red evening sky


Done last month for Valiram’s Art Of Time Event.

“What it might look like to watch time pass from the outside.”

Picture if you stood outside of the course of time. What would it look like to you, what would you be doing?

Time is a strange thing. A bit like a ride.We didn’t invent time, it’s always been there, so a name was given.
No one has any control over time, and yet, we have the ride of our lives on it.

When I got into bed I lay awake, thinking about it… the smell of Francine— acrid-sweet. And that hibiscus once — it was so red, so proud, and its long gold tongue hung out. It was so red that even the sky was just a background for it… and the sound of the rain on the galvanised-iron roof. How it would go on and on, thundering on the roof…

Jean Rhys, from Voyage in the Dark