red dragon story because what will be the point

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I love the new season of Hannibal, but I feel Bryan is going too far with how he's changing Will's character. At the end of the day, Will, although drawn to darkness, is not a bad person. He's not an evil man, and tries to do the right thing. From Season 2 to now, I'm kind of confused as to why Will still wants to "run away" with Hannibal. I mean, did he forget about Abigail? Beverly? The FBI? I love Hugh Dancy and his Will Graham is my favorite, but it doesn't feel like Will anymore.

The nature of Will’s character is change.

That’s the point, if you write a character like that, who struggles with knowing serial killers, dammit, it wasn’t pushed far enough!

Or, it’s been done before pushing it a little bit, so, lets try something new and interesting and push it even further!

He wants to run away with Hannibal because Hannibal had only just begun to show him his true self, and Will has begun to believe that is his true self. Imagine everyone else in the world is endlessly boring to you, then all of a sudden, there is this one person that isn’t, you can actually have the conversation you’ve been dying to have your entire life with this person. Will isn’t ready to throw that away just because Hannibal is a serial killer.

It’s not ‘normal’ behaviour, it’s not relatable behaviour, because, ultimately, people like Will, and people like Hannibal, cannot exist.

Whether, hugh or bryan or we believe it is not his true self is, at this point, irrelevant. Will believes it’s his true self, and the story is only interesting and actually able to fill 39 episodes of 40 minutes (way more than the films or books) because it’s interesting in this new way that means there are new avenues to explore.

This show is, what if Hannibal got Will on his couch? What would happen? This, this is what would happen.

Hannibal got his wish from Red Dragon, Bryan Fuller made it come true. That is why this show is called Hannibal, that is why Hannibal is a much more prominent character than in the previous material. He’s getting his dream scenario.

Making Will vulnerable in this way needed to happen or he’s just another boring cop, against a rather exceptional serial killer, he doesn’t stand a chance.

The eternal problem with Will is that he doesn’t have a character, he can’t possess one, his funky brain won’t allow him.

Hope that makes sense