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Where Are You Now? (Saeran x MC) [Part 1]

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So here’s the first part to a fic that I’d like to share with you all, specially written for my 1 month anniversary here ^o^


Where Are You Now?

Pairing: Saeran x MC

Fanfic By: R.I.

Word Count: 1358

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Midnight, a time of sleep and silence.

Also a time for the night owls to be released into the wild, also known as one’s own thoughts.

A dimly lit cigarette was tossed onto grass, left to burn to ashes. Its owner stepped out from the shadows, walking under the moonlight atop the hill.

The moon was full and clear tonight, illuminating the dark city before him. Occasionally, the faint red and yellow lights of cars whizzed about, but it was rare at this time of night.

It was almost 3AM, god forbid. Saeran Choi could not sleep.

Even smoking appeared to have no effects on him. Perhaps he’d become immune to it after so long. Aah, he really was a mess, wasn’t he? He chuckled humourlessly, staring up at the bright moon above.

How had he ever survived through his childhood like this?

He closed his eyes, embracing the darkness. The image of a little girl flashed through his mind, and a nostalgic pain tugged at his heart. Ah, that’s right. That person had been there for him as a child.

Two boys. A playground. A setting sun.

“Saeran, wait for me here, okay? I have a surprise for you!” Saeyoung grinned impishly, patting his little brother’s head. Saeran nodded, hands clenched at the front of shirt as he shyly looked up at his twin.

He watched Saeyoung sprint around the corner, running towards a musical tune. Saeran sat quietly on a bench, swinging his legs anxiously. Saeyoung would be back soon… right?

He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to pretend like he wasn’t scared. He was a big boy now. He couldn’t be scared every time his brother left him alone.

Although, this was different. This was the first time he’d been left alone outside. Saeran was usually locked up at home by their mother, unless it was absolutely necessary to leave the house. From the barred windows at home, he would always watch little kids playing together, walking home from school, happily living out their life. But today was special.

It was his birthday, and Saeyoung had decided to help him sneak out of the house. Today, they’d be staying out until the stars were twinkling above their heads. It would be worth their mother’s slaps, kicks and screams later.

Light footsteps echoed in the park, and Saeran gladly opened his eyes, relieved that his brother had returned. But when he looked up from the ground, he found himself staring at a young brunette child, a curious expression on her face.

“Why are you alone?” she asked, “Are you lost?”

Saeran quickly shook his head. “U-uhm! No, I-I’m waiting for my brother,” he hurriedly responded, his voice quieting down with every word. His cheeks were flushed red, and he tried really hard not to look away from the little girl.

It was the first time he’d spoken with anyone other than his brother, and he couldn’t help but feel nervous. Was he talking like a normal kid? Did she think he was weird?

“Oh!! I think I saw your brother! He looks just like you,” she exclaimed, eyes lighting up.

The little girl hopped next to him on the bench. “What’s your name?” she questioned, tilting her head cutely as she smiled encouragingly.

“S-Sae-“ he paused, then spoke louder. “Saeran. My name is Saeran.”

“Sae…ran,” she tested his name, then grinned. “I’m MC! Yay, now we’re friends~”

Saeran nodded, blushing and repeating the name in his head. His first friend. “Uhm, t-today’s my birthday,” he mumbled, not wanting the conversation to die down.

“Really?” MC said excitedly. “I just had my birthday yesterday! Ooh I’m older than you by one day!!”

Wow. She was so… bright, and cheerful. Saeran felt somewhat relieved that it wasn’t awkward to talk to her.

A lady in the distance called for MC, making her frown.

“Awwh… Mommy says I have to go,” she looked down sadly. “Even though we just became friends…”


“Let’s meet again tomorrow, Saeran!”

Saeran felt his heart drop, disappointment welling in his chest. “I can’t,” he mumbled, trying to hold back tears as he thought of his cage-like home.

“Then… let’s exchange emails?” she suggested.

His eyes lit up. That, he could definitely do. He nodded quickly, a small smile on his face.

MC beamed, and proceeded to write her email address in a small notebook, ripping out the sheet of paper to hand it to him. “Talk to you later! Let’s meet again one day when you’re free, okay?”

‘When you’re free,’ she had said.

To Saeran, that held a double meaning. Being ‘free’ would mean that he’d have to be free from his mother’s clutches first.

“Saeraaan~!” his brother’s familiar voice echoed through the park, his steps making a quick pitter-patter on the ground. In his hands were two ice cream cones. When he reached Saeran, he thrusted the mint-chocolate ice cream cone at him. “Happy birthday, Saeran.”

A girl. Ice cream. Stars.

End of Flashback.

It had only been one day in his life, but to Saeran, that day had changed many things in his life. Ice cream was a symbol his first taste of the outside world. Not to mention, he’d made his first friend that day, with whom he continued to communicate through email. In fact, it was indirectly due to MC that he started hacking. In his free time when he waited for her replies, he’d study coding, and observe the various patterns and codings of websites.

And it was thanks to his hacking skills (which eventually developed over the years) that he was accepted into Mint Eye. Now, he was free.

His eyes opened to the vast, dark sky. The stars were now covered by dark, stormy clouds. Looks like it would rain soon.

“Where are you now?” he wondered aloud as he sat up, a content look in his eyes. MC would always remain a precious person to him. Although they’d lost contact after his mother found out about his connection to the outside world, Saeran vowed to never forget her. She had been the first light in his life, cheerily brightening up his day.

And now, over 10 years later, his vow still held true.

Droplets of rain started to fall from the sky. Dammit.

He walked downhill, irritation bubbling in his chest. He still needed to run to the convenience store to restock on cigarettes. Considering the sudden rain, he would have to take the bus there.

Because there was no fucking way he’d carry around an umbrella—it would completely ruin his image. (He takes pride in looking badass.)

With quick, long strides, Saeran easily made it to the rooved bus stop. Let’s hope the bus comes soon…

Fortunately for him, his wish came true, as a bus pulled up to the stop in the next minute. It was 3AM in the morning after all. There was no traffic, and city buses were a 24/7 service.

As he expected, the bus was empty. The driver cast him an irritated glance, “Hey. You gonna pay or what?”

Right. The joys of public transportation. Saeran grunted, tapping his card against the payment screen.

The bus almost started again, but it screeched to a stop as a voice shouted, “WAAAIT!”

Saeran’s ears perked up, although he kept his gaze out the window. He didn’t really care, though he was slightly surprised that someone else was still up at this time.

A young woman made her way onto the bus, panting as she tapped her card to pay. “Th-thanks,” she said, taking a seat next to Saeran.

What the- there was literally EVERY other seat on the bus and she had to sit next to him? He turned in her direction to glare at her, but faltered as his eyes met hers. Shock spread across his features, silencing him.

She was the first to break the silence. “Could you be… Saeran?” Her eyebrows were furrowed as she analyzed his features.

The both of them had grown up a lot over the years, although there were still a few distinct features that were recognizable.

“MC,” he choked out.

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take this burden - part 20

[ giants - bear hands ]


He Tian was beginning to feel how little he’d slept the night before.

They traded places.

He still felt uncomfortable handing his keys over, but pushed it down and took a much needed nap as they continued in their way.

He woke awhile later when Mo Guan Shan pulled over, expecting a gas station.

Instead, he found they’d pulled off the road in front of a sign informing them they were entering a new town.

‘Everything ok?’ He Tian asked, yawning.

‘When do you have to go back to work?’

‘Technically never. Why do you ask?’

‘Well, there’s this place my family and I stayed the night several years back about an hour from here.’


‘It’s not a hotel. It’s little individual cabins. They have hot tubs and everything.’

‘You and your hot tubs, jeez.’ He Tian teased.

‘We all have a weakness. Don’t you?’

‘Bossy redheads, apparently.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Let’s go.’

‘Really?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, surprised.

Mo Guan Shan smiled, pulling back onto the empty road, telling He Tian to get some more sleep.

He Tian relaxed back into the seat, feigning sleep, listening to Mo Guan Shan softly sing along to the music for another hour or so.

They turned down a gravel road and He Tian sat up.

Slowly, a cluster of small cabins came into view and they pulled into the visitors entrance.

Before Mo Guan Shan had the chance to so much as unbuckle his seatbelt, He Tian was out of the car.

He requested the nicest cabin they had, slipping the kid that followed him to the car a few bills, asking him to bring champagne and ‘some fruit or something.

‘Honeymoon?’ The kid asked with a sly smile.
‘It’s more like a first date.’

‘Shit, man.’

They stopped outside the sliding doors.

‘What’s your name, kid?’


‘You got a girlfriend, Kev?’


‘I’ll tell you what. You-discretely-help me out tonight, and i’ll finance a night just like this for the two of you.’

‘You can’t be serious.’

‘Deadly. Do we have a deal?’

‘God damn right we have a deal. Just tell me what you need.’

They conversed quietly for a few moments and Kev handed him the key, directing him to their cabin and telling him he’d be around shortly.


Mo Guan Shan followed He Tian’s directions, pulling into the small driveway a minute or so later.

‘Did you tell them about Felix?’


The cat in question growled when Mo Guan Shan picked up his carrier and grabbed his things.


He Tian retrieved their bags and followed him to the door, stepping around him to unlock it.

‘Sometimes it’s fun to have a secret just because you can.’

Mo Guan Shan whistled, long and low.

‘This is a bit nicer than I remember.’

‘I put in a request.’

‘I’ll pay you back for this.’ Mo Guan Shan promised.

‘Don’t start that shit.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Don’t start the money thing with me again.’

Mo Guan Shan shrugged, walking further into the large room with the cat carrier.

‘I think I’m going to set Felix up in the bathroom and let him calm down a bit.’

‘That’s probably a good idea.’ He Tian agreed.

He set up the litter box and food and tried to lure the cat from his carrier while He Tian wandered into the kitchen, called Jian Yi to let him know they were staying out of town another night and asking for him to feed his fish.

Jian Yi laughed softly.

‘Are you telling me you’re taking a vacation? I didn’t think that was something you were capable of doing.’

‘It looks that way.’

‘When are you coming back?’

‘Tomorrow. Probably.’

‘So, there’s a chance you might not be coming home tomorrow?’

‘I guess we’ll see how it goes.’

‘So…have you…?’

‘No. I haven’t. I’m not going to. Stop it.’

‘If you say so.’

He Tian was about to hang up on him when Jian Yi yelled his name into the phone.

‘Jesus, what?!’

‘Are you having a good time?’

‘I really am.’

‘I’m glad. Zhengxi is too.’

Zhengxi protested in the background that he didn’t care at all.

He Tian laughed.

‘Alright, I’m going to go. I’ll keep you updated.’

The line disconnected.


He found Mo Guan Shan exploring the rooms.

‘Come with me.’ He Tian instructed.

Mo Guan Shan followed him up the stairs onto the large loft that served as the master bedroom with an enormous bed in the middle, and a large TV mounted on the wall across from it.

He Tian put their bags on one of the chairs and perused the bar.

Not a minibar.

An actual, well stocked, bar.

Mo Guan Shan continued into the bathroom.

‘Good news!’ He called.

He Tian joined him, smiling when he saw the individually wrapped toothbrush laid out by the sink.

The counter was covered in whatever small toiletries you could possibly need.

There was a huge bathtub, the kind with jets and built in stool type things that didn’t seem to have much of a purpose, and separate shower.

‘Hot tub?’ He Tian asked with a smile.

‘Hot tub.’ Mo Guan Shan agreed.

They made their way down the stairs and let themselves out through the backdoor.

Their view was ridiculous.

The leaves were beginning to change and they looked down over miles of colorful foliage.

The hot tub’s cover had been pulled back, the jets and lights already turned on, small tealights in frosted glass candle holders sat on any available surface flat enough to accommodate them safely.

Next to tub on a small wooden table sat a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and a covered tray.

All of these items were surrounded by rose petals.

Damn, Kev.

Mo Guan Shan looked to He Tian, eyebrows raised.

He simply shrugged, fighting a smug smile and popped the cork from the bottle, pouring two glasses and turning around to hand one off.

Instead, because he was as asshole, he watched Mo Guan Shan, where he stood a few feet away with his back turned, undress and gently remove the wrap around his ribs
His bruises were getting better, slowly but surely fading from a violent purple to deep red, ringed with a sickly yellow.

He’d noticed in the car that his lip was all but healed and the cut on his cheek would have been ready to lose the stitches if he hadn’t gone swimming and taken a shower with no attempt to keep it dry.

He Tian reminded himself to check on that later that night.

Lost in his thoughts, he’d forgotten to stop shamelessly staring until Mo Guan Shan cleared his throat, looking over his shoulder.

Having nothing to say for himself, he smiled sheepishly and offered Mo Guan Shan the glass.

Dropping and stepping out of his boxers, the redhead climbing up the small set of stairs that led to the raised hot tub and lowered himself into the warm water before holding his hand out for the drink.

Mo Guan Shan sank into one of the built in seats, groaned as the initial sting faded, and the heat began to relax his muscles.

He leaned his head back, closing his eyes.

He Tian stripped quickly and joined him, settling into his own seat a few feet away.

‘Feel good?’ He asked softly.

Mo Guan Shan lifted his head, readjusting himself.

‘Absolutely amazing. I didn’t even realize how sore I was.’

‘I can give you a massage later, if you want.’ He Tian offered, after having no intention to do so at all.

‘I will never turn down a massage.’

They both took a drink, looking away and thinking about that from both perspectives.

‘This is nice, He Tian. Really, really nice.’

He Tian fought the urge to tell him it had been his idea, after all.

‘Not too cheesy?’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘Just the right amount of cheesy.’

He tian smiled, leaning over the side of the tub and pulling the cover off the silver tray.

‘What is it?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, unable to see from where he sat.



‘No, it’s fruit. But that would be hilarious.’

He Tian picked up the tray, bringing it back to with him and balanced it precariously on the edge.

Mo Guan Shan drained his glass, and joined He Tian by the newly obtained food.

Strawberries, grapes, melon slices, pineapple, and a bowl of whipped cream (because if they’d brought a can they’d also have to supply condoms and that would be costly.)

Mo Guan Shan grabbed a strawberry, dipped it into the cream, and took a bite.

He placed the leafy top back onto the tray and sat back, licking the cream from his fingers.

He Tian stared at him.


He smiled, shaking his head and standing to refill their drinks.

Mo Guan Shan watched him, looking more relaxed than he had since they’d met.

Handing the second glass off, he grabbed a grape, dipping it in the cream and sitting down.

Just a few moments of indulgence never hurt anyone…right?

He extended it to Mo Guan Shan and was rewarded with a small smile.

Mo Guan Shan opened his mouth, accepting the grape and grabbing He Tian’s hand, spitting the fruit into the water and licking the sticky sweetness from his fingers.

He Tian yanked his arm back, glaring at Mo Guan Shan.


Mo Guan Shan shrugged.

‘I don’t like grapes.’

‘Why didn’t you just tell me that?!’

‘Because I do like whipped cream.’

‘You’re cruel.’

They watched each other for a few long moments.

‘Kiss me?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

He Tian took a deep breath, looking away.

‘You know I can’t do that.’

‘Honestly, I don’t. Are you straight? Are you seeing someone?’

‘No, I…’ he trailed off.

‘What? You what?’

‘It’s too soon.’

‘Too soon? Are you fucking saving yourself for marriage?!’

‘Mo Guan Shan, five days ago your boyfriend-’

‘Ex.’ Mo Guan Shan interjected angrily.

‘Your EX boyfriend was beating the shit out of you in an alleyway. You still have bruises.’

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows.

‘Is this about the bruises? Do you think they’re gross or something? I can put a shirt on…’

He Tian almost laughed at the absurdity of the question but Mo Guan Shan looked so, so, sad.

‘It’s not the bruises, it’s not you at all…’

‘Oh, it’s not me it’s you, right?’

‘Fucking shit, no! It’s the fact that you’re not even a week out of an abusive fucking relationship. I can’t just swoop in and take-’

‘Take advantage of me? Is that what you’re going to say?’

He Tian nodded.

‘Do you think I don’t know that? I know what happened. I was fucking there. I can’t do anything about that. Are you worried like your friends are? That I’m not ready? Or are you worried that you’d be a rebound?’

He Tian’s had been ignoring the little voice telling him exactly that for several days now.

‘A little of both.’ He answered honestly.

‘He Tian, even if that was something I believe in, that wouldn’t be you. A rebound is quick and easy and something you leave on the doorstep.’

He Tian didn’t respond.

Mo Guan Shan continued.

‘You aren’t any of those things. You’ve had plenty of chances to take advantage of me, and you haven’t. I’m not asking you to fuck me, or be my boyfriend, or help me forget. I’m just asking for a kiss.’

He Tian couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact.

‘What if I say no?’ He asked, looking up at the stars.

In the city, you were lucky if you could see the moon through the light pollution.

‘If you say no, I’ll pout for a few minutes, eat all the whipped cream, and let it go.’

‘And if I say yes?’

‘If you say yes, I will sit perfectly still and behave myself while you kiss me, eat all the whipped cream, and let it go.’

‘I’m…scared.’ He Tian admitted, for the first time since he was a child that fully believed in the monster that lived under his bed.

‘I trust you, He Tian.’

‘You shouldn’t.’

Mo Guan Shan shrugged.

His gaze no longer held the defiance, anger, or insecurity.

Fuck it.

Agonizingly slowly, He Tian leaned forward, taking Mo Guan Shan’s face in his hands.
He pressed their lips together softly, pouring everything he felt into the simple, sweet, act.

Mo Guan Shan tilted his face up, keeping his hands to himself, as promised, and kissed him back, parting his lips for He Tian’s tongue.

He Tian used every ounce of his willpower to pull back.




Genre: Reluctant soulmate!au, angst, fluff.

Summary: After years of only seeing black and white, you finally meet Kyungsoo, your soulmate who brings colour into your life. You want him, but does he want you?

A/N: This is my first request! It’s kind of awful, but I hope I improve. Enjoy! :)

(n) a love returned in full.

I closed my eyes. I desperately wished, that when I opened them, colour would scatter the world that I looked upon. But it was just that. A wish.
Reopening my eyes, I sighed at the dull black and white that filled my vision. I longed to see the colours a few of my friends and family had told me of. Yellow flowers, green grass, blue sky, red cars. It sounded beautiful, and I had yet to experience it.

My shoulders slumped in defeat as my friend, Sehun, bellowed at me to keep up. I scurried after him, listening to him talk on and on about his lovely soulmate, whom he had met last year when he went for a stroll in the park. I had gone for many strolls in the park, yet I hadn’t met the person I was supposed to love yet.
You see, when you meet the person you love, beautiful colours surround you. Your world instantly goes from the gloomy black and white, to a colourful mess. That’s what I craved most. To love, be loved and witness the beautiful colours. When Sehun found his, he was over the moon. He rambled all about the world and how it looked much better, and how he loved his soulmate to the moon and back. He would only stop when he seen the glum expression on your face.
It’s not that you weren’t happy for him, your happiness was just acquainted with envy.

“It’s our one year coming up in a few weeks and I want everything to go spectacular. I have the night planned, but I must choose what to wear. What shirt do you recommend?”

“They’ll all just look black and white to me, Sehun. But honestly, if it’s going to be dressy, I know that white shirts are probably the best to go with.”

“You don’t need to see colour to tell me which design is the nicest. I’ll just tell you what colour the shirt and design is,” he commented. “I’ve thought this over.”

“Clearly not enough. Are you forgetting that I’ve never seen a colour before? It’ll be pointless telling me, you absolute birdbrain, Oh Sehun.”

“Oh,” he muttered. “I didn’t actually think of that. My sincerest apologies, best friend. I’ll just go with a white one. Now, onwards we go! I’m starving.”

We arrived at a small café, and ordered our food. While Sehun ordered a plate of food, I just went with a small coffee to waken myself up, seeing as Sehun dragged me out of bed at 8am, to bring me into town to help with an anniversary gift for his lover.

This was the best and worst thing Sehun had done.

You silently sipped your coffee, listening to Sehun mumble on about different things, and watched as he snapped pictures of his food and coffee. This was how your friendship worked. You were always the quiet, reserved, introverted type whereas he was talkative, sometimes loud and done most of the talking.
When you finished your coffee, you excused yourself to go to the bathroom. Standing up, Sehun was mumbling more things to you, telling you he would be finished soon and your next destination would be a new store that sold music – his friend owned the store and he wanted to try it out. You were so busy trying to listen to Sehun and walk at the same time, you didn’t notice the two boys in a hurry to get to the counter so you crashed into one of them.

“Oh,” you muttered once your body collided with one of the men. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention and…”

You trailed off once you looked up, suddenly captivated by the man in front of you. Perhaps it was the fast beating of your heart, or the fact that you thought you could hear his heart beating just as he could hear yours, or maybe it was the calm feeling you felt as soon as you had touched, despite the fast beating of your heart. Although you knew this was the man you were supposed to love, as when you glanced up you were not met with the typical black and white, but instead a splash of colour all around you.

You wanted to look around and witness it all, you really did, but your eyes couldn’t leave the eyes of the boy in front of you. They were beautiful. They were so round, and the colour was captivating. You wanted to know if they were blue, or green, or brown. If you were being honest with yourself, you wanted to know everything about the man you just bumped into.
After what felt like at least five minutes, he finally cleared his throat and began to speak, and his voice was simply beautiful.

“Sorry, we were, um, walking too fast. We should have realised it was too crowded in hear to walk at such a speed,” He paused and jabbed his thumb towards his friend who was behind him, watching you both with a raised eyebrow. “My friend, Chanyeol and I have to get back to work soon so we were in a hurry.”

“It’s okay,” Your voice sounded slightly hoarse, or strained, so like he did before you, you cleared your own throat. You offered a small smile before continuing, “I should have been paying attention.”

“Yeah. Okay, well sorry again. We’ll just get going- “

“I’m sorry but,” You reached out and wrapped your hand around his arm and you could feel him stiffen under your touch. “Did you feel that too? Can you see what I see?”

You lowered your voice for the last part of the question, and your eyes searched his. You saw guilt and hesitation flash across his eyes, and that’s how you knew the next thing that through his lips was a lie.

“No. I didn’t feel anything.”

“But you can see colour now? Can’t you?”

Hesitating again he replied, “Yes. I can. Look, there must be a mistake. We aren’t soulmates. I didn’t feel anything, maybe something went wrong. I’m sorry but I need to go. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see colour, but this is a mistake. Goodbye.”

“Kyungsoo, I have our coffee. Let’s go.” His tall friend’s deep voice cut through the air making you look at him. He had a sorrow in his eyes as he looked at you, before turning away with the man whose name was Kyungsoo.

The name Kyungsoo made your heart hurt, and it took you a few minutes to process what had just happened. You had just been rejected by the man you were supposed to spend your life with.


You didn’t see Kyungsoo for another week after the accident. After it happened, Sehun had claimed he witnessed the whole thing, and after calling him an asshole, he had demanded you both go home to curl up on the sofa of your apartment and watch re-runs of We Got Married. You only left your apartment to go down to the store, feeling utterly broken and upset. You had often wondered if he felt the same way, before you snapped out of it and realised that he had been the one to reject you, so of course he didn’t feel the same way.

“Okay. That’s enough moping around, let’s go out. I still need to find a gift and you need to go further than the corner store. There are plenty of people in this world who don’t have a soulmate, and of the billions of people in this world, you aren’t letting an asshole whom you met 40 minutes down the street, stop you from meeting another lovely person.” Sehun threw you clothes, moving his hands in a movement that told you to ‘put them on.’ So, you did.

Sehun had helped you a lot within the last week, especially with your new-found colours. At least you had a colourful world now, so you could see what you had been missing out on. Sehun told you all the colours, so you were pretty sure you knew each of them now. Including the brilliant shade of brown that were Kyungsoo’s eyes.

You and Sehun wondered down town into the music store which his friend owned, after collecting a few gifts from other stores and he insisted this was the last stop. You were rather tired by now and wanted to go home.
As you got to the door of the store, your heart started to race and you instantly knew why. Sehun pushed open the door and standing in front of the cash register, was Kyungsoo.

Sehun hadn’t noticed him yet, and began to walk around the different aisles looking at the different music collections that they had to offer. You noticed Kyungsoo’s lanky friend, whose name you couldn’t remember, who was staring at you both, before nudging Kyungsoo. He looked up to shoot his friend an annoyed look, and followed his gaze to where his eyes landed on me.
Not long after, Sehun had soon caught on that Kyungsoo had worked here and asked if you wanted to leave, but you had brushed it off, stating you couldn’t hide from him forever, seeing as you both live in similar areas. Sehun finally chose an album and you made your way to the front of the store, meeting Kyungsoo’s eyes, which haven’t left your figure since he noticed you.

“Oh,” he started, in a dull tone. “It’s you.”

Your heart panged slightly at his tone, but you looked away from his gaze and muttered, “It’s me.”

He took the album off Sehun and began to put it through the register. You looked back at him to get a proper look at the rest of his features, such as his large, heart shaped lips, his cute plump nose and his short, messy black hair on his head. He was handsome. Had he rejected you because you weren’t enough for him? Were you too plain? You felt tears meet your water line

but you blinked them away when a voice called out Sehun’s name.

“Ah, Sehun! It’s great to see you again!” A tall man with slightly gelled hair walked out and greeted Sehun, giving him a short hug. Sehun introduced the man as Yixing, who was Chinese. Yixing then proceeded to pull you into a quick hug.

“When I moved here to teach dancing, Sehun was once of my best students. He’s very talented. Oh! By the way, this is two workers of mine, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol’s deep voice boomed a loud hello in return, whereas Kyungsoo gave a slight nod. You noticed Sehun shooting him a small glare, but Kyungsoo wasn’t looking at him. Your heart was going crazy under his gaze and you wanted to slap him, but also reach forward and grab him into a tight hug and never let him go.

Yixing broke your gaze with him by throwing an arm around your shoulders, and you thought you seen somewhat of a glare from Kyungsoo at his boss, but you dismissed it.

“So, do you have a job?”

“Uh,” you pursed your lips and told him the truth. “I did, but I left two weeks ago. It wasn’t the best place to work. I’ve started looking around though, for another.”
“Great! Today’s your lucky day, then. You start tomorrow, say 8am?”


You, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol and Sehun had all spoken at the same time. You, Chanyeol and Sehun speaking with shock, and Kyungsoo’s coming out a little harsher.

“I’ve been needing extra staff since the store has been getting more popular. So, this is perfect, you get a job and I get an employee! Now, I must be off. I hope you’ll take the job, it’s a great place and I promise I’m not bad to work for.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t want to work in a little old music store surrounded by boys. I think the mall was hiring, in one of those food shops. She could try there,” The voice you dreaded – but loved – to hear cut Yixing off before he had the chance to leave.

“Actually,” Your voice wobbled as you spoke, but you tilted your head in Yixing’s direction and finished with confidence. “I’ll take the job. Tomorrow, 8am.”

And with a cheer, a glare and two looks of shock, you wondered what you had gotten yourself into.

And so, you began, working at the store. You enjoyed it, and you soon managed to ignore the fluttering and the panging in your heart because of Kyungsoo. He wasn’t so welcoming, giving you occasional glares, sending you out on rainy days to fetch coffee, or yelling at you for knocking over his newly made music stand. You became fast friends with Chanyeol, who was welcoming and had a great sense of humour, never failing to make you laugh. You had only been working there for a few weeks, but you loved it and Yixing was great to work for.

“Have you seen Chanyeol?” Kyungsoo startled you, making you drop the few posters you were holding as he rounded the corner.

“He decided to do the coffee run today, to stretch his legs.”

“You’re so clumsy,” he said harshly, picking up the few posters and thrusting them at you.” I’m surprised no one has complained yet about a broken record. I’m nearly sure you’ve dropped everything in here.”

“Well, if someone would stop sneaking up on me every day, maybe I wouldn’t drop them.”

“Walking up to you and talking is hardly sneaking up on you.”

“You come so quietly! How am I supposed to hear you when you walk more silently than a damn turtle!”

“Maybe you need to get your hearing checked out because I don’t walk that quietly! You’re the only person who jumps when I speak to you! Maybe if you weren’t always lost in thought.”

At this rate, you were both standing pretty close to each other, with glares directed at the other person, when Chanyeol walked in.

“Interrupting something, am I?”

“No,” Kyungsoo said taking a step back. “You’re interrupting absolutely nothing. It’s about time you’re back.”

And with that, you both went about your day as you always did. It was near closing time when you heard Chanyeol and Kyungsoo talking, and what you heard made your heart shatter.

“Kyungsoo, what time is your date with Haewon anyway? Isn’t it like, your one month anniversary?”

Not wanting to hear the rest, you walked up to them with your head held high and told them you were finished, and were going to head home. Looking at Kyungsoo, you felt tears building up and you saw a flash of guilt cross his eyes before he turned away. You were dismissed.

What you hadn’t heard or seen, was Kyungsoo swatting Chanyeol with his hand. No matter what Kyungsoo did, he couldn’t get you out of his head. You were his soulmate, and despite how hard he tried, he knew he was falling more and more in love with you, even if all you did was argue.

You managed to keep your tears in until you reached your apartment. It was still early in the evening, but you felt exhausted so you headed straight into your bed, where you let silent tears fall down your cheeks, falling asleep late into the night.

Your head and eyes hurt the next day when you got up for work. You slept through your alarm and when you got out to your car, it wouldn’t start. You ended up catching a bus to work, and you were 20 minutes late. Yixing didn’t mind though, as you told him what had happened with your car.

“It happens,” He stated. “It’s been pretty quiet this morning anyway. Are you okay by the way? Your eyes look a little…”

“I’m fine, thanks. Allergies.”

With that, he left. You had successfully managed to ignore Kyungsoo for most the day, your heart still feeling sad from overhearing what his plans were last night. Was she prettier than you? Is that why he didn’t want you?

“Let me help you, with putting out the albums,” Kyungsoo cut your train of thought, and you felt heat rushing to your face as you silently nodded. You could feel his gaze on you as you both worked but you kept your eyes in front of you.
“You look tired,” He began.

“I am tired.”

“Did you sleep late last night? Is that why you were late this morning?”


“Chanyeol isn’t coming in today. He went out last night and drank too much,” He chuckled at his sentence. Your heart warmed at the sound, you almost smiled but you didn’t. “It’s just me and you.”

You nodded.

The rest of the day went like this, Kyungsoo being unusually sweet and making small conversation whilst you kept quiet and worked. You couldn’t wait to leave, as you were exhausted and Sehun was coming over tomorrow with his soulmate, and knowing him, it would probably be early.

Finally, the end of the day came and Kyungsoo said he would lock up, and you could head on home if you wanted. There were no more buses now, so you made your way to the side of the footpath to cross the road to walk home. However, you were so tired that you went to cross the road and barely noticed the car coming in your direction, however before it hit you, you heard Kyungsoo calling your name before his hand was pulling you into his chest, away from the road.

Your eyes widened once you realised how stupid you had just been, and if it weren’t for Kyungsoo, who knows what would have happened.

“Are you stupid? Oh, my god, you walked straight out in front of that car, what the hell. Do you want to die? Never, ever scare me like that again.”

Instead of saying anything, you hugged Kyungsoo tightly, which he gladly returned. You were still shocked but you managed to speak.

“Y-you saved me, Kyungsoo. I’m sorry, and thank you. That was so stupid, I don’t even…” Your voice trailed off and Kyungsoo hugged you even tighter and pressed his lips to your head.

“I’m sorry,” He mumbled.

“Why are you sorry?”

“For hurting you. You know… when we first met.” You stayed silent and let him continue. “It’s just, we walked into each other and I lied, I did feel it. I felt that spark, my heart was racing and there was so much colour. It was beautiful. You were beautiful. Your eyes… they were amazing. But I had met another woman, I thought I loved her. So, I rejected you, I lied and left. We met again and my heart, it felt like it was going to explode. I loved hearing you talk, looking at you, I just wanted to be around you. When I was with the other woman, my mind kept drifting back to you. I wanted to get to know you, I wanted to be with you instead of her. I broke things off with her last night. I couldn’t do it anymore, you’re the one I want. You’re my soulmate, not her. I’m falling in love with you, and until now I’ve just been so stupid, and I hope you can forgive me.”


“I don’t expect you to straight away. Can we just… start over?”

After silence, you looked into his beautiful eyes, before saying, “I would like that. Very much.”

“Hello,” He grinned, holding you out at arm’s length. “My name is Kyungsoo, and I believe you’re my soulmate.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Kyungsoo. I’m Y/N. Did you feel that too? I think I felt a spark.”

“I definitely felt it. Now, how about I walk you home? We can get to know each other and maybe fall in love? Shall we see where this journey takes us?”

“I would like that very much.”

“Then, what are we waiting for?”

Well, Jem broke me. We’ve been trying this whole ignore the shitty behaviors thing (unless he’s hurting himself or others) including time-outs. Where you don’t talk to them about what they did or anything, you just put them in time-out with a simple “we don’t hit” or “we don’t throw swords at the baby”. Stand near enough to silently put him back and when he’s finished you just repeat the time-out phrase. We’ve been at it for 3 days now and it was working well, I thought. I mean I know that’s hardly enough time to consider efficacy, but I was hoping it was indicating a change for good. But today, after the10th time of putting him back, he got me. He got a rise out of me. He got me to grab his legs and hold him in the chair and threaten him with going to bed right now if he doesn’t finish this [MOTHERFUCKING!!] time-out. It worked, he sat there, crying a bit but stopped pushing buttons and deliberately doing what he’s not supposed to, for 5 minutes. 

But when he got out he walked off all slow and sad. I’m disappointed in myself. I definitely failed. I’m just at my wit’s end with that boy and his behavior and I keep trying to research and follow a plan and just ugh no wonder he’s a little shit I can’t even survive 3 days without breaking. 

SAW Day 6: First I Love You

The sun was beginning to rise over his city when the car stopped in front of the flat, bathing the windows in hues of reds, oranges and yellows.  He climbed from the car, buttoning his suit jacket as he looked up tentatively at one window in particular. 

Yesterday he did something unforgivable.  But he did it to save her life, or so he thought at the time.  His mind was exhausted; between the hours of never ending puzzles with horrific consequences should he fail, the emotional vivisection, the attempted suicide, the discovery of the death of his first best friend and the decades old unsolvable puzzle he had to solve in order to save John Watson’s life. Add to that the realization that his newly re-found baby sister was never going to be able to be released into society. She was mad.  She was criminally insane.  Despite all of that, she was his baby sister.  His recovered memories of her told him they’d been close once, or as close as she would allow anyone to be.  He was her favorite. 

Besides, they’d spent an entire evening together walking London and eating chips.  He loved her.  How could he not?

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