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This may be a dumb question but where would one learn about first aid?

Well, I picked a good bit up just from helping my mother and father patch up myself and my siblings after various scrapes and bumps over the years.

But, I am also a security officer. My company paid for me to become first aid and CPR certified.

I went to actual classroom classes. But the American Red Cross offers online courses. ( )

I would recommend going to the in-person classes if possible, simply because they have demonstrations and you can practice on dummies and suchlike. But the online classes are good too.

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Can you tell something more about your first aid organisation?

You must know about the Red Cross, I work for a sort of same organisation: The Orange Cross. The big difference is that people at the Red Cross get paid and that the Orange Cross is run mainly by volunteers. And the knowledge of people of the Orange Cross is higher. And the Red Cross has a much higher budget, we have to get our money money ourself.

Our main goal is educating people, we teach first aid to kids on primary schools (everything except CPR and mouth to mouth, its too emotional for kids of those age ‘10-12′) and adults (16+) and increasing the chance of survival during a heart-attack. Years ago the chance that you would survive a heart attack in this area was about 5%. It would take an ambulance more than 15 minutes to get to my town. 

While it is extremely important that the sooner you start CPR the higher the chance of survival is. The first 6 minutes are the most important, you have to start the CPR withing 6 minutes. Now with our education and efforts we can get a first aider on the spot within 2 minutes to start CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation, while others can get an AED. Together with an AED the chance of survival got much higher.

My organisation has instructors (who also are “Lotus” => injury actors, they can imitate injuries and make the situation look very real) who also teach first aid in hospitals, so we have a high knowledge from our instructors and members.

We also provide the first aid at many (sports) events, with the money we earn here we can buy new bandage materials, pay the rent of the location where we teach the first aid courses and keep the costs of a first aid course low for people who want to follow a course. 

At this moment I am working on making the organisation more professional and recognizable during events. Looking for portophones, beachflag, banners companies who want to sponsor for a medical unit or mobile treating centre and I am looking for a human tracking system to Coordinate the first aiders that are present at an event so people get help quicker. 

I am also looking for a vehicle to draw the attention of the public like an ambulance or a trailer that we can convert into a place to treat injured people.

If you want to be an ally to marginalized people, especially if it’s within your ability to do so, you should get first aid and CPR certifications. We need protest medics, and we need more antifascists on the street with training to help with sudden, emergency situations. Especially with the way politics are turning in the US, and generally leaning right across the rest of the world.

I got my first certification when I was 11, but some groups have a 16 or 18+ rule.

If you can’t afford a certification, search in your area and see if anyone provides non-cert free training. My work provides free classes through ASHII, but I’ve certified with Red Cross, American Heart Association, and American Emergency Response Training.

Direct action is what we need. There’s more than one way you can do your part.

Please read and reblog this. You could save an animal’s life.

If haven’t learned already, please learn how to perform CPR and First Aid from the American Red Cross. All courses teach you how to perform CPR on an adult, and some also go over how to perform CPR on children and babies. The information listed above was also provided by the American Red Cross.

Please don’t scroll past this. You may need to know this someday.

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I have to bring this up because it's been a repeat argument all season long on Arrow. A recent poll talking about heroes on The CW excluded Felicity until her fans fought for her and now she's kicking butt as number one. What do you think of the notion that Digg and Felicity aren't heroes because they don't wear costumes? We've seen this sentiment by certain fanboys, articles like the one saying to kill Diggle and even the CW's superhero fight club excluded them.

Settle in. It’s story time.

Once upon a time, I was a teenager. I decided that I wanted to follow in my brothers’ footsteps and become a lifeguard. Since it would not be safe for myself or others for me to take on such a job without proper training, I underwent several months of training in water safety, emergency care, first aid, and CPR. When my instructor felt that I had fulfilled the physical and academic requirements, I was certified by the Red Cross as qualified for the position.

I didn’t just go out, buy a whistle, and declare myself a lifeguard on the basis of being able to not drown while wearing a red bathing suit.

The end.

Why am I sharing this random story about my teen years in response to a question about Arrow?

Because I so very much dislike the importance that has been placed in certain circles on wardrobe for characters’ worths as heroes. 

It was a pet peeve for me all year for both Arrow and The Flash that characters throw the hero title around like it’s nothing. Oliver had to earn his status as a hero, pouring his blood and sweat and soul into his quest to make himself worthy of the designation. For Barry and Laurel and Ray to refer to themselves as heroes after comparatively little sacrifice and after spending a relatively small amount of time on the streets in actual danger rubs me the wrong way and I get incredibly defensive of Oliver. Of all of the masks on both shows over this year - save perhaps for Roy - Oliver is the only one to have truly earned the hero designation to go with the leathers. Barry has absolutely come close and undoubtedly will be worthy of the title of hero, but he doesn’t yet understand what it means to live the life in the long term. Honestly, I wouldn’t even trust most of the costumed crusaders on The CW to be lifeguards, and I can attest to the fact that those classes are not that hard to pass.

To actually answer the question that was asked:

I’m so glad that Felicity fans have managed to elevate her on the poll. Female characters in particular to be recognized for heroism that doesn’t necessarily take place on the battlefield.  It’s so important for shows like Arrow to remove the stigma that heroism can only be won via combat. Men are always going to be bigger and stronger and able to last longer in a fight. Nyssa is one of the most skilled fighters in the history of the show, and certainly more well-trained than Oliver…but at the end of the day, Oliver nearly always defeats her because he has eight inches and eighty pounds on her. It’s nothing that should shame her or any other female character; it’s biology. The show needs to emphasize that heroism isn’t always winning the fight or taking the hardest beating without breaking. Giving Felicity the credit that she deserves for her different brand of heroism would be a win for the show, a win for the audience, and a win for the portrayal of women on television.

Articles and individuals marginalizing Diggle need to consider the entire character before passing judgment based on their vision of what the show ought to be. He was a fully realized hero before the series even started. Digg had already served his country for several years as part of the armed forces, and he put himself in very real danger to protect Oliver back before he found out about the vigilantism. He joined Oliver’s crusade not to kick ass and take names, but rather to help save the soul of a tortured man struggling to come home from war. Then, he proceeded to kick ass and take names anyway. I adore Oliver and will defend him until kingdom come, but John Diggle is my hero. He doesn’t need a mask to qualify.