red aunts


It’s just a small little memento that helps him sleep at night

Or to look at whenever he feels upset over something, either or


“Then she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.” [x]

A drawing of Peter eating a taco!  Wade made those, and he was really hungry : P

Just really felt like drawing this, haven´t answered that many spidey asks lately, let´s say it was because he was busy having a snack break, but he´ll be back pretty soon!

Kuroshitsuji Tumblr Usernames

-Ciel: i-write-sins-not-trageteas
-Sebastian: xcoolforcatsx
-Bard: boomgoesthekitchen
-Finny: the-solitary-gardener
-Mey-rin: maid-or-machine
-Bard/Finny/Mey-rin: the-three-stooges
-Snake: the-snake-whisperer
-Lau: London'sDealer
-Ran Mao: TheDealer'sAlphaBitch
-Alois: I’m-So-Trancy
-Claude: The-Spider’s-Web
-Undertaker: under_takeout
-Grell: xredaliciousx
-Madam Red: That-One-Crazy-Aunt
-William: sexy-in-a-suit
-Ronald: sir-flirts-a-lot

If Vincent was alive...
  • Ciel: Dad! Stop! I'm incredibly serious right now!
  • Vincent: Hi incredibly serious, I'm dad!
  • Klaus: Hi incredibly serious, I'm uncle
  • Sebastian (in contract with Vincent): Hello incredibly serious, I'm the hell of a butler!
  • Lau: Hi incredibly serious, I'm awesome!
  • Diederich: *eats a sandwich*... *sigh*...Hi incredibly serious, I'm...*sigh*...Godfather.
  • Ciel: ....
  • Tanaka: HoHoHo