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Got a blizzard? No problem! Put those two feet of snow to good use and make your favorite droid!!

Ok. I let myself spend some extra time on this one.
These were all supposed to be 1½ hour practices, but this one took me 3-3½ hours..
I blame the molten parts.

Based on the “Ember-Fist Zubera” card from Magic the Gathering

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Hope you enjoy!

- Dark-E / Alexander


new hbomberguy on the alt-right, the little white cuck ball and you! “I would call it the Dark Side, but … they’re all white.”

匿名 質問:

if it's not a bother, could you post an example of the different merles? there was a site id found some time ago that explored the genes of the border collie appearance but I can't seem to find it, and my google searches have been fruitless. hope all is well with you and the pups!

Black merle (aka “blue merle”) BB/b DD/d MM/m

Blue merle ( aka “slate merle”) BB/b dd MM/m

Chocolate merle (aka “red merle”) bb DD/d MM/m

Lilac merle (I’ve seen this called “dilute merle” but that makes no sense to me) dd bb MM/m

Red merle (aka “ee red merle”) ee red overrides merle/hides it, thus you will not see patches! This dog is genetically proven merle. His name is Player.

Sable merle (never seen another name for it) This comes in “shaded” or “clear”. Clear tends to look exactly like Player, or the dogs I’ve seen. I’ve seen some claimed to be clear merles but the merling is obvious which makes me think they are actually sable. I am not good with clear sable merle.

brindle merle (no other name?) This one is generally very rough, as it varies  A LOT:

Also brindle merle.

Of course, you can have modifiers (tri points, brindle tri points, etc.)

Then there is this:

This is an excellent example of tweed. This dog is genetically a chocolate merle tri, but see those weird colored patches? That’s tweed!

A black merle with a big, tweed belt-like patch!

The reason it seems people are trying to change from “blue merle” to “black merle” is because “slate merle” is genetically “blue” merle. A dog with dd without merle is gonna be blue (or lilac, if it is bb). The “red merle” thing is because of the confusion with “ee red merle”. A dog can look like a nonmerle if it is ee red, and I’ve seen people “that dog isn’t red merle!!! it has no patches!!” when genetically, the ee red dog IS merle. I think it’s to help with the accidental merle x merle breedings that sometimes happen - ee red hides it, and hides it well, so it’s always advised to breed an ee red dog to a nonmerle unless you know for sure.

There’s only a few people doing it, and it seems to be only BC people (that I’ve seen, but I don’t look at other breeds often) doing it.  I get their points of WHY they want to do it and I agree - when I was first learning “slate merle” confused the hell out of me. Different breeds have different names, though - while I may call this BC a “chocolate merle tri”, in Dachshunds, for instance, they’d call it a tan-pointed chocolate dapple. It’s the same thing, just different names!

Chic and Casual Mix: Cape & Pencil Skirt

Chic and Casual Mix: Cape & Pencil Skirt

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Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! The weather here is currently all over the place (hence the crazy wind in my hair in the photos.) I have a story behind the t-shirt that I am wearing for this post! The shirt is a caricature of Coco Chanel, one of my all-time favorites, accompanied by the statement “I don’t give a chic”. I bought this t-shirt at a Souk (market) in Dubai…

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