red dre

🍁(Ø▽Ø)( Û ⌴ Û )🍂

(Ø▽Ø) “Gotta lov cherry boiz, amirite?”

I feel like Dre has a special liking for other red-eyed Sanses, since they come from the same place.

Cereza!!! @ecto-tiddy

save me era hair colors
  • jin: "i just bleached my asshole" blond
  • yoongi: no seriously save me blond
  • hoseok: soft 'n luscious caramel brown
  • namjoon: wish the care bear blue
  • jimin: yoongi's soul
  • taehyung: RED RED RED RE DRE D REDR E ED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jungkook: terry crews brown

2012 Compania de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez Dehesa Gago

Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang. Dark cherries, dark plums, and strawberries on the nose with vanilla, clove, molasses, and fruit leather. Macerated dark cherries and strawberries on the palate with a touch of lighter plum, vanilla, clove, and molasses. PASS THE FLANK STEAK!

4/5 bones



14% abv


The Stars Are Listening

What would you wish upon
a silent stranger passing by
shoulders sagging
forehead furrowed?
What would you wish upon
an acquaintance across
the table, one leg over the other,
puffing a cigarette
much to your disdain?
What would you wish upon
the homeless woman
with a napping child,
whose spirits are as tattered
as her clothes?
What would you wish upon
the driver drowning
in road-rage and traffic frustration
who yells out of his window
cussing the cyclist, the tree?
What would you wish upon
the fledgling with the red Beats
pants sagging down to ground
afro obscuring sensibility?
What would you wish upon
a reflection in the window
staring back at you
nonplussed, without recognition,
eyes like yours, nose like yours,
grimness set in stone in
features chiseled from misanthropy?
What would you wish upon
for another?