red contacts


Genre: Oral Smut

Summary: Third time’s the charm when you’ve been stood up by your fellow officer and boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook. However you decide to have your sweet revenge.

Featuring: Our dearly beloved Jeonlous x Y/N

Note: This boy is the reason for my sinful thoughts. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but once THIS DAMN APPEARANCE + PERSONA (note above) came into existence I had to let this out. This is my first ever fanfic and smut, so please don’t have too many expectations. Hope it doesn’t disappoint :)

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Guess who’s been binge watching Red vs Blue over the holiday break? (Hint: Is me!!)


Although I wasn’t officially tagged but these are my favourite selfies taken in 2015! There’s 10 but that’s cause I’m vain af (not really). But I genuinely love how I looked in all of these! 


Some selfies from today ✨👑 Got my new Pluto contacts from Pinky Paradise and I had to do some quick pics with them in! Not too crazy about this make up so expect something different next time 😅

(( @sistersenshi ))