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From Doctor Horrible to She Loves Me-A Brief History of Musicals on the Web: Know the Score

An overview of all the surprising, wonderful ways the musical is entering the digital age.


RED CAGE - P.O.T.W. Deborah Lippman - supermodel

These would have been fun vday nails, but oh well… next year! :)

  • Deborah Lippman - supermodel + all about the base
  • Essie - sugar daddy
  • red foil tape
  • red metallic studs

This is the third look using Deborah Lippman - supermodel. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!

New Beginnings (Part 1)

B: Yeah so, this is my first (posted) work onto the good old web so yee. if you enjoy it please tell me! I would love to hear feedback as well!! 

Prompt: Female! reader takes part in revolutionary war, was basically raised by gwash, the other parts will be much more floofy-er, i promise. 

TW: None I can think of, but idk

word count: 1009

Pairing: Hamilsquad x F!reader 


  Sure, being a chick in the 1700’s is hard. But seeing that you as an individual could get anything done that you set your mind to made it a little easier for you to get past that and join the revolution. It also helped that your father was great friends with Washington. Since Your falling out, you seemed to always be at Washington’s side. For he’d been training you since you were little. Although cold and distant, he appreciated you more than you’d ever know. Without your mother or father’s consent you fled to aid Washington about a year back, and immediately were recruited as a spy. Which you took great pride in. As you smuggled and stole British papers, weapons and anything you could get your hands on. And by your third mission you were one of the highest ranked spies for the Americans, despite your, um, “extremities” .


You burst through the opening of the tent that serves as George’s office for the time being.

He’s surrounded by a couple men who seem to be very persistent about something, but he pushes through to greet you.

“What is it Y/L/N?”

He grabs your shoulder as you heave and huff trying to catch your breath

“I-I, H-Have..” you stand up

“Spit it out, lieutenant.” he says abruptly

Just as you regain your balance you stand up straight, revealing your dress

George looks at you puzzled, For you have a stomach the size of an early mother, and yet you’d only been gone for no more than 3 days.

With a smirk you simply undo your first couple ties from your corset in the back of your old dress and a large clatter erupts

You step away to reveal an entire bag full of grade A british weaponry you stole from the red coats base a couple miles away.

“I have to admit, Y/N. I did get worried, but rightfully so.” Washington said with a smile

He’d been like a father to you for the past 10 months and protected you at all costs (which wasn’t always the easiest to stray from)

But nonetheless, he was like a father.

As you continued to talk to George, a young man a little taller than you, with dark auburn hair and eye bags that could be seen a mile away walked up to Washington

“Sir, if we could have a moment of your time-”

“What is it Hamilton?” George answered.

“Well sir, we- we would like to speak with you one on one” another young man approached, his skin perfectly douced with freckles and dark curls framing his tan, structured face.

Well, of course you would think these men were good looking? Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

“If you can speak with me about something, you can. If i have other acquaintances..”

Gesturing to you

“Then you’ll have to deal with it Mr. Laurens”

You give a little smirk.

“W-well. Sir-” Hamilton spoke up

“General.” George retorted.

“Ye-yes. General. Its come to my attention th-that we need another soldier to fight in our unit. You see, because while m-mulligan is over seas we need someone who can s-seek out the british forces to-”

Washington cuts him off immediately

“Take her.” George spoke.

“Excuse me sir”


“S-sorry si-i mean general. But don’t you think she would be…  harmed?”

You look up at Washington, rolling your eyes and he stepped closer to Hamilton

“Son, this woman right here has more balls than all the men in our naval fleet.”

God, you loved being praised

“She has single handedly led our men to victory on numerous occasions. She is more than capable of handling a couple of young men.”

You finally decide these poor men have had enough, and grab onto the General’s arm

“George i think these young men have had enough” you giggle, but in a tone to make it known you’re being serious. You already have enough people in this camp who hate you. And you don’t want 2 more (attractive might i add) men getting on your bad side.

“In fact, Y/N,” George turns to you as you look at him in shock

“i officially place you permanently in Mr.Hamilton and Mr.Laurens unit. I trust you will make the right decisions.”

You look at George in shock. Of course you can handle it but, come on. Look at these men, at least 1 foot taller than you and seem to be made of pure muscle.

“But, sir,” you spoke

George took your hands and held onto them

“Y/N, i believe you are ready to fight. You’re one of the best assets to our battalion and i believe if you help us in this time of need we will surely prevail.” he said, giving a looks of assurance.

“Sir but, if i-” Lauren’s interrupted

“Mr.Laurens, Mr.Hamilton. If you could please escort Mrs. Y/L/N to your tent and show her the ropes. I have much work to get done” he gestured to the two men.

“Now, Y/N. dearest, please if you need any assistance please feel free to contact me when i am around. Stay safe and make me proud.” George then pulls you into a warm embrace and plants a kiss on the top of your head.

You trust him, more than anyone. And you will absolutely do whatever it takes to help him.

You nod and push away to reunite with the two men, absolutely dumbfounded by what they have just witnessed

“Well,” you finally speak after the long drawn out awkward silence

“I never got to formally introduce myself. I’m Y/L/N. Y/F/N, Y/L/N.” you stop and stick out a hand to each of the boys

“Hamilton. Alexander.” the tired boy announces and takes your hand

“John Laurens at your service ma’am” the freckled boy bows and winks at you, Alex kicks him and John turns and glares at the other man.

and so, you continue to your new beginning.


~Belle :3


IKAT HEART TIPS - P.O.T.W. - Revlon - privileged

  • Revlon - privileged
  • Sally Hansen - red carpet + white on
  • O.P.I. - orange you going to the game?
  • OCC makeup - dangerous
  • gold heart stud
  • red hex sequins

This is the first look using Revlon - privileged.  Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.



Another seductive and gorgeous polish from possibly my favorite O.P.I. collection,  the O.P.I. x 007 collection. Beautiful bright red with tiny gold micro glitter lends a color worthy of a James Bond temptress, also a perfect holiday color! Although the glitter in the bottle is gold, when applied it appears red, giving it a ruby effect. Unfortunately this polish is no longer available in stores, however you can still get it online at amazon and the like! 1-2 coats only for full coverage and easy to remove despite being a glitter polish!

Stay tuned for the four designs featuring this polish and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.