red apples on wood

Next Generation Amortentia:
  • Rose: Old books, freshly made pumpkin juice, grandma's blueberry bread and coconut (Scorpius's shampoo).
  • Hugo: Soft sea-salt pretzels, hot chocolate, dry basil leaves and hazel wood.
  • James Sirius: Butterbeer, toasted sunflower seeds, cinnamon and chestnut wood.
  • Albus Severus: Strawberry jam, firewhisky, cinnamon cookies and clean sheets.
  • Lily Luna: Black tea leaves, cherry flower, rosemary water and blueberry.
  • Victoire: Orange and poppy seed juice (Teddy's favourite), lavender flower, incense and wet grass.
  • Teddy: Fresh ink, lavender flower (Victoire's hair), chai tea blend and rain.
  • Dominique: Almond wood, fresh ginger, bacon caramel and periwinkle flower.
  • Louis: Homemade chocolate-chip cookies, lemon-peel tea, Shell Cottage's wild blackberries and coffee.
  • Fred II: Basil tomato sauce, watermelon, honey-roasted almonds and menthol cigarettes.
  • Roxanne: Coffee grounds, apple and cinnamon soap, warm milk and chocolate.
  • Molly II: Lemon pie filling, olive oil, juniper wood and Diagon Alley's fish and chips.
  • Lucy: Freshly painted walls, chamomile flower, coconut oil and honey-lemon water.
  • Alice II: Wild flower garden, moist clay, lemongrass and pink pepper grounds.
  • Scorpius: Red Roses, roll-up cigarettes, elder wine and apple pie.
  • Lorcan: Cypress wood, blue champagne, jasmine tea and peppermint candy.
  • Lysander: Poppy flower, pumpkin-spice pound cake, caramelized apricot and muggle beer.
Inner Circle's Aesthetic Feel

Cullen: Leather, Chilly mountainsides, Bitter toffee, Night owls, Quick kisses, Rushed words, Lemon water, Distance, Protection, Searing daylight, Ruffled hair.

Dorian: Dusty antiques, Corner of the library, Hushed giggles, Metal comb, Terrible coffee, Sneaking out with Privacy and Secret meetings, Cheesy jokes.

Cassandra: Tired eyes, Alone time, Red wine, Hand mirror, Wardrobe of things never wore, Ram horns, Security and Safety.

Cole: Silence, Running water, Dark corridors, Deep jokes, Hide and Seek, Stained glass windows, wandering, iced tea.

Vivienne: White, Order and Prosperity, Royal treatment, blueberries, Tidy house, Strolling through city markets.

Iron Bull: Making fun jokes at others, Pride and Will, Feasts, Adventures, A ton of piggy back rides, Tight hugs, Metallic taste.

Blackwall: Telling stories, Boasting, Evening dew on tall grass, Dragonflies and Lightening bugs, Force, Heights, Tavern visits.

Varric: Ink and quill, Talent, Silent and slow fear, Messy chamber, Annoying for fun, Breaking rules, Red, cotton weaved shirts.

Sera: Stealing apples from the market, Oak woods, Honey, The lute, Prancing about, Falling leaves, Brash winds, Poorly chosen vocabulary.

Solas: Study, Practicing ability, Bright ideas forgotten to write down, Cold, Grey days, Silk robes, Drakestone and Embrium.

The signs and associations
  • Aries: bubble gum, bandaids, yellow flowers, watching the sunset, kissing your friends, the scent of fruity perfume
  • Taurus: gold eyeliner, black well fit clothes, binge eating with someone you love, the taste of blood
  • Gemini: denim jackets, gossiping, smeared red lipstick, late over crowded concerts, skinny dipping in the lake, the smell of the city
  • Cancer: the bottom of a hotel swimming pool, pale yellow daisies, freckles, grass stains, comfy flip flops, warm sand between your toes, the smell of fresh air
  • Leo: the sun shining on your cold back, old time candies putting ribbons in your hair, listening to the crickets and the night sky, the sound of a train coming,the scent of cinnamon
  • Virgo: San Francisco streets,foggy air,yellow raincoats,boat docks,running wild,the smell of white roses
  • Libra: clear blue skies, white teeth smiles, crying into someone,windy days, red apples, the smell of the woods
  • Scorpio: dying your hair, wanting a piercing, feeling alone, a favorite worn out tee shirt, clunky boots, giggling, the smell of a party
  • Sagittarius: green tennis courts,maroon velvet, black tights, having a full online shopping cart but no intention to buy, wine stained lips, the smell of scented candles
  • Aquarius: forget-me-nots, tall trees, clear ponds, blue glass,daisy chains,wild growing ferns,the smell of morning dew
  • Capricorn: watching fish in the stream, moss growing on rocks, ivy on the side of a house, getting your picture taken, well dressed, silver chains, the smell of mint
  • Pisces: being late, cherry blossom trees,almond milk, Leo swans in a lake, black berries staining your hands, the smell of lavender

This afternoon’s project: HANGING THOSE DARNED SHELVES!

My Dad made these for me when I was a kid, to hold knickknacks and keepsakes. They’ve been sitting against a wall for over a year since I moved to Virginia, so today I decided I was going to spend my lunch break installing drywall anchors and hanging shelves.

They make a perfect home for my frequently-used herb jars, which add a nice little punch of color to the office wall, and it has the added bonus of helping to de-clutter the living room.

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anonymous asked:

Do the brothers (Sakamaki and Mukami) have a favorite tree?

Yuma: i like Oak trees! they’re big and strong!

Kou: Cherry trees!

Azusa: i like…. pine trees… i feel like… they are unwanted.. 

Ruki: Willow trees are beautiful to sit under in the spring

Ayato: Maple trees!!

Laito: i like the little trees, what are they called?.. oh saplings!

Kanato: Laito saplings are just baby trees.. they’re not actually a type of tree

Reiji: bonsai trees are small and easy to care for

Shu: the simple apple tree

Subaru: red wood trees are my favorite