red eye brows


MAKEUPGEEK Poison liner and Dior 056 Bar palette

I don’t know why but I’ve been very obsessed with the idea of pairing a deep blood red liner with soft grey eyes lately. If you have naturally grey or icy blue eyes (lucky you) this is an idea for you. Otherwise, just whip out those colored lenses!

And darlings the matching brows are EVERYTHING if you want understated drama.

If you have a perfect deep wine red matte shadow that would be the best. But that’s not an easy shade to find. If you only have metallics like me, and need to mix, here’s what I did. I used a blend of a metallic burgundy red and some matte browns from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. This gives a deep red tone but doesn’t look pearly and patchy under your brows.

As for the eyes, I used a grey satin palette (not flat matte but not overly metallic) from Dior, 056 Bar. Yes, it’s pricey but I have it and I’ve been neglecting it. Feel free to use any gunmetal grey, black and a soft white that you have; it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Gunmetal all over

Black very lightly in the outer V

White down the center for a halo effect

The dark and light shadows are not meant to be super obvious. They just add a little subtle depth to the grey so it’s not one flat color. You don’t want a super strong black and white because that takes the attention away from the red liner.


SS Fic - Sasuke Uchiha & Sakura Haruno.
A race against time for the one he loves most.
Rating: M (language, soon to be sexual content).

Chapter One
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 - this fic will be from Sasuke’s pov; but for this opening chapter, this has to deal with a lot more of Sakura. As I continue, it will be focused on Sasuke and his feelings/views.

“Sakura, you need to wake up!”

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