shrieked, scrambling to his feet as the demon disappeared with an echoing laugh. Huffing, Dipper dusted himself off and tried to will away his blush. Stupid Bill, always messing with him.

His eyes trailed almost against their will to the body of the other demon, lying headless on the forest floor. Instead of feeling the nausea he should’ve felt at the sight of a dead body all he could feel was that same warmth from before. Bill had done that, for him. Grimacing, the teen dropped his face into his hands with a groan.

“Please don’t tell me I have a crush on Bill.” He muttered and then promptly pulled his head out of his hands because damn it he was still covered in blood. His frown deepened, great, not only did he maybe, possibly have a thing for the creepy dream demon. But now he was starting to rub off on him too. Sighing, he turned and began to trek home.

He was clearly losing it, he’d go home, take a bath and a nap and everything would make more sense when he woke up. And he absolutely refused to lie awake thinking about Bill, yeah. Oh who was he fooling? He was definitely going to lie awake thinking about Bill. And the worst part was that Bill would probably know that he was too.

Stupid demon.

The length of a Skirt does not control a persons behavior.

Summary: After two years Sougo and Kagura meet again under the cherry blossoms. 

Please enjoy!!!

They had returned to Edo just in time for the cherry blossom festival. The first thing Kondo suggested was that they might as well have a nice little break before they go risking their lives again before sending Sougo off to find a nice relaxing spot for them to watch the petals fall.

The first thing Sougo did after being given his task was go looking for the nearest ramen stand. He might as well fill himself up before searching for the right place to sit and do nothing for who ever knows how long. When he had finished his bowl of noodles hes began his search. For a good 30 mins he just wandered amongst the trees, stepping on a couple or two who got in his way. 

He had finally found a perfect spot for the returning Shinsengumi to enjoy after an hour searching, sunlight filtered though the delicate flowers like a prism, the falling petals showered down in the best imitation of a shoujo manga and not many people were occupying the area as of yet. All in all the spot was perfect, Except that the spot actually was currently occupied, by one giant white dog.

And his female owner.

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MMFD Fanfic: Feel Good, Inc. Chapter VI


Maybe it was the weed or maybe it was the afterglow, but they found themselves a few hours later, relaxed on the couch, watching Xanadu and methodically eating every single thing in the flat. On one level, Rae knew that something important had just happened. A gateway had been crossed and things were likely to change for her, but she also knew that it made no sense for this film to be presented on roller-skates. She and Finn made occasional eye contact, but it was mostly to giggle about the nonsensical plot or to pass a Jaffa Cake. 

We’re both adults, thought Rae, with a lot of effort. All this means is that we both felt an urge and we’ve satisfied it. It’s not like we’re suddenly a…

Finn burst out laughing, causing Rae snap her attention back to the film. Gene Kelly was dancing with Olivia Newton-John. Her attention waned again, looking back at the red eyed, tousled-haired man wrapped in her old Carebears duvet. His face was remarkably relaxed, his usual brooding stare replaced with an airy look of amusement. He caught her staring and he leaned in to bump his forehead against hers. It was like they’d never missed a day together. Like we’re a couple. Her entire body seized at the sound of the doorknob turning as Archie slumped through the door, laden with a sagging book bag. She flung herself to the farthest side of the couch away from Finn.

“Alright Archie?” said Finn, oblivious to Rae’s sudden tension. What about fucking Archie? How was she going to tell him about her and Finn and the corruption of their couch?

In a moment that seemed to stretch for an eternity, Archie sized up the situation.

“How could you, Rae?”

“Sorry?” squeaked Rae. Bloody hell. He knows. Rae stared up at him.

“How could you watch Xanadu without me?”

Finn started laughing and moved over for Archie to flop down on the couch inbetween them. Rae felt an overbearing surge of guilt. She and Finn hadn’t discussed what they were going to tell Archie. Was it even a big enough deal that they needed to tell Archie? Finn made eye contact with her and grinned, but that only further tightened the knot in her stomach. Had this just been a bit of nostalgia? Like a viewing of fucking Xanadu – Something that’s nice when you’re fucked up and it’s available, but nothing you’d even think about come Monday morning?

Fuck, Rae thought. It was already midnight and she had a meeting with her editor first thing in the morning. Rae yawned and rose from the couch. “Well, I think it’s time to pack it in, boys.”

To her horror, Finn also rose, still clad in her blanket. Had he expected to join her? Rae shot him a horrified glance. She looked nervously at Archie and Finn followed her gaze and slowly pieced together that he wasn’t invited. He sank back down, quickly returning his attention to the screen. Archie had been to busy singing along “Suddenly” and scrounging through the mess on the coffee table for a remaining snack.

Rae slumped into her room and climbed into her bed. She was bricking it. Outside she could hear both Finn and Archie laughing. Was Finn going to tell him? She lay in bed, eyes staring at the ceiling until the end credits rolled and she heard Archie and Finn bid each other good night. The light switched off in the living room and everything was still. Rae rolled over, determined to get to sleep when she heard a soft rapping on her door.

“Rae?” whispered Finn. Maybe if she didn’t respond, he would just go away. She waited a moment but then she heard the door open slightly. “Rae?” he whispered loudly. “You awake?”


He chuckled and slipped through her door, shutting it quietly. He fumbled through the darkness until he tripped over her bed and landed on her in a fit of giggles.

“Do want Archie to know you’re in here?” Rae hissed.

Finn looked up at her, finding her face in the dark.

“Why do I care if Archie knows? Is he your bloody chaperone?” He readjusted himself so that he was laying beside her. His hand snaked into hers and Rae realized that she’d been holding her breath.


Finn just lay there.



“What are we doing?”

“Well, I thought we were trying to sleep,” he mumbled.

“No, I mean. What are we…doing?”

He raised his head and looked at her again then closed his eyes and rested his head back on his pillow.

“Whatever we bloody well want.” He rolled over to wrap his arms around her. She was suddenly too tired to try and get more of an answer out of him. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


As the sun rose, Finn silently extricated himself from Rae and snuck back into the living room. Archie was still snoring from his room. They’d gotten away with it.

As Finn readied himself for work, he kept replaying the previous night’s activities in his head. It was the best sex he’d had in recent memory. It had been this crazy mix of intense longing and reassuring comfort. His hands felt numb as he shaved his face and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling. He was headed back to his corner of the living room to put on his shoes when Rae appeared at her door, motioning him to come in. He followed her in and as he reached out to embrace her, he felt her hand upon his chest.


She bit her lip and refused to look him straight in the eye. He felt the sunshine that crept up to his face evaporate into white hot embarrassment. Shit.

“Listen. We’ve got to talk.”

He knew without her saying a word what she was going to say. That it had been a mistake. That they’d gotten carried away. That it hadn’t meant anything.

“I’m going to be late. We’ll talk later, yeah?” He could feel his chest harden. He twisted out of her room and pulled on his jacket as fast as he could. To his immense relief, she did not follow him. As he stepped out into the chilling morning air, he withdrew his iPod from his bag.

It had just been a fumble between friends. He repeated this to himself the entire tube ride to work. Had he expected to just waltz back into her busy London life and expect her to make some room for him? Was he just some blast from the past for her? A nostalgic fuck for old times sake? He reminded himself for what seemed like the hundredth time in a week that it wasn’t like they were in high school. It wasn’t like they were promised to each other.

Finn stopped as he reached the entrance to the station. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Compartmentalize. He’d gotten skilled at pushing shit back down where it had belonged. He rearranged his face to his estimation of what a successful junior member of a development team looked like, and pushed his way through the doors.


“We did it.”

Archie awoke to find Rae perched on the end of his bed. Instinctively he drew his blankets up around his head.

“Jesus Christ!”

She turned to him, dressed for work in a smart dress and funky blazer. Her eyes were wide.

“Last night. Finn and I…we…did it.”

Archie sat up. She was always doing this shit. Something fantastic would happen and she would end up here, on the end of his bed, trying to figure out what flaw in the universe had caused her a moment of joy. She’d come to him like this when she’d got her job. She was horrified that she would fuck everything up, even though Archie knew she was born to be opinionated and brilliant and that it was only logical someone would eventually pay her to do what comes so naturally.

Archie had not forgotten the Rae he’d first met that fateful summer in 1996. Back then she has been a girl at war with herself, trying to figure out how to see the beautiful young woman everyone else could see her as. She’d spent so much time last summer agonizing over dumping boring-arse Steve. What if she never found someone? What if she’d turned down the only serious adult relationship she’d had because she’d been too picky?  

Archie had hoped that she was getting closer to realizing that she needed to find someone who not only basked in her light, but could bounce it back to her – let her know just how special she was. He’d once made the mistake of telling her she was larger than life, immediately regretting what she’d perceived to be a poorly timed fat joke.

“Rae. Calm your tits.”

She looked at him angrily. He quickly changed gears.

“Can you just see that this is not a crisis? Let’s just consider this objectively.”

She swallowed hard. “Fine.”

 “Are you not a self-possessed, sensual woman in control of her destiny?

“I suppose.”

“Is Finn Nelson not disarmingly lovely?”

 “That’s not the point…”

“Is it not true that you enjoyed this little romp?”

“Of course I enjoyed it…”

“Ok, then.” Archie pushed her off his bed and threw the covers back over himself.

 “Oh thanks, Archie. You’ve been really helpful.”

Maybe he was bitter about Tom. Everything came easy to Rae. Archie worked night and day for everything and she just floated on charm and a laugh and everyone just fawned over her.

“And pardon me, Rae, but you’re being frustratingly daft. Maybe if you’d stop trying to sabotage every nice thing you’ve got…”

He could tell immediately he’d taken it too far.

She stormed out of his room in a huff and moments later slammed the front door as she left for work. Archie groaned, slamming his pillow over his face. Women.


This chapter was really fucking difficult. Still pretty frustrated with it, but I figured I’d post it anyway. Woof.


Ruby is small. Frail.

           The kind of littleness that teeters precariously through life, forever in danger of being swallowed up by the darkness, or swept away by the sea. Her tiny frame is like a plea to be protected. Her short stature seems to beg for sanctuary.

           She’s worried after constantly. The Xiao Longs follows her like golden shadows—forever on the lookout for anything that might pose a threat to the little rose.

           Summer, however, is supremely confident in her daughter.

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Friends with Benefits - with swimmingforthegold

Makoto couldn’t believe his luck. One of the most pretties girls in his high school had asked him to go to dinner with her. How on earth could Makoto refuse? So naturally, he now sat in the restaurant with her as she smiled sweetly at him, playing with a tassle of her hair. Makoto smiled back, beginning to look through the menu.

“So, what would you like to get Kyoko?” Makoto asked, scanning through the menu. Kyoko thought to herself, scanning the menu as well.

“I’m not sure. What’re you getting Mako?” she replied, tilting her head in a cute way. Makoto chuckled, pondering to himself.

“I’ll probably get the egg noodle ramen” Makoto replied, hearing her giggle.

“I’ll get that too then” she replied. Makoto nodded, standing and walking to the counter to order, completely unaware of the red haired, red eyed, shark toothed man who was sitting two tables away, watching everything.