red drift


Personality adjustments. I thought it might be interesting to get a glimpse of how Perceptor’s friends and colleagues reacted to him erasing his personality. This is super simple and there’s a lot more to do with this, but for now, this is what I have. Why was there no season 4.

This is from last month and I finally decided to finish this this week because why the hell not! I hope this comic is somewhat understandable ;w;

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Rodimus, Drift, Skids, Swerve, Rung, Red Alert, Fort Max, and Brainstorm reacting to their Cybertronian s/o blurting out "I love you" for the first time while bot is in the middle of talking

Rodimus is giving a grandiose speech about the Lost Light’s quest. He’s on his third “’Till All Are One” when you suddenly say, “I love you.” He stops. He stares. Then, while you apologize for interrupting him, he dips you into a kiss. A few bots cheer, Whirl whistles, Magnus yells about PDA, and Tailgate asks if this means the speech is over. 

Drift shivers when the words leave your lips and your field hits his; he can feel how much you mean it. He forgets whatever he was talking about before and grins the biggest grin of his life, cupping your face to look you in the optic. “I love you, too.”

Skids says it back automatically, goes back to what he was saying, then stops cold. “Wait-” did you just-? It wasn’t his imagination. For so long he’s thought of saying it to you, but didn’t want to scare you away. Now you’ve said it and he’s overjoyed as he scoops you up and twirls you.

Swerve is speechless. Can you imagine that? Utterly. Speechless. He makes little noises that might be words, optics filling up with fluids cooling fans blasting. You think that maybe he doesn’t feel the same way and get up to excuse yourself. That’s when he tackles you and covers you with kisses as he nuzzles you and babbles that he loves you, loves you so, so much.

Rung gapes. You can see light flash brighter than ever from his spark window. He lets out a slow, shaky vent as he removes his fogged-up glasses. You ask him if he’s okay. “Yes,” he says, wiping an optic. “I’m- I’m okay… I’m wonderful- and… A-and I love you.”

Red Alert.exe has stopped working. He just… sits there. You have to call Ratchet in. You’re freaking out and frantically ask if he’s okay, but Ratchet just rolls his optics and knocks Red Alert upside the head. “I love you!” he blurts. Ratchet thanks him, but says he was just doing his job.

Fortress Maximus’ lil finials wiggle and his engine stutters. Then he smiles. This boy is absolutely glowing! He kisses your hand returns the sentiment before he pulls you into his lap for cuddles.

Brainstorm runs and hides. Love is scary, love is risky, love is pain. He’s already let things go too far with you; should he just cut it off now? It takes some serious soul-searching but eventually he faces you again. He buries his face into your shoulder and whispers that he thinks… he does love you.

How Drift’s appearance changes through his lifetime:

[image: Drift, first appearance. His frame is mostly white, with grey as the secondary color and orange-cold as the tertiary color. His face is white and his optics yellow. He has long pointed finials but an otherwise fairly unadorned helm. His midsection as one narrow row of vents.]

[image: Drift with Gasket. He has the same general frame shape but the details are different. His optics are red, he has a prominent grey browplate, his face is grey. He’s lost all the yellow accents and gained red ones instead. His primary color is now grey with white as the accent color. His helm is the same general shape but is now bulkier.]

[image: Drift immediately pre-Decepticon. He’s changed subtly. He’s got vents on his arms, which are bulkier now. His chest is deeper and there are prominently exposed lights/some circular feature under the vents. He’s got his gold trim back and has added rounded audials with gold trim framing his face.]

[images: Drift as a full-fledged Decepticon. Now he’s got guns mounted on his arms, is very shiny and has lots of red glitzy panels on his legs. The grey has become very purple and the dull yellow has become brighter. In the second picture his crotch has also become bedazzled with gold and red paneling.]

[image: Drift, post first Circle of Light repair. His lower legs are exactly the same. His face is mostly the same, but his optics are now blue. Other than that, his body has swapped to a white with grey accents design, his shoulders have gotten boxier and his chestplate flatter with exposed lights.]

[image: Drift immediately pre-battle at the end of the miniseries. He’s swapped out his helm; the rounded audials have been replaced with boxy squares lining his lower face and he’s lost the grey ridge right above his face. He’s also completely replaced his legs with ones with thick white boots w/ yellow trim and dark colored thighs.]

[image: Drift from Spotlight: Drift. The white panel at the center of his chest has gotten much wider and he’s lost his gold boot accents in exchange for red accents. The red piping on his helm has changed shape. Overall his frame feels chunkier and less pointy. His sword sheathes have lost their red trim.]

[images: Drift in All Hail Megatron 15. Drift’s central chest panel is even wider, forcing his tiny headlights to shrink even more. He’s lost all detailing & vents from his midsection and the gold detailing has moved position on his pelvic plating. He’s also picked up two (count em, two) Autobot badges.]

[image: Drift from Death of Optimus Prime. His chest panel has a swooped windshield on it that approximates samurai armor and his shoulder pieces are curved with red swoops on them.]

[image: mtmte Drift. His primary color is now dark grey, while his boots, forearms and pelvis are white. He’s got his badge on the center of his chest, which weirdly looks like it’s strapped onto him like armor. He is more curvy than any robot has any business being and has red accents at his shoulders, thighs and waist. His shoulders have a strongly hexagonal shape. He’s returned, almost exactly, to his initial helm shape but has kept the blue optics and has left off the browplate.]

[image: Drift’s mtmte redesign, which borrows elements from a number of his earlier looks. He’s kept the red and white but darkened his primary grey to nearly black. His face is now grey and he’s adopted Dai Atlas style facepaint. He still has lots of extra kibble, but it’s less curvy. His blue chestlamps have returned from his Circle of Light redesign. So has has the red decorations on his helm, which now has dramatic red eyebrow shapes painted on it. This also marks the return of the boxy filters on the sides of his helm circa Circle of Light 2nd makeover.]