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Anonymous - The British Library Board - Flowers And Water (083439) Japanese Blockprints (Olga Hirsch collection of decorated papers, bequeathed to the British Library in 1968) Late 19th Century Chiyogami, with Chrysanthemums symbolizing Imperial Japan, and Red Carnations suggesting romantic love (© 2016 The British Library)

What’s In a Kimono? Part 6

I was thinking of doing this while my normal laptop was off being repaired, but then it was fixed in time so I deferred it until now (I was scared of my old laptop crashing too).

Name: Benisode (紅袖) - Crimson Sleeves
Type: Kosode (小袖)
Time Period: Bunka-Bunsei (1804 - 1829) - Edo Period
Age: 188 - 213 Years Old (Antique)
Condition: Very Good - Some Staining
Material: Silk
Motif(s): Chrysanthemum, Plum Blossom, Bamboo, Plant Stands, Waves
Execution and Technique: Embroidery and Real Gold
Value: $4,000 - $5,000 USD

This is one of those pieces that you’re likely never to see unless you’re in a museum, and I say that lightly. Not only is it incredibly old (that date is very much correct), but it’s special for reasons that I’ll elaborate on later. First up, let’s look at its type. Kosode is usually a very general term referring to kimono that have short sleeves (versus furisode). However, the majority of types that we’re familiar with today didn’t exist back then, so it can only be identified by its sleeves. You may have noticed that the sleeves look very odd too, in that they’re attached to the body of the kimono itself and do not hang separately like modern kimono do. This is an identifier of age as this was a popular way to wear high end kosode during the Edo Period. The silk is actually chirimen (ちりめん), but it’s much thinner by today’s standards as silk was still hand woven back then and machines were not in use yet.

Looking at motifs, we see Chrysanthemums (菊 - Kiku), Plum blossoms (梅 - Ume), and Bamboo (竹 - Take), arranged together in an ikebana style that rests upon ornate Plant Stands (卓 - Taku). Flowing around the stands are Waves (波 - Nami). These motifs are indicative of the new year, specifically the Asian New Year that usually takes place in late January or early February. Seeing as this kimono was once owned by a very wealthy woman it’s not impossible to think that she wore this for a day or two every year.

So, let’s get down to the main reasons why it’s special, besides its age: gold! During the Edo Period (1603 - 1868) there were sumptuary laws that dictated what each class could wear. Only those of the nobility and the samurai class were allowed to wear gold on their kimono. The fun part about this piece is that the small background information that I was given from the seller actually turned out to be more than I could have hoped for. Like most antique kimono not purchased from Japan, this one was brought back by an American G.I. who was in Japan during the American Occupation. The only information I was given was that the G.I. had stayed with a man named Kuni who was from a wealthy samurai family that lived in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture. Well, a little bit of Google searching later and I found out that the samurai family that lived in Mito was none other than the Mito Clan, who just happen to be one of the three branch families of the Tokugawa. In case you were somehow unaware, the Tokugawa Family were the shogunate that ran the country for the entirety of the Edo Period. Not only that, but the head of the Mito family at the time of the occupation was named Kuniyuki, who also had a son named Kuninari. So, this small sentence of information actually checked out and makes it very likely that this piece did once belong to the prestigious Mito family. 

When it comes to condition there’s some staining/fading, likely due to from improper storage on the side (as can be seen in the photograph) and a bit near the collar. However, due to its age this condition is considered very good and it’s very likely that it could be restored by someone who deals in professional restorations. I will not be the one to do this though as I have recently sold this piece to a collector who had purchased the last Edo Period kimono I had put up for sale a few years ago. Even though it’s no longer in my possession it’s a great tool for teaching as it’s something that most people will never get to see.

character bio

                                             Koh’si Jakkya

» NAME:  Koh’si Jakkya

» HEIGHT: 5 fulm 2 ilms

» SPECIES: Miqo’te (Keeper of the Moon)

» GENDER: Male


» NAMEDAY:  17th Sun of the First Umbral Moon (Feb. 15th)

» RESIDENCE: Black Chocobo Gang Hideout (Ward 7, Plot 55)

» MARITAL STATUS: Widower // It’s Complicated

» ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

» DRINK: Spiced Milk

» FOOD: Meat (particularly dodo)

» SNACKS: More Meat

» PET: A full-grown Nanka that he hid in the lagoon outside of Ul’dah. 

» COLOR: Red, Grey, Gold

» FLOWER: Red Chrysanthemum

» SEXUALITY: Grey-asexual

» BODY TYPE: Small frame with lean muscle.

» EYE COLOR: Pale Grey

» HAIR COLOR: Maroon

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Edotale AU

AU Creator(s): Ginger

Official AU Blog: No (now dropped, see note below)

Creator Tracked Tags: None

AU Canon: Set in an ancient era that draws inspiration from feudal Japan, monsters and humans live side-by-side in this AU. There is no underground, instead various places exist that are noted to belong to monster kind such as a massive forest, a mysterious shrine in the middle of an abandoned town, and the side of a mountain. Humans are weary of monsters due to their terrifying appearances and strange magic powers, so fighting breaks out between the two groups often. Monsters are often blamed for the misfortune of people when they’re just trying to live in peace. Due to how close the two groups live to one another, the monsters follow the same feudal system of hierarchy that the humans live by.

  • Frisk is an orphaned child who wandered alone into the forest where the monsters are said to live. 
  • Flowey is a yellow and red chrysanthemum flower.
  • Sans is a samurai who would rather sit around all day than fight anyone. He wears a very simple blue yukata kimono and gray hakuta, with one blue handled katana, blue tabi socks, and zori sandals. 
  • Papyrus is an aspiring daimyo who dresses in a set of red and maroon gusoku armor with golden hitatare underneath it. His tabi socks are grey, he wears zori sandals, and both his katana and wakisashi have red handles. 
  • Undyne is the reigning shogun who wears a set of blue traditional yoroi armor that is heavily exaggerated in it’s detail with a set of wooden geta sadals instead of zori sandals. Her weapon of choice is a naginata alongside of multiple yari. She does not carry katanas but does have a wakisashi. She is modeled after kappa. 
  • Alyphys is known as a rangaku scientist as well as an alchemist. She wears a dull gray and white men’s kimono that has been cut to make it more convenient for moving around. 
  • Mettaton is an ancient and large karakuri, a mechanical object that was often modeled into small dolls that was built by Alphys as a hobby she picked up from humans. 
  • Toriel is the monster empress who left the mountain where her husband Asgore lives in order to stay in the abandoned shrine. She wears a very simple kimono.
  • Asgore is the monster emperor who lives on the mountain. He wears a very stylized kimono.
  • Asriel wears a very light green kimono.

January 15th, 2016, Ginger decided to drop Edotale from her AU projects and allow it to become a community generated AU, while remaining creative rights for the original design. 

Official Canon Design:


gentlegiantingvar  asked:

(He'd probably put in all the flowers he can find so it's really pretty, but if he had to pick:) Apple Blossom, Pink carnation, Red chrysanthemum, Geranium, Pink rose, and Sunflower.

What would your muse put into a flower crown for mine? - Accepting

Apple Blossom: A promise

Pink Carnation: Gratitude

Red Chrysanthemum: Sharing

Geranium: Comfort

Pink Rose: Admiration/Appreciation

Sunflower: Adoration

// This is gorgeous and would look really good in Emelia’s hair lol. She would wear the hell out of this. 

Textile sample.  Japanese, Late Edo or early Meiji era, 19th century.Silk, metallic gold thread; plain-weave crêpe (chirimen), hand drawn paste resist-dyed and painted (yûzen), couched (koma-nui).  Textile sample with design of chrysanthemums red, yellow and blue, created by the yûzen process, and couched pieces of metallic gold-covered thread on a white silk crepe ground. Provenance: William Sturgis Bigelow Collection; gift of William Sturgis Bigelow to the MFA in August, 1898.  MFA

Plant Red Chrysanthemums on Our Grave

Sam x Josh drabble unprompted.
Based on the radio edition of Dido’s “Here With Me”


After everyone…no, almost everyone made it down the mountain there was no foundation holding them together. None of the Washington’s were there any more. The only two that even received calls from Josh’s family were Sam and Chris. Eventually it was only Sam that answered. She found out that there were people disappearing while combing the mines. Hannah and the other loose Wendigo were dead. That left only one possibility.

Some time later Sam got into her messages and texted Chris.

“I’m going back to Blackwood.”

An instant later, Chris’s name flashed on her screen along with an urgent reply.

“You shouldn’t go back there, Sam. There are too many wendigo spirits that were released. You don’t know what will happen.”

Sam’s small fingers worked on the touch screen.

“Josh is still there, Chris. I can’t just leave him there like that.”

“Josh is dead, Sammy, he has been for nearly a month. I know you loved him, but this isn’t healthy. Please, come see Dr. Hill with me.”

“I’m going back, Chris. I’m going tomorrow. Please, I want you to know just in case.”

Sam, however, was lying. She was already on that shuttle to the mountains. Only a few items were with her. This was going to be a one way trip and she knew it. The gate came into view, she drew in a deep breath and made her way to the gondola. She still had the key to make it work. Into the control room she went. The key slid into place as she brought the control panel to life. Mechanical whirring echoed in the room as the blonde woman pulled the lever that would summon her ride up the mountain. From the window she saw the vessel making its way down. She had time to contemplate everything. She had time to think of what she had lost, of her friends, of Hannah, of Chris and how upset he’ll be later, how sorry she was about that, and how she could turn back, but then she thought of Josh. She couldn’t leave him there on the mountain to be a slave to the demon that was squatting within what remained of him. She placed her guitar in her lap and started tuning it. The instrument hummed gently as her deft fingers ran over the strings.

The beautiful young woman made her way to the lift and it silently carried her to her destination. Sam’s feet carried her to the mine entrance. She looked down into the void and jumped in. She brought out a zippo lighter that Josh once carried on him and flicked the flame to life. The dim ember illuminated her way down the shaft and into one of the corridors. She placed her backpack and guitar on one of the chairs and set herself to work. A pack of taper candles was removed from the pack. She used the lighter to melt the bottoms and placed them delicately in the surrounding area. On tables, rocks, chairs, rails, and on mining carts the candles sat, Sam lit them all, one by one. The scene was somber, almost like a funeral. The soft glow of the candles was enough that she no longer had to make use of the lighter and slid it back into the pocket of her jeans. In the corner sat a barrel, the lid was conveniently open, the young woman was thankful to not have to make too much noise before the intimate evening was to begin. It had to be a surprise. She gripped the top of the barrel and let the contents trickle out, covering the entire ground. It settled in pools of sickening colors that swirled endlessly together. The stench gave Sam a slight headache, but she continued on. She righted the barrel and went back to the backpack. From it she removed the final piece to her puzzle, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, he always said that this scent was his favorite when she wore it. The blonde sprayed it liberally to her wrists, collar bone, and throat. She wanted him to smell her all throughout the mine. To be irresistible. She gently placed the bottle on the table, next to the first candle and sat in the nearby chair. The guitar was picked up and perched upon Sam’s lap. Her fingers began to strum the only song she could seem to play now that Josh was no longer there with her.

“Please hear me…” Was said in a tone barely above a whisper. Her throat cleared as she sucked in air into her diaphragm.

“I didn’t hear you leave
I wonder, how am I still here?
And I don’t want to move a thing,
It might change my memory…
I am what I am, I’ll do what I want
But I….can’t hide”

Her voice picked up and carried through every corner

“But I won’t go,
I won’t sleep,
And I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

I won’t leave
I can’t hide
I cannot be…
Until you’re resting here with me…”

A figure came from the darkness in skittering, unnatural movements. Sam stared into its eyes as she continued her song. The figure approached rapidly, but suddenly froze. It sniffed the air as it crouched and sloshed along along the damp floor. Into the light it came. One green eye and the other milky white stared into Sam’s sky blues. Even with the claws and mouth half ripped open with fangs, it was him. The wendigo before her was Josh…maybe it still is him. The tune finished as a sigh and a sob. Josh approached meticulously on all fours, mesmerized by the young woman’s every move.


It stopped at her feet and just stared. It was as if the synapses were attempting to work over the curse. As if he could still be there. She stayed perfectly still as Josh placed two clawed hands upon her thighs and hoisted himself only a breath away from her face. They were nearly nose to nose. Those eyes stared into hers. Was he remembering?




Sam’s eyes began to water and drip down her cheeks.


The young woman released the breath she had been holding. He still maintained some control.

“Why, why here? …Shouldn’t be here…shouldn’t be near me.”

“I had a feeling.”

“Pity…should not have come. Sammy shouldn’t be here. Not now.”


“No! Not Josh…not any more… Still Sammy, still her. But not when wendigo…”

“You’re still in there…”

Josh hissed through his side of exposed fangs. A clawed hand raised and stroked Sam’s exposed neck tenderly. He brought his nose to that spot and buried his face there. Sam’s eyes closed as she let out a gasp.

“Barely…barely there…Sammy should leave, but…don’t want to let her go…”

“I won’t leave you.”


“I can’t leave until I know…”

“What Sammy want-t-to know..?”

Those clawed hands pull the guitar away to let him have the space on her lap. His face dropped and planted itself near her warm core. It was comforting. This heat kept his mind his own.

“Is it too late?”

Tears fell on Josh’s cold skin.

“Late for wh-what?”

A gentle hand cautiously went to his hair. He let it stay as his good eye focused up to Sam.

“I love you…I’m so sorry…you wanted me to come clean. I wanted to, but was never sure and now it is too late, isn’t it? I messed up…”

Josh reached up to Sam’s waist and pulled her to his lap.

“Still love you…always loved you, Sammy…so much.”

“Do you think we could be reborn again? Could we be happy in another life?”

Josh stared at her, trying to process her words. The wendigo in him began stirring as his shattered mind put the pieces together. A small smile played upon what was left of his features. He nodded.

“Taking…everything…keeping it down…”

Sam nodded. The wendigo wanted to stop her, but Josh wanted this too.

“Let’s go then…together.”

She quickly grabbed the candle on the table and ripped it to the oil soaked ground. The wendigo took over and sunk its gnarled teeth into Sam’s shoulder. The candle set the room ablaze, along with the fumes that were raising from deep within the ground. The tunnel lit up in an inferno as Sam held Josh’s form to her. Her eyes closed as the flames took the two of them.

Just outside the mine’s entrance stood Chris. It was dawn and the flames rose like a funeral pyre from the mines. The young man dropped to his knees and let out a choked scream. It was a sound of pain and regret. Animalistic and terrible. She was gone. She left and took Josh with her. He pounded his fists through the snow into the frozen ground. They were gone, and this was their tomb.