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etsyfindoftheday 4 | 7.28.16

theme thursday: rockin’ moroccan decor ideas

moroccan accents by elramlahamra

i may have to restrain myself from buying something from EVERY SECTION in this netherlands-based shop!! i’m in awe of the colorful and eclectic decor, all moroccan in theme and style.


Wedding over-kimono.  Early 19th century (1810-1840), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A chirimen (crepe) silk uchikake featuring decorations of rustic rural scenes of pavilions, bridges, boats, pine trees, rivers, as well as many plum trees in full blossom. These motifs were created painstakingly and masterfully, utilizing a combination of yuzen paste-resist dyeing, sumi e painting, and silk embroidered details that are accented with extensive use of gold thread couching. Subtle color shading was accomplished of painting on silk with ‘bokashi’, gradual shade dying accented with brush strokes (dry and not-so-dry). The inner lining and lower hem is of a very fine beni red silk softened to a dark salmon color. This wedding over-kimono garment would likely have been worn by a samurai household bride. It is probable that the different bridges and pavilions depicted on this robe represent actual structures at the time. The bridge on the lower part is possibly the Uji bridge of Kyoto; such scenes of famous places are referred to as “meisho-e”. A bride wearing a meisho-e robe proclaimed that she had both the financial resources and leisure to visit such locales.