red eye (2005)

OMG, I'm watching Red Eye (2005) and I'm all like...

Rachel McAdams, just let Cillian Murphy do his job, okay?

Why are you being so difficult?

Hell, why do you seem to care more for the politician than for your own dad?!

Why don’t you seem attracted to Cillian Murphy’s character’s evilness???

And why the hell aren’t you making out with him?!

 أشهر افلام هوليوود اللى بتتكلم عن الامراض النفسية واللى كان ليها دور كبير ف فهم الامراض دى لعامة الناس ..اسحب نفس كدة و ركز الشوية دول :

ـ1- (1994)-Forrest Gump
ـ2-(1999)-Fight Club
ـ3-(1999)-Girl, Interrupted
ـ4-(1995)- Twelve Monkeys
ـ6-(1991)-The Silence of The Lambs
ـ7-(1993)-What’s Eating Gilbert Gape
ـ8-(1988)-Rain man
ـ9-(2010)-Black Swan
ـ10- (2001)-A Beautiful Mind
ـ11-(2001) -I Am Sam
ـ12-(2000)-Requiem for a Dream
ـ13-(1993)- Benny & Joon
ـ14-(1975)- One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
ـ15-(2004)-The Aviator
ـ16- (2012) -Silver Linings Playbook
ـ18(1997)- as good as it gets
ـ19-(2004)- the machinist
ـ20- (What Lies Beneat(2000
ـ21-(2005) Red Eye
ـ22-(2007) Funny Games
ـ23-(2010)Shutter Island
ـ24- (The Strangers (2008
ـ25-(Evilenko (2004
ـ26-(Eden Lake (2008
ـ27-(One Hour Photo (2002
ـ28-(Taken in Broad Daylight ( 2009
ـ29-(Mozart and the Whale (2005
ـ30- (2007) Lars and the Real Girl
ـ31-(Adam (2009
ـ32-(Memento (2000
ـ33- (2007) the number 23
ـ34-(Fifty First Dates (2004
ـ35-(The Butterfly Effect (2004
ـ36-(P2 (2007
ـ37-(The Uninvited (2009
ـ38-(Reign Over Me (2007
ـ39-(Orphan (2009
ـ40-(Little Children (2006
ـ41- (Boogeyman 2 (2007
ـ42-(Obsessed (2009
ـ43-(2008)-The Dark Knight

Wes Craven villains gallery

Last House on the Left (1972): 

The Hills Have Eyes (1977):

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984):

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988):

The People Under the Stairs (1991):

Scream franchise (1996, 1997, 2000, and 2011):

Red Eye (2005):

These are just a select few from the movies that he personally directed.  This doesn’t include his contributions to a large number of other works.  Thank you, Mr. Craven.  You will be missed.

“Don’t fucking call this article Murphy’s Law!” joked Cillian Murphy in a 2004 interview in Complex magazine, referring to the fact that more stories on him than he cared to mention had said title.

Twelve years later, he’s a lot more relaxed about it. Cillian on the cover of 7 Days Magazine. Interview + 7 must watch Cillian films below the cut.

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