red capelet

so I decided to wear my Supergirl hoodie to work today

its the new one from hot topic (it SAYS SUPERGIRL ON THE TAG, WHICH I LOVE CUZ YEAH GURL REPRESENT), with the crest on the front and the hood that unzips into a lil red capelet. i hadnt worn it to work yet cuz i dunno, would that be too much? but today i really wanted to feel empowered and ‘super’ so i said screw it lets save the world. a few responses really stood out to me:

- one middle-age and one elderly woman, on separate occasions, smiled at the very end and said, “thank you, Supergirl,” in a way i could only describe as watching the madam president on the show and knowing its secretly Wonder Woman 

- a man who paused to say, “it’s a good thing you’re out there. y’know, saving the world.” in SERIOUSLY the most genuine way that i felt like even though it was a tiny thing maybe it gave him some hope for the day

AND THEN my boss when she was heading out said, ‘g’night, Kara.’ and then must’ve changed her mind because she said, ‘see ya, Alex’ and I could’ve cried because of how much that meant to me because i relate so much to both alex and kara but alex is so, so important to me

i guess i just… didn’t realize the impact that the crest would have on the public. i mean, more than a few people pointed it out, someone even got a picture of me. by the end of the day that little capelet felt longer, and the crest felt like it was made of steel on my chest. we have these symbols for a reason, and i think, deep down, seeing them really helps people in thinking that there is still good in the world, we just need to be reminded of that sometimes. 


Red Panda Hooded Capelet SOLD

We just finished off two red panda hooded capelets. One will be coming to Vancoufur to sell, and the other we’re selling now because prepping for conventions doesn’t pay the bills!

These capelets sit on top of your shoulders, so they’re fairly one size fits most. If you have an exceptionally wide neck or a full head of dreadlocks it may not fit, but otherwise they’re really forgiving.

The outer layer is high quality faux fur, and the inside is lined with sweatshirt fleece. Two hooks and eyes are the closures. Machine wash on gently cycle and air dry.