red cage

Rq characters at a party
  • Cal: makes puns (especially ones about making it lit)
  • Farley: arm wrestles and punches a random guy in the throat
  • Kilorn: tells stories about fishing
  • Mare: drinking games
  • Cameron: stands off in the corner on her phone
  • Maven: wasn't invited
  • Evangeline: shows off her metal and then sneaks into the bathroom with elane
  • Ptolemus: shows off his metal to cover for evangeline while she's 'missing'
  • Shade: dies

how much do I love you
I love you and the flame the burns me whole
I love you with the lightening in my soul

but I don’t love you enough
I can’t be chained or bounded again
and being crowned by you is still a cage

so even though I break your heart
even though I stab a knife in mine
I must create my own legend and my own legacy

—  I can’t give you what you want by Abby S
Trying to get my friend to read my favourite book so I can discuss it with them

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  • Kilorn: They call me coffee because I grind so fine ;)
  • Mare: Oh my God
  • Cal : They call me coffee because I keep you up past 2am
  • Mare : Cal, stop it
  • Maven : They call me coffee-
  • Mare : Please no
  • Maven : Because I’m dark and bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of who I am.
  • Mare: Oh.