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British gp and F1 live 2017

Casually bringing this back since a few Reddit users were discussing about the origins of Nico Rosberg’s nickname, Britney. There was sort of a mix up when someone pointed to the time when someone stuck Britney Spears’ picture in his passport. Since most people from the fandom are aware how the name Britney came by, for those who a still slightly confused, the origins has a much deeper root, and was spawned by the Aussie grit himself, Mark Webber. 

How it all started:

In 2006, both Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber were driving for Williams and during their final race together at the 2006 Brazilian GP, Nico rammed his car into Webber’s on the opening lap breaking the front nose of his car and Webber’s rear wing. Since both cars were damaged, both drivers were called to pit and priority was given to Rosberg since it was easier to replace a front nose rather than the rear wing. This meant that Mark Webber had to retire from the race. 

On their way back to the pit, both drivers started to race with each other despite the radio message which clearly stated that the priority was for Rosberg. Mark, despite of a broken rear wing, pushed his car and started to close in on Nico, prompting Nico to extend his lead despite of him struggling with lack of front grip from the broken nose. Both drivers arrived at the pit straight with Nico sightly ahead of Webber when he lost control of the car and crash heavily into the barrier. Mark saw the whole thing and just as he was passing Nico’s crash scene, the team came back on the radio with another priority Rosberg message. 

Mark paused for a dramatic effect before coming on the radio and said; Don’t think so mate, BRITNEY’S IN THE WALL. 

It was then official that Nico will be known as Britney for years to come. :)