red drums


Aggressive, funky, loud, Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Closed Starter - Dark Verse Paradox


((Sort of spazzed and went full on chaos mode grief cleaning every mess the others here made so that I don’t have to see painful reminders and so I have space to paint while I roleplay, I am here, just a damn mess of a person))

The Master was humming as he slammed the door of the TARDIS he shared with his future self open. Nothing about the humming was soothing, because it occasionally dissolved into low growls and the blond had a maniacal look on his face as he carried a bag in and immediately went in search of his red headed self, drumming on every wall loudly.

“KOSCHHHHHH, where are you, love? I’ve got a dreadfully great idea for us to have some fun, but meet me in the kitchen because I’m going to make us a cuppa and look you over first!” The words nearly ran together as he headed down a corridor to do what he’d just said. God, he was absolutely ravenous, but he could at least fix that problem before they did anything - he tended to hoard insane amounts of food in their large kitchen for just such an emergency, because it wasn’t the first time he’d been manic and used far too much energy.

Images were flashing trough his head with each beat of the drums, and he was grinning sadistically as he entered the pantry, completely unaware of his own behaviour. The future, the past, the present, they were all combining in dizzying possibilities for him, but he wasn’t surprised about that, not after what he’d set off earlier that day.