red cable knit sweater

VIXX Aesthetics

N – soft cashmere, lustrous pearls of all shades, blankets fresh from the dryer, ruby red grapefruit, thick cable knit sweaters, stacks of books sitting in sunlight each with a different bookmark, elaborately wrapped gifts, elegant orchids, wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, peacocks displaying their plumage

Leo – steaming coffee on a cold day, smooth dark chocolate infused with pepper, rustic brick walls, a table set for two, soft underbelly of a hedgehog, children laughing, spider web with raindrops caught in the webbing, stone bridges, sepia toned photographs, a cat sleeping in the sun

Ken – soap bubbles, melting ice cream cone, squeaky toys, lighthouse beaming on a foggy night, MC Escher sketches, hounds baying, warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies, canned laugh track playing in the background, primary colored balloons, building sand castles, playful puppies piling on one another

Ravi – stage lights, thoroughbred horse going the distance, shelter from pouring rain, soft hoodies, teddy bears, street lamps late at night, hot chocolate with marshmallows, laughing until you cry, contemporary art, intense kisses that steal your breath, chivalrous knights, a forest of strong oaks, graffiti on concrete

Hongbin – Coldwater Creek catalogs, picking raspberries on a sunny day, the clean scent of shampoo, Easter eggs peeking out from their hiding places, stargazing and late night conversation, home baked pie cooling on the windowsill, comfortable denim shirts, zen stones, calligraphy, brightly colored tulips

Hyuk – morning dew on the grass, amusement parks, B movie marathons, getting soaked in water gun fights, hiking on mountain trails, peaches, grandmothers pinching cheeks, seagulls stealing your food, cherry blossoms in spring, racing stripes on a sports car, Perseus, horses nickering at day break

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RFA, V and Saeran going out to a pumpkin field with MC, picking a few pumpkins to carve or maybe bake into sweets- ( Oh how I love pumpkin carving tho cause after you can bake the seeds and have a nice snack- )

this is perfect for the day of Halloween so I’m gonna do it!! I hope you enjoy it~ I also LOVE going to pumpkin patches. I didn’t get to go to one this year though :(

~Admin MP

  • Everyone loves going to pumpkin patches okay?
  • It’s basically a rite of fall
  • So when MC suggests that they all go to one, they’re all on board
  • Even if Jumin acts like he’s too good for it he likes it as well and would love to carve a pumpkin since he never has before
  • Seven hasn’t either, or Saeran, so they’re also excited (Seven high key, Saeran low key)
  • Yoosung just hasn’t gone in years so he’s so ready
  • Jaehee went when she was little with her mother and hasn’t been since, so she’s very excited to go
  • This is Zen’s shit he loves fall shit like this
  • V loves the smell of the pumpkin fields and the feeling of a solid pumpkin underneath his hands so of course he’s gonna go
  • Jumin wears a dark blue sweater that’s very soft with the sleeves pushed up his forearms, a nice pair of black jeans and some casual boot like shoes (wtf do men wear on their feet lmAO)
  • Seven wears a red cable knit sweater, some old jeans and old sneakers since he feels like it will be muddy (it will. RIP Jumins expensive shoes)
  • Saeran wears a grey long sleeved henley with a black leather jacket over it, black jeans, a grey beanie and some black boots
  • Yoosung wears a soft, grey shirt underneath a red and black flannel shirt, jeans and some older boots 
  • Jaehee wears a light grey sweater dress, some black leggings and and black ankle boots 
  • Zen goes ham and wears a red plaid scarf with a white button up peacoat jacket, nice jeans and boots
  • V wears a button up white shirt underneath a grey sweater and dark jeans with nice shoes
  • MC is nice and comfy in their oversized crewneck sweater that says ‘RFA SQUAD’ on the front of it, black leggings, and knee high black boots
  • After they drive and get there, they spend some time looking around the stores and going to the petting zoo 
  • The goats try to eat Zen’s jacket and when he leans down to pull it away, one snatches his scarf
  • His scream can be heard by Jaehee and Seven who are buying homemade jam
  • Saeran is sitting in the corner surrounded by baby chicks and petting them all softly
  • Of course, Jumin wants to buy the whole place for Elizabeth 3rd
  • But he settles for just buying a shitload of apple cider and apple doughnuts
  • V and MC are standing to the side listening to a folk band playing
  • They start dancing like weirdos and Seven films the whole thing
  • Even though it’s cold, they all get pumpkin ice cream, some also getting apple cider
  • There are wild cats running around the place and Seven manages to befriend like ten of them
  • They all follow him around and Jumin is so jealous
  • When MC wants a cute sign from the store, everyone offers to buy it for them
  • Seven buys Saeran an apron that says ‘please don’t do anything to the cook’
  • Saeran is pleased with it
  • While laughing, Yoosung buys a sign for Jumin that says ‘home is where the cat hair sticks to everything…but the cat’
  • Jumin loves it of course
  • The place has a bunch of different cooking and baking shit and Jaehee buys a lot of pastry stuff to try out with her new jam
  • V really enjoys tea so he gets some homemade tea and a cute little tea defuser in the shape of an acorn
  • Zen keeps getting noticed by people and actually just wants to have a fun time with his friends, so Saeran lends him his beanie and Jumin gives him a pair of sunglasses
  • ~Instant Disguise~
  • They all pile on the hayrack ride to the pumkin patch, Zen complaining about the hay that’s getting into his boots
  • One of the cats made it on the hayrack ride?
  • After a few minutes of goofing around, they make it to the patch and they all split up, looking for the perfect pumpkin
  • Jumin stares down at his shoes, disgruntled at the fact that they got muddy so quickly
  • Seven laughs at him until he trips over a vine and falls in the mud
  • Saeran quietly finds a perfect pumpkin and picks up up, a tiny smile on his face
  • Snickering, Yoosung tries to throw some old gross pumpkin guts at Zen who screams and dodges (he almost hits V)
  • With his hand tucked into MC’s arm, the two of them go around feeling for the perfect pumpkins and end up finding two really good ones (”That’s why you go farther into the pumpkin patch, everyone!!”)
  • After everyone’s picked out their pumpkins, they grab the wagons provided and start wheeling them back instead of taking the hayrack ride
  • They pay for their pumpkins and go home to carve them
  • After scooping out the guts (Yoosung tries to throw some at Zen again and succeeds this time and Seven tries to stick his head inside one of the empty pumpkins and gets it stuck) they all start carving
  • Jumin carves Elizabeth 3rd
  • Jaehee carves a coffee cup with a delicate tendril of steam coming up
  • Zen carves himself
  • Seven carves a fucking meme (probably does an old one like ‘u mad’ just to piss everyone off)
  • MC carves a unicorn
  • Yoosung carves The Legend of Zelda symbol
  • Saeran carves a raven and it’s really good??
  • Jumin helps V carve something but it also ends up being Elizabeth 3rd
  • ”Did you just help me carve Elizabeth 3rd”
  • ”She deserves to be on every single one of these pumpkins.”
  • After they’re done carving, the pumpkins go outside and candles are placed inside to light them up
  • Then Jaehee and Yoosung clean the pumpkin guts and roast the pumpkin seeds to eat for later
  • Jumin heats up (with MC’s supervision) some of the apple cider he bought earlier
  • They all settle down for a nice night of playing Harry Potter Scene It 
  • (Jaehee turns into a savage and destroys everyone. The only person who can barely keep up with her is Yoosung.)

My chunky knit aran sweater is finished!

From my experience of designing cable knits, I’ve learned that there are only several basic cable stitches, but it is the mixture and the balance of the different patterns that is the key to beautiful and interesting textured knits. This is also in line with my design philosophy: to make something beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated, and here’s the perfect example. 

Despise the chunkiness and the intricate cables, the sweater feels light but warm, thanks to the wonderful Aran fleck yarn from Red Heart. It was so easy and quick to work with, and it really makes the textured pattern stand out. Very happy with the result :) 

Interested in the knitting pattern? Let me know!

Miss Stanford [Sam Winchester AU] (Part 7)

I know this is a day late, I’m sorry! I had three presentations to make yesterday -.- But it’s up now! Enjoy some family fluff before it gets interesting next chapter x

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Series Title: Miss Stanford
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester x female reader, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, John Winchester, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Castiel, mentions of Jess Moore, mentions of Bobby Singer
Warnings: None this time
Word Count: 1,540
Short Description: Alternate Universe where you’re Sam’s girlfriend and you both go to Stanford. After your week with the Winchesters is up, Sam has another surprise for you: a companion for the rest of your Christmas holidays.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

The rest of the week went by without any bumps. You baked Dean a pie with Jo and bonded with both Mary and John. John had reminded you a lot of your father: an impeccable family man that was very dedicated to wife. And Mary was like a second mother to you. She was generous, accepting and looked like the kind of woman that could unquestionably take care of herself.

After exchanging numbers with Jo, she and Ellen bid you and the Winchesters farewell as they left for the weekend to see the man of the family: Bill Harvelle. Jo said he wasn’t encompassing often, and you could clearly see the excitement in the Harvelle women as they left.

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