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Red Beauty Week 2017

Sunday, April 16-Saturday, April 22

April 16: Canon Divergence

April 17: Fake Dating AU

April 18: Book Club

April 19: Bed Sharing

April 20: Teacher AU

April 21: Wedding

April 22: Free Day

Be sure to tag your entries with the #redbeautyweek tag! You can do anything you want for the week, fic, gifsets, art, videos, playlists, edits, meta, headcanons, etc. I look forward to seeing what you create!


Red Beauty Week Day 2: Fake Dating AU

Belle needs her friend Ruby to pretend to be her girlfriend at a family reunion and Ruby is happy to play along. As the ruse goes on, Ruby realizes that not only does she enjoy being referred to as ‘Belle’s girlfriend’, but she has also fallen in love with her friend.

Week One of Ruby Lucas Femslash Week 2017 will start on June 25th and continue through July 1st. Six pairings will be featured during the event, any posts relating to these ships will make their appearance on the corresponding date. Please ensure that all submissions are turned into @rubyweek by June 23rd at 24:00 EST. 

  • Sunday: Mulan Rouge
  • Monday: Frozen Wolf
  • Tuesday: Red Kansas
  • Wednesday: Open Ship
  • Thursday: Wicked Red
  • Friday: Red Mermaid
  • Saturday: Red Beauty

There are seven prompts that will be featured during the event. Please be aware that you are not limited to the these themes, as they are only meant to give inspiration. Should you choose to work with one of the following prompts, we ask that all posts and submissions be tagged accordingly. 

  • Prompt #1: First Encounters
  • Prompt #2: True Love’s Kiss
  • Prompt #3: Villain!Ruby
  • Prompt #4: Wedding Planning
  • Prompt #5: Dating App 
  • Prompt #6: Underbrooke
  • Prompt #7: Royal Ball/Gala 

I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and enthusiasm, RLFW 2017 would not be possible without you. If there are any questions between now and June, a moderator will be online to assist. Thank you again and may the force be with you.


Red Beauty Week Day 1: Canon Divergence

3B AU: After Rumplestiltskin sacrifices himself for them, the citizens of Storybrooke are sent back to the Enchanted Forest. A grieving Belle is comforted by her friend Ruby. As time goes on, the two women grow closer and Belle realizes that Ruby could be her second chance at love. When Belle confesses her feelings to Ruby, she is delighted to find that Ruby feels the same.