red bbs

My sister is going to Rome and I am SO JEAL 

Do you think I have a glittering career ahead of me as a tourist guide

because I do

I do think that

(disclaimer: I have not been to Rome… this may affect my career choice but I am confident in my abilities)

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if anyone ever called u the n word id feel the chill in my very bones of who and where they were. id slither into their home whilst they slept and scuttle to the edge of their bed. id pluck a single hair from me head and using my fingers to hold their eyelid open id drag the hair across their vulnerable eyeball, leaving a streak of red irritation. ilu bb. noone will hurt u. ur my senpai

This is the best anon message I’ve ever received. I love you LMAO.

I’m really excited to see what Richard Armitage does when he comes on as the Red Dragon, because that’s such an awesome character.
—  Lee Pace (x)

if I somehow become famous when I’m older this brooklyn beckham blog and thirst posts about him never happened

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hangi gruplar

BTS, BB, EXO, Red Velvet, Teen Top, M.I.B falan khkghj Tüm kpop’ı saycam yakında. En çok bunları dinliyorum ama öyle çoook dinliyorum diyemem. Yabancı müzik daha çok dinliyorum artık. Kpop’da çoğunlukla EXO ve BTS dinliyorum. EXO’nun son albümü mükemmel.