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For Kaity.

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For @kaitymccoy123, after a rough day. I love you to bits, dear, and I think they lost out, not you. I hope this is decent (banged it out on lunch break, posting quickly. Probably riddled with errors). Also, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good AOS Scotty gif.

“I didn’t get it.”

“Ya what?” Monty’s nose crinkles in a way that you would normally find adorable. As it is, the entire world seems dampened by the bitter disappointment that snakes through your chest, and your answering smile is hollow.

“The job. I didn’t get it.” Despite your best efforts, you feel your voice hitch a little on the words. 

“The rat bastards,” he spits, dropping his spanner and pulling you into his arms, heedless of the fact that you’re in the E deck corridor for all to see. You smush your nose into the mesh fabric of his red shirt and let him hold you tight. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs, more an instinctive litany of comfort than actual shushing. He rocks you gently back and forth, threading agile fingers through your dark hair. His skin smells of bay rum aftershave and something vaguely singed, and it crosses your mind to ask him, later, how the refit is coming. He presses his lips to your temple and sighs heavily through his nose. “The silly sods don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it.”

His words send hot tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. Silly as it is, to cry feels a little like defeat, like one last punch in the gut. You pull back, biting at your lip and swiping your face in frustration. 

Monty catches your hands in his. “My heart,” he says softly, reaching to thumb away the tear-tracks that stain your cheeks. “I know what I’ve got right here.” His eyes are dark as he stares at you for a long moment, as if memorizing your features. You can see, suddenly, that he shares your heartbreak. He clasps his fingers around the nape of your neck, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead and fluttering his eyes closed. “I have the very best thing, Kaity. I have you.”

Bonus, because I just can’t resist.

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i live for the way that the taylor swift fandom aesthetic is changing era by era like back during speak now it was all pin curls and tea dresses and heavy-bound copies of old fairytales and tea cups and fairy lights and red was brogues and 1950s sunglasses and long handwritten journal entries and going for coffee in tiny offbeat cafes and all the browns and reds and golds of autumn and 1989 is like crop tops and leather and cityscapes and hundreds of flashing neon lights and signs and glitter smeared on cheeks like warpaint and bright watercolour illustrations 

And I Won't Forget To Put Roses On Your Grave

I kicked off my new year with the flu from hell, which then went on to spawn a host of illnesses in its wake, but I’m finally back on my feet! It’s still cold and wintry here, and I’ve been dreaming of warmer shades and winter florals. I want colours, all the colours, a riot of colours - I’m sick of being in bed and in pain and I just want to wear the warmest colours I can and enjoy the winter sun ♥  

And oh, I’m terribly late, but here’s wishing you an awesome 2014 all the same ♥

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Blouse: Topshop//  Skirt: Alice Takes A Trip//  Jumper: Aliexpress//  Tights: c/o Falbala//  Shoes: M&S via eBay//  Bag: Aliexpress//  Faux fur tail: H&M//  Hat: Vintage via Dalena Vintage

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anonymous asked:

give each of the classes a colour!

maid - orange
page - white?
mage - they can come in black, white, and red. :B
rogue - black
knight - grey
sylph - light blue
thief - red
heir - fuchsia
bard - purple
prince - also purple..?
witch - dark grey
lord - royal blue
muse - yellow