red cage

  • Person: what's so great about YA dystopian novels anyway
  • Me: *clears throat*
  • Me: *shifts scene into meeting room*
  • Me: *hands out excepts from books as well as copies of books*
  • Me: *cues powerpoint presentation with laser pointer*
  • Me: *rips off sweatshirt to reveal a dauntless tshirt*
  • Me: *rolls up pants to reveal peeta mellark socks*
  • Me: *shuffles notecards*
  • Me: Well,
My RQ4 Hunch

I was listening to the RQ4 playlist by Victoria Aveyard and I discovered these songs with these certain names.

-Chase You Down 

-As Long as You Follow

-Wish I Stayed 


-How Long Will I Love You 

-How Deep Is Your Love

-Keep On Loving You 

-Hearts without Chains 

Is it just me or does the rest of the fandom sense a lot of Marecal vibes. There are loads of other relationships in the RQ series though. It’s just I am really scared that Cal or Mare might die in the final book. If they do I’m done. 

There is still a little less than a year left until the next book comes out so all of this IS subject to change. 

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-What if Mare and Cal get back together?

-What is going to happen to their relationship? 

-Is this representing someone’s else relationship in RQ?

-Are they going to give up both their causes to start a life together? (Okay that’s a little too far)

-Will they unite the kingdom and the Scarlet Guard? 

So many questions. So much time. 

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RQ Characters And Overwatch
  • Maven: Is that Widowmaker that will always scope you coming out of respawn- but will never miss an opportunity to use a Junkrat to wreak havoc on Cal's team.
  • Cal: that grade A+ Torbjorn building turrets on the objective but he'll actively shield the team as Reinhart- the one most likely to defend the Medics
  • Farley: Takes the objectives with ease, rains hellfire from above with Pharah- and outright refuses to play "team mom" aka a healer
  • Mare: the edgiest fucking Reaper main in history. Will drop everything she is doing to revenge kill that one dude that eliminated her from three matches ago
  • Shade: he alternates between Lucio and Tracer- makes sure that Diana and Mare aren't dropping like flies
  • Kilorn: He's the Bastion on the top of the building just mowing down fools that rush through the choke point. Most likely to get play of the game
  • Evangeline: Sombra is like an extension of her soul. If her and Mare team up there is no hope for those other fools. "Anything can be hacked, or anyone."
  • Ptolemus: is surprisingly a great Mercy main. Someone has their asses.
  • Cameron: Mccree and D.Va are her assets. She enjoys blasting any Tracer with a flash bang- will send's self destructing mech right into her enemy's line of attack.