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“Ex Alert” (Hoshi Smut)

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Title: Ex Alert

Featuring: Hoshi (Seventeen) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Genre: Smut

Summary: You run into your ex at a Halloween party, and all attempts to avoid him fail miserably.

Request by anon! Now taking Halloween/Fall themed scenario requests.

You applied the finishing touches to your make-up for your cat look, some eyeliner whisker to compliment your smoky eye and red lips. You were going for something simple tonight. Halloween parties were less about how elaborate you looked and more about how comfortable it would be to dance, drink, and make-out in.

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We'll Show Them: Chapter Six- Luci

a/n: I’ve finally come home so I can write much faster now, so here’s chapter six! Big thanks to grandma for the beta-ing, and all the other Brits of course.

summary: Shea takes Sasha on her mystery date the day before her public meeting, which leads to confessions, even more emotions, and a problematic photographer.

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