red cheek

anyway have some peraltiago headcanons following the proposal im not even putting this under a read more suffer like i did (@elsaclack made me do it)

  • listen okay jake and amy aren’t really sure how they end up at shaw’s it’s all kind of a blur after boyle faints there’s definitely lots of making out and forehead touches while grinning at each other and crying and they probably broke like 7 laws driving to shaw’s bc jake can’t keep his eyes off of amy long enough and they show up 40 minutes late
  • is the rest of the squad even at shaw’s???? who knows not them they cant keep their eyes (and hands) off of each other (the rest the squad kinda migrates away after an hour anyway theres only so many times they can stomach jake and amy kissing in one night) (rosa drags charles out with her)
  • theyre not even like dying to have sex tho like thats not it they just cant believe its real like theres a real life honest to god ring on amy’s finger and it looks so pretty in all of the different kinds of light and she cant help but spin it around her finger (neither can jake he hasnt let go of her hand bc he loves feeling the ring press against his fingers he’s squeezing so tightly its kinda painful and sharp but it just reminds him that all of this is real) (he can’t wait to get his own ring and have it clink against hers)
  • its surreal that they get to do this for the rest of their lives i mean there was never any doubt that they wouldnt but now it’s official and when amy looks over at jake every other second to check that this is still happening she always catches him grinning right back at her so she leans up and kisses him bc its different now its all a part of the next stage of their lives and she can taste the happiness on his lips (its super hard to figure out how to makeout when they cant stop laughing into each others mouths)
  • its like theyre frozen in time honestly has there ever been anything more beautiful than amy santiago it seems largely impossible bc she only seems to get prettier with every second jake stares at her (which is every second)
  • its also like time is slipping away though bc there’s this incredible urgency to spend every moment like it counts like at any second someone’s going to come and rip it all away (its happened before oc and jake doesnt like the thoughts creeping up in the back of his mind bc this is their night this is the rest of their lives but he’s woken up to enough nightmares of amy falling out of his grasp) so they can’t get enough of touching each other and laughing and looking at each other and kissing this is going to be a night they remember forever
  • amy likes running her fingers over jake’s face and through his hair and she memorized how he feels a long time ago but she’s so restless to get down every last detail of this night the way his eyes glisten and the redness in his cheeks from laughing and smiling and kissing and how messy his hair is from her fingers pulling him in for another kiss every second she goes without him (its every second every moment she needs him more than anything) his smile is wider than she’s ever seen and she traces her fingers over his lips and ghosts her lips over his skin and pulls him in again bc even when he’s right next to her he’s too far away
  • it takes them an hour to even make it past her doorway bc they cant stop laughing and grinning is this real is this happening amy can hear his proposal on repeat thru her mind and she’s breathless from kissing him for every word she remembers i love you you’re beautiful you’re the best detective will you marry me and she wants to say yes over and over again yes of course how could you doubt it
  • jake is shell shocked and tries to take his shoes off by the door but his hands are occupied around amy’s waist and her hips her back and her hair and her face bc she will not ever slip away from him again he’s going to make sure of it there is not one moment he wants to spend without her by his side ever again
  • i love you has been said so many times it has lost all meaning so they say it in other ways instead and in the tone of their voices and in the softness of their eyes and in the caresses of their hands and in the reverent way they linger after every kiss with their eyes still closed because sometimes feeling are more important than tangible things anyway
  • it’s around 5am when they finally get a chance to breathe normally and theyre face to face safe under the covers of their own bed and they havent felt even the slightest hints of sleep but theyve felt enough love to last the rest of their lives and beyond (and its good its perfect bc they actually get to love each other for the rest of their lives god jake would scream it from the rooftops if it didnt mean unentangling himself from amy)
  • theyre still trailing their fingers over each other and jake can feel the chill of the ring against his skin and its driving him crazy he’ll pick up her hand every once in a while and bring it to his lips just to stop the torture (but he always lets her go again amy knows exactly what she’s doing)
  • they spend the rest of the night (morning? they have lost all track of time theyve lost every sense except each other) talking just talking about the night and how they feel and what theyre going to do next
  • amy spends about half an hour already messily planning the wedding (theres a full binder under the bed but that would require leaving jakes arms and the little kisses he keeps pressing to her chest) and her words arent rly making sense bc she’s still on adrenaline and stuttering over the waves of pleasure as jakes hands ghost up and down her sides and it’s hard to talk when smiling so wide but she lays out everything as well as she can
  • jake is hanging off of every word she says really truly she’s put so much thought into this and them and him and he would give her anything she asked for he’d count every star in the sky one by one (one for everything he loves about her) if it meant spending the rest of his life with her (really truly he’s not sure what he ever did to deserve the woman in his arms)
  • their alarms go off when theyre still faintly giggling with fatigue finally washing over them but theyre too reluctant to end the day and put it in the past and too reluctant to stop looking at each other and god really the only way they manage to fall asleep at all is with the promise that they get to spend every day like this forever until death do them apart

Pairing: Jooheon x Reader

Type: Smut

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Friday night dinners with your boyfriend was a tradition. He’d rush over the minute he was done with rehearsal and the moment he walked through the door you would start cooking as he showered and got comfortable. It was only natural for him to get out of the shower, hug you from behind while kissing your cheek playfully and turning to hook his phone up to the speaker you had on your kitchen. Every Friday it was the same, but even though you knew exactly what to expect it still left you smiling like a fool and with cheeks red hot. 

He came out today still in his towel and wrapped his arms around you, the feeling of his wet chest pressing against your back made chills run down your spine and goosebumps form on your arms and the tops of your thighs. You turned your head and accepted the kiss me laid on your cheek, giggling when it lasted a little too long and the noodles you were cooking started to boil over from the lack of your stirring. He kept his arms around you a little longer that usual before putting his music on. Usually, he’d sit at the table and sip on the beer you set out for him, but this time he came back up behind you and hugged you tighter. 

‘It smells so good.’ He said, his lips pressing against your neck as he started to sway to the music, guiding you with him. 

You pressed into his chest and let him guide you to the music, your stirring slowly down as he began to hum along. His hands moved to run up and down your arms, his body still swaying back and fourth. 

‘Dance with me.’ He said into your ear making you chuckle and take a second to listen to the song that was playing. You placed the spoon on the counter and turned towards him. 

‘One, you’re still naked. Two this isn’t a song to dace to.’ You said hooking your arms around his neck, chuckling as he ignored you and started dance with you.

‘You’re towel is going to fall!’ You giggled pressing your body to his to help hold the towel as it started to slip off his waist. 

‘Baby oh, When I’m all up in it, I’m gonna get lost up in your sea, And I know when I’m finished, You’ll return this favor back for me.’ He sang along with the music, making you laugh at how hard he was trying to get you to slow dance with him to this dirty song. 

You slipped out of his arms and turned laughing as he had to quickly catch his towel, scoffing at you as he watched you turn back to the stove to resume cooking. He didnt hesitate for a second before hurrying to wrap his arms around you again and continuing to sing, but now softly and in your ear. 

It was a natural reaction of yours when he began to act like this to slightly arch your back, pressing yourself to his body and letting him move himself across you. You cocked your head to rest it against his as he rested his chin on your shoulder, his hands pulling at your waist more to make you back closer into him. You sighed looking at the food in front of you, knowing that if you let him distract you, that was it. You sighed again as he pressed harder into you and stepped in a way so you could turn to face him. 

‘Jooheon, not right-’

He cut you off by cupping your neck and pressing his lips to yours aggressively. You took a second to miss him back, the noodles being the only thing you could think about. But when he pressed into you further you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck, dropping the spoon you were using to stir. You kissed him back with just as much passing for half a second before unhooking your arms and reading behind you to turn the stove off. 

You let him spin you around so your back was to the counter and giggled when he lifted you up, wrapping your arms and legs around him as he slid you onto the counter.

You could hardly breath, the kiss was so intense that it felt like your body was going to explode with static eruption and Jooheon being already half naked underneath you didnt help. You tugged at his hair and squeezed at his biceps, completely engulfing yourself in the kiss he had put on you. 

You were both breathing hard as he pulled away and lifted your top off of your body, his lips reconnecting with yours as his hands quickly undid your bra. He immediately moved down, squeezing your thighs before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you off of the counter, spinning you around and backing you until you hit the table. He dipped down, kissing your neck and chest as his hands pulled your shorts down before pushing you down to lay on the table. 

His lips dipped down and kissed up your thighs moving up to the center of your body and then all the way up your stomach, up your cleavage and back to your lips. He groaned as your hands softly trailed down his stomach to where his towel was barley hanging on to his hips and he smiled softly against your lips as your hands let it free. 

He pushed himself against you, eating up your moans as you could faintly feel his tip caressing your wet core. You watched him as he sat up, looking down at you with dark eyes. His hand grabbed onto his member and held it to your core, pressing it firmly against your wet to lube himself up. You moaned, loving the way he felt against you. He rubbed himself against you over and over, pressing himself firmly against you, even teasing at your clit, but never entering you. 

You cussed and groaned at the feeling, reaching down to grab him so you could pull him closer to you, but he’d just laughed. As he rubbed himself against you harshly you finally let out a whimper and reached to grab his neck pulling him down to you. 

‘Stop it, please.’ You whimpered as he rubbed himself roughly against you, breathlessly. 

He chuckled again and let go of himself, kissing you again as he laid you back down, now attaching his lips to your neck. You started to moan instantly as he teased you a little longer, wetting his tip once again as if to just double check you were ready for him. His lips left your neck and he moved to look at you, his face inches away from yours and his hips still circulating. 

One hand found the top of your head, holding you in place and before you could blink he hooked his hips into you, spreading you apart and making you gasp as your body adjusted around him. You hooked your arms around his neck tightly as he began to pump quickly. 

You couldn’t close your mouth, your body was clenched so tightly around him that the pleasure was over bearing and you couldn’t relax. He could feel it too, and you knew by the way he cussed over and over, his dimples deepening with every few breaths. You moaned loudly when he pushed harsh into you once, your back arching and your hands moving to claw against his back. 

He groaned into your neck, his hot breath causing goosebumps to raise across your skin and you clawed into his back again. He pushed past your walls at a steady rate, washing himself with your moans until he needed more.

He pushed your legs up, resting himself against your knee as his pace quickened. From sitting up he reached deeper in you, hitting you in all the right spots to make your toes curl and your hands clench around his arm. You moaned his name, wanting him to open his eyes and kiss you, but the more he pumped the harder it was for your own eyes to stay open. He was now groaning above you, his fingers now squeezing to your skin, one hand around your knee and the other around your hip. The pressure just added on to the pleasure of his body in yours and you wanted nothing more than for that moment to last forever. 

But the more you wished for it to last the closer you got to hitting that edge. Your breath was staggered now and your hands were fluctuating against his bicep as you tried to get a good grip on him. Your breath was heavy, your chest raising up and down quickly and the sound of Jooheon pounding above you only made it easier for you to reach the right place. 

‘Jooheon.. I- I can’t!’ You breathed, finally opening your eyes to see him looking down at you. He lent back over, pressing his lips to yours tightly, his teeth taking ahold of your bottom lip for half a second before letting it go and hovering over you, pushing into you faster than before. 

You stuttered his name again and gripped onto the the side of the table, your body now arching under him. You tried to hold off on cumming as long as you could, but as his hand moved up your stomach, over your breast and up to hook around the back of your neck your body began to shake, your thighs vibrating as you pushed them to his sides to try and steady yourself from his pounding. 

Your body jerked under him and he smiled as he dipped down and kissed along your shoulder, pumping a few more times before pushing hard into you once and pulling out completely, cumming across your stomach, his lips still pressed to your shoulder you wrapped your arms around his neck and held onto him as the aftershock hit you both. 

Not caring about the mess he made, you let him pull you up and off of the table, making sure your legs were wrapped tightly around his waist before standing up and walking with you to the bathroom. He had to stop a few times, the two of you getting lost in a kiss making it hard for him to walk. When you finally reached the bathroom you let him wipe you down with a wet cloth, fetch you one of his shirts and do a few cute other things that made butterflies explode in your stomach. 

Dinner was on forgotten as the two of you crashed onto the bed, it didnt matter at that point. He laid there on his back, you with your head on his bare chest and your arm draped loosely over his stomach and his fingers tracing softly over your arm until you and he both drifted off into such a deep sleep when you had woken up the nest morning, you two were in the same exact position you had fallen asleep in. 


Summary: “DESPERATE NEED: BASSIST. NO SHIT TASTE IN MUSIC. PLUS: BE HOT.” That was all the flyer had said along with a location. Eddie would usually never go to some random club to try out for a band full of people he didn’t know, but his therapist DID tell him to take some more risks.

Read Ch 1 HERE, Ch 2 HERE

Pairings: Reddie, slight Mike/Stan/Bill

Warnings: internalized homophobia, vomit, hints to sexual content. (please remember that these characters are all over the ages of 21)

Thank you AGAIN @losvcr so much for being my beta for this. What would I do without you??

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The warm skin that Eddie had felt in his hands was replaced with cold porcelain. His knuckles went white as he lurched forward, his stomach emptying once again. Eddie tried to remember what had lead up to this; he had downed some vodka and now he was here. At least the hand on his back let Eddie know he wasn’t alone.

“Damn Eds, you gonna make it?” Richie snorted, continuing to rub circles into his back.

Maybe he would rather be alone. This was so embarrassing. Eddie groaned as his memories rushed back.

Eddie and Richie’s heavy breathing synced together as the music stopped, Richie pressing his forehead to the smaller man’s.

“Holy shit, Eds. Didn’t peg you for the dancing type.” He rested his hands on Eddie’s waist, rubbing exposed skin with his thumbs.

“Me neither.” Eddie let out a breathy laugh, lightly pressing back against Richie’s forehead. He had never felt this free before. His head was spinning. His fingers were tingling. He felt a bit nauseous. Richie pulled back with a concerned look on his face.

“You alright, Eddie? You don’t look so good.” He smoothed back Eddie’s hair before pressing a hand to his forehead.

“R-Richie…I don’t feel so hot..” Before Richie had the chance to back away Eddie was hurling onto his shirt.

“Oh, gross! Alright okay, everyone make some space!” Richie had dealt with puke before, he was in a band after all. Richie ushered Eddie upstairs and to the bathroom.

Eddie groaned, his dread being realized has he looked over Richie’s vomit covered shirt.

“Oh god, Richie, I’m sorry.” He mumbled out, resting his forehead in his hand.

“Don’t worry about it Eds, you were really cool.” Richie kept his hand on Eddie’s back.

“I puked on you, that’s not cool.” He wanted to die right there.

“Eddie, listen. You drank like a champ and were the best dance partner I’ve probably ever had.” Richie flashed him a huge grin and Eddie felt his heart squeeze.

“Really?” Eddie couldn’t help but smile. Richie nodded, scooting closer to him and moving his hand from Eddie’s back to rest on his shoulder. He couldn’t help his gaze from landing on Eddie’s lips. Richie had just watched this guy puke his guts out, why’d he want to kiss him so bad?

There was a knock on the doorframe and both their heads whipped up.

Mike stood in the doorway a glass of water in hand.

“Am I interrupting?” He smirked at Richie who was shaking his head furiously.

“Nah. Han my man, what’s up?” He slowly stood, resting his hand gently on top of Eddie’s head.

“Just wanted to bring this poor kid some water.” Mike’s gaze shifted to Eddie with a soft smile as he walked over to crouch down next to the poor man still kneeling next to the toilet. He held out the glass of water.

“You feeling any better?”

Eddie’s shaky hands took the glass, pressing it to his lips lightly.

“Yeah, thank you.” He nodded before realization struck, he hadn’t just puked on Richie but on the floor as well. “I have to go clean that up!”

Mike shook his head. “It’s alright, I already took care of it.” Eddie’s cheeks went red.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. That must have been so gross.” He took a small sip of water as Mike laughed.

“It’s alright, I used to work on a farm. I’ve seen a lot worse than a little puke.” Mike smiled wider as Eddie continued with the apologizes.

Richie gently curled his fingers in Eddie’s soft hair, sending chills down his spine. He was about to thank Mike again for about the hundredth time when their attention was brought to a door opening across the hall.

Eddie’s face nearly turned beet red watching what was happening in front of them. Bill had Stan pinned against the open door, trailing kisses down his neck. Both the men’s hands were trying to remove the other person’s shirt as fast as they could. Bill only pulled away to pull his shirt over his head, moving back into what Eddie could only guess was their bedroom.

Stan watched the other man with a look that made Eddie’s insides tighten.

Should I be watching this?

Suddenly, Stan turned his attention over to them; more specifically Mike. A grin broke out over Stan’s face as he pointed to the now blushing Mike, making a calling motion with his finger. Mike stood quickly, brushing his hands over his pants.

“Well have a good night you two. Feel better Eddie!” He quickly made his way to Stan and Eddie could barely make out what the curly-haired man said as Mike closed the door behind him, but he heard it.

“Did you really think we’d start without you?”

Eddie stared into his glass of water, his cheeks still flushed while Richie sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched Eddie squirm.

“Does that stuff make you uncomfortable?” Richie stared him down.

“Sex? I’m not a kid, Richie.” Eddie couldn’t look up from the glass.

“No I mean- does it make you uncomfortable ‘cause they’re all guys?” Eddie shrunk in on himself, trying to ignore his mother’s words bouncing around in his head.

Faggots! Disgusting! Eddie you’re not like them! You’re not gay Eddie, we’ll get you help!

Eddie shook his head before downing the rest of his water.

“It doesn’t bother me.” He didn’t sound very convincing. His eyes shot to Richie who was just frowning, and Eddie let out a sigh.

“I wasn’t brought up by the most accepting person.” His eyes were back to the now empty glass.

As Richie stoop up, Eddie’s stomach dropped. He was sure Richie was going for the door. How could he have already fucked this whole situation up? Richie had to hate him now.

Stupid, so stupid, Eddie.

His thoughts stopped dead when he felt Richie’s hand on the top of his head again. It was just as gentle as the time before.

“Let’s get you to bed alright, Ed’s?” Eddie looked up to the taller man who had nothing but love in his eyes. It made Eddie’s stomach flip.

“A-Alright.” He slowly stood and Richie placed a hand on his arm to steady him before they made their way to Richie’s bedroom.

It looked exactly how Eddie would have imagined it; posters lining every inch of the walls, clothes strewn all over the floor, and a desk covered in pages of music and lyrics.

“Sorry it’s a mess.” Richie apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. Eddie just kept taking in all the stuff that Richie had; most of it looked like junk, but cool junk. He walked over to Richie’s desk, smiling fondly as he picked up a Magic 8Ball and sat down onto Richie’s bed.

“Are you twelve?” He looked up to the taller man who was now blushing.

“Hey! That thing has helped me write a lot of songs, alright?” A grin formed on his face as he kicked off his shoes and sat down next to Eddie.

“You do know they’re completely random, right?” Eddie went to shake the 8ball but Richie took it from his hands.

“I’m telling you these things really work, Ed’s” Richie shook it in his hands. “Is Eddie going to be a good addition to the Losers’ Club?” Eddie blushed as Richie asked the question. The answer showed: Very Likely.

“See! It’s magic!” Richie had the biggest smile on his face as Eddie took the 8Ball back.

“Is Richie a total nerd?” Eddie beamed back at the curly-haired man as the answer showed: Yes.

“Woah Richie you might actually be right!” Eddie laughed, and made Richie’s heart squeeze.

“Alright smart guy, give me that!” Richie playfully tried to wrestle the 8Ball from Eddie’s hands.

“No! I’m not done!” They continued the struggle before they both fell back onto the bed, Richie holding himself up over Eddie on shaky arms. The room went silent as Eddie stared up at Richie, their faces only inches apart. Eddie’s hand went limp, the 8ball rolling onto the floor.

After a moment, Richie finally broke the silence. “Do you like the left or the right side?” Eddie’s cheeks flushed while Richie slowly stood up. “Or I could take the floor, I don’t mind.”

Eddie shook his head.

“I-It’s fine. I don’t mind sharing.” Eddie sat up again, pushing off his shoes and scooting onto the left side of the bed. He watched as Richie opened his closet and sifted through a pile of clothes before pulling out a clean shirt. Eddie’s cheeks warmed again as he remembered why Richie had to change.

Richie pulled the dirty shirt off and Eddie couldn’t help but stare. Richie was tall and skinny, but his arms and back had enough definition to show from all the playing and lifting of equipment he did. Eddie felt a dryness in his throat as he watched Richie’s bare back flex, but Richie frowned as he caught a look of himself in a standing mirror he had next to his closet.

Fuck, I look like shit.

After Richie pulled on the shirt and ran his fingers through his hair, Eddie was quick to lay down and pretend he hadn’t been staring when the curly-haired man turned his attention back to the bed. Without warning, Richie flung himself onto the side next to Eddie, a grin on his face while Eddie tried his hardest not to look. A a blush was still creeping up his neck.

Why was I staring? That’s so creepy.

Richie leaned over Eddie to place his glasses on the nightstand. Eddie’s heart was beating like crazy.

“Night, Eds” Richie laid on his back, closing his eyes. Eddie studied Richie’s face for a moment before turning to face the taller man and closing his eyes tight.

Maybe I shouldn’t drink anymore

It had been about an hour until Richie was sure Eddie was asleep. He could hear soft snores over the muffled music still playing from downstairs. Richie turned to face the man sleeping next to him and he carefully reached out to gently push a few strands of hair from Eddie’s face. Eddie may not have understood, but Richie wasn’t a stranger to these kinds of feelings. If only Eddie Kaspbrak was gay was all Richie could think to himself.

I’m so fucked.

A gift for @thebananafrappe

This is a little drabble thing I just finished writing to sort of get my feet wet in this kind of style. The set-up is of a self-insert (with more specific details thrown in for @thebananafrappe‘s description since it’s for them mostly but feel free to mentally alter it) taking care of the illustrious Banana Cabana, a brothel that is home to nearly, if not all, of the skeleton brothers from every AU imaginable. But, while everyone else has their fun, what of the owner and gracious hostess?

The loud click of the deadbolt echoed in the now settled building, the workers put to their chambers for a well-earned rest after a buy day of entertaining the patrons. It was a difficult business and not many were well-equipped to handle it, but that never made you shy away from making others happy.

Besides, it paid well and kept the hunger for contact satiated for your clients.

Tucking a troublesome curl behind your ear, you pivoted to head back to the office and count to today’s profits. It wasn’t the most glamorous part of the job but it had to be done. As you walked the hall quietly, not wanting to disturb the rest of the skeletons under your care, you flicked the key into the knob and entered to close the door quietly with the money box awaiting on your desk.

As the hours passed, eyes burning behind your rectangular glasses that kept sliding down the bridge of your nose from leaning too far forward as you wrote, you leaned back in silent victory. Just finished, thank the stars.

“Even after paying them, it still turned out to be a good day. Not as good as last Thursday but I don’t think anything will top that… What made them so clingy on a Thursday of all days?” you mused, snorting at the absurdity of blaming it on a full moon. Even after working with the more beastial males, it still sounded far-fetched.

Closing the box and locking it away in the safe beneath the medium-sized wood desk at the head of your office, you took off your glasses to massage your temples. A small headache had been forming ever since someone decided to ask twice about having their way with every single one of them at once.

You couldn’t help but wonder if they had a death wish and figured death by sex was the better alternative. While the thought was morbid, and you rightfully declined the idea, a bit of fun did sound nice. Watching everyone else have their way and time with the boys was both rewarding… and making you all the more susceptible to jealousy.

Especially when there was one in particular that seemed incredibly popular.

Not that anyone, or yourself, could blame them.

They always say that the best version of something is the original and with Sans, that was no different. He treated his patrons with the utmost care, tailoring his approach to suit their desires and his own with expert precision. It was almost laughable when someone would be surprised at how easily he could turn from kind and body-worshiping to domineering and provocative. His soothing low baritone was always a nice bonus and to hear him murmur sweet words of praise and admiration right into the ear of a lonesome soul, it was enough to make a girl’s heart melt.

It wasn’t until your mind started wandering into the slightly more private territory did you realize your wandering hand on your lap, flinching it away with a deep-red flush on your cheeks. One could even make the observation that your hair came straight from your face given how they matched in rich color.

Swallowing down your racing heart, you stood from your chair shakily and snatched up your glasses.

“you okay, boss?”

The voice startled you, wide green eyes darting to the door to see one of the skeletons casually leaned against the door with his hands stuffed into his large blue jacket.

Trying to pull yourself together with a nod, tugging at the bottom hem of your “I make jokes periodically” t-shirt, you gazed right at him. “Yes, I’m fine. Shouldn’t you be in bed, Comic? Aren’t you tired?”

His lazy shrug spoke just how tired he was but his tone was as laid-back as ever. “nah. can’t sleep with Pap snorin’ up a storm, ya know?”

“Right. I’ll figure something out.”

“don’t sweat it. heh, i’m used to it anyway.” His bright white eyelights slanted over to you, appraising your awkward shift of weight in the silence. “listen, if you wanna stop this, ya can. no one would stop ya.”

The change in topic was both welcome yet jarring. “What?”

“this can’t make ya happy, not all the way like what your searching for.” Crossing the room to sit down in one of the chairs that faced your desk, he sighed. “we appreciate what you’re doing, givin’ us a chance to interact with our admirers and show ‘em a good time… but you’re not really gettin’ much outta this.”

A frown, scratching your forearm. “I am, though. Making other people happy? That’s how I’m happy.” You turn on the easy-going smile you were so used to putting on. “To see the smiles on their faces to see you guys are free for a bit of fun; that’s all the reward I need. Don’t get me wrong, the G is nice too but it’s their satisfaction and moment of bliss that does it for me.”

Sans studied your expression for a moment, perma-grin tight as the silence stretched between you two.

“i don’t like it when people lie to me, boss.”

Before it could be really processed, he had you pinned to the left-hand wall of your office; your back prodded by picture frames of each skeleton who resided at the Banana Lounge, his ribs pressing against your sensitive chest. You could almost swear that his soulbeat was felt through the fabric between you. With your hands clasped together by one of his own above your head, you were completely at his mercy as his left iris sparked with cyan magic.

You quaked in his grasp, caged like a pet bird, and while your fight-or-flight instinct wanted you to run… you didn’t really have much of anywhere to go. Well, not that his teleporting would let you get far, besides.

His free hand raked against your waist, bringing you out of your own mind and back to him.

“why would you lie to me? i thought we were close friends and all.” he purred softly, head bowed into the crook of your neck and shoulder.

You could faintly hear his breathing hitch as his teeth parted, allowing a glowing tongue to slither out and lap at the flushed skin.

“so, let’s try this again, hm? what would actually make you happy~?” His low, almost predatory, tone made shivers run down to your core.

All this time, you had watched someone else have their fun with him, wishing it were you but now? It was apparently your turn.


this is for that one anon whose message got deleted because i was being stupid |’D

Alex basically loses his senses whenever he felt some jolt of pain and just act accordingly

fun fact: this happened to brother was too focused looking for stuff that when he handed me the can of soup he accidentally hit me on the cheek because he thought i was standing far from where he is |’D