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Dear Kitten…


What if the Wendigo was Hannibal Lecter’s pet/assistant?
18th strip.  Idea thanks to an anon ask. ^^
The Wendigo has a book, available for preorder here until November, 08. I think the best way to thank all of you for your incredible support was to make other strips! ^^
Before people ask: this strip is NOT in the book (it has been made after). The unpublished strip in the book is the 17th, and will be put online when people have recieved their orders.
My Hannibal fan-arts


DI Optical EG1

The “big brother” to the DI Optical FC-1, the EG1 uses a 30mm lens as opposed to the FC-1’s 17x23mm lens. It uses a large rotary knob to adjust brightness; different from the FC-1 that uses push buttons. At 11 ounces (with battery and mount), it’s heavier than an EoTech XPS2. Rest of the specs are in the link below. Note that it appears to have a rear hood/shade not seen in the first photo. It also seems to have a little back up iron sight along the channel atop the housing. Not sure how functional that would be or it could just be an aesthetic design. (GRH)