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Red Beauty Week 2017

Sunday, April 16-Saturday, April 22

April 16: Canon Divergence

April 17: Fake Dating AU

April 18: Book Club

April 19: Bed Sharing

April 20: Teacher AU

April 21: Wedding

April 22: Free Day

Be sure to tag your entries with the #redbeautyweek tag! You can do anything you want for the week, fic, gifsets, art, videos, playlists, edits, meta, headcanons, etc. I look forward to seeing what you create!


Same sass, different city.


Red Beauty AU:

While searching for Yaoguai Mulan and Red run into Belle who was also searching for the beast. A spark runs between the two ladies and when they leave Mulan and Yaoguai turned Philipp to find princess Aurora, what will happen with beauty and the beast?