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so I’ve always sort of liked the idea that within the communion of saints there the Heavy Hitters, the Career Saints who are invoked widely and in situations of grave need—I’m talking your Catherines and Francises and Theresas, the Twelve Disciples and Michael; the Big Time Major League saints who intercede on behalf of so many, and so are always in conversation with the divine, case managers for the sick and dying and hurting and faithful of the world.

but that also means that there’s a bunch of saints hanging around who are just—minor holy women, lesser martyrs, incidental virgins, doctors of the church who never managed to find a publisher. They’re not prayed to very often, and rarely called on to manage the difficult cases; they have a lot of free time.

so what do you do, if you’re a saint with some free time on your hands? You answer all the not-quite-prayers, the “jesus, don’t turn red don’t turn red’ muttered by cab drivers and the “christ, can you just try it to see this from my point of view?” spat out by a furious girlfriend and all the “oh god please let me make this meeting in time” “please don’t let me fail” “I’m so tired I hope I can get home”

or maybe I just like the idea that every time you mutter “god, let me be okay” there’s some girl killed in 9th century for refusing to marry who falls into step beside you—and though no book or chronicle or living person remembers her name, she squints up at you and says with holy authority, “yeah, you’re going to be fine.”

Red Sangria

2 oranges, thinly sliced

1 lemon, thinly sliced

1 lime, thinly sliced

4 c fresh firm fruits, chopped

1 gallon full-bodied dry red-wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon

1 ½ to 2 c orange liqueur

1 ½ c Presidente brandy

2 bunches lemon verbena, washed and stemmed

fresh soft fruits, chopped

club soda, champagne, or sparkling wine

Combine citrus slices and other firm fruits in a large, nonreactive container. Add wine, liqueur, brandy, and lemon verbena. Cover and refrigerate overnight. When ready to serve, put some soft fruits into each wine glass and fill two-thirds full with the sangria. Top off with a splash of club soda.

Enjolras loves the city. There’s so much opportunity in the heart of France, so much to change and live through. On every corner, there’s more faces and perspectives than he can count, and he thrives in it. 

Grantaire hates the city. There’s so much disappointment in a place that populated, so much poverty and corruption. On every corner, there’s another body hunched on the street using a cardboard box as a blanket, and it kills him inside.

Then they meet. They’re an odd mix, and their opinions clash constantly. It takes time, a lot of it, for them to understand one another.

When Enjolras falls in love with Grantaire, he sings a song called “Run Away with Me.”

Grantaire sings “This City is Contagious”

Part 4 of Tiger Ut!Sans with Red (Last Part)

Part 4 - New Life

There was a weight that pressed on his back that brought him out of his slumber. And hearing his name made him groan.

“Get up, Red.”

“It was cute when you were little, but now you’re fucking heavy. Get off!”

Sans grinned; his tail swishing and ears twitching. He loved teasing Red.

“You love me.”

“I know, you brat. Ugh. So heavy. Let up already!”

“Not cute.”

“Shut it.”

Sans decided to relent to the request, chuckling all the while. “Breakfast is ready too.”

Red grumbled and yawned widely; briefly stretching his bones before getting out of bed. “M'kay. Thanks.”

“Pffft. You’re so out of it. Another overnighter?”

Red sighed as the other’s hand grabbed his to pull him along. “Yeah. Fuckers can’t do anything right in the office.”


“Mmm.” Red responded with. And he was led to seat down before a delicious meal. “Looks good. Thanks again.”

Sans shrugged though he couldn’t stop the small smile on his face as he headed towards the sink to wash the dishes. “Considering how you practically passed out when you came home, you need your rest.”

Red laughed softly before he began to eat. He couldn’t help looking over to Sans and his smile felt like a permanent fixture on his face. He felt nostalgic all of a sudden.

Has it been 5 years already? Hard to believe but … the cub’s really grown. He’s even a head taller than me. The fucker.

Red remembered the day Sans said his first word, having done a little celebration for the occasion and more so when it was his name to boot. Sans had begun trying to talk in full sentences, and the skeleton had called his brother over to teach the tiger proper grammar and vocabulary.

Red chuckled when he recalled their first meeting. Sans and his little brother weren’t exactly on good terms; more of tolerating each other’s presence. He never knew why, but as long as they weren’t really at each other’s throats, he let it be.

“What’s so funny?”

“Hmm. Just remembering stuff when you were just a cub." 

"I’m a full-grown adult.”

“Yeah,” Red grinned at the tiger. “And you became such a smartass. Where’s my little angel who was always clinging to my leg and would pout and whine when things doesn’t go his way?”

“Oh shut up.”

The skeleton laughed, but it was unfortunately cut short when the phone rang. Red groaned when he checked who it was from. “Ugh, Filch. The fucker really needs to lay off. Wish someone fired him already.” Nonetheless, he answered the call.

Sans became agitated just from hearing that name. He had been doing errands and was close to getting home one night, when he spotted Red coming out of cab … along with another monster that was getting too touchy for his liking.

Red had been drunk too, and that pissed the tiger off more. His Red was being taken advantage of, and he wasn’t having it.

Sans growled lowly from the memory. ‘Looks like my threat was taken lightly. I’ll break his bones and send him to the hospital the next time I see him.“ He walked towards Red to embrace him from behind, nuzzling the nape.

"H-Hey. Stop it. I’m on the phone.”

“Don’t care. Hang up.”

Red sweat dropped. Geez. “Anyway, Filch, go ask Lian about it. She probably has the documents you need.”

“Ah, I see. All right, I’ll go do that.”


“Oh, and about this weekend, if you’re free—”

Sans grabbed the phone, “He isn’t. Bye.” And hung up.

Red blinked and blinked again, trying to process what just happened.

“I don’t like that guy.” Sans tightened his hold around the skeleton and buried his head on the other’s shoulder.

Hearing the petulance in the tone, Red had to laugh. He relaxed into the hold as he leaned back and grabbed at the arms around him. “Yeah, well you and me both.”

“Hmph.” Sans kept his hold on the skeleton, and shuffled them to the couch so that Red sat on his lap when they flopped down.

“Hmm? What’s up? You’re marking me again?”

“It’s necessary. ‘Cuz your ‘colleagues are having trouble taking a hint.”

Red simply relaxed to the hold, “They already know I’m taken.”

“Well,” Sans’ tail landed on Red’s lap that allowed the other to pet it. “Just in case then.”

“Heh, just in case huh.”

“Okay, so I’m still working on toning down.”

“Work harder.”

“Hmph.” Was all the tiger said before grabbing the remote on his side to turn on the tv, and the two watched whatever program was on.

It’s been five long years.

Red felt old, but he couldn’t help but wonder if Sans felt much older considering the lifespan of white tigers …

Twelve years. That’s how old Sans was going to be before—

“Shut up.”

Red jolted from his spot. “… I didn’t say anything.” The tightening of the hold around him was enough of an answer that made the skeleton sigh.

He got the message, but still—

Now it was his turn to hear Sans sigh.

“I know. It sucks. I know.”

Red felt a kiss on his head.

“But the time will come when it does. It’s useless worrying about something still far in the future. There is still 1095 days you know. Plenty of time.”

“… Hmph. Fucking nerd.” Though, it did help ease his soul.

His partner was right. Just focus and enjoy the now. Because their time together was short, so they’ll just have to make the most of what they can.

“By the way, your brother called.”

Red had to groan. “Ugh, is he coming over?”

“Yup. Said something about bringing his own pet over.”

“Oh, that’s new … Then again, he was the one who suggested I get one in the first place.”

“Wonder if it’s a tiger like me.”

“Heh, maybe.”

And this ends the tiger Sans mini series. :) 

I told you guys it’d be short ^^”)
Sorry if it was unsatisfying. 

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MadWife (Mad Sweeney x Laura Moon): "You don't look so bad" extra points for jacket sharing

i waited for your heart to melt

AN: Four things:

  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this right away! I have a feeling I might only have the time to bang out fic on Sundays.
  2. Is Mad Wife the official pairing name for Mad Sweeney and Laura? I’ve been calling them Mad Moon but I could swing either way, as with most things in life. Mad Wife is actually cooler, imho.
  3. This was so much fun to write lmfao. I realize now how vital curse words are to my vocabulary.
  4. My pale ass has no clue how tanning works


The stench of rot and desperation ripens with the summer heat. Even with the cab’s windows cracked open and his nose pinched between his fingers, Sweeney can’t escape Laura’s reek. If he closed the partition it would help tremendously, he’s sure, but sliding it shut would mean isolating himself from the dead wife and the cabbie. He’ll be damned if he affords them the opportunity to plot against him and run away with his coin because of a little smell.

So the partition stays open, and the windows do too, and Sweeney battles against his gag reflex when the wind blows the evidence of a corpse up his nostrils.

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Do You Really Want Me - chapter 5

“Why did you tell him that stuff?” Izzy screeches, her arms flapping as she runs down the stairs. Kate can see the anger in her eyes. “That’s none of his business! How could you do that to me?” she cries, turning and running back up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door and collapsing on the bed.

Kate follows Izzy up the stairs. She contemplates knocking but just busts into the bedroom. “I told him for your own good!” She walks over and sits next to Izzy. “You know how you would cry and wonder why your future was ripped from you?”

Izzy sniffles, turning on her side to face Kate. “Yeah,” she whispers.

“Maybe this is your reason. Maybe this is your future, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance.”

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Got any IZUOCHA Honeymoon HC's

* They go to America. They spend like two months there, going all along the west and east coast.

* They land in New York and spend a week there first. They try and explore every inch of it, but that ends in vain. 

* On their first day there they went on a really long moonlight stroll through centrel park…only to get lost. They sat down on a bench for a while to catch their breath and figure out where they are…only to start making out right there. A police officer spots them right before things get too steamy, and he directs the blushing newly-weds to the nearest exit.

* They get a cab, still red in the face. They don’t look at each other for about half the ride before the driver asks if everything is alright. They finally look at each other and start laughing like mad. They reach the hotel right before the driver kicks them out.

* Their first night there is…energetic to say the least. Ochako suggested to “take a break” for about a week before the wedding, which resulted in them being a bit…wound up. They spend the rest of the first night, and a good portion of the next morning, on the bed with each other.

* The rest of the Honey moon is focused on just exploring as much as they can, they take a ton of pictures and send them home to the rest. They also make a point of sharing a kiss in every place they stop and look. Unfortunatly for them plenty of Japanese tourists recognize them and take pictures of them without them noticeing

* They only find out about that when they come back to Japan and find pictures of them sucking face on every magazine they find.

* They find out that Ochako is pregnant not long after they come back. None of their friends are surprised.


Though he’d asked for them, Cas found Sam’s words near impossible to believe. He raised his hand in a half-hearted wave, watching the taillights of your cab pull away.

You waited until you were out of sight to let the tears fall. Your heart felt heavier, pulled tighter and tighter until it felt you couldn’t breathe, with every second taking you further from Cas.


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How accurate is Wallace and Gromit to every day life in England?

Everyday I get up early, at the very crack of dawn, as the sun slowly slips it’s fingers across Merry Old England. I shower, look in puzzlement at my dry toothbrush, eat my black pudding and baked beans and rush to my car. My bowler hat nearly whips off my head as I hurry across the cobbles, dodging red buses, black cabs and Nigel Farages to my vehicle. I race to work, desperately checking the rear view mirrors as I careen across zebra crossings and past red post boxes, funny helmeted bobbies shaking their fists at me.

Every day I get to my parking space.

Every day I see the same thing.

How do they always beat me.

When will I ever beat them.



  A Poppy Field By: KonohaFox 

Antonio Fernández Carriedo didn’t quite know what to do with the amount of attention he got from girls and he seriously hated it to turn them down. To get rid of the problem, Lovino suggests that he should pretend to date one of his female friends. Instead, it’s agreed that Lovino will fill the role of “boyfriend”. It turns out more convincing than they both thought it would.

Gruesome Fantasies By: XxDarkAngelKnightxX 

Lovino, for once, takes advice from his brother. He releases his negative emotions into a sketch pad. But unbeknowst to Feliciano, he does it in the most violent way - He illustrates graphic deaths for those he hates. But when his Spanish boyfriend finds the sketch pad, he decides to make his craziest, bloodiest dreams come true. Anything for his little tomato…

Kicking The Bucket List By: jellydonut16 

AU Fed up with life and never being good enough, Lovino makes a Kicking the Bucket List, in which he’ll kill himself when it’s done. But can a certain Spaniard sweep him off his feet before a noose does? Spamano with initial!Scotmano (ScotlandxRomano)

Braces By: Roxi2Star 

Antonio just got braces, and is feeling very self conscious of them. Maybe Lovino, a cute kid in his grade ho also has them can make him feel better about having braces, and maybe realize their not so bad. Ok so maybe he becomes less self conscious of them, but in the braces are a pain. Especially when their stuck to another pair.

Hypnotized By Sexy Thighs And Olive Eyes By: XxDarkAngelKnightxX 

Antonio falls head over heels straight into commitment for his fiancé. After years of dating, the Italian model leaves Italy to settle down with him. Gilbert and Francis disapprove and do their best to break the two apart. But even though Lovino doesn’t speak English, he knows their plans and doesn’t want to leave. Thus, the war begins.

Barcelona sadness By: dagmarrr 

The weight of the world has become too much for Antonio. He feels so sad and exhausted and stressed and life doesn’t seem to get beter anytime soon. He is always faking smiles, but there’s one person who makes him truly happy. 

The Mochi Quandary: When Life Gives You Tomatoes By: MomotsukiNezumi 

The Italies are as different, at least to others, as night and day. But one hot summers day, they both unknowingly make the same wish, at the same time: Find a friend that treats them equally, not as cowards or jerks, but themselves. Luckily, they have a Tomato Fairy Godmother…er, Godfather to help out! The bad news…they never thought their new friends would be snack food!

Elastic Booty By: XxDarkAngelKnightxX  

After a dispute between Antonio and his boss, they leave a few butt prints on the restaurant tables from rough, deep… Activities in their workplace. Closing hours are the perfect time to experiment with Lovino and they even play a little “ping pong” when another employee joins in. Shameless Spamano smut, threesome. 

When You Recover By: Black-Cat-In-Boots

Nurse Lovino Vargas has to take care of brain damaged patient Antonio Carriedo, who seems to have a strange affection towards him. N-not that Lovino likes it! The Italian is determined to make the man recover, no matter what it takes. What will little Lovino get himself into with this patient? (Spain / Romano) Spamano, with side FrUk, PruCan, and GerIta.

The Twin Statues of Paris By: ElizabethScaffie 

There is a legend that a demon is haunting Notre-Dame, that you can hear him at night if you are unlucky enough. It’s probably just a rumour to attract even more tourists, but..what if the legend is true? And what if, equally lonely but less noisy, someone else is in the same position on the other side of the city? Follow our German and Spanish tourists in a mysterious Paris..

Envy & Impurity By: ChaseStorm 

Lovino and Feliciano have a secret that most of their friends don’t know and they want to keep it that way. It wasn’t like they weren’t proud of themselves. They just didn’t need any unwanted drama. Little did they know that there well known name would lead to the biggest conflict of their lives. Contains Prumano, Spamano, Gerita, Itacest, Pruita and Germano and more.

Red Balloons and Sweaty Cabs By: XxDarkAngelKnightxX 

Lovino is a billionaire. Antonio is a taxi driver. After Lovino begs to be run over by his cab, Antonio learns he can save this broken man’s life by simply comforting him every time he wants to jump from the top floor of his company. Sadly, his sweetheart is draining his bank account with each customer he abandons for him.

If it Kills Me By: TheThreeAmigas 

Gilbert and Francis had been constantly wheedling at him to ask Lovino out and somehow, it worked. Lovino had dumped his boyfriend a few weeks ago, apparently happier than ever to be rid of him. Antonio couldn’t really argue the fact that now was the perfect time to act. Warning extremely cheesy.

Counting Stars By: A Drop of Starlight 

Antonio, failed writer and journalist, thinks things are finally going his way when he lands an interview with actor Lovino Vargas. But it’s only the start of a long line of problems… the biggest of which may be Vargas himself.

The One That Got Away By: Nyoom-is-the-word 

Plagued by nightmares, Antonio Fernández Carriedo, a new student at World Academy, became entranced by those familiar Hazel eyes, the same eyes that tormented his dreams. Why did Lovino seem so familiar? Does he hold the key to Antonio’s nightly torment?

Jealousy At Myself? By: AntoLovi 

BYounger!Spain and Chibi-Roma are brought to the present where they meet their older selves. Romano’s embarrassed to find that his younger self has such obvious affection for Spain, and also annoyed to find that his younger self is very jealous and possessive of him. Younger!Spain, meanwhile, has fallen head over heels for Romano, and is determined to woo him!

Child Services By: MiyaBlack  

Romano and Feliciano Vargas have just lost their parents. Romano, who is 22, must care for his 6 year old little brother. Enter Antonio Carreido, the agent from Child Services who must record his progress, however, it’s hard for the cheerful Spaniard to keep from falling in love with this little broken down family and with Romano.

Capriola By: lastochkaa 

Lovino feels in touch with the world only through his brief, sexual encounters. Desperate not to be alone, he attempts to find someone to hold onto… Only to find himself smitten with an emotionally-troubled Spaniard.

The Switch By: FiveMeterHockeyStick 

Hell, that’s what this week was going to be. Damn his brother, damn this bet, but most of all, damn that stupid wine sucking bastard. This was going to be torture, why did he have to get dragged into this? It was Feli’s bet and how did Francis even get that black mail on the older Italian? Just hell, Lovino just knew it.

He Will Be Mine By: SphealandFinland

(Summary N/A)

I’ll Be Waiting For You Mi Amor By: Six Cubes Of Maple 

Three years ago in Italy, Lovino and Feliciano’s father was murdered with the killer only leaving behind a message of “I’ll be waiting for you Lovino, mi amor.” Now, they live in a city in America with their grandfather. What does a boy, named Antonio, who hanged himself nearly 50 years ago in the outskirts of this city, have anything to do with this?

Gone, Gone, Gone By: Spamano4ever 

Antonio has loved his dear Italian friend for years. But Lovino loved Alfred. Antonio accepted this and moved one. Or so he thought, until one night he gets a call from said Italian, who needs him now more than ever before. 

The Many Personalities of Spain By: Writer-Girl-19 

England casts a spell to rid himself of Spain. As expected it goes wrong; leaving Romano to deal with the many personalities of Spain. That sounds like a normal day for Romano, right? It would be if the personalities not had their own personifications.

Pirates of the Pomodoro By: RandomWriter57 

It was just an average day for Prince Antonio of Spain - that is, until he was kidnapped by pirates! Now Antonio has to deal with being a pirate while trying to decipher the elusive ‘Romano’. Will he ever be able to complete the task? 

NOT DEAD YET By: 2degreesabovefreezing 

Would you ever get tired of being that last human on Earth? Lovino Vargas does. Every day is a battle for survival that only continues because he doesn’t have the courage to pull the trigger against himself. While out getting supplies, his life is saved by a corpse that seems to still have some life left in it. Is there any hope for bringing back the dead? 

Hide and Seek By: CaffeinatedKitty 

Six teenagers have disappeared… Three of them for the second time. The odd thing is… The original kidnapper is still in prison. Is it coincidence or not? No one knows except the second-time victims… But will they live to tell the tale? Sequel to Kidnapped. 

Princes of the Universe - Book 4: Hearts By: PocketHero 

Lovino Sagrav is a brutal murderer. Escaping to the foreign Kingdom of Hearts and meeting his doppelganger Feliciano Vargas; Lovino takes Felix’s place to become invisible and hide from the truth - but what happens when Lovino falls in love with a Knight under Feliciano’s name?

A Society Of Lies By: moondr0ps 

In a world where there are those who desired and those who are undesired it is Lovino Vargas’ job to take care of those whom are of no need to their society. Antonio, a blind undesirable, seems to change his outlook on the things going on in his city.

Sectionally, Not Sexually By: fleursdemoncoeur 

France jokingly asks Italy a rather perverted question. Italy, mishearing him, gives an answer that shocks the world.

Secrets By: QueenBMVagabond 

The Vargas family was always a happy, loving bunch who people saw as the perfect family. Although, there’s never really a perfect family. Lies, suppression, and even murder? What’s really behind this family’s closed doors?

Sunny Day By: IAmKayDubs 

It’s all picture perfect, until Antonio spots a man with stunning looks. His voice takes over and causes him to blurt out EXACTLY what he thinks about the man. That’s when the awkwardness sets in. Maybe it will be the start of something else?

A Turtle and A Ring By: Karhien Lovino, 

“a middle-class peasant”, enters a high-class private school and wants to survive. But what he didn’t suspect is: an incredibly smart turtle named Toby, typical high school drama for rich people, and a hot childhood Spaniard fiancé named Antonio.

Handcuffs By: Liesel Fogel 

After police officer Lovino Vargas makes a mistake, it is up to his superior, Antonio Carriedo to punish him.

Quoting Love and Other Things By: Itanohira 

Lovino prefers to stay away from annoying, bothersome people. But when a clumsy, awkward, overweight kid, Antonio, transfers into his elementary school, he finds himself the target of his friendship. Though their friendship was short lived, Lovino, now a Uni. Student, isn’t very happy when a handsome, bothersome, Spanish man interrupts his English class years later.

Bad Hair Day By: Spinyfruit 

Lovino works at a hair salon and Antonio’s a daily customer who comes by with any excuse so he can talk. To figure out how to get Antonio to like him, Lovino visits Emma quite often, and unintentionally makes Antonio jealous. Then the game of wooing begins.

Per Sempre Tuo By: Apollonia-Artemisia 

Lovino Vargas, better known as Romano, is a famous TV actor. He has everything anyone could ever want. The only problem is that the thing he wants, over-night singing sensation Antonio Fernandez, is married.

Dresses And Bows By: TheLittleMermano 

The one person who looked like they were a fragile doll; a white, frilly dress that went a little past their knees, pale pink flats to match, with white gloves to disguise the person’s rather masculine hands. that person was Lovino Vargas. and he was about to meet someone really, really important.

Boyfriend’ By: Venizano 

Lovino likes Antonio. Arthur likes Alfred. Both Antonio and Alfred don’t realize this. So what do Lovino and Arthur do? 'Date’ each other in order to find out Antonio and Alfred’s feelings for them.

Our Secret By: ToMuchGoingOn 

After a party America did, Romano wakes up naked, and hungover besides Spain. As the Spaniard confesses his feelings, Romano denies, due to the crush Belgium has for Spain. But, Spain wasn’t going to give up, until finally Romano accepts. Only problem is that they have to keep it a secret, what will happen when Belgium finally decides to ask Spain out.

Just Pretend! By: ectodreaming 

Romano liked Emma- a lot. Except her stupid big brother was too overprotective (and, okay, a little scary)! He wouldn’t allow any guy near her- unless they weren’t romantically interested in Emma. So, Romano decided to pretend to be gay, with the help of Antonio, in hopes of getting Emma to fall in love with him. Perfect plan, right?

Una Notte A Napoli By: Alexander Ryan 

One night in Naples, by the moon and sea, my heart was stolen by an angel who had forgotten how to fly.

The Soldier By: 0- Jougen-Knight -0 

Lovino is grouchy and an accurate shot with a gun. However, this doesn’t put off Antonio, a cheerful student and eleven years his minor. Soon, Antonio is involved with the danger, and Lovino emerges perilous waters as he tries to protect him. And Lars was stupid to think he and Antonio were just like the characters in his book.

Therianthropes By: ohhthegreatestblinkinglight 

 Antonio is a therianthrope, a person with the inborn ability to transform into an animal. He meet Lovino who saves his life but disappears right afterwards. Now Antonio needs Lovino’s help in unraveling the mysteries behind the legends of the first Therianthropes that walked the earth, all the while eluding powerful hunters who seek their blood.

And the Birds Sing No More By: Burlesque Romantique 

“Don’t ever leave me.” Lovino said nothing. He allowed the tense heaviness to settle among his shoulders, tighten his lungs, and spread between the space from where he stood to where Antonio was seated lethargically. Antonio’s gaze sharpened. Lovino, inclining his head slightly, whispered, “I won’t.”

My Bad By: xKISMETx


Assasins By: EternalJoker 

Romano is an assassin with his brother Feliciano. While on a routine checkup of an already completed mission, things go wrong and Romano ends up having to bring Antonio (The overly bubbly and cheerful CEO) and Ludwig (the serious over glorified babysitter) back with him to the den. How do these too change the brothers. And just how did the two teenagers manage to find the den…?

A new life By: Sheena Wilde 

This story was written to a prompt to Romanichi Day Event. (2013/6/24) Slave AU. Owing huge family debts, Antonio is made a slave to the Vargas household and a personal servant to Lovino, but the wealthy patrician seems not to recognize him from their shared childhood, and the sex only complicates things.

Up A Tree By: CoffeeLovingOtaku 

When Lovino and Alfred get stuck up a tree, their biggest secret is revealed. But let’s just say, maybe it’s a good thing. UsUk and Spamano. Romerica if you squint. 

A Little Bit Insane By: Manga-Chan78 

“You and I are the same” Gasped Antonio as he holds, Natalia’s bloody wrist . “Why don’t we work together ?”

The Death Card By: xKISMETx 

They say love is blind. What they fail to mention is it is also bleak, immoral, and cruel. Beautiful words as fake as his smile.

Flag waving of a misfit By: batty29 

Lovino is openly gay at a very homophobic school; natural things aren’t all peachy-keen for Lovino. That is until Antonio enters the picture.

Infamous By: chibi-excel 

Lovino was a childhood actor, but once the show he was a part of got canceled he thought he was free and could leave all the acting and fame up to his brother Feliciano. However,when a 'follow up’ episode is decided upon ten years later, he ends up going back. There he sees a familiar, face; Antonio Carriedo, a singer with his eye on Lovino making normal impossible.  

Is This Love or Obsession? By: SilenceOfCrimsonSnow 

Spain loves Romano, he loves him so much. He would do anything for him. He would do anything to be with him and no way is he going to let anyone else have him… EVER.

The Heartbreaker By: Echoes of Shadows 

Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. Certainly this is Antonio’s opinion at the moment. The handsome stranger he met upon moving to a new town in Italy seems to be able to do almost no wrong. Until he digs a little deeper below the surface and begins to discover an unsettling reputation. And if the rumours are true, is it wise to trust a man known as 'The Heartbreaker?

Chains By: Typhlosion4Ever 

Lovino has been kidnaped by Antonio and is kept in his basement.

Relief By: Sakikox3 

Lovino is horny and his sexy roommate Antonio is just what he needs.

Sweet Dreams By: xKISMETx 

Obedient, cute, adoring henchman. Possessive, passive, emotionless boss. A very bad combination. It all depends on the perspective.

Twin Technique By: crystal97 

Gilbert and Francis had done it this time.They sneaked into Lovino’s house making him swallow something in his sleep trying to help Antonio out.when Lovino woke up he’s hot and bothered.He wants to give Antonio a little surprise deciding to give in to him for the first time. but what’s the deal when the surprise involves Feliciano?

Lovi Kitty By: Vali West 

Antonio comes home from work one day to see a rather shocking sight - his pet cat has been transformed into a boy, with an even stranger - or, sexier - motivation. Who knew neko-humans dressed like complete sluts?

The Risk of Love By: obsessedwithstuff 

Romano is dead and Spain is broken, spiralling into the deep, blackness of depression. And as he locks himself from the outside world, isolating himself from his friends, from everyone, in his oblivion of pain, Romano find’s he’s the only one who can help. Only, how can useless ghost like him even dream to help the slowly dying love of his life?

All I Want to Do By: YourNewCapital 

When things got to their worst, Lovino could always turn to a night of stress relief from a complete stranger. And now that damned Spaniard ruined that for him. 

Love’s Torn Stitches By: BloodiLoveli 

From the first time Antonio laid eyes on him, Lovino has been the only living being Antonio has desired. But something, or perhaps someone, is getting in the way of his goal. With Lovino unaware of his affections and Antonio growing even more desperate, how far will he go for his love?

More Than Lust By: BAYBAY841 

Why did the Spaniard always hope for the impossible? That Romano would come to him one day, confessing his feelings, and they would make LOVE? That they would cry out each others names, he could hold the Italian, wake up the next morning, and he would still be there?

Not Mine? We’ll See About That By: Nekogirl1595 

Antonio Carriedo is the Senior High School hunk. He has everything… charm, good looks, money… except for one Sophmore, irritable, bad- mouthed Italian. And with the dreams he’s been having… he doesn’t know how much longer he can elude temptation…

Lovino and the Conquistador By: animerockchic 

Lovino lived a life of simple pleasures; a good book, his own little world and an odd, but loving, family. However, in order to save his family, he must take their place as prisoner of a hideous beast within a gloomy castle. Based on “Beauty and the Beast “

Whiskers By: Self-Titled Demo 

Spain gets into a fight with England, leaving him in a "hairy” situation and stuck in the care of his favorite henchman.

Diavolo Angelico By: Dogsrule 

After getting turned into a devil and losing his memories, Lovino is stuck with the man who found him on the street, while his younger brother Feliciano, an Angel, is looking for a certain older brother…who also used to be an Angel.

Celos By: Unmasked Tomatoes 

Lovino moves in with Antonio and Gilbert to help pay off their rent. Antonio decides to walk into Gil’s room at a bad time, in which the warmness of his smile is replaced with madness…

Big Bang By: Roxi2Star 

SuperSmart!Antonio finds himself attracted to Lovino. Francis and Gilbert are just surprised he’s attracted to someone in general. Wait. That’s not the right word… Yes, they’re befuddled.

On the Wings of Angels By: smileinthedark 

“F-filthy liar,” he sputtered, writhing under Antonio’s steady gaze. “What do you know about angels?”

The Greatest Treasure, You Idiot! By: Kitty-Kat Allie 

Spinoff of the “Sea Foam” chapter in Hetalia Fairy Tales. Captain Carriedo of the pirate ship, Buscador Dorado, seeks a legendary treasure “that is worth gaining” with the help of the infamous wish-giver, Lovino. But what is the true treasure?

Carnations and Lilies By: BAYBAY841 

'Wrong… this is wrong… so wrong…’ was all he could think right now. France was now only holding Romano’s wrists with one hand, the other was unbuttoning the his shirt. Romano has been raped by France. It’s up to Spain to help Romano heal.

He’s so lovely By: Kaitogirl95 

It’s Antonio’s birthday, and the Bad Touch Trio is celebrating it at the bowl alley. Suddenly, Antonio sees a certain person who makes him to fall in love…

Dirty Little Secret By: twinchopsticks 

Antonio has a dirty little secret he keeps all to himself. And there’s absolutely nothing that will make him betray that secret.

The Cafe Of Double Lives By: kuroNshiro 

Lovino takes on a dare to dress up as a waitress for a month. While working, he meets Antonio who becomes his regular customer and soon starts fancying Lovino.

His Favorite Customer By: chibi-excel 

Romano has moved to America with his family, where they opened up a restaurant. There he gets the pleasure of having the bad touch trio as customers. He then has the luck of a certain Spaniard deciding to go after him.

An Antipodean Tale of Love By: ChibiAnimeFreak 

Antonio and Lovino have been friends for as long as either of them can remember, but when one day “friends” is pushed just a bit farther, how will they deal with it? And how far will they go?

Mein Awesome Birthday By: Unmasked Tomatoes 

It’s Prussia’s birthday, and he’s planning an awesome party!


Regrets Part 2 of 4

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Warnings: Swearing, Violence

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/A - Your age

REQUEST: hi! if requests are open, could you possibly do angsty - reader is in accident after ugly fight w/Sebby (takes her for granted/says something mean/you choose) & realizes after almost losing her & fluffy fluffkins?

A/N: Thank you for the request. Feedback is appreciated.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4

The pain in her head was so unbearably strong that she felt like if she moved or opened her eyes she would surely pass out from the pain. That was nothing though compared to the pain she felt on her right side. Slowly she lifted her hand and placed on her side. She was met with bandages and winced at the sudden pain that resulted from the pressure she had just applied to the wound. Gently she opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. The fluorescent lights stung her eyes and she quickly shut them again. She could tell from her brief glance around the room that she was in the hospital, and she tried to remember how she got here. Her train of the thought was disturbed by voices in the hall just outside of her room. She tried to hear what they were saying but only caught a few words like brain injury and surgery. She sat up on the bed, despite her pain and pressed the help button for a nurse. Instead of a nurse though, two men walked into the room. One she could tell was her doctor and the other was someone she knew.

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