red beauty*

Things that cause me pain, May 2017 Edition...

Jane and Maura (Rizzoli & Isles)
Regina and Emma (Once Upon a Time)
Xena and Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)
Korra and Asami (The Legend of Korra)
Lexa and Clark (The 100)
Shepard and Liara (Mass Effect)
Kate and Maggie (Batwoman)
Nyssa and Sara (Arrow)
Amy and Karma (Faking It)
Peggy and Angie (Agent Carter)
Myka and Helena (Warehouse 13)
Tamsin and Bo (Lost Girl)
Mulan and Aurora (Once Upon a Time)
Ruby and Belle (Once Upon a Time)
Alex and Maggie (Supergirl)
Kara and Cat (Supergirl)
Sara Ryder and PeeBee (Mass Effect Andromeda)
Hope and Shelly (Wearing the Cape)
Laurel and Nyssa (Arrow)
Waverly and Nichole (Wynonna Earp)
Kim and Trini (Power Rangers)
Jessica and Trish (Jessica Jones)


CLEXA (please be endgame)

CAMREN (wish they’re real but they said they’re not lesbians so chill) bruh. DELUSIONS! They’re separately single! they are real!

FLEURMIONE (OMG please read their fanfics they’re so compatible)


BRITTANA (ENDGAME BITCHES! where the hell is the spin-off?)

HEYA (”maybe” there’s something going on before. I dunno ask their trailer.)

ACHELE (they we’re real at some point. Do not argue with me.)

FABERRY (should’ve happened. they made a mistake.)

BECHLOE (ugh. please let them happen already geez don’t you feel the sexual tension?)

KAYLOR (again. same as Camren they are not lesbians. *cough* wish they were *cough* ugh they’re so fuckin’ cute!)

COPHINE (ah the puppy and the geek monkey. hon hon hon baguette croissant moot moot)

SWAN QUEEN/SWEN (there’s so much potential here. Do not let it go to waste. ugh. So frustrating.)

HOLLSTEIN (soy melk, yellow pellow, jawlines, the baeman, the black cat, murder her for christmas!)

SLEEPING WARRIOR (where the heck are they?! we need more!)

RED BEAUTY (ah. so adorbs! the bookworm and the big bad wolf. who wouldn’t ship them? They’re the real Beauty and the Beast)

SPASHLEY (yes. spashley, <3)

TILLOW (y’all let’s not forget the lesbians in the late 90′s! where’s the respect?!)

RIZZLES (lesbian subtexts subtexts subtexts subtexts subtexts)

GAILLY (yass. yass. yass.)

SANSAERY (QUEENS! nuff said)

VALKUBUS (suck me dry. k. bye. )

DOCCUBUS (let’s play doctor. oooh kinky!)

KARMY (*playing in the background* what if we were made for each other? born to become bestfriends and lovers? -what if by: colbie caillat)


CALZONA (oh yeah!!!)

LUCE & RACHEL (imagine me and you. piper and lena; so perf. so perf!)

TALA AND LEYLA (i can’t think straight. too hot. HOT DAMN!)

EMISON (*whispers* shayley *disappears into the night*)

VAUSEMAN (hotness overload. RUIN ME!)

.JONISS (we all know who Katniss wants. bruh.)

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Lol. Just realized that if I actually get my novel published I don’t know whether to make the two main gals cannon or just leave them as friends to see if there’s fanfiction written about them.

I’m a monster because I’d probably choose the latter as revenge for all my ships.

But then I’m no better.

Welp. This should be fun. 😁🔫

i am so tired of het ships i am so tired of being expected to care about het ships i am SO TIRED of having to watch media abt men and het ppl just to find femslash material