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Sally’s True Love Spell

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A spell I wrote inspired from the film Practical Magic

This is a fire free spell used to draw in your ideal lover.

This is NOT a spell to make a specific individual fall in love with you.

This spell can also be altered to search for the ideal platonic partner. See the notes section at the end of this post!

Items needed:

- Pick any of the following flower petals and dry them* if you have the time. But fresh petals are also okay. (you don’t need the whole flower just a a couple of petals) You don’t need all of them, I’m just providing as many options as possible:  White Carnation (pure love), Dark Red Carnation (Deep Love),  white Chrysanthemum (truth and loyal love), Red Chrysanthemum (love), Red Rose (deep love), Yellow rose (friendship/ caring), Orange/Coral rose (passion/energy/desire), Lavender Rose (love at first sight),  Tulip (declaration of love/ perfect love) - Any other flower you can think of that symbolizes love + companionship. You don’t need a lot. Maximum 2 petals for each flower of your choosing.

- Hot water (like just barely hot enough for tea. As long as there’s steam, you’re golden)

- water soluble paper (get rice/wafer paper OR look for the brand print-stitch-dissolve in a local craft store. I’ve found it in Michael’s and staples for around $10) IF you can’t fine the paper, just write on your flower petals, provided they are large enough.

- pen(s)/ pencil(s) in any color(s) of your choosing

- mug or bowl

- an open window/ outdoor space

What to do:

- Start boiling your water. Feel free to put it on low heat, this may take some time.

- Take your pen and paper, list the qualities you seek in a love (be they physical or personality related). If you do wish to use a visual element you can print out images/ draw the qualities you seek. There is no need whatsoever to glue items together

- As you write each quality, rip it up from the page so it’s on it’s own strip, place it in your mug/bowl

- when you are finished writing, take your dried petals and crumble them/ tear them up, toss them into the mug/bowl as well

-take the mug/bowl into your hands and speak/whisper this chant

“Lover hear me. Lover know my name. Lover come find me. Lover follow my heart’s flame.“

- put the bowl down, by now your water should be hot. Slowly pour in the hot water, repeating the chant if you wish. Let the steam send your wishes out into the world. Feel free to chant until you no longer see steam/ until the water cools.

- When the bowl/contents have cooled, pour out the mug/bowl. Be sure to wash it when you are done if it’s one you consume from.

Additional Notes: If you’d like, keep a copy of your list should you choose to keep an eye out for your person. Or if you’d like to perform the spell again. Feel free to copy any imagery as well and hold onto it if you wish.

* To press + dry flowers you can either iron the flowers between sheets of parchment paper OR press them under some heavy books (this can take several days. But since it’s petals you’ll probably need a week max.). If you use the iron method, make sure the iron is on the lowest possible setting and there is no water in it. Don’t iron across the paper like you would clothes, just dab for 10-15 seconds in each spot. Let it cool . Maybe go over with the iron 1 more time, you don’t want to scorch/ burn the petals.

PLATONIC PARTNER ALTERATIONS: change the the word “lover“ to “partner“ in the chant. Look for flowers that have friendship/ familial/ unconditional love related meanings such as yellow rose, Jasmine, pear blossom, primrose, yellow chrysanthemum, forget-me-not, blue violets, ect. Obviously make more changes as you see fit <3

jason likes braiding kori’s hair just because it’s soothing to them both, and anything that helps jay unwind is something that kori and roy will get behind immediately. it ends with her hair in a different braid each time because jay doesn’t like to keep things simple and roy is always bringing up new things to try

alec angrily stands up from the kitchen, pushing his chair back with enough force that the room is filled with a horrible screech. “i don’t think this will work out anymore, magnus. we’re just too… different.” he starts to storm off but only manages to make it past the doorway before pausing. he takes a breath, makes a decision, and marches back in. “fuck that.” he pulls magnus up and kisses him. hard. when they finally pull apart, foreheads still touching, magnus sighs in mock exasperation, “are you going to do that everytime we have a disagreement about the wedding?” alec visibly fights back a grin and touches their noses together. “but magnus. red chrysanthemums mean i love you.”

Things I know to be True (Kim Yugyeom)

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Word Count: 1,428

Genre: Fluff


Hi, so I was watching a TED talk and this woman was talking about making a list of ten things you know to be true without thinking about and I decided to write about it, also at the request of a friend^^ I’m sorry if this was cheesy but I am a generally cheesy person so I apologize lol  also I’m shit at ending things sorry, I’m also not good at poetry and I wrote the poem at the end. Anywho, hope you enjoy it!

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onceuponazen  asked:

Can you do a mc/reader x zen in their own fairytale or there on a date to Disneyland which ever one is easier! I don't want you to stress too much!

I’m not too sure if this is what you meant by “in their own fairytale”, but here we go. Thanks for requesting!

Once upon a time, there existed a forbidden forest on the edge of a kingdom. Legends say that the flowers in that forest possessed powerful healing capabilities that could even bring the dead back to life. There were many humans who wanted to keep this power for themselves. They trampled upon and destroyed the forest which infuriated the Guardian of the Forest. The forest which was once so peaceful came to life and swallowed all the greedy humans whole in a single night. Nowadays, they say that those who foolishly enter the forest will meet the very same fate and are never to be seen again.

But such legends did not scare nor deter Zen, a loyal knight to the princess of the kingdom. The princess was dying, and there existed no medicine that could save her. The forest was Zen’s only choice. For his princess. His princess whom he was indebted to and who gave him a home when his parents threw him away.

When Zen first entered the forest, he didn’t know what he was expecting, but he surely wasn’t expecting such a beautiful sight before him. The edge of the forest looked so menacing from the outside, but upon stepping foot inside, the entire scenery changed, almost as though there was a magical barrier that safely hid and protected the beauty inside. The forest was a vibrant green that seemed to have an ethereal glow. It was devoid of animals, but the colourful assortment of flowers seemed to make up for it.

“Who are you?”

The voice came so suddenly that Zen’s first instinct was to draw his sword and point it at the newcomer but froze when he came face-to-face with a beautiful young maiden clad in a long dress that shimmered in the sunlight. You stared down at the sword at your neck, unfazed, before slowly bringing your attention back towards the young man.

“Who are you?” you repeated your question.

Zen hesitated for a moment before finally sheathing his sword. He placed a hand over his heart and bowed in greeting. “My name is Zen. I’m a knight in the kingdom near this forest. May I ask for your name?”

“You may not,” you answered firmly, your gaze steady as you continued to eye the young man before you. “What are you doing in my forest?”

The knight cocked his head, confused at your choice of words before it dawned on him. “Could it be that you're—” Zen wasn’t given the chance to finish his sentence, finding his arms and legs to suddenly be ensnared by all sorts of shrubbery.

“Are you here to steal from me too…?” The question that leaves your lips is quiet, and there’s a certain sadness behind it. “Are you going to hurt me and my friends too? Are you…going to leave me all alone too once you get what you came here for?”

Zen doesn’t know how to respond to your questions, so he answers with his own. “Are you the Guardian of the Forest?”

You lock gazes with the young man, and there’s something in his eyes that are different from all the humans who came before him. His eyes carry kindness, patience, and a sense of determination of…something. You bite your lower lip and decide to introduce yourself. “…Yes.”

“Lady Guardian,” Zen starts, and you can’t help but scrunch your face from being called such a weird title. “A friend of mine is dying, and I want to save her. Please, will you help me save her? I promise, I won’t take more than necessary, and I won’t ruin any of the plants here.”

Your eyes search the knight’s face for any hint of lies like the others, and you bring your face closer to his. He keeps your gaze, determined, and you don’t know why, but your heart starts to race the longer you stare into his smoldering eyes. You have no reason to give this man what he wants, but for some reason, you do so anyways.

Zen becomes free from the ensnarement, and you offer him a single white rose. “Here.”

The knight graciously accepts the rose, his eyes lighting up which makes your cheeks flush. Almost as though forgetting just who exactly you were, he unreservedly takes your hand in his and bends forward to kiss your fingers. “Thank you!”

The next day, Zen enters the forest once again, and your first thought is that he lied to you and came back for more of those healing flowers, but instead, he holds out a red rose for you to take, and you stare at it in confusion. Zen can’t help but laugh at your confusion, the sound ringing pleasantly in your ears, and goes to explain, “In exchange for the white rose you gave me and helping me save my friend.”

“Oh…” you reply lameley as you accept the rose, your fingers brushing with his. “That’s…awfully sweet of you.” Zen only beams in response, and he turns to leave, but you stop him. “W-Wait!”

Zen stops in his tracks and turns to look back at you, confused. You fumble around for an excuse as to why you called out to him before your eyes light up with an idea. You run up towards the knight and hold out a lilac for him to take. “F-For keeping true to your promise.”

The young man stares at the flower before a gentle smile spreads across his features, and he graciously accepts it. To your surprise, Zen came back the next day and offered you a red chrysanthemum. “For making me smile.”

After that, somehow, it became a natural occurrence of Zen coming back to the forest every day and exchanging flowers for all sorts of reasons.

Yellow acacias. “For keeping me company.”

Primroses. “For listening to my thoughts.”

Tulips. “For always being here for me.”

Honeysuckles. “For sharing your laughter with me.”

Violets. “For believing in me.”


Zen tucks the small flower behind your ear before gently placing his hand atop your cheek. He strokes the expanse of skin with the pad of his thumb and gently guides your face to look up at him, holding an expression that you’ve never seen before.

“Because I love you.”

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All the War Left Behind

“Thorin!” Bilbo exclaimed. His surprise quickly faded, replaced by a cool, distant expression. “What are you doing here?” he asked flatly.

“I’m sorry.”

“For barging into my room, or storming out of it?” Bilbo countered.

“Both,” Thorin replied without hesitation, risking a tiny smile. Encouraged by the distinct lack of yelling, Thorin walked towards the bed. “Flowers,” he mumbled as he shoved the colourful collection at the older teen.

“Yes, these are flowers,” Bilbo replied slowly.

Thorin took it as a good sign.

Bilbo’s expression turned thoughtful as he examined the different flowers. “Hyacinths are for apologies,” he said. “Pink camellias, red chrysanthemums… Wait, do you know the meanings of all these flowers?”

Chapter 15 of All the War Left Behind is on AO3

Or start this 1950s greaser!Bilbo, dorky!Thorin AU here from the start


summary: punk!dan and pastel!phil, in which phil paints dan’s nails and tells him why he loves him.

tags: fluff, punk!dan, pastel!phil, high school, comfort 

word count: 2.2k

trigger warnings: probably swearing…? vague mentions of bullying (not physical), sad thoughts i guess

a/n: surprisingly, this doesn’t have much descriptive fluff (according to me), which is unusual for me cause i’m the fluff master, idk i just wanted to upload this so. inspo

“Have you ever had your nails done?”

Dan’s eyes drifted up from the novel he was reading to focus on Phil’s face. The black-haired boy stared down at him curiously, purple peonies and asters adorning his head and keeping the fringe out of his eyes. Other than the fact that Dan simply adored Phil’s flower crowns, he was glad he wore them so he could see the ocean that was his eyes. Dan grinned and nodded, and Phil rolled his eyes, combing his fingers through Dan’s fringe.

“Other than painting them black,” Phil scoffed, looking away.

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Florist/Tattoo Artist AU based off of this and this from the incomprable @voguethranduil who is the Absolute Best™ and deserves the world

Warren Worthington iii x Reader (everyone is human and happy and yay flowers) (this is so long wtf brain)

  • You own a small flower shop in upstate New York and it’s doing pretty well
  • The lot next to yours has been empty for a while
    • Jean and Kurt moved their bakery to a bigger location with better kitchen space, and when they come by for a chat they bring cupcakes
    • You send them on their way with flowers (daisies for cheer and yellow carnations as a fuck you for leaving) (flower symbolism makes you happy and you think you’re hilarious)
  • One day, a ‘sold’ sign appears in the window and then a few days later you arrive to open up for the morning and large moving truck is parked outside
    • You can hear Metallica playing from inside the truck and there’s a new sign by the door reading ‘Four Horsemen Tattoos’ and you have to supress a groan because it doesn’t exactly look like the kind of place that’ll boost your business and you think regretfully of Jean and Kurt’s picturesque bakery, now firmly entrenched in the next neighbourhood over
    • BUT THEN two guys climb out of the moving truck and they’re both covered in tattoos, and one of them has a Mohawk and facial tattoos and yeah they look like trouble, but there’s something about their particular brand of trouble that makes you a little weak at the knees, and then the one with the Mohawk looks over at you and smirks and your knees are definitely weak now
    • You flee to the safety of your shop where you try (and fail) not to think about your new neighbours all day
  • The day they officially open you bring them flowers as a gift (cattail and wisteria for prosperity and welcoming)
    • When you enter the shop, the one with the Mohawk, whose name you find out is Warren, is at the desk and looks up when you enter and w o w you did not expect his eyes to be that blue or for him to look so damn good up close
    • And then he smiles and you actually have to focus on not collapsing, and maybe he seems a little flustered, but you don’t notice because hey, you are too
    • He twists round and shouts for the other guy to come introduce himself and the other guy from the truck comes through from a back room, followed by a new guy, with darker hair and you meet Alex and his brother Scott, who’s working there for the summer
  • A couple days later, Jean and Kurt come by to say hello, and they tell you about Peter, the new guy they hired to do deliveries for the bakery you tell them all about your new neighbours
    • Jean asks you what you think of them, eyebrow arched mischievously and you definitely don’t flush a little and she laughs at you and Kurt looks a little confused, but doesn’t push it
    • And when they’re leaving, so is Scott, and Jean actually stops, and then it’s your turn to laugh at her because ‘do you want me to introduce you? You’re staring’
  • Over the next few weeks you strike up an easy friendship with your new neighbours
    • You take turns getting each other coffee from the little shop up the road
    • They close later than you, so sometimes if it’s a slow night for them, you hang out in the shop for a while, chatting with them
    • You can feel yourself acquiring the smallest of crushes on Warren (okay it isn’t all that small but jfc he’s stunning) but more than that, you genuinely enjoy his company and you find yourself making excuses to be in the shop while he’s around, and maybe he seems to be making reasons to visit you in your shop, but you try not to read into it
    • And Scott thinks he’s subtle but whenever Jean and Kurt come round, he finds a excuse to head over to your shop so he can talk to Jean and when he leaves you tease her mercilessly
  • It’s summer, and it’s sweltering (you had all your outside stock covered by canopies and had to find ways to bribe yourself to actually go out and tend to them)
    • But Warren just came down from clearing off the roof/gutters and his shirt is not actually on his body, but held loosely in his hand as he leans in a window to talk to Alex and your mouth is suddenly dry and it has nothing to do with the heat
    • And that’s how you learn Warren has huge wings tattooed across his back and shoulders and that you are wayyy more attracted to your neighbour than you tried to tell yourself you were
  • And one day it’s late and you’re in the tattoo parlour and Alex and Scott left a couple of hours ago, so it’s just you and Warren and you’re standing just outside the door, enjoying the slightly cooler evening as he finishes locking up
    • You’re looking at the stars, trying to find constellations, and you feel him move to stand beside you
    • You sort of lean on him a little and point up, gesturing to a grouping ‘I think that’s Orion’s Belt’ and he hums in agreement and you’re still looking at the stars but you feel his gaze on you
    • So you look up at him and o h he’s so very close and suddenly his arms are tight around your waist and his mouth is on yours and he’s kissing you and you’re kissing him back and nothing else matters
    • When he pulls back he’s got this happy little smile on his face and your breathing is definitely shaky and he’s still so close
    • ‘Go out with me’ ‘Yes’ ‘Tomorrow. Let me make you dinner.’
    • And he does and it’s perfect and he’s perfect and you want to exist in your bubble of perfection forever and everyone is merciless in teasing you two but they’re also thrilled because ‘God you’re idiots, you both had it SO BAD since, like, the moment you laid eyes on each other’
  • You start saying ‘I love you’ through flowers w e e k s before you actually say it out loud (bellflowers and forget-me-nots, red chrysanthemums and gardenia), leaving them in a vase in his apartment
    • And one day you’re both lying on the couch and you’re kind of dozing, kind of watching TV and then
    • ‘Most flowers have meanings right?’ ‘Yeah, most do’ ‘What do these ones mean?’
    • And he points to the small bunch on the coffee table and you flush a little ‘They, uh, they mean I love you’ and there’s a pause and then he’s twisting you slightly in his arms and kissing you absolutely breathless ‘I love you too’

5.19.2017 11:10 PM: Two exams, Biology and Math, finished, and I have the weekend to study! Also, I gave in and decided to start a bujo! It’ll keep me productive (hopefully) ove summertime and give me a nice, organized start to the year for Senior year of high school! I’ve been deliberating over starting one since I found studyblr because premade planners don’t allow enough space for the many things I have to do each day, and it’ll let me be creative in little ways without ruining my notes by doodling crazily.

You’ll notice I named it Chrysanthemum. It’s technically Red Chrysanthemum, as insinuated by the cover and the color scheme of the time. I chose the name because I love flowers and flower language. Chrysanthemums mean hope, loyalty, and love, and red in particular indicate romance and passion. I want this bujo to help me grow in my study habits and also remind me that as much as I love and care (almost too much) for everything I do and all my relationships, self-love is important too. It’ll also (hopefully) remind me that there is hope in the dark days of my mental illness. Even if it isn’t always aesthetic, I’m going to power through bad spreads and overcome perfectionism with it. I hope you guys like it! It’s about 240 pages but because of bleed I will probably use 120, which is enough for 2 page weekly spreads plus a few more pages~ Once it’s done, I will get another one if I think I can do it in college too.

19 (F). What’s your daily routine?

It’s pretty variable these days, but goes something like this:

  • Wake up, spend 15 minutes trying to acclimate
  • 15-25 min Shower because I have short hair (or skip if I took one the day before and I need to sleep in)
  • Dress
  • Eat
  • Make my lunch
  • Make a giant thermos of tea to bring to school
  • Go to school, if no school then stay home and study/relax/do chores
  • Come home from school, relax, then get to work until dinner
  • After dinner, back to work
  • Bed anytime between 10 and 2

This summer I’m going to try not to go to bed too late each night because resetting my body clock is not fun, but I tend to be more lenient. And I’m going to Spain, so talk about melatonin problems, haha. I’m also gonna try to be more productive this summer than last.


There are bellflowers braided in my hair
Purple petals catching in stand and cloth
You can’t help but laugh
As you drop balsam in my waiting hands

You tell me you’ve planted me a garden
Lined with Arbutus, their red shining
Ambrosia waving in the wind
Lining the base of the trees

I place a vase on your side of the bed
Cloves and white clovers around the edge
And in the middle red chrysanthemum
With a single yellow one bright and waiting

There is a patch of dandelions, that we keep
Eglantine rose sitting near by
Reminders of what creates the flowers
That we love so very dearly

Far in a corner there are moonflowers waiting
Guarded by white poppies so bright
We thought to hide them with purple tulips
But our smiles and laughs prove reality enough

I can’t stop smiling because imagine Enjolras and Grantaire giving flowers to eachother
- R’s been working a few odd jobs at nurseries and bouquet shops for the past few years (incidentally thats how he met Jehan, and don’t tell me that they don’t often collaborate to make the most colourful, weird, but absolutely beautiful bouquets when they’re left alone in the shop together)
- Because of jobs like these R’s memorized plant meanings as easily as he’s memorized the streets of Paris
- This all starts when Enjolras visits the shop one day to pick up the flyers Grantaire designed for the next rally
- When he smells the alcohol on Grantaire’s breath and sees the hip flask held loosely in his hand he makes R swear not to come drunk to the rally tomorrow and all Grantaire does is smirk and shove an iris from the nearest bouquet into Enj’s hair
- (An Iris resembles promise, also is the emblem of France)
- After a particularly dangerous rally and in the hour before another one Enjolras finds Grantaire pursing his lips and shoving a blossom from some bells of ireland into Enjolras’s hand before leaving to join Feuilly in passing out flyers and Enj doesn’t see him again for the rest of the week
- (Bells of Ireland resemble luck)
- R still gives him bells of Ireland before every rally
- (One time R made a crown out of them and Enjolras never took it off once the entire protest)
- One day when they held a meeting in the park because the Musain was closed, R dumps handfuls of grass on top of Enj’s head and won’t stop smirking at him and he has no idea why until after he asks Jehan who wouldn’t stop laughing at this
- The blush on Enj’s face didn’t fade for hours when Jehan finally stopped laughing just enough to tell him grass stood for submission and homosexual love
- (Also Enj is an extremely intense blusher. His whole face and neck turn almost firetruck red whenever he blushes)
- While bickering over the futility of an anti-discrimination bill passing in the shop, R only hums a bit before he tucks some Borage and a Gladiolus flower into Enj’s shirt pocket and a scarlet lily into his hand before leaving
- (Scarlet lilies represent high-souled aspirations, Gladiolus means strength of character and honor, and Borage represents courage)
- After they watch the bill pass on TV in Jehan’s apartment (it’s the only one big enough to fit all of them), R gives a smile, soft and genuine and happy, before before he plucks a red carnation from a vase sitting on the coffee table and gently sets it behind Enj’s ear
- When he asks Jehan what it means later they smile gently before they tell him it means deep love and pride
- At the next meeting Enj blushes before he hurriedly shoves the bouquet of Ambrosia, Jonquil, red chrysanthemums, and lilies of the valley Jehan helped him make into Grantaire’s arms before sprinting to the front of the room to start the meeting
- (Ambrosia and Jonquil mean love requited, Lilies of the Valley means happiness, and Red Chrysanthemums mean love.)
- He blushes even more when he sees Grantaire with the widest, most radiant smile he’s ever witnessed light up his face for the rest of the night
- A year later while organizing the closet of their room, Enj beams when he finds a box with the dried and preserved bouquet of flowers he first gave Grantaire