red crown crane


Yuzen-painted furisode. Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A silk furisode featuring large yuzen-dyed cranes. The main symbolic meaning of the Japanese red-crowned crane is long life. With their lifespan of some thirty years, cranes were thought to live not just decades but thousands of years, becoming virtually synonymous with immortality. At Japanese weddings, it is a symbol of loyalty. Also, associated with the qualities of honor and wisdom, cranes were believed to be intermediaries between heaven and earth, a messenger of the gods to humans, thus symbolizing the spiritual ability to enter a higher state of consciousness. Furthermore, the crane also represents a lasting soaring spirit, health, and happiness. Their white bodies stand for purity and their red heads denote vitality. This kimono would have been likely worn by either the bride prior to the main wedding ceremony, or by an unmarried sister to the bride at the main ceremony. The artistry on this furisode is exceptional: the cranes, all in flight, are scattered against a finely shaded multi-color background to stunning effect.


hey tumblr check out this shit @anendlessaria and i have been talking about on twitter: his dark materials YOI AU

top image are the college age boys aka the members of the (illegal) experimental theology club also known as gay scientist club, with their daemons

yuuri + kanta (red-crowned crane), phichit + manee (capybara), leo + delilah (bison), guang-hong + shu fang (ball python), and minami + hinata who’s unsettled but takes the form of birds most often to match yuuri’s daemon heh

and then there’s viktor who has no (?) daemon and therefore has no soul & is publicly aligned with the magesterium but who knows?? without a daemon no one can tell what he’s really up to… he has a panserbjørn companion named yesfir

also yuuri is an alethiometrist

there’s a lot more to this but here’s this for now


More lwa x p5 edits? Unbelievable @me A believing heart is your magic!

Dedicated to my Phantom Witch Anon who’s been drawing wonderful concept art for my witchsona AU.

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the omnics don’t have daemons, which is why a lotta humans don’t want to admit that omnics are people

When Genji nearly died his daemon nearly flickered out. They were able to use it to power his bionics, but they’re not separate anymore and because of this Hanzo won’t believe that this is his brother. Hanzo’s daemon is a wolf.

Lucio’s is a green tree frog and it climbs all over his face and he puts it on all his merchandise.

Junkrat has a grizzled clever rat, Roadhog has an enormous hog. Look, sometimes the obvious works, how do you think they got these nicknames in the first place?

When Widowmaker got kidnapped they nearly severed her and did experiments on her such that her daemon either doesn’t exist anymore, or it changed forms into a spider. 

Winston doesn’t have a daemon. He’s self-conscious about it. 

Zenyatta doesn’t have a daemon either. He thinks daemons are cool, and will enthusiastically greet everyone else’s daemon’s by name. No one has the heart to tell him that that’s actually kind of rude’s is a monkey. It uses its thumbs to help her in her mech and to play video games

Reaper’s was a barn owl, back before the explosion. Sometimes, when he’s misting around, he thinks he hears her wings.

Tracer has something small and sleek like a meerkat or a ferret

Pharah has a falcon, like Ana. (I considered a Hippo, because it is large and gorgeous and sleek and it will END YOU but also I’m not sure how she’d get it around with her haha)

Bastion likes to keep birds around, and sometimes people think that maybe those are his daemon, maybe he does have one, but no, they’re just birds.

McCree has a hare, large and wiry and stompy and practically the size of a dog.

Symmetra could be many things but for now I’m going with a large sleek panther. 

Mercy has a raven, canny and loyal and clever, wings dark in the sky as she flies to help people. 

Mei has a red-crowned crane- large and fragile and endangered- she’s trying to preserve the environment, after all, and this would give her yet another reason to have made that choice. Sometimes in chinese legends it is a symbol of immortality. When she is frozen, it is frozen with her. (Or maybe it isn’t, maybe it has to wait next to her and watch for all those years, that might have happened instead)

Torbjörn has an enormous cat with MASSES of fluff and a squashed face and scars hidden under it’s fur. It sits on top of his head like the world’s most grumpy wig

Zarya probably has a freaking BEAR. 

76… 76 probably has a dog. Some sort of german shepherdy sort of mutt.That’s generic, and I’m sure there are more nuanced options, but he’s a pretty straighforward guy. 

….look. I have no idea what Reinhardt’s daemon would be. Possibly a foxhound or a hawk, to keep with the knight theme. Update: DEFINITELY A LION.

Cultural Birds #1 Japan -  Red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis)

I’m going to make a series of birds that represent various cultures, starting off with Japan. I wanted to start with Greece, but I didn’t like the result so I jumped to the next one. I have a few planned, but if anyone has any suggestions that I like more, I’ll do them.


Woman Riding a Red-crowned Crane 1890s by Blue Ruin 1

are your thousand years ending today? song of the crane

Issa (b. 1763 – d. 1828)