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@tyrantofthefirmament Suprise!!!

I finished the last prop for our photo shoot! And it’s none other then your Energon Harvester! And it transforms hehe! ;D now you have a cool weapon to point and shoot for photos and for Phoenix Comicon!

@tfg1-minibot-lover you have the Resonance Blaster and I have KO’s staff!

We also have the Medical Tablet, Dark Energon Shard, Scraplets, and the Omega Keys to play with wohooo!:D

drunkcyclonus  asked:

Does energon has "flavors"? Like some having a more "metallic" taste or something like that? Or do Cybertronians even have "taste buds"? If so, is it a privilege to have taste buds because some cybertronians have masks instead mouths.

To answer your second question first, according to G1 Streetwise’s original profile, Transformers are built with seven standard senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, short-range radiowave transmission, magnetic sensitivity, and electric sensitivity. The exclusion of taste is in-keeping with the overly “robotic” way early G1 handled the physiology of its characters in comparison to a lot of modern media, but even back then it was a bit questionable, as there are plenty of examples of Transformers chowing down on Energon cubes - and other things - and remarking on the “taste” of them. But, perhaps what we perceive as them “tasting” something is just the infusion of the energy of energon triggering their electric/magnetic senses - take the Insecticons, for example, remarking on how the metal of Autobot City is “a little heavy on the electrons” as they chomp through it in The Transformers: The Movie. That sounds like it could be “electric sensitivity” masquerading as “taste,” right? As such, the presence or not of a “mouth” doesn’t really matter for “tasting.”

So to go from that to your first question, we can definitely say that different types of fuel “taste” a different way to Transformers. And yes, there are instances of different types of energon tasting different ways: in MTMTE, Ratchet remarked that unfiltered energon “tastes disgusting,” for example. When asked, Vector Prime said: “Energon Z is one of the most potent blends I have ever imbibed. Stanixian energon wine has a subtle bouquet of janquore that I find quite delightful.” He didn’t like Red Energon at all, though. It the Transformers: Exodus novel, Megatron felt that “the taste of Dark Energon was sweet.”

Random Headcanon

Starscream has this animation saved to his console and his datapads, and he looks at it from time to time. He likes it a lot even though he knows it’s dumb.

The first time he saw it, it made him laugh. Nothing had made him laugh in a very long time, and he sorely needed the relief when he was alone, hungry, and grounded. When he looks at it he remembers how it cheered him up, and also how he found Red Energon right afterwards. He considers it something of a good luck charm, though of course he’d never be that sentimental.

Red Energon and Hyperspeed

When Starscream infiltrates the Autobot base to retrieve the Omega Keys located there, he’s moving fast. Very fast - fast enough, in fact, that we can actually see the lights in the base flickering.

But exactly how fast?

From Starscream’s red energon-heightened perspective, one flicker of the lights (bright to dim to bright again) takes about 2 seconds.

Let’s assume they’re fluorescent lights. (It’s a government facility – of course they’re fluorescent lights.)

Fluorescent lights flicker at twice the power line frequency – in Nevada, as in the rest of the United States, this frequency, the frequency of the alternating current providing the power, is 60 Hz. If the lights flicker at twice that frequency, they’re flickering at 120 Hz.

But, from Starscream’s perspective, the lights are only flickering at 0.5 Hz – Starscream is simply existing 240 times faster than normal.

So that’s time. What about distance?

Let’s say the average walking speed for a human is 1 m/s.  (This is actually a conservative estimate, but it keeps the math simple.) And a tall human, such as Silas, who we’ll use for reference, might stand around 2 m.

Starscream, by comparison, stands between 10 and 20 meters tall – 5 to 10 times taller than Silas – giving him an average walking speed of 5 to 10 m/s. (This assumes human-like proportions, which Starscream certainly doesn’t have, but again, estimation.) While under the influence of red energon, Starscream could therefore be reaching speeds upwards of 1,200 to 2,400 m/s.

The speed of sound is roughly 340 m/s.

That means Starscream could be hitting speeds anywhere from Mach 3 to Mach 7 – he should be breaking the sound barrier every time he moves.

The Autobots might not be able to see him, but they’d certainly be able to hear him.

…in conclusion, space magic.

anonymous asked:

What does Red Energon in the wrong dose do to you guys? You've said it's very toxic, but what exactly does it do? Organs melting out your optics? Processor self-destructing? Straight-up spark failure? Thanks for answering!

In short, Red Energon works by overclocking the frame’s speed matrix. The dosage needed to make this happen needs to be calculated very carefully; if you overdo it, you run the risk of experiencing all the complications one would expect from a body working at sixty times its normal parameters.

Depending on how much you’ve taken, you might perish from overheating, fried circuits, burst fuel lines, spark failure, or simply starve to death walking from one end of the room to the other.

noturrealmum  asked:

Has your logic ever let you down? Perhaps you can entertain me with a story of a failure? And don't say you haven't had failures. Even the most successful of missions have failed outcomes.

You are quite right. My logic has been of no use to me at times, resulting in an unfortunate failure.

I was asked to research and test red on a recent Autobot captive. At the time I was asked to do this, I had acquired a few new assistants. Logically, since they had been sent to me, I assumed they were capable of refining the red energon in to the form we needed it to be in. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Whatever they did to the energon altered it only slightly. However, this was just enough to end our subject’s life. The refined energon sample ended up overcharging the subject’s spark, eventually causing it to die out.

Since our supply of Red energon had been so low, we were never able to attempt to harness the power of the energon again. However, it did provide interesting results.

jessicabiotech  asked:

"So, does it give headaches after you take it or is that just for highgrade?"

Actually highgrade does nothing to me. Its energy content is actually on the low side for a Seeker’s needs, if one is as active as I am. Jet Grade is better. You can fly all day and use your afterburner freely with a good diet of Jet Grade. The headaches associated with overcharge are simply from surges and the processor overworking as it attempts to recalibrate your power systems.

But yes, Red Energon does tend to overtax the processor to a much greater degree. The amount of information coming in and the need to do something with all of it is probably not something one should handle on a regular basis…