red crested gecko



Pics 1&2: Female red dalmatian crested gecko.  AC Reptiles Lines.  Red and black spots, very vibrant base color.  28g.  $200

Pic 3: Older hatchling gargoyle gecko, from my yellow female Poppy and my red male Ramses.  Great eater, should have a lot of yellow and grey like mom (already a VERY yellow baby). 4g.  $85

Pic 4: Younger hatchling gargoyle gecko, full sibling to Pic. 3.  Also coloring up well, becoming more yellow daily. 4g. $70

Pics 5 & 6: Female red dalmatian crested gecko.  Produced by Crestopia Reptiles, Sugar x Haven.  Pretty light red base and big black ink spots all over, especially on the head.  25g.  $225

Pic 7: Red juvenile crested gecko. Unknown lineage.  Like its sister, this one has continued turning a pretty red shade.  May eventually have some low yellow harlequin markings.  9g.  $50

Not pictured: high yellow adult female leopard gecko.  Unknown genetics.  Has a partially regenerated tail, but it’s healed very well.  FREE ADOPTION with price of shipping and proof of setup.


When I purchased Red Velvet the breeder told me I could go on to their website and find his parents, and I did!
The first two photos are the male, Hades. The first photo is him fired up, and the second is him unfired. The third picture is the female, Serine, fired up. And the fourth picture is her unfired. The first four photos belong to the breeder.

The last two pictures are of my little guy, just for comparison to see how alike dad and mom he is. I think he looks more like mom. Either way, he’s going to be a beautiful geck!