red cable knit sweater

VIXX Aesthetics

N – soft cashmere, lustrous pearls of all shades, blankets fresh from the dryer, ruby red grapefruit, thick cable knit sweaters, stacks of books sitting in sunlight each with a different bookmark, elaborately wrapped gifts, elegant orchids, wind chimes tinkling in the breeze, peacocks displaying their plumage

Leo – steaming coffee on a cold day, smooth dark chocolate infused with pepper, rustic brick walls, a table set for two, soft underbelly of a hedgehog, children laughing, spider web with raindrops caught in the webbing, stone bridges, sepia toned photographs, a cat sleeping in the sun

Ken – soap bubbles, melting ice cream cone, squeaky toys, lighthouse beaming on a foggy night, MC Escher sketches, hounds baying, warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies, canned laugh track playing in the background, primary colored balloons, building sand castles, playful puppies piling on one another

Ravi – stage lights, thoroughbred horse going the distance, shelter from pouring rain, soft hoodies, teddy bears, street lamps late at night, hot chocolate with marshmallows, laughing until you cry, contemporary art, intense kisses that steal your breath, chivalrous knights, a forest of strong oaks, graffiti on concrete

Hongbin – Coldwater Creek catalogs, picking raspberries on a sunny day, the clean scent of shampoo, Easter eggs peeking out from their hiding places, stargazing and late night conversation, home baked pie cooling on the windowsill, comfortable denim shirts, zen stones, calligraphy, brightly colored tulips

Hyuk – morning dew on the grass, amusement parks, B movie marathons, getting soaked in water gun fights, hiking on mountain trails, peaches, grandmothers pinching cheeks, seagulls stealing your food, cherry blossoms in spring, racing stripes on a sports car, Perseus, horses nickering at day break

ginnyeweasley  asked:

hey malia, congrats on 2,5k!! you totally deserve them <3 and can i have 3 (melissa), 4 and 5? thanks and have a nice day <3

thank you, melissa!! 💕

🍂name aesthetic: blue sky days, long eyelashes, hot cups of tea, red wine, cable knit sweaters, infectious laughter, girls night with your best friends, gold-flecked marble, getting lost in museums, singing in the shower, 


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ah yes. soft warm harry in the winter, cozied up by a fire. his hair freshly washed and fluffy and he is wearing an oversized red cable knit sweater. playing board games while wrapped under blankets with him and drinking wine while he occasionally compliments you then flashes his dimples. nice.