red eye

The deceiver

The cover that I did for @houseofmelkor‘s fantastic Dark Lords magazine featuring Sauron in his fair form when he was a high priest in Numenor and influenced the king to build a temple in Morgoth’s name and have sacrifices. (ok so the eye was a bit inaccurate T T ) I have quite a neat process for this because I was practising my greyscale to colour process so if anyone is interested in seeing it let me know?


get to know me: [3/5] favorite movies ⇢ red eye (2005)

Pretty clever thinking, given the circumstances. Let me guess, stress management courses? Well, they’re really paying off! When we get outta this, I may have to steal you.


The (one eyed) owl ~


After spending most of the day crying (I was in an emotional mood today, so I binge-watched one of my no. 1 saddest movie and made a whole tissue box empty… ;_;) I thought, maybe, I should draw something… that makes me happy… but I don´t know T_T It makes me even sadder… and I have no clue why!!! Takizawa even SMILES!!! I mean… in a cute way! And than it got out of control … And I made a crying Takizawa as well. So that now I can say that there is some sad part, too. I listened the whole time this song while drawing :

I love that movie. So much. </3 even if it´s breaking my heart every time I watch it.~