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The campaign will return to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a full show on Tuesday night, where Bono, The Killers, Herbie Hancock, DJ Khaled and Halsey will perform, while special guests include Roberts, Tatum, Patrick Harris and Kristen Bell.

Bono will sing a re-worked version of Cole Porter's "Well, Did You Evah!“ and the Killers will perform Christmas songs.

“The Killers are doing Christmas songs to end all Christmas songs,” Bono said with a laugh, “which actually, believe or not, has me singing ‘if you don’t help people with AIDS you’re going to hell.’”

“I wrote that line,” Kimmel said during the interview about the original song, written with Brandon Flowers of The Killers. “But that’s true - if you don’t help people with AIDS you are going to hell, and that seems like a good enough reason to help alone. I mean, just think of yourselves.”

Billboard • Bono Interview Excerpt

I know none of you care about this because it’s not America, but here in the Netherlands we have a thing called Serious Request every december in the run-up to Christmas, where 2 radio dj’s from 3FM get locked up in a ‘glass house’ with very little food, to raise awareness and money for that year’s topic for the Red Cross campaign. 

This year, a little 6-year-old boy who’s terminally ill came in to visit, and he had a last wish. He wanted to raise money through polishing people’s nails. He was hoping to raise 100 euro. 

At the time of writing, there’s over 700.000 euro raised and they’re expecting to hit one million soon. Through painting nails. There’s a hashtag (#lakaan), half the country - male AND female - are getting their nails polished, and literally everyone’s talking about. Plus he’s rocking beautiful, bright pink nails himself. 

So not only are we raising money for charity, but we’re doing it because a little boy wanted to put paint on people’s nails. Breaking down gender stereotypes while breaking records. 

(in case anyone’s wondering, this year’s topic is lung infection, which kills 900.000 children each year.) 


Aight, so this is probably the best thing I’ve seeing coming from any idol in a while… But regardless of who is promoting this campaign, please help the RED campaign fight HIV by contributing what you can, even if that means just spreading the message.

This week on our tabletop RP

The adventures in the woods continue!

  • Since we started with Cahair and returned to him periodically, I’ll re-cap his adventures first and then get to the others. They were not very long bits, but there was a lot of info, so bear with me.
    • Cahair wanders around with the bear. The bear is trying to get closer to the sea, as the day is turning very hot indeed.
    • Near the beach Cahair sees some structures, looks like someone is living there.
    • He approaches with the bear and in return gets an arrow pointed at him by a female Dalish elf. The elf orders him to give up his weapons and let her tie his hands, which he doe.
      • Cahair tells her that he is looking for Halet, and that he believes that the thing the clan is looking for can be found in the cellar of the magister’s castle.
    • The woman (who’s name I can’t recall, sry) takes Cahair to the structures, the camp of the Dalish. There appears to be a non-Dalish elf woman stuck in sand up to her head, which doesn’t bode well.
    • Cahair gets to talk to the leader of the group: not the Keeper, but the First’s pupil Deidar (maybe?? :D).
      • He asks for Cahair to kindly get into a hole, while he thinks what to do with Cahair, which Cahair agrees to, a bit begrudgingly.
    • Stuck in the ground, Cahair has a nice chat with the woman next to him, who is one of the escaped slaves. Apparently she is not very important, she just helped the others to escape since they were in a tight spot.
      • Cahair tells about the fact that Mareud is holding the ship he came on as a hostage unless the slaves are returned, and that there are people out in the woods looking for them.
        • The woman asks Cahair not to tell the Dalish that the magister is after them.
        • She seems a bit downtrodden so Cahair says that if they get out of this okay, he can offer her a place on the ship.
          • She’s so thankful she starts crying.
    • Cahair gets pulled from the hole, and he asks that maybe the woman could too, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.
      • He gets to ask the leader what they are out there doing, and apparently the elves found an ancient sleeping elf in the ruins in Nevarra, and in the same ruins they found a map for another ruin.
        • The leader has a very detailed theory that Dirthamen was a mortal (similar to Ghillan’nain), and was the lover of Falon’Din, and he figured a way to become immortal. It was never innate in elves, and thus could be restored.
          • Cahair asks if there’s any chance that the magister could know this too, but the leader disagrees.
            • Something is behind that door that the magister wants too.
      • The leader is distraught that the ruins are in a completely different place and in such a hard to reach one too.
        • Cahair says that it might not be impossible to get to it, since it is in his interests as well.
          • He also mentions the necklace we stole from Harriman, and apparently that could help with opening of the door.
  • That’s about all with Cahair, he’s still there, still kinda unsure how to proceed and how good his standing with the elves is right now. Now onto the others.
  • Some people are very interested in getting back to Vesuna, but Jasinto, Jasinta, Fahim and Boshara are very interested in continuing.
    • They argue about it a bit, and then get going.
  • There’s a river they need to cross. Fahim goes try the water first, but there’s flesh-eating fish there, so it’s decided that they should try to get over it using the roots of the mangrove trees on either side.
    • Randy, Boshara and Elspet go first. Randy has no trouble. Boshara has a lot of trouble, but luckily she manages to hold onto Randy. Those two get to the other side alright.
    • Elspet transforms into a bird, so crossing is no problem for her. Unfortunately before she can land, she gets shot by an arrow, and falls to the ground.
    • Boshara rushes to Elspet’s side, and gets shot as well.
    • Randy tries to communicate to the elf that they are friendly.
    • Fahim and Alf go next. They get across as well, and Fahim rushes the elf that had shot Elspet. The elf takes off.
    • Randy helps Jasinto and Jasinta over. Kuisma has some trouble but gets across too.
  • Jasinto, Jasinta and Alf decide to go after the elf, while the others stay behind.
  • There is attempted first-aid on Elspet which goes well at first, and then horribly (3 1′s from Fahim). Boshara has to go to Xade to ask for Jonathon to give some strength for Elspet so she won’t die. There is another 3 1′s first-aid incident when Randy tries to clean Elspet’s wounds, so yeah, she fell down to 0 about 3 times. But she was stabilized in the end.
  • Jasinto, Jasinta and Alf lose sight of the elf, and split up.
    • The elf then attacks Alf. Alf pretends to surrender but then tries to throw some höpö-powder at the elf, but misses. There is a fight, which involves Alf getting pinned against a tree, and him kicking the elf in the gonads and then an extended exchanging of knife wounds which ends with Alf down.
  • Fahim and Kuisma have gone after the three. They find Jasinto and Jasinta, and while Jasinto returns to Randy and our mages, the other three go look for Alf.
  • Alf wakes up in a ditch with the elf. They talk a bit. The elf says that he will go away, and as he does so, Alf should start shouting.
    • Alf starts… cursing like the pirate that he is.
    • Fahim, Kuisma and Jasinta hear this and find Alf.
      • The elf throws a grenade at them, but it only affects Jasinta.
      • Fahim picks Alf up and they ran all the way back to home.
  • Now that everyone is together and stable, Randy suggests going back to Vesuna again. Boshara still thinks they should continue, and Randy says that it seems that Boshara cares more about her face than the poor condition of two of their friends, and Randy just can’t support that.
    • Boshara gives in. She makes them an ice raft, so they can make their way to Vesuna on water, as it’s quicker and easier for our hurt friends.

This is where we leave off. Lots of running around on the other end, lots of information on the other. Will we ever get out party back together and out of Tevinter? I have my worries.