So… I’m a HUGE Critical Role nerd… and I’ve been meaning to do some fanart for a while. The most recent episode (104) really struck me and this scene in particular was just amazing. I got a massive itch to try and paint it. Out of context, this might not be too much of a spoiler??

I used this as an opportunity to push my use of texture and color and to try out some new brushes I got recently. Still a long way to go… I’ll be taking what I learned here forward, for sure.


One small wish for Season Four. 

I couldn’t think of a single major S3 character that would actually need to ask, so I decided Adam Towers would be the snarky tabloid journo who recognizes Hannibal on the street. 

Or maybe it’s really just Will asking. 

Happy Meat is Back on the Menu Day!


Listen, people can say what they want, but Hannibal Lecter was never intended to be a het character. Those lines and that way of delivering them is clear.

I was thirteen (I was little!) when I watched Silence of the Lambs, and that was the first thing I thought. Silence of the Lambs doesn’t even show Hannibal out of prison surrounded by his friends, but the way Hopkins portrayed him… To me that was never a question.  

Hannibal Lecter has always been played like that.

And among all the people he gets in touch with, Will is one of the most important. It doesn’t matter if it’s the movie or the tv show. Will is important, because he is the one who caught him.

And Hannibal is intrigued by him in a way that’s different from the interest he can feel towards every other human being. Hannibal is intrigued by people who can read feelings and minds (as Clarice does) so the feeling he expresses for Clarice is the same feeling he has for Will. Well, I have my opinion about it, that Clarice is a substitute, but that’s just my opinion.

Will (all the Wills, not just the one in the tv show) is interested in Lecter too. Who knows what could have happened if Will hadn’t caught him right away in the books?

The fact is that with Will Hannibal didn’t have the chance to continue, he was imprisoned and then the only thing he could do was to mess with him during the investigation on Dolarhyde.

Bryan Fuller gave Hannibal the opportunity to know Will very well out in real life and that obviously has resulted in more than friendship.  

I don’t know why I felt the need to say this but now it’s done.  :-)


OK SO I REALLY debated putting up some of my school work, but with a nudge from another artist I decided I OUGHT TO! This was my final project for my publications class. One of the options was to design a book and since I’m an overachiever I chose to do an entire bookset. HANNIBAL.

The sleeve was laser engraved out of red touche paper. Since this was a publication class I also did the book jackets and some inside illustration/publication design which you can see {here} and {here}

{do not repost without commentary or artist credit}