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Theory: Wren Is A

The past few weeks I have been re-watching seasons 1-4 trying to gather up as much hints and information as I could to build on my theory that Wren is A. Here’s what stood out to me the most.

1. Ezra isn’t the only one who shows affection for younger girls. Wren does as well. He had a little thing with Spencer, and let’s not forget about the time he even pursued Hanna! He makes Ezra look like a saint.

2. A seems to have always taken an interest in trying to break up Spencer and Toby’s relationship. Additionally, around the time Hanna rejects Wren, A tries to run over Caleb’s mother. Jealous much?

3. When Mrs.Grunwald told the Liars one of them has been touched by A, we were made to believe it was Aria. It could have also very well been Spencer…or Hanna.

4. I always cringe in 2x23 when Jenna says, “I bet even a lie would sound good in that accent.” He really does have a lovely accent. What a shame it’s so charming it can fool us so easily.

5. There are many incidents on the show where A has easy access to medical records and inside hospitals. Wren’s profession provides him with easy access to this.

For instance…

  • A stole pages of Ali’s autopsy report.
  • Added HGH into Emily’s pain cream.
  • Wrote on Hanna’s cast when she was asleep in the hospital room.
  • Knowing how much anesthesia to use on Hanna. (too much of it could kill you)

Wren could easily do a lot of these things without seeming suspicious. He worked in the Philadelphia hospital when Hannah was there after A hit her with a car, and also worked in the Rosewood hospital when Emily was there with her ulcer.

6. His conversation with Mona at Radley was super suspicious. Mona asks, “Why would I be honest with you?” Wren answers, “You used to be.” Mona replies, “Well that was before I realized where your loyalties were.

Um… and what are these “loyalties?”

7. He was coloring in a freaking red coat in the farm picture for goodness sake!

8. Ali implied she knew Wren. In the season 1 Halloween special, when Ali thinks Emily is sexually active, she tells her, “I know a doctor if you want to go on the pill. He’ll see you without telling your mom.” As a side note, Wren did treat Emily for her ulcer which her parents never found out about. He also stitched up Hanna’s leg without her mom finding out.

9. In 2x4 when A vandalizes Dr.Sullivan’s office, “Nosey Bitches Die” is written on the wall. Sounds like a typical A message, right? Well, here’s what got me.

U.S. - Nosy

U.K. - Nosey

I don’t remember there being any other British character on the show besides lovely Wren?

10. Nearly every time the Liars track down a shop where their little “gifts” from A were bought, it was purchased in Philadelphia. Who do we know has a place in Philadelphia? Wren!

11. A drinks vodka soda… so does Wren.

12. One of the A messages that really stuck out to me was, “Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. —A.” Well, Wren is a doctor. So I guess it’s legit to say he does play with body parts.

13. He was wearing board shorts in the very first episode!

14.  Wren mentioned something to Spencer that his dad had schizophrenia when he was a kid. Schizophrenia can be passed down genetically.

15. Wren has a skill at giving massages. Spencer LOVED the massage from him in season 1. Later on, Emily receives an enjoyable massage from A at the spa. Hmm…?

What would his motive be? I’m assuming he’s probably Ali’s “Beach Hottie” she partied with in Cape May and gave her the pregnancy scare. I think when she told him she might be pregnant, he got abusive and threatened to kill her. That would explain the flashback when Ali came to Veronica Hastings with a bloody lip, begging her not to tell anyone. She disappeared to hide from him, and now he’s probably obsessed with her and wants to find her! I believe that he’s Big A. He just set up shop somewhere else and hired black hooded minions to physically torture and spy on the girls.