red beaut

brighteronthesunnyside  asked:

Oh my gosh, I love your idea of Sophie being like a country girl. What if Sophie takes Mikey to the lake and goes fishing with him and they just spend time together in the woods?

“I’m glad you could join me, Mikey, but… didn’t you have some huge AP psych project to do this weekend?”

“I did, but I asked Bunsen to read and summarize all those articles for me so we could hang out together! He doesn’t mind~!”


@whynotandridinganon submitted: So my friend who has control of our other shared account is to shy to share her work with you, so I’m doing it for her. Hope you like her rvb videos shes got. (riding anon)

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous. the reverse falling was a beautiful touch your friend did an amazing job with this!!!