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Do you think Fiona would have liked Lucky or your other guys? Or did she just like having you to herself?

Haha! Nah, Fiona woulda been fine with there bein’ others. She an’ I always had a pretty good understandin’ of each other. She knew who I am and, frankly, she kinda liked t’watch when I was playin’ with somebody else~

I… don’t think she would’ve approved of some of my boys, though. Lucky she probably woulda liked. Probably woulda been all to willin’ t’get involved with him, herself. Cutestuff and Red Bull? Eh… probably not in any way they would wanna be involved. They probably wouldn’t have liked her much.

It’s kinda complicated t’think about, honestly.

Red Bull


Both your heads popped up from where you and Josh were laying on the couch. You were originally attempting to watch the television. But, just like regular tv, there was nothing on and you had watched everything that was good on Netflix.  So Josh had just switched it to some random movie and pulled you down on the couch. Though you were originally sitting, trying to at least figure out what the plot of the movie was, eventually you had worked your way into Josh’s arms while his body took up most of the couch.

And here both of you were just trying to take a nap before the big hype of their concert later that night. It wasn’t even noon yet and Tyler was already screaming.

He walked through the opening that led to the makeshift kitchen, arms crossed and a scowl planted on his face. If he scowled even harder it might have stayed like that permanently.

“What?” Josh’s voice was gravely from sleep and his arms circled around you more, though his head was turned slight towards where Tyler was standing. You put your head back on the arm of the couch, seeing as it didn’t involve you.

“You drank the last of my red bull.”

“Uh, no I didn’t.”

“Dude, you totally did. You’re the only other one who drinks it.”

“I’ve got my own stash; I don’t need to drink yours.”

Josh had turned his body more towards Tyler during their debate, so he was lying on his back with you cuddled into his side. Tyler still hadn’t moved from his spot, but it seemed like he was so set on Josh drinking all of his red bull that he never came to another conclusion.

“I drank it.” Two sets of eyes locked on yours. “I was thirsty, and seeing as you guys don’t actually have bottled water left, I drank it.” You shrugged as it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Honestly, it wasn’t. But the look on Tyler’s face made you feel as if you just decided that you were going to kill every puppy alive.

“But that’s so I can have energy tonight. I needed that.”

And Tyler gave you his best pouty face because apparently neither of the boys could actually be mad at you. They could yell and swear and throw things at each other when they were really, truly upset. But once you stepped in, or something was your doing, their moods changed completely. Almost as if you were a delicate flower that would die if they so much as looked at you wrong.

“I’ll just buy you like 5 cases when we stop again. It’s no big deal.” You sighed, hugging Josh tighter, trying to convey the message to them that this discussion was over and it seemed to work. Josh turned back over, arms snaking around your back once again.

Tyler stood in the doorway for a few more seconds before turning, throwing a “You two make me sick” over his shoulder, and walked back into the kitchen. Probably to pout all the way to the next stop.

Josh laughed at his comment and snuggled his head into your neck, his breathing starting to slow down as he neared sleep once again. You decided that was an amazing idea and relaxed. Tyler would be your alarm clock. There was no way that he was going to miss out on free red bull.

Don’t know if this has actually been done yet. Enjoy! <3