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Rodimus, Drift, Skids, Swerve, Rung, Red Alert, Fort Max, and Brainstorm reacting to their Cybertronian s/o blurting out "I love you" for the first time while bot is in the middle of talking

Rodimus is giving a grandiose speech about the Lost Light’s quest. He’s on his third “’Till All Are One” when you suddenly say, “I love you.” He stops. He stares. Then, while you apologize for interrupting him, he dips you into a kiss. A few bots cheer, Whirl whistles, Magnus yells about PDA, and Tailgate asks if this means the speech is over. 

Drift shivers when the words leave your lips and your field hits his; he can feel how much you mean it. He forgets whatever he was talking about before and grins the biggest grin of his life, cupping your face to look you in the optic. “I love you, too.”

Skids says it back automatically, goes back to what he was saying, then stops cold. “Wait-” did you just-? It wasn’t his imagination. For so long he’s thought of saying it to you, but didn’t want to scare you away. Now you’ve said it and he’s overjoyed as he scoops you up and twirls you.

Swerve is speechless. Can you imagine that? Utterly. Speechless. He makes little noises that might be words, optics filling up with fluids cooling fans blasting. You think that maybe he doesn’t feel the same way and get up to excuse yourself. That’s when he tackles you and covers you with kisses as he nuzzles you and babbles that he loves you, loves you so, so much.

Rung gapes. You can see light flash brighter than ever from his spark window. He lets out a slow, shaky vent as he removes his fogged-up glasses. You ask him if he’s okay. “Yes,” he says, wiping an optic. “I’m- I’m okay… I’m wonderful- and… A-and I love you.”

Red Alert.exe has stopped working. He just… sits there. You have to call Ratchet in. You’re freaking out and frantically ask if he’s okay, but Ratchet just rolls his optics and knocks Red Alert upside the head. “I love you!” he blurts. Ratchet thanks him, but says he was just doing his job.

Fortress Maximus’ lil finials wiggle and his engine stutters. Then he smiles. This boy is absolutely glowing! He kisses your hand returns the sentiment before he pulls you into his lap for cuddles.

Brainstorm runs and hides. Love is scary, love is risky, love is pain. He’s already let things go too far with you; should he just cut it off now? It takes some serious soul-searching but eventually he faces you again. He buries his face into your shoulder and whispers that he thinks… he does love you.


Personality adjustments. I thought it might be interesting to get a glimpse of how Perceptor’s friends and colleagues reacted to him erasing his personality. This is super simple and there’s a lot more to do with this, but for now, this is what I have. Why was there no season 4.

This is from last month and I finally decided to finish this this week because why the hell not! I hope this comic is somewhat understandable ;w;


14200 by Clive Nichols
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Case Scenario: if MTMTE bots were turned into sparkings

Rodimus: as a sparkling, Roddy would be the most demanding baby ever. You’ll be busy and he will decide he wants to be held that very second and start wailing and it won’t stop until he is in your arms. No one can pick him up except the one he is crying for, if someone else did he will cry louder and lock his big optics on you and reach for you into he is in your arms, once there he goes to sleep cuddling into you until he wants something else

Drift: it’s quiet, too quiet. Your worry goes away when you hear a tiny rattle. Drift is a quiet sparkling, he will just sit in his crib playing with his stuff making the creatures talk in his little baby babble that only makes sense to him. His favorite toy is his rattle, he likes the noise it makes. The only way you’ll hear him cry is if he drops his rattle and it gets out of his reach, when he gets his rattle back it doesn’t matter now. You’re there to cuddle him and that is way better than a rattle.

Brainstorm: “didn’t that bear have a head on it? Why is it now on the bunny?” Brainstorm just laughs as he continues destroying his toys and making them better. But if you put him in your arms and snuggle him, he is okay with that too. He likes receiving attention, so give the sweet baby lots

Ultra Magnus: all the toys are lined up in his crib by shape, size, color, creature, etc. and if he can’t organize the toy he is given in that line up of his, he will have a melt down (the best solution is just to keep the toy in the trunk, that’s where all the mismatch toys go). Cuddling, or holding him in general, is a challenge. If he doesn’t want to be held and you try to hold him he gets grumpy, and if you can’t hold him and he wants to be held he’s even grumpier. He’s a very grumpy sparkling

Swerve: he’s a sparkling, he can’t talk yet, but that doesn’t stop him. He will babble on and on and on, even when you’re trying to feed him he’s still babbling and the food coming out of his mouth. Want to make Swerve happy? Pick him up and cuddle him, sometimes he will even shut up

Red Alert: little Red is constantly crying. The poor baby is scared of everything and worried about everything. If he can’t see you, he panics and cries until you come back, then he’ll cry even more because you scared him when you came in. His teddy bear scares him because it is looking at him, his rattle is too loud and he cries from the noise, the dark has monsters in it. To calm your paranoid sparkling down, wrap him in a blanket (not too loose because he is afraid of falling out) and cuddle him. He knows he’s safe in your arms

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Headcanons for IDW Ultra Magnus, Drift, Brainstorm, Red Alert, Swerve, and Chromedome/Rewind having a quiet s/o who is very shy and one day they walk in on them while they're singing while drawing them (bonus: when s/o finds out they've been caught, them they get super embarrassed and hide under a blanket)

Awww so cute ♥

Ultra Magnus peeks in when he hears you singing. He smiles at how cute you are and tries to crane his neck to see what you’re drawing- only to get caught. When you hide he feels really guilty and apologizes, rubbing your back and saying that he thought your singing was pretty, and he’d really love to see your art if you let him. He is the most blushy boy when he sees your drawing of him.

Drift smiles from the doorway. He apologizes for intruding, and pokes his head under the blanket when you hide. He smooches your nose and tells you he’ll leave you alone until you’re done. 

Brainstorm wants to see what you’re drawing! He peeks over your shoulder and you jump away and hide. He flips through your drawing book until you come out and try to take it from him. He scoops you up and plops you in his lap, telling you to continue. 

Red Alert finds your singing so soothing, and is nodding off against the door frame when you spot him. You startle him when you suddenly jump, and he scurries off, yelling apologies behind him. He didn’t mean to upset you, he’ll just go now!

Swerve doesn’t hide that he’s listening in. When you hide he simply laughs and tells you there’s nothing to be embarrassed about; you’re a super good singer and artist! He’ll constantly brag about how skilled his s/o is. 

Rewind records you until you see him and crawl under the blankets. Then Chromedome wonders what’s going on and has to calm you both down because you’re embarrassed and Rewind feels guilty for scaring you and is babbling apologies.