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Spencer Porkinsenson Facecannon since I haven’t seen anyone do one yet.

Still not 100% on this but I wanted something over the top but also kinda Doyle like cos my bets are on him being part of the Feds during the Civil War on Chorus. And so he gets an edgey sweater vest.

I like to think Doyle would have liked him. Also kinda turned out like Yondu. Oopsie.

Battle of the Bands

A number of years ago (30-ish?), I was living in a little, tiny apartment built over a garage, behind a house.  Cozy little place.  No complaints, except for the crime rate in the neighborhood.  But I had no problems with my neighbors, except for this one time.

Probably a kid, possibly a tween or teen, but I never saw him/her, so don’t know –but this person started practicing the electric guitar – at volume.  The nice thing about an electric guitar is that - when you’re learning - you can keep the volume fairly low, so that you’re the only one suffering your learning pangs.  And then, when you get good, you can turn up the volume and thrash.  However, this person was learning a basic cord, and basic strumming, at a loud volume: “BUM-CHUCK, BUM-CHUCK, BUM-CHUCK, A-CHUCKA-CHUCK.“  Rinse.  Repeat.  And, again.  This went on for days.  Finally, on a warm, quiet afternoon - there’s not even the sound of lawnmowers going in the neighborhood, when this very loud, very electric, very newbie guitar player starts practicing again.  And I had had it.

I went and got the speakers to my record player (yes - it’s that long ago!), and put them in the windows of my apartment, facing outwards.  I found a Russian Red Army Chorus album and put it on the record player.  I cranked up the sound.  I went into my bedroom in the back of the apartment, and closed the door.  Fifteen minutes later, I came out, turned off the stereo, to discover peace and quiet had returned to my neighborhood.  Permanently.
All 92 on Syria-bound Russian military jet killed in crash, including 60 from Red Army Choir
A Russian military plane carrying 92 people, including dozens of Red Army Choir singers, dancers and orchestra members, crashed into the Black Sea on its way to Syria on Sunday, killing everyone on board, Russian authorities said.

“Today we are in the shock of the catastrophe in which our colleges of the Alexandrov Choirs and Dances disappeared. Not only were they our colleagues, but a very important military art company, and I am shocked to learn of the disappearance of their leader, my fellow student and friend General Valery Khalilov, with whom we studied and professed together at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow . It is a terrible loss for Russian music and art.
All members of the Red Army Chorus MVD of the Russian National Guard join me in expressing their friendship to the families of the members of the Alexandrov Ensemble and the families of all the victims of this tragedy and to address our feelings to them More affectionate in this dramatic moment ”.


The Red Army Choir - The Definitive Collection

you can say whatever you want about Soviet Russia but you must admit their music is really good.


Leningrad Cowboys Red Army Choir SWEET HOME ALABAMA (by Ron Rebideau)

is this real life

the most ridiculous Red Army Chorus videos I’ve ever seen

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Alright, time for a brief splurge of thoughts regarding the peoples, and governments, of Chorus.   

  • I think both sides have been wronged by theother, and they have legitimate grievances in their respective causes.
  • It’s potentially canon that the New Republic consists of the more rural/outlying populaces of Chorus.  (The fact that Armonia is under Federalist control and the discussion of how the New Republic was given leave to exit the pre-war government, which is difficult to reconcile with a bunch of heavily urbanized areas wanting to vacate)
  • While the Federalist’s negative qualities are readily apparent (authoritarianism, centralism), I don’t think canon does enough justice to the potential sins of the New Republic.  Just saying “booo, scary anarchistic terrorists!!1!” is very non-descriptive. (Although to be fair, limited run time and the fact that we heard that statement from Doyle, someone who’s been entrenched in the war for a while, makes it easy to dismiss as simple demonization of the opposition)
  • So, here’s some ideas for real grievances the Federalists could hold against the New Republic (note, these are all pre-war, as I suspect that once the bullets started flying, they didn’t ever really stop) – corrupt regional officials (the further away you get from central government, the easier it is to start setting-up little fiefdoms a la corrupt sheriffs in the modern USA or corrupt magistrates in old Chinese history), tribalism (not in the sense of ethnic populations, but in the “why are the g-men telling us to hand over Bob, he didn’t break any law we recognize” kind of fashion), and high societal acceptance of criminal activity (which ties into both of the previous points).
  • I think there is some interesting potential symbolism in giving the Federalists a helmet with a single, dominant eye-piece.  It’s reminiscent of Sauron, who is himself a symbol of authoritarianism (and industrialism interestingly enough, something that could be tied back to the potential urban/rural divide of the Federal Army/New Republic)
  • Also, note that both Locus and Felix have elements of their “employers” helmet designs in their own.  Locus’s is rounded, like the Federalists, while Felix has angular elements and a visor to match the New Republic’s.
  • The war-front was likely very porous.  Note how easy it was for the New Republic forces to just roll on up into Armonia. Potentially, the war (by the time of the Reds and Blues arrival) had boiled down to a string of heavily fortified Federal outposts whose supply lines kept being raided by the New Republic irregular forces.
  • The war had become total in a very real sense by the end.  Grey’s comment on armor and civilians is probably the most enlightening bit there.

And that’s all for now!