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what exactly did luke DO back on tatooine? like, what was his life as a member of the slave rebellion like? you've made it sound pretty wild (vandalism, accessory to grand theft, gunrunning) but I Need To Know More?

Well the “grand theft” charge in fact refers to stealing people. Or it would, if they could ever pin anything on him.

Luke was mostly involved with running people to safety, helping to hide them on his family’s farm, and in particular helping Aunt Beru perform the surgeries to remove transmitters in the hidden room off their garage. By the laws of the Hutts, that makes him guilty of grand theft and accessory to grand theft.

By the time Luke was a teenager, and starting to get pretty heavily involved with the freedom trail, the scanner had spread through most of the underground network. The stories say that Ekkreth stole the secret of the scanner from the Depuran and gave it to the people. And Ekkreth wears a hundred thousand shapes and works with a hundred thousand hands, making modifications, passing the device along, spreading from safe house to safe house and giving the people the tools they need to steal themselves.

Luke himself has made a couple of modifications to the scanner: he’s made the design more streamlined, smaller, easier to hide. And, of course, he’s used it quite a lot himself.

They have a system, Luke and Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. Aunt Beru is the surgeon. She was Grandmother Shmi’s student and her hands are steady and strong. She teaches Luke, too, and he’s performed a few surgeries himself. But usually his job is to work the scanner, and then to talk the person through the operation, to help them in any way he can. Uncle Owen runs interference and makes sure that everyone is fed and safe, and sometimes he pays off the right people when it has to be done.

And, of course, there’s the farming business to attend to, as well. They all do that.

And okay, maybe sometimes Luke likes to sneak out with his friends, and maybe they’ve tagged a building or ten, and maybe there was one time they almost got caught red-handed by Bib Fortuna himself. But they didn’t. That’s the important thing.

And yeah, all right, maybe Luke’s run guns a few times, but that’s not a big deal. Everyone on Tatooine has run guns at least once. It’s just something people do.

(A few years later, Luke casually mentions some of these things to his new Rebel friends, because really they aren’t a big deal so sometimes they just slip out in conversation.

Wedge stares into the camera like he’s on the Office.)

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Suzu Kintarou cosplay?? ^^

Title:  “For Example Kintarou
(“Golden Boy” in Japanese folklore — as a child he wore only a red bib with the kanji 金 (gold) on it and like rode a bear and was super strong and stuff…)

(Someone else might be saying this? Yay high context languages!!) “Oh hell no!

鈴: “Kintarou!  I absolutely want to wear this!  Who is Kintarou?


baileywhatever said: do you know why they have knitted hats on?

@baileywhatever, yes, I do! :) Jizō is the protector of  pregnant women and children. You often see toys at Jizō statues: the gifts of a parent whose child has been cured of an illness thanks to Jizō’s intervention, or a gift to help the deceased child in the afterlife. A little hat or bib (often red, because red is believed to drive out demons) is displayed as well, for the same reason. 

Sometimes these hats and bibs are made by mothers; sometimes – at bigger temples with many statues – it’s done as a labour of love by the women of the neighbourhood / congregation.

“What’s with those bibs?” …A common question I hear a lot! Kitsune are a humongous topic which I’ll post more about later… but for now, just the bib! You will find red votive bibs, called yodarekake (涎掛け), worn by the divine messenger kitsune (foxes, 狐) at Inari shrines. These are actually placed on the kitsune by worshippers as a form of devotion. For many, this act is deeply and personally meaningful, establishing a bond with Inari Ōkami’s kitsune.

Another common devotion is to offer the kitsune’s favorite food, fried tofu/Inarizushi, at the base of the kitsune statue (the statues themselves are termed otsukai, 眷属). It should be no surprise, then, that the bib’s purpose is, in the words of Dr. Steven Heine, “to keep them from getting their coat messy while devouring the vixen’s favorite food”. (“Sacred High City, Sacred Low City”, p. 7).

March 26, 2014 - Temminck’s Tragopan (Tragopan temminckii)

These pheasants are found in parts of India, Vietnam, Tibet, and China. They eat mostly plants, especially grasses and berries. The males have fleshy horns and an expandable red and blue bib of skin under their faces that they can inflate during courtship displays. The name Tragopan comes from “tragus” meaning billy goat and “Pan” the half-man half-goat diety, both in reference to the birds’ horns.