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Random Headcanon

Starscream has this animation saved to his console and his datapads, and he looks at it from time to time. He likes it a lot even though he knows it’s dumb.

The first time he saw it, it made him laugh. Nothing had made him laugh in a very long time, and he sorely needed the relief when he was alone, hungry, and grounded. When he looks at it he remembers how it cheered him up, and also how he found Red Energon right afterwards. He considers it something of a good luck charm, though of course he’d never be that sentimental.


Drawing Cybertronian ice cream is ridiculously fun, especially when you’re making favorite desserts for the babies.

Strongarm has “Cobalt Cop Cruise” With cobalt ore swirled in, sweet foam on top, and yellow quartz crystals.

Sideswipe is “Bad Bot Bash” With dark swirls of frozen high grade, metal shavings, and Ruby chips with three large red energon chunks.

Grimlock gets “Wrecker Decker” A heaping hunk of coolant topped with foam, sweet energon sticks, crystal chips, quartz cookies, chewy ore bars, and drizzled with diesel sauce.

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Uuuuugh whyyyyyy?

Everything hurts….

*It turns out that a full 24 hours of Red Energon is really really bad for you! He’s just going to curl up and shut down until his processor and senses recalibrate, and his nanites can start repair the horrendous metal fatigue he’s inflicted on his joints. He’s going to wake up ravenous.*

anonymous asked:

What does Red Energon in the wrong dose do to you guys? You've said it's very toxic, but what exactly does it do? Organs melting out your optics? Processor self-destructing? Straight-up spark failure? Thanks for answering!

In short, Red Energon works by overclocking the frame’s speed matrix. The dosage needed to make this happen needs to be calculated very carefully; if you overdo it, you run the risk of experiencing all the complications one would expect from a body working at sixty times its normal parameters.

Depending on how much you’ve taken, you might perish from overheating, fried circuits, burst fuel lines, spark failure, or simply starve to death walking from one end of the room to the other.

noturrealmum  asked:

Has your logic ever let you down? Perhaps you can entertain me with a story of a failure? And don't say you haven't had failures. Even the most successful of missions have failed outcomes.

You are quite right. My logic has been of no use to me at times, resulting in an unfortunate failure.

I was asked to research and test red on a recent Autobot captive. At the time I was asked to do this, I had acquired a few new assistants. Logically, since they had been sent to me, I assumed they were capable of refining the red energon in to the form we needed it to be in. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Whatever they did to the energon altered it only slightly. However, this was just enough to end our subject’s life. The refined energon sample ended up overcharging the subject’s spark, eventually causing it to die out.

Since our supply of Red energon had been so low, we were never able to attempt to harness the power of the energon again. However, it did provide interesting results.

((So I have one major issue with Red Energon as depicted in the two episodes where Starscream uses it. It makes enough sense to have him move fast enough to be invisible (shush, physics you’re no fun). But when he stands still he should be visible, just for a moment until he starts moving again. It’s more like he’s in another time dimension, rather than just moving faster. Maybe that’s how it works? I dunno. But there were a couple times in those episodes where he should have been visible, but looking almost like he’s teleporting because he’s zipping around. I did think it was a nice touch how the lights were visibly flickering from his point of view, showing that all his perceptions and processing were sped up as well.))

jessicabiotech  asked:

"So, does it give headaches after you take it or is that just for highgrade?"

Actually highgrade does nothing to me. Its energy content is actually on the low side for a Seeker’s needs, if one is as active as I am. Jet Grade is better. You can fly all day and use your afterburner freely with a good diet of Jet Grade. The headaches associated with overcharge are simply from surges and the processor overworking as it attempts to recalibrate your power systems.

But yes, Red Energon does tend to overtax the processor to a much greater degree. The amount of information coming in and the need to do something with all of it is probably not something one should handle on a regular basis…