red bean bingsoo

1. Summer.

Mark: “Just hold onto me,” he smiled as you grabbed onto his shoulder. With both of your feet on the longboard, Mark guided you slowly down the sidewalk. “Easy there, no need to rush,” he chuckled as you tried to pick up speed. Today was the perfect day for him to teach you how to use his longboard. “Watch ahead!” he’d yell as you’d try to turn. “It’s okay, I got you,” he’d snicker as he catches you before you fall.

JB: “Red bean bingsoo, right?” he asked you. You nodded and smiled as you went to get a table. It was so hot outside that both you and Jaebum had your bingsoo cravings through the roof. Luckily, there was a nearby bakery that made and sold the best bingsoo. Fortunately, Jaebum was free today and decided to take you out since he owed you from the last ramen date you two had.

Jackson: “It’s a beach day!” he grinned as he threw a towel at you. You leaned up from the sofa and glared at him. “What?” he laughed. “It’s a beautiful day outside! Let’s go out and enjoy the sun!” You looked outside and nodded, agreeing how gorgeous it looked outside. “C’mon!” he’d whine as he grabs you by your arm and pulls you up. “Let’s try that new bathing suit you bought!”

Jr: “Hurry up! The light’s about to change to red!” he’d yell as you cycle up next to him. As soon as you two are side by side, the light turns red, making Jinyoung snap his fingers before putting his hands back on the handles. “Well, at least you caught up,” he’d laugh. “Next time, we’ll go biking in the park so I can appreciate the scenery and you,” he’ll laugh.

Youngjae: “Excuse me!” he’d laugh loudly as you tilted the fan towards you. “Sharing is caring,” he’ll bark as he moves the fan back to its original position. Since the AC in your apartment shut down, you plugged in the small, electric fan and sat down facing it with Youngjae. “Next time,” Youngjae panted as he handed you the hand fan he held, “let’s just go to the pool. I’m sweating like a pig.”

Bam Bam: “That was fun!” he’d exclaim as the two of you get off the ferris wheel. He’d hug you from behind as he leans his chin on your shoulder. As you scroll through your photos of the two of you, he’d smile. “Wow, I look great in that one!” he’d joke. “I’m so glad that we were able to come here today,” he’ll smile as the two of you enjoy the rest of the day at the amusement park.

Yoogyeom: “One cone for you,” he’d announce as he comes back with your scoop of ice cream, “and one for me.” You’d thank him as he sat adjacent from you in the ice cream parlor. “Nothing like ice cream on a hot summer day,” he’d shy before licking his ice cream once more. “And nothing better than spending time with my favourite person,” he’ll grin as he smiles at you with a dap of ice cream on his nose making you laugh.