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Oh Are request open again!? If they are could I request RFA+V and Unkown on how they would react to MC in a Bikini while they are at the beach. Seriously love your writing!

Aw thank you ^-^. And yes requests are open! I wrote this with the idea in mind that the RFA is having a nice day at the beach. Just as a note, I went about this differently than I usually would. I pretty much wrote it the same except for V and Unknown where they’re not together just have the feels for each other.


  • it was the first time in a while since Yoosung went to the beach!
  • and he was not only glad he could go with the RFA, but you as well
    • he even brought a blanket to lay on with you
    • and lunch for just you two
    • and one for Seven because he asked
  • while you were changing into your bathing suit, Yoosung was with Seven out in the ocean looking for seashells
  • it was a few minutes when you had came out seeing your nugget preoccupied with finding shells on the shore
  • Zen was the first to notice you and your red bikini with white polka dots and frills
    • ☆⌒(≧▽ ° )
  • so you talk to him for a bit
  • then you suddenly feel an arm around your shoulder
  • and Yoosung is just giving Zen this look like hahaha stop looking at her or I’ll pluck out those pretty eyes of yours (⊙ ‿ ⊙)
  • when Zen backs off and leaves you two alone
  • Yoosung is proud of himself for a second but IMMEDIATELY takes his arm off of you 
  • when you look at him all confused his face is red as a tomato
  • “I-I’m sorry MC for touching you! I-I di-didn’t realize it until after he left. You just–”
  • boy is a big bag of sweetness
  • precious bean
  • after managing to calm down a bit he just holds your hand and silently gives you compliments
  • when no one was looking he kisses your shoulder  (°ㅂ°* )


  • this gelato had a lot of work to do before the trip so she planned everything out
  • both of you didn’t have anytime changing before hand so you decided to change at the beach
  • she didn’t get a chance to see the swimsuit you packed
    • even though she wanted to see it ;^;
  • once Jaehee was done changing, she came out of the bathroom in a blue and white long sleeve and blue shorts
    • she preferred more modest swimwear
  • you were having difficulties getting yours on and insisted you would be fine
  • so she waited outside for you because she is sweet and amazing Jaehee
  • to pass the time she was on her phone to answer a few messages from the rest of the RFA
  • “Alright, how do I look?”
  • Jaehee looks away from her phone and sees you in her high-waisted black shorts and red top
  • w(°o°)w
  • it kind of startled her a bit, almost dropped her phone
  • “You look cute.”
  • (ノ*°▽°*) you just got butterflies in your stomach when she said that
  • the rest of the day you can’t stop smiling and she can’t stop smiling when she looks at you


  • when you heard you were going on a beach trip you were all hype
  • the only exception was your swimwear
  • unfortunately, you ruined your favorite bikini bottom with the sunflowers on it after your period came early that month
  • now you were shopping for a new bikini 
    • that marshmallow wanted to help you but you were insistent it would be a surprise ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
  • then came the day of the trip
  • he didn’t get to see it the morning you two left because you slipped on a hoodie and shorts
  • after getting there, setting up your blanket and parasol (because Zen’s precious porcelain skin must be protected at all costs)
  • you finally took off your hoodie and shorts when got too hot
  • and holy shit Zen couldn’t take his eyes off of the orange wrap bikini you wore
  • you kept teasing him the more you caught him staring at you
    • obviously not ashamed to flirt with you in front of the RFA
  • he gets conflicted because he wants everyone to see you and be amazed by your beauty and majesty
    • but at the same time he doesn’t want anyone to look at you because you’re HIS boo
  • gets testy when he sees anyone even GLANCE towards you
    • dogs Jumin no matter what
    • Z: “Stop looking at her you beast!”
    • J: “I’m not even looking at her, I’m reading this book.”
    • “That’s what they ALL SAY!”


  • this donut was looking for swimwear for you the instant an RFA beach trip was planned
  • but you were insistent you had one and it was your favorite
  • “Do I get to see it?”
  • “Of course…later.” 
  • ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) you cheeky thing you
  • unfortunately, when you went to go pull it out you forgot the last time at the beach when the strap broke and your boob almost popped out
  • so you decided to go for your backup swimsuit
    • over it, you wore a zip up jacket with some shorts
  • Jumin has asked about it in the car again
  • and at that point, you were getting a little anxious being in your swimsuit so you just smiled and hoped for the best
  • you stayed in your jacket and shorts for a while, even though it was getting hot
  • you reached your breaking point and when the donut left to go to the bathroom you took off your jacket and shorts and hot damn did that feel better
  • he approached you but froze when he saw you in your black one piece with cat face on it
    • and it was strapless!!! where’s all the support go!?
  • when you see he’s there you just get embarrassed and all red
  • But he just sat next to you with a smile and said “It was worth the wait”
  • (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) oh boy it got hotter in here
  • if anyone even looks your way, he just shoots them this death glare
  • this donut just hangs around you the rest of the day looking at you so adoringly ^^


  • this jellybean knew what you were going to wear because both of you chose matching swimsuits
    • sky blue with pink flamingos on it ^^
    • perfect for the oddballs you two are
  • it was practically all you two talked about on the messenger
  • Saeren had to mute his damn phone
  • when you two got there he was sure floored by how stunning you looked in it
    • wooooooooooo~
  • would put his hand or arm on you any chance he got
    • “Oh no MC you have some sand on your shoulder, let me get that for you”
  • while you were sitting in the sand chatting with Yoosung and Jaehee, he was trying to toss sea shells into your top
    • and after much trial and error, he managed to get one in
    • you were annoyed at first but damn he got it straight in there, you had to give him credit for that
  • he didn’t really care that much when other guys were looking at you
  • because he knew he was your number one everything 
  • but let’s not talk about that
  • let’s talk about how you reacted when you saw Seven because it was the first time you saw him shirtless and YOU were floored with how ripped he was
  • he eats like 20 bags HB chips a day, where does it all go???


  • a great way to spend your day was with the people you care about at a beach
  • besides, SOMEONE had to take the pictures
  • not everyone was there yet ;-;
  • you had informed the chat that you were going to be running a bit late
    • he was just a bit disappointed but he’s a sweetheart and understands that you’re human and has a schedule of your own
  • either way, V was taking pics of the RFA enjoying their time or just stills of the ocean or the sky
  • you finally arrived at the beach
    • finding a guy with ice blue hair was easy to spot
  • but he looked kind of busy taking a picture so you quietly approached and sat down on the blanket next to him
  • after he took a picture he heard you ask what he was taking a picture of
  • he got spook a bit 
  • but when he looked your way he could see through his good eye your high-waisted royal blue bikini with images of white flowers and lace accents
    • (//ω//)
  • this sweetheart tries to play it cool and chat with you
  • but you can see he has a light blush across his cheeks
    • from the heat or the conversation???
  • doesn’t want to be creepy so he makes sure to only take pictures of you if you were with one or more people
  • after hanging out in the ocean, you went back to V’s blanket where you took a nap
  • didn’t realize he had a crush on you until you were laying there beside him ^^


  • doesn’t want to go to the stupid RFA beach thing
    • would rather be at home napping
  • but when he hears you’re going, he SUDDENLY has a change of heart
    • S: “The beach is stupid. Why would I go just to see my skin burn to a crisp?”
    • 7: “There’s going to be ice cream!”
    • “I can have ice cream here.”
    • “MC is going to be there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
    • “…do you have an extra pair of swim trunks…?”
  • ice cream AND you???
  • that sounds like a dream!
  • when the twins show up at the beach, the RFA greets him
  • why do you got to be all cute in your pink floral dress???
    • why are you even wearing a dress to a damn beach???
  • he tries to be normal by hanging in the ocean or looking for seashells with Yoosung and Seven
  • he gets tired and sits down under the umbrella with you
  • eventually you bring him back ice cream
  • while you two were enjoying your treats, he notices some ice cream got on your dress!
  • when he points it out you just kind of shrugged it off 
    • luckily you had your bathing suit underneath
  • you ask him to hold onto your ice cream then you start to take off your dress!!!
    • gumdrop is screaming internally
    • w-what is she doing omg  (* ゚ ii ゚ )
  • doesn’t calm down when now all you’re wearing is your peach bikini top and shorts
  • you take your ice cream back and continue to eat it
  • boy is having an existential crisis holy shit
    • meanwhile you were screaming inside because you never expected to do something so bold
  • you’re killing this gumdrop slowly
  • finally he kind of just mutters, “Y-you look pretty…”
  • no chance you didn’t hear that perfectly so you just say, “Thanks…you look cute today”
  • omg this got out of hand but both of you were just blushing beans the rest of the day
Haunting Me (Chap. 5)

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Warnings: Mentions of racism. Flashbacks. Angst.

Since the little occurrence at the motel twenty four hours ago, you’ve been held in the Stark tower and interrogated by Alexander Pierce himself. He was convinced that you were working with Bucky and conspiring with him on multiple terrorist attacks, which was highly untrue. You had a perfectly clean record; you hadn’t even missed a single day of school until now, so the thought of you having anything to do with The Winter Soldier and Hydra was complete bullshit according to Nick Fury.

He was there the entire time as well, countering every little accusation that Pierce threw at you with hard facts. Every attack that had happened in the last few months happened while you were seeing by numerous people on the other side of the city. Hell, even your professor confirmed your whereabouts on those dates, but that didn’t stop Pierce from threatening you.

“I think we’re forgetting that she was kidnapped,” Fury spoke as he crossed his arms. “And held hostage for an entire day and a half. There were multiple witnesses that saw him not only chasing her, but abducting her as well.”

“Which is why I believe she knows something,” Pierce countered, peering over at you with a frustrated scowl. “Why on earth would Hydra’s top assassin go absolutely haywire and kidnap this random woman? Why her? What made him act that way?”

You rolled your eyes and took another sip of your coffee. You were beyond exhausted and wanted nothing more than to crawl into your bed and sleep forever. You hoped and prayed that Bucky would magically appear in your apartment, but you knew the chances were slim to none.

“Can I leave now?” you asked, your eyes staring at the metal table below you.

“No,” Pierce spoke briefly, before standing from the chair. Without another word, he left the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Look, kid,” Fury sighed as he sat in the empty chair across from you. He rubbed his temples with his fingertips. “Did the guy mention anything to you? Where he was going or anything like that?”

You shook your head, feeling the familiar burn of tears threating to form in your eyes. “No,” you answered, swallowing the lump in your throat. He didn’t mention anything. You both were pretty preoccupied before Steve popped up, but you completely left those intimate parts out. You didn’t exactly fancy talking about your sexual escapades with random people.

“Alright,” he nodded, giving you a tight smile as he stood from the chair. “We’re gonna have you fill out some paperwork and you’ll be on your way. I’ll send Rogers in here; he’s dying to talk to you.”  

You nodded, giving him a small smile. However, on the inside, you were screaming. You had so many bones to pick with Steve at the moment; you wanted all of your questions answered immediately.

A few minutes after Fury excused himself, the door squeaked open and you heard the familiar sound of a shield being set down against the floor. The sound of a chair scraping against the floor filled the room, followed by a deep sigh.

“Did you know?” you asked, avoiding his eyes.

After a long, pregnant pause he answered.


“How long?” you demanded.

“The entire time,” he admitted, his eyes filled with sadness. You scoffed.

“You knew me,” you confirmed. “The old me. Jane.”

Steve’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard the name fell from your lips. He nodded once again, sniffling softly. You looked over at him, expecting him to be in tears of sadness, but instead, you found him smiling. You looked down at the manila folder in his hands curiously, your eyes flickering back to him.

“What’s that?” you asked warily.

Steve placed the folder down on the table and gently slid it towards you.

“It’s your life, Y/N.” He replied. You inhaled deeply as you opened the folder.

Inside there was a giant older photo of you, smiling brightly. It looked as though it was taken in one of those old school photo booths from the Coney Island carnivals. Your hair was curled in the typical 1940’s fashion, your lips dark with the red lipstick you always wore. Your dress was a deep red with little white polka dots. Beside you was Bucky. He grinned that same dorky grin from your memory as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and leaned his head against yours. He looked so happy and full of life.

You both did.

“What happened to me?” you asked, feeling the tears run down your cheeks.  

“In 1943, you were diagnosed with lung cancer from second hand smoke. You died six months later.” Steve replied, blinking away his own tears that threatened to fall.

The next photo was one of the three of you. Steve was in the middle, with you and Bucky on either sides of him, holding up what looked to be a birthday cake. You let out a small laugh at the sight of tiny, pre-serum Steve with a party hat perched on his head. The three of you looked as though you were laughing hysterically, enjoying each other’s company.

You flipped over to the third photo, which was a black and white picture. It was taken at the beach this time. Only, instead of Bucky or Steve, your arm was wrapped around a very beautiful and much younger brunette and vice versa. She was holding a lollipop in her hand, her head resting on your shoulder as she grinned. You squinted as you took in her features. She was familiar, but not enough to ring any bells.

“Who is this?” you asked, picking the photo up.

“That’s Rebecca Barnes, Bucky’s younger sister.” Steve answered, smiling sheepishly. “That was taken on the day you both met for the first time. Bucky took the picture.”

You felt your head ache once again, and this time, you didn’t fight it.


“Okay, dolls,” Bucky laughed as he peered into the camera and aimed it at the two of you. “Make sure you actually look this time, this film is expensive as hell.”

Usually, people didn’t lean in too close to you. They usually awkwardly stood beside as if they were forced by some invisible threat. No one liked taking pictures with colored people, and that instantly sent a wave of anxiety through you. But to your surprise, Rebecca scooted as close to you as possible and flung her arm over your shoulders. She rested her head on your shoulder and grinned.

You swore you felt your heart nearly fly out of your chest. Nevertheless, you found yourself smiling like an idiot at the camera.

“Okay you two,” he exclaimed. “On three!”

You both stood as still as possible as he pressed the button, causing the giant flash to temporarily blind you both. You giggled as you rubbed your eyes, trying to rid your sight of the little dark spots that swarmed your vision.

But just as you set your hands down, you felt Rebecca lean in close to your ear and cup her hands around her mouth, her eyes flickering over to Bucky as he fiddled with the camera.  

“I’m so glad I met you, Jane!” she whispered with a smile. “I’ve always wanted a sister!”

“Y/N?” Steve repeated, this time his voice was a bit louder. You blinked, shaking your head.

“I remember!” you breathed, peering back up at a highly concerned Steve as he stared back at you in confusion. “She told me a secret that day.”

“I know,” Steve chuckled as he took the photo from your hand and stared down at it. “You wouldn’t stop talking about it for days. It took you an entire week for you to finally shut up.”

You both let out a laugh, a genuine laugh that held no type of ill feelings or nervousness.


You found out a whole lot about yourself the past two years.

Your name was Jane Collins; you lived with your younger sister, June. You grew up in New York City with your family. You wanted to become an actress like your idol, Judy Garland. You absolutely loved polka dot dresses and worked at an ice cream shop named Lucy’s, where you met Bucky in 1939.

Out of all the things you couldn’t stand, you absolutely hated cigarettes. The mere smell of them made you automatically nauseous, which was so ironic, seeing as you ended up addicted to them in this life.

However, as you began regaining memories, you began to wonder if Y/N Y/L/N was even a real person anymore. Should you go by your new name in this life, or should you be Jane? You were so confused.

“Your life now is a fresh start,” Natasha told you one day as you both met for lunch. The sun shined down on her fiery red hair, giving you a perfect muse to draw later. “Sometimes it’s best to leave the past in the past.”

Those words struck you like a cord. She was right. As much as you wanted to be Jane for Steve, you weren’t that woman anymore. Sure, it would cause comfort for him, but you were you. You had to live in the moment and be who yourself.

Ever since you found out your true nature, Steve began bringing you around the tower more often. You quickly formed a friendship with everyone, especially Wanda, who was intrigued by your story the most. You began to think of the Avengers as a little second family.

You spent your days attending school, trying to focus on your career and your studies. But no matter what, your thoughts always went back to the same man, Bucky Barnes. Where was he? Was he safe? You prayed he was.

Natasha had tried to set you up with a few men here and there, but you found yourself denying them each time. It wasn’t out of spite or anything, you just…weren’t interested. Truth be told, you weren’t interested in anyone else than a certain brown haired super soldier. You knew it was childish, but you didn’t care anymore. You wanted to see him again, and if that meant waiting around like a crazy cat lady, so be it. Steve tried to tell you how unrealistic that was, but you only responded by raising your fuzzy sock covered foot and giving him a gentle kick to the face, sending him flying off your couch.


You made your way up the final stair case in exhaustion. Your hands were occupied by your large, freshly dried canvas that you would be turning in for your final tomorrow. This would be your final project before graduation and you had to make sure it was perfect, even if that meant staying up until five am like you did the night before.

When you approached your door, fishing your keys out of your coat pocket, you froze.

Your door was open.

Sometimes, you tended to rush as you left and forgot simple things, but not once had you forgotten to lock your door –much less forgetting to close it. You gently pushed the door open, wincing as it squeaked loudly. That was the worst idea ever.

You peeked inside your darkened living room. Everything looked exactly the same; nothing was missing from what you could tell. You took a wary step into the room, setting your canvas down against the wall and pulling out your small stun gun that Tony had given you for your birthday this year.

You found it extremely odd that someone would break in, only to leave everything there and not take anything. You made your way into your bedroom, kicking the door open and peeking inside. Nothing. Not even the light was on. You turned around and made your way into the second room in your apartment, which was strictly used for your paintings.

Immediately, you began to panic. What if someone from school vandalized your paintings? You had an entire year’s worth of work in there; most of it was going into the gallery as well. You felt your heart race as you neared the door, which was slightly ajar. Completely not how you left it.  With a deep breath, you opened the door.

And you felt your heart drop into your stomach.

“W-What the fuck?” you breathed, your eyes filling with tears.

You watched as a very normal Bucky Barnes turned around and looked into your eyes. Instead of the cold, dead ones you came in contact with two years ago, you were faced with two lively, ocean blue orbs. They were beautiful, even more than you remembered.

“Hello, Y/N,” he spoke, his eyes staring into yours. 

You blinked, unable to form any coherent sentences.



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Companions crushing on sole (or not, in the case of strong/dogmeat) reacting to getting a valentine's day gift?

Cait: “Oh. Oh, u-uh, thanks, Sole. I guess.” Her surprise makes her stutter, until she catches herself and plays it cool. “I, uh, I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything. Don’t really… celebrate holidays, but um… thanks.” After Sole leaves, she panics, rushing around to find a return gift. At the end of the day, Sole finds a pile of flower-like weeds on their bedside table, covered in a faint dusting of dirt, beside a piece of paper with a heart scrawled on it.

Codsworth: He’s very pleased. “Oh, Mx. Sole, thank you! It’s been such a long time since we’ve celebrated anything, don’t you think? I think I’ll make us a nice Valentine’s brunch. Where do you think I could get the, uh…” He floats off, gift in hand, putting together a meal plan for Valentine’s brunch. Using various produce and preserved ingredients, he puts together a lavish, heart-shaped feast for everyone to enjoy.

Curie: She gasps. “Sole! How sweet of you! Does this make us, ah… valentines?” She claps her hands together excitedly with a wide smile. “Come with me!” She gathers everyone together and hands out handmade valentines, made from rose-colored paper she dyed herself, all with sweet, personal messages. She even kisses Sole on the cheek for being so sweet.

Danse: The gift seems comically small in his large hands, and he stares at it blankly. “You got this for me?” His cheeks darken. “I… Thank you. It… means a great deal.” He runs off, embarrassed, before returning later that day with a bunch of hubflowers, handing them over with a stiff expression on his face and some mumbled, self-conscious words of affection.

Deacon: “Aw, you shouldn’t have.” He takes the gift with the faintest of smiles, pleasantly surprised. “I know it’s sappy, but I’m a real sensitive guy, and I got you something too. Just, you know, since you remember Pre-War holidays like this.” He gives them heart-shaped sunglasses, red-and-white polka-dotted rims with dark shades. He already has a matching pair, and insists they become sunglasses-buddies for a day.

Dogmeat: More food is the best Valentine’s Day gift a pupper could ever get. He doesn’t understand the holiday, of course, but he understands that everyone’s in a great mood, and feeds off their energy, accepting treats and pets and following Sole around all day, enjoying the spring air.

Hancock: “You’re a peach.” He flashes Sole a toothy grin. “I had a little something planned, myself.” Hancock ends up taking them on a special outing rather than giving them a gift. They go to the Third Rail, and Hancock snaps his fingers. Mood lighting sets in, Magnolia croons a lovesong, and he and Sole dance in between drinks.

MacCready: “Oh, wow, Sole. Uh. How much did this cost?” He stares, either baffled at the potential price or just shocked anyone got him anything at all. “And it’s a gift? You don’t want anything in return?” he asks suspiciously. When assured that, no, it’s just a gift, he finds himself in a good mood for the rest of the day. Even daring to hold Sole’s hand every now and again, and blushing whenever anyone catches him staring at Sole with their back turned.

Nick Valentine: He takes the present without a word, turning it over in his hands with a surprised, soft expression on his face. “That’s real kind of you, Sole,” he says at last, meeting their eyes with an uncharacteristic smile. “You’ll make an old man blush.” He takes them out to Diamond City market, and gets them whatever Valentine’s present catches their eye, taking them out for lunch afterwards.

Piper: To Sole’s surprise, she’s nowhere to be found. At least, not until Nat hands her a copy of the latest Publick Occurrences with a wink. A big, black-and-white valentine is printed on the front, with “Happy Valentine’s!” printed in big, bold letters. Piper appears around a corner after that, blushing like a fool but still excited. She accepts Sole’s gift with a squeal, throwing her arms around them in a bear hug, and talking way too fast due to her nerves.

Preston: He blushes dark upon receiving the gift. “Oh, wow, Sole. That’s sweet of you.” He toys with his hat - a nervous gesture. “Haven’t had time to think of Valentine’s things, been so busy with work, but…” He tells them to meet him at the back of the Castle, after dark. That night, they sit under the stars in the relative privacy of the rear of the Castle, watching the stars wink into life and exchanging jokes and stories.

Strong: “WHAT THIS?” He stares at the present. “… GIFT?” He doesn’t quite understand. All he knows is that humans give each other gifts today. So, that afternoon, Sole receives the… back end of a half-eaten cow. “GIFT!” Strong bellows. “FOR VALENTINE.”

X6-88: “… Valentine’s day. A human custom. A day for expressing affection through the exchange of goods.” He pockets the present. “Thank you,” he states, with a simple nod. Later that night, Sole finds a box sitting on their bed. It contains a pristine copy of one of Sole’s favorite books, or toys, or other meaningful item. Where did it come from? Who got it? How did they find one in such good condition? X6 insists he knows nothing about it.

Cephalopod eyes are fascinating. Just like us vertebrates they have camera-type eyes, a hollow liquid-filled chamber with an opening, the iris, and a lens through which light enters and is projected onto the photosensitive surface, the retina. Despite their similarities, vertebrate and cephalopod camera-type eyes have different origins and evolved independently. There are some striking differences that highlight this:

Unlike us, the photoreceptor cells of cephalopods point outwards towards the source of the light rather than inwards. This not only means the we have “inverted” retinas, it also means that cephalopods don’t have a blind spot because the nerve fibers that transmit the visual impulses from the retina to the brain collect and exit the eye behind the retina rather than in front of it. The developmental origins of the eye tissues are also different. For instance, in vertebrates the complex layers of the retina develop from nerve tissue, while the lens develops from skin tissue. In cephalopods both tissues develop from progenitor skin cells.

Cephalopods have excellent vision, and use complex visual cues to communicate with each other, camouflage themselves, and send signals to their environment. To do this they use highly adaptible pigment-filled cells in their skin called chromatophores. The capricorn night octopus (Callistoctopus alpheus) in the photo looks blue, but if it would open all its chromatophores it would turn deep red with bright white polka dots.

Photo credit: David Liittschwager, National Geographic.

As a creative and artistic young lady, and a prospective fashion designer, Marinette has frequently displayed her talents, and had her skills recognized several times throughout the show. Most of these are in the forms of fashion related wear, but Marinette also has a knack for illustration and handcrafting in a variety of styles and materials. This is a portfolio of items that she has designed.

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That’s How Easy Love Can Be

Summary: An alphabetical journey of Phil’s 26 favourite things about Dan–along with a special surprise at the end–may just make Dan’s 26th birthday his best one yet.

Word Count: 6.3k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: existential crisis (but it’s super tiny), swearing

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!! I hope he’s having the best day with lots of food and plenty of love from Phil, he truly deserves it. I think 26 will bring some really great things for him and I honestly can’t wait to see what this next year will bring. I hope you enjoy!!

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Gonna post another werewolf blurb because my prompt is taking way longer than I’d expected. *laughs, cries*

“Oh,” Howard said, delighted, as Tony ran into his office. He stood up and walked around the desk, reaching out to scoop up the pup before he fell over the paws he still hadn’t grown into. “Oh,” he repeated, a little more pained, even as the werewolf licked up the side of his face in one long swipe. Tony was getting quite large, and he wasn’t getting any younger.

He heard Obadiah sigh and cheerfully ignored it. Obadiah was no fun at all.

“What are you doing here, pup?” Howard asked, playfully scolding. “You should be visiting your mother.”

Tony licked him again, paws flailing. Oof. He was getting way too big for this.

Howard set him down on the floor and patted his head. “You just got home from school. Your mother will be worried.”

He heard Obadiah scoff and cheerfully decided to kick his ass later.

Tony wagged his tail so hard that his entire back end wiggled with it, yapping happily, before galloping out of the room. They heard a high-pitched yelp, a loud crash, and then a very long pause before the rhythmic thump of paws started again.

“‘Your mother will be worried,’” Obadiah scoffed again. “You spent the first hour after he left for school fretting about him.”

“I’m going to fire you,” Howard decided.

“Dad!” Tony exclaimed, nearly vibrating. “Dad! Mom said she wasn’t worried about me at all! She said she thought I’d do great! She said that you were worried, though!”

Howard wondered why Maria never let him get away with anything. “Oh. I see.”

Maria smirked at him. “Yes, dear.”

Tony tugged at his sleeve, staring up at him with bright eyes. “Why were you worried, Dad? I thought I fit in.”

“It’s not that I worried about you fitting in,” Howard said, face falling. “I just… Well… I think we should keep homeschooling you!”

“Dear,” Maria sighed, scowling at him.

Howard tugged Tony up into a hug. Oof, too big in this form, too. “The mansion is too quiet without him here! What’s the point of having a child if he’s not going to be underfoot?!”

“I can be underfoot more when I’m home,” Tony offered innocently, because there was no possible way he could be anymore underfoot if he tried.

Maria just gave him a long, stern look until the ten-year-old deflated under it. “You’re finally able to control your shift. You need human friends. A pack is important, but being open to outside relationships is important, too.”

Howard sighed and sat down at the table, scowling petulantly. “I like having my boy here.”

“You child,” Maria said, trying to keep the fondness out of her voice and failing. “How did it come to be that I have to deal with two pups? Especially ones prone to explosions.”

“We haven’t blown anything up recently!” Howard squawked.

Tony crawled back up into his seat at the table. It was a shame his human form was not as big as his wolf one. Then again, European wolves were typically bigger than American ones anyway. “Mom, Janet wants to know if I can come over after school on Wednesday.”

Howard raised an eyebrow. “And who is Janet?”

“Janet Van Dyne, dear,” Maria said, as if that should mean something to him. “Her father is Dr. Vernon Van Dyne.”

“Alliteration! How unfortunate.”

“You are literally the worst, Howard.”

Tony reached out for the bowl of mashed potatoes, making a happy noise when Maria pushed it closer to him. “She said she wants to make me pretty.”

Howard scowled. His son was already very pretty. He was the prettiest, smartest pup anyone could ask for.

“Do you want to be made pretty?” Maria asked, honestly curious.

Tony shrugged. “She’s bossy but she always looks nice.”

“Well, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.”

Howard whipped around to glare at her. Okay, so he knew who Vernon Van Dyne was. He did not want Tony spending time with someone who didn’t know that Tony was already perfect.

Maria just gave him an amused look. “We can’t keep him in the house forever, Howard.”

“We could,” Howard insisted, as Tony happily ate his pork and mashed potatoes.

Howard was pacing in front of the doors when they burst open. He jumped, startled.

A brunette girl a few inches shorter than Tony burst in, turning and holding her arms out with a loud, happy, “TA-DA!”

Tony was dressed in a lovely white dress with red polka-dots. Howard gaped at him, speechless.

The girl beamed at him. “Isn’t he pretty?!”

“I—uh—yes-! Yes, quite pretty,” Howard stuttered. “Do you like it, Tony?”

“I liked the one with green polka-dots better, but Janet said this one made my eyes pop,” Tony said, holding the skirt up to examine it.

Howard took a moment to be immensely relieved that his son was still wearing the briefs they’d sent him to school in.

Janet squawked. “Tony, you can’t lift up your skirt like that! You’re gonna flash people!”

“It’s just my dad,” Tony said, frowning at her in confusion. “He doesn’t care.”

“Yes, well, you should still try not to flash people,” Howard hurried to explain. “Not everyone is as open as werewolves, son. Some people would be very upset.”

“Oh,” Tony replied, dropping the skirt. “Okay.”

Janet turned to wave at him. “It was nice seeing you, Mr. Stark! I gotta go. My dad’s waiting in the car outside.”

“Oh. Well, thank you for Tony’s safe return, Janet,” Howard told her, belatedly managing a smile.

She beamed at him. “Tony’s always safe with me, Mr. Stark!”

They watched her go, then Tony pushed the door shut. “She punched Justin Hammer in the face.”

“I like her,” Howard decided, because he’d never liked the Hammers. He looked down at his son’s dress again. “Do you… like wearing dresses, Tony?”

“They’re okay,” Tony told him. “I’m gonna go talk to Jarvis.”

“If he tells you not to eat the cookie dough he’s making, you’d best listen,” Howard ordered sternly, then went to go find his wife.

Maria yelped and covered herself with her towel when Howard burst into the room. “…Howard,” she snarled, scowling.

“Tony came home wearing a dress!”

She frowned at him, confused. “…Okay?”

Howard flailed. “Is this—should I be buying him dresses? Does he want high heels, too? Or no—He can’t wear high-heels until he’s sixteen.”

Oh. Maria suddenly understood. Sighing, she let her towel drop and went back to dressing herself. “We’re werewolves, Howard. Clothing doesn’t mean much to us.”

Howard frowned, still concerned. “So I don’t have to buy him dresses?”

“Unless he specifically asks for one? No. He’s naked most of the time anyway,” she added, smiling a little. “Clothes don’t matter when you can slip into fur with barely a thought.” She looked at her husband fondly, raising an eyebrow when she noticed him rubbing his back. “Little pup’s getting too big for you to carry anymore, isn’t he?”

“He just needs to stay small forever,” Howard told her seriously, making her snort.

Surprise...Part 14

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13)

It was hard for you to get to sleep that evening but, eventually, you nodded off.  Your mind had been swirling and you had wanted to groom yourself, not because you expected intimacy, but because if Tom wanted you in anything other than sweatpants, you wanted to be sure you were ready.

But when you rolled over in bed to stretch, you saw something hanging up on the inside of your door.

With a note attached to it.

Furrowing your brow as you get out of bed, you pad over as you take in the garment bag, and you take the letter in between your fingers as they shake with nervous anticipation.

Sliding the note out of its envelope, your eyes began to flicker across the words:


Wear what is in this garment bag, and nothing else.  I hope that you have slept well, and when you step outside of this room, I want you to follow these exact guidelines: 1) come into the kitchen, 2) make yourself a cup of your favorite hot drink, and 3) come sit down beside me on the couch.


Looking back up at the garment bag, you put the letter on your bedside table as you take it off of your door and slowly begin to undo the zipper.

Pulling the fabric out as you study the beautiful pieces and parts, you hold it up as a pair of lacy, silky, dark orange panties and push-up bra go tumbling to the floor.  But that didn’t matter to you, because the dress you were holding was absolutely stunning.

The white, flowing fabric was dotted with red polka dots, and the sleeveless dress had a heart-shaped bodice, a dipped in waist, and a skirt that fluttered out and hit you just below your knees.  The 3 inch heels matched the exact red in the dress, and the fabric was so soft you were sure you would sleep in it that night.

So, you went to get ready.  You put on the dark orange push-up bra and panty set, slipped yourself into the dress, zipped yourself up, and studied yourself in the mirror.

He had nailed your size correctly in everything, and you wondered how in the world he had actually done it.

Fluttering your hair out, you decide to twist it up into a french twist and put on some matte pearl earrings just to finish off the look, but thought back to his note about wearing only what was in the bag.

You didn’t want to go against his wishes, so you put the earrings back.

Taking in a shaky breath, you ventured downstairs, your heels clicking across the floor as you take your time making your favorite cup of coffee and slowly make your way over to the couch.

There he sat, reading through a book.

He didn’t look up at you as you walked around, and he didn’t look up at you when you sat down, but when you finished your cup of coffee leaned forward to sit it on the table, he finally flickered his eyes over to you.

And he had to hold his breath for a moment at your appearance.

“Good morning,” he says as his eyes finally find yours.

“Good morning, sir,” you lull lightly.

The smirk that traveled across his face made you shiver internally.

“You look incredible,” Tom smiles.

“Thanks,” you smile as your cheeks begin to blush.

“Lean back,” he commands.

You slowly leaned back into the couch as he leaned back as well and turned towards you.

“Here is how today is going to go,” he begins, “you will do nothing.  You will not clean, you will not cook, you will not get yourself anything.  If you want something, you ask me, and I will retrieve it for you.  Whether it be a drink, or a snack, or a meal, or a book, or a movie to watch…you ask.”

You were so confused…wasn’t this what you were supposed to do for him?

And your confusion must have registered on your face, for the breathless chuckle that escaped from between his lips settled your core as your brow unfurrowed.

“This is what I want,” he begins lowly, “and I will get what I want.”

And you nodded lightly before your first request barreled into your body.

“What is it?” he asks.

“I’m…I’m hungry,” you state.

“Alright,” Tom smiles.

Wasn’t he supposed to go cook you something?

“You have to ask, darling,” he lulls.


He gave you a stern look.

“Uh…sir,” you corrected quickly, “could I have something to eat, please?” you ask.

“Coming right up,” he smiles as he pushes himself off of the couch.

The entire day had been like that.  You had requested a book to read, and you crossed your leg as he sat on the couch and read with you.  If you were thirsty, you asked and he provided.  If you wanted to watch a movie, you asked and he found you one.  If you wanted a snack, you asked and he retrieved.

But there were things you hadn’t considered that began breaching this curious world you were indulging in.

There came a point in the day where you had gone to the bathroom, and there wasn’t any toilet paper.


You didn’t think, and you stopped yourself from going to the bathroom as you put yourself back together to step out.

But you remembered what Tom had said that morning.

“Sir!” you called out.

And Tom came rushing down the hallway.

“Is everything alright?” he asks.

“Could I have some…”

This was odd, and not at all the type of odd you expected.

“Yes?” he asks.

“…toilet paper?” you ask lightly as your entire neck flushes.

And he smiled at your reaction as he chuckled.

“Be right back,” he says as he turns and walks off.

There was another time, as dinner started to wind down, where you needed another napkin to clean up a drink you had spilled.

And you asked politely for napkins.

But not only did he give you those napkins, he cleaned up the mess for you as well.

And it was really getting to you.

“I thought you were supposed to be the dominant one?” you blurt out as your eyes widen.

Tom’s eyes darkened as he walked over and threw the napkins away.

“This is hard for you, is it not?” he asks.

It was.

It was hard, having someone do everything for you all the time.  You were self-sufficient.  Independent.  You prided yourself in that aspect.  If you made a mess, you cleaned it up.

“Yes…sir,” you say meekly.

“’Dominant’ is a relative term, and one that is usually misinterpreted,” Tom begins, “’dominant’ does not always mean commands and control.  Sometimes ‘dominant’ means you simply listen.  ‘Dominant’ means that whatever I ask you to do, you can trust that there will never be any ulterior motive.  ‘Dominant’ is not just a commanded state, it is a privilege to hold in the eyes of someone else.”

It was the most beautiful thing you had ever heard, and you felt your eyes water at the idea.

“’Dominant’ does not mean merely bossing around, Miss Y/N,” he lulls as he turns his darkened gaze back towards you, “’dominant’ just simply means the one who is trusted enough to be obeyed.”

You watched as he pulled out the kitchen table chair and sat down beside you.

“I chose to formulate today exactly this way because I knew it would draw you out of your comfort zone in a way that you have never experienced.  You take commands and expectations from people everyday as your job.  Me telling you to do dishes in high heels would have been no different from the way you live your life now,” Tom lulls as he reached over with his hand and took yours.

“But today, you gave me something that you don’t even realize is imperative to a lifestyle such as this,” he says lowly.

“A-a-and,” you stutter, “uh…what uh…what was that?” you choke out.

“Faith,” he says simply.

Now you were really confused.

“The trust between us, I believe, has built well before this point,” he says as he squeezes your hand, “but having faith in someone means trusting them, even though you are uncomfortable, to never steer you wrong, or into hurt.  You gave that to me today, and that is not easy.”

You thought back on the day, and how uncomfortable it made you that he was running around for you…but he was right.

You had faith in his ability to protect you.

“I suppose so, sir,” you say breathlessly.

You hadn’t realized that you had been holding your breath.

“Now,” he clears his throat as he stands up, taking your hand with him as you stand.

“…dance with me,” he says lowly as he pulls you close.

And you melted into his body as he began to hum a song you vaguely recognized in your ear, slowly dancing you across the kitchen floor as the dirty dishes sat out, untouched.

7| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3870

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The next four days passed without an anccident. You were getting used to having Madame Hyejin banging on the door at six thirty. You were getting used to Minjee interrupting your conversations with snarky comments. You were getting used to Madame Choi’s fast commands, and your stamina were building. You were getting used to the inevitable pain in your stomach, but it was getting better. The bruises was fading. You were even getting used to the constant stares you got. They hadn’t backed down yet, even though nothing had happened. But there was one thing missing: Jimin.

You hadn’t seen him since he’d lead Taeyeon away from you at breakfast Wednesday morning. You’d watched the studio door on Thursday, but he hadn’t come. You’d watched it on Friday, but still nothing. On Saturday’s shortened lesson, he still hadn’t turned up. You never saw him in the Dining Hall, either, or in the corridors. It was like he’d disappeared off the face of the Earth.

You wondered now if he’d left the academy and gone somewhere else. No doubt there was loads of schools who would accept him within a heartbeat. It wouldn’t have taken long. He could be at another school right now, and that meant that you would never be able to see him again.

You tried to tell yourself not to think about Jimin. You came here for ballet, and he was getting in the way of it.

You still weren’t participating in Pas de Deux classes. However it seemed like you didn’t miss much. Madam Zhang just sat on her chair and did nothing. Though she seemed to have healed her pride, she still didn’t bother to teach anything. It was more like practicing, and when no one had tried much Pas de Deux in the past, practises couldn’t make perfect.

Jiwoo and Yuna complained day and night they really wanted Jimin to come back. “She’s useless! Jimin was always the one who taught us stuff.” Jiwoo was telling you again, as you sat at dinner Sunday night. Sundays were everyones off day, but you still had three hours of classes in the mornings. Today, Jiwoo, Yuna and Hyeun had taken you on a long tour of the grounds, all the way from the front gates to the lake and forest at the back of the property. Some people went home on Sundays, if they lived close by, but Gwangju was way too far away from here. Also you didn’t want to spend money on the train ticket

“And Jimin kept everyone in line.” Yuna mumbled, nibbling on her bread roll. “Now Minjee won’t shut her damned mouth.”

“I wish you hadn’t scared him off, (Name).” Hyeun added. “He always looks so sexy when he’s teaching.”

“We don’t know if it was (Name).” Jiwoo said.

Hyeun smiled. “Well, he was perfectly punctual before (Name) came and danced with him.”

“Either way.” Jiwoo said. “If he doesn’t come back soon, we’re going to have to tell Master Jinho that he has got to change our teachers.”

The hall was suddenly hushed as the man Jiwoo talked about stood up.

“Good evening everyone.” Jinho’s voice rang out through the hall. “I am pleased to announce that the notorious Amour de la Beauté review will be held on Sunday, a week from now.”

Excited whispering broke out. “Dance review?” You asked Yuna.

She was grinning like a maniac. “It’s more like a dance battle. Year against year. Head teachers against seniors, that sort of thing.”

“The program of the show will be posted in the Entrance hall and classrooms shortly.” Jinho looked around the hall. “Prepare to be beaten, my friends.”

Taehyung, Hosoek, and Jungkook ‘ooooohed’ from their table, while Seokjin yelled. “You’re on, Dad!”

Jinho just laughed. “School dismissed.”

Hyeun leapt up squealing. “Oh my God! This is gonna be epic!”

“I know!” Cried Yuna, and they began leaping up and down together.

Jiwoo was grinning. “This sounds like a big thing.” You observed.

She nodded. “It is.”

That was confirmed the next day when Madame Choi gathered you all into a group after having done half an hour of barre exercises. Exchanging glances with Jiwoo. Madame Choi didn’t seem like one for long speeches and group meetings.

“Now.” She said. “I have been informed that the Dance Review will be on Sunday.”

The rise in attentiveness from the class was obvious. Madame Choi raised a pointed eyebrow. “Master Kang’s class have beaten my classes for four years.” She let one corner of her mouth slide up in the smallest hint of a smile.

“We shan’t be letting it become five.”

Hyeun squealed and clapped her hands delightedly. “Go Madam C!”

The smile was back down in an instant, replaced by her usual, almost-scowl. “Control yourself, Miss Yah. Now, we have very little time. There will be absolute focus from every single one of you for the rest of the week.” She nodded. “Alright I want half of you on stage right, half on the left.”

She clapped her hands. “Today please!” Everyone hurriedly stood up, trying to work out which side needed more people. “Miss. (Surname) you will be centre stage.” You stopped in your tracks.

“Center stage?” You choked out.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said, exasperated. “Now, if you please.” Your heart didn’t think it necessary to beat as you moved to stand in the centre of the studio, face a deep red.

“Alright, we have three minutes, three minutes thirty most, on stage. We begin with Miss (Surname) alone on stage for the first few bars. Mister Ghim, the introduction please.” The pianist began to play. It had many notes, but it paused tentatively in places. When the first of the quick notes came in, Madame Choi cut him off.

“Alright, that is where we will have Miss Gwan and Miss Yang come in. Yes, yes step forward, now I want you to flank her on either side, yes very good.” You shared a look with Jiwoo. She smiled at you excitedly, clearly thinking your solo was a good thing.

“And now on the next bar we will have five more of you and so on and so on. I want an inverted triangle.” Your classmates came on, working out where to stand. “Good, good, alright now this is where we begin the full dance.”

You spent the next hour going over and over the fast paced choreography. It involved so many pirouettes, you could pretty much feel the satin wearing away on your Pointe shoes. “And spin and land for arabesque and down and step and up and three four. I want those legs straight!” Sweat was beading on your forehead as you pirouetted across the studio and held up another arabesque, then down again and back.

There was half an hour left when she finally allowed everyone a five minute break. “Miss (Surname), over here, if you please.” Well, apparently not everyone. You went to stand in front of Madame Choi, your legs aching, and sweat pouring down your back.

“Your solo will begin in that arabesque you held so well the other day.” She told you. There was no question of whether you wanted this solo or not. You had it.

“An arabesque?” You couldn’t help but splutter.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said. “Now, I will teach you the choreography and you must rehearse it every waking hour until Sunday. Understand?”

“Yes, Madam.” You nodded.

“Good, now as I said, you begin in an arabesque.” She gestured for you to do so. You went en Pointe, holding your left leg up behind.

“And hold for one two three and then raise your arms…good, now slowly back and changing legs, have your toe touch your knee. And bend your waist left and hold…and now straight into pirouette pirouette pirouette and leap left stretch left leap right stretch right and back to centre for the others’ entry. Hold it in third. Okay, now I want to play you forward a little through the entire thing, so whilst Miss Yang and Miss Gwan are doing their pirouettes I think I will have you couru for eight counts up…”

Her instructions went on and on. You had never, ever been given solo dance before, and now you were extremely worried that you would never remember all these steps.

“Alright, break’s over.” Declared Madame Choi. “Back into positions for the first entrance!” You hurried back to the centre of the 'stage’ and tried to remember all that she’d told you.

“And one two three and enter enter enter enter! Keep going, yes and up on three four five six and now to the right and…”

“I can’t feel my legs.” Yuna groaned, flopping into a chair with a plate of Greek salad.

“I know what you mean.” You told her, your face inching toward your bowl of soup as you tried to refrain from sleeping. “I never knew my toenails had nerves in them.”

“(Name)!” The call of your name woke you up a little. You looked around. Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna were all sitting around you. Confused you turned in your chair. A long slender, pretty girl stood in front of you. Jung Dawon. Adding to you surprise of seeing her here, you took in her white tights and red leg warmers with a matching red leotard. In one hand she held a pair of red and white polka dotted Pointe shoes.

“Uh, hi.” You said, bemused.

“Oh, silly me.” She said sticking out a perfect manicured hand. “I’m Jung Dawon, ballet fashion extraordinaire and friend of that immensely idiotic Park Jimin.” She smiled at you bouncily. You smiled back. She was pretty gorgeous. You stood up and shook her hand.

“I’ve been so curious to meet you, it takes a lot to get Jimin to dance with anyone but Taeyeon. You really must tell me your secret!”

You frowned. Was she serious? “Uh…”

She smiled again. “Just kidding. However confused by him? God, aren’t we all…” She shook her head and jumped, clapping her hands, as if remembering something.

“Anyway, I came bearing a message from Mistress Hyejin. She said she would like you to go to her office after your ballet history class as she would like to speak with you.”

You frowned. Why would Madam Hyejin want to see you? “Did she say what it was about?” You asked Dawon. She shook her head.

“Something good, I hope.” She said. “I like you.”

“What are you doing over here, jagi?” Suddenly a tall figure foreshadowed both you and Dawon. He wrapped his arms round her waist.

“Jinnie.” Dawon said, looking loving up at him. “This is (Name).”

Kim Seokjin was way taller than you’d thought. You had to crane your neck to get a good look at his handsome, blonde framed face.

“How’d you do?” He nodded politely to you. You smiled at him. “Come on jagi, we have to get to character.”

“Mmmm.” She groaned. Even though she was tall her head only reached the height of his shoulders as she rested it against his chest. “Not character.”

“Come on, I know you know you like it.” He said, kissing the top of her head.

She sighed. “I know you know I do.” She slipped out of his arms and took his hand instead, then she turned to you.

“It was nice meeting you properly, (Name), you’re nothing like Taeyeon and the gossips are saying. See you later!”

“Bye.” You said, watching as she skipped away, Seokjin keeping up with his long strides.

You slid back into your seat. “Friends with seniors.” Jiwoo muttered. “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?”

“Too true, Jiwoo, too true.”

After Ballet History, you did as Dawon had told, heading down to the cool entrance hall. You walked down a corridor you’d never been down before, passing the grand staircase looking at the plaques on each of the doors. At the very end of the corridor you found Master Kim Jinho’s office. Next to his door was Madame Kim Hyejin plaque.

Head Ballet Mistress, it said.

You knocked, your nerves thrumming.

“Come in.” You heard Madame Hyejin’s voice through the door. You opened it, finding yourself in a small but open office. Everything was dark cherry wood, but two windows and a door led out onto a veranda. One window was partially open, letting through a gentle breeze. Framed photographs covered the white papered walls. They were all of ballet dancers striking complex poses and moves. You swore you could recognize Master Jinho and Madam Hyejin in a dozen of them.

The latter person was currently sitting behind a small and elegant bureau. Next to her, stood a very tall boy. Not as tall as Kim Seokjin, but taller than most boys your age. His face was grim and had a pasty dullness to it. Dull brown hair was cut in a bowl shape a good inch above his brown eyes.

He was dressed in a crisp white t-shirt tucked into black tights.

“Miss (Surname).” Said Madame Hyejin. “This is Mister Dahn Eungkwan. He has agreed to be your partner for Pas de Deux classes.”

“Hi.” You said, looking him up and down. So this was why you’d been called here, so that you could meet your ticket back to the hell of Pas de Deux.

“Hello.” He said with a short smile, then looked down again.

“Mister Dahn is one of our second years.” Madam Hyejin said, as if reading your thoughts. “He’s very skilled at Pas de Deux.”

“Right.” You said. That wasn’t going to make this any easier. You didn’t want to do Pas de Deux…

“Good.” Hyejin said, gracefully standing and walking a round her desk. “I best let you go off to your first class together.” She opened the door and you and Eungkwan walked out. You followed. He walked quickly and quietly up the stairs. It had already occurred to you that you would know even less about him than you had about Kihyun when he’d first put his hands on you. The reassurances about his skill level weren’t reassuring at all. You didn’t want to dance with someone else. It was so constricting.

You walked along the corridor in silence. Finally the two of you reached the studio. You took a deep breath and walked in.

“Why are you late?” Madame Zhang demanded. Today, her thighs were squeezed into a burgundy pencil skirt, with a matching suit top. The rest of your class were performing promenades. They looked like they’d been doing it for some time.

“My class started forty-five minuets ago.”

“Sorry Madam.” You said. “I had to see Madame Hyejin. Uh…” You hesitated, looking at Eungkwan, who was standing with his chin high, as if he were above this place.

“This is Dahn Eungkwan, he’s my new partner.” It made him sound like some sort of object.

Madame Zhang’s beady eyes looked over him as he nodded at her respectfully. “Madame.” He said. You wondered if that was how all second years talked. The seniors certainly didn’t seem to.

“Well hurry up and take your places. You’ve already disrupted enough.”

You hurried to the side to put your Pointe shoes on. Eungkwan stood waiting for you with a blank expression. Jiwoo caught your eye across the room. Her look was a questioning one. 'Later’ You mouthed.

It had never taken such a short amount of time to tie up your Pointe shoes, even though you were trying to slow the process down.

“And up on one two three four and turny turny turny and down two three four.” You tentatively stood up. Immediately, Eungkwan placed his hands on your waist and stepped forward in time to Madame Zhang’s count. You went with him, coming up on to Pointe and raising your leg once again into an arabesque. A chill of fear went through you. This was the move Kihyun had hurt you the most, the one where he’d almost suffocated you. Immediately you came back down, pushing Eungkwan’s hands away in the process.

“Sorry.” You muttered to Eungkwan. He didn’t say anything and you took a deep breath.

“And toe and step and up two three four.” You followed the counts, managing to get up this time and Eungkwan began to turn you around. You hated the feeling. It was like you couldn’t control your own body. Like you had to entrust it to someone else. Someone you didn’t even know.

You swallowed as he turned you back to the front and allowed you to lower your leg again. Fortunately, you all didn’t spend too long on promenades. The other moves weren’t as hard. Madame Hyejin was right. Eungkwan was very good at the Pas de Deux. He was patient with you, letting you stop when you were being a coward, and he never held you too tightly. But there was something missing…

You worked it out when you were performing a sequence up the ballet studio, much like when you’d performed with Kihyun. Whilst everyone else whispered to each other as they waited for their group to be called up.

Eungkwan and you stood alone, looking dully at the dancers performing.

“Thank you very much for doing this for me.” You told him.

He just nodded blankly, not quite looking at you, then returned to watching the dancers.

Your group began. “Tondue out and then courus and gentlemen jump left and ladies jump right and then step together again and up arabesque hold for one two three…”

It was then that you glanced in the mirror and saw the very blank expression on Eungkwan’s face. It stayed the same as he began the promenade, turning you around without absolute no spark in his eyes. Then you lowered your leg and launched into the next set of courus. It was curious, watching his face as he stepped behind you. He watched your moves as you spun out and back again. The series ended in an attitude, with your leg bent slightly around his body. His expression didn’t change. When the music stopped and you lowered your leg again, he took his hands off your waist and went back to the end of the line, like nothing had happened.

He was right; nothing had happened. You had performed a sequence of ballet moves. The both of you had both performed the moves perfectly, but not as a pair.

You tucked a stray lock of hair back into your bun and got ready to do the sequence again. You couldn’t quite stop the memory of those few moments with Jimin sneak into your head. Dancing with him, his entire presence had wrapped around you, everything had felt so fluid and perfect…but you couldn’t think about him now. What on earth was the point when he didn’t seem to be turning up to classes? And even then, what had he got to do with you? Like he’d said the last time you’d seen him; You were just helping in a demonstration.

You tried to exhale as you once again performed courus upstage. You had had this thought trail so many times over the past few days, and it never solved anything. All you could understand was your own weird need to understand him. And even that had lead to quite a few bizarre questions.

The rest of the class passed slowly. When Madame Zhang finally nudged her chair back into the corner and dismissed everyone. Promptly people went to chat while taking their shoes off.

You on the other were frozen in spot. Bored and confused, at the same time. Eungkwan and you hadn’t had any trouble with each other. Technically, you were perfect together. All the moves worked, but neither of you seemed to being enjoying yourselves. He hadn’t said a word since his quiet 'hello’ in Madame Hyejin’s office. But now you turned to him.

“Thank you.” You said. “You must be missing classes for this.”

“No not really.” He said, looking down at his feet.

“Oh.” You said. “I figured everyone had sixth period classes.”

A tiny smile came to his lips. “I don’t consider Ballet History as a class.”

You grinned. “Me neither. It’s very, very boring.”

“Hm.” He just muttered, and waited a couple of seconds to make sure you weren’t going to say anything else before slipping off to a vacant corner to take off his shoes.

You turned around, seeking out Jiwoo and sat down next to her.

“He’s very quiet.” She observed, looking over at him. “How’d you find him?”

“Madame Hyejin organised it.” You told her. “He’s a second year.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Impressive! I thought that he looked way better than the rest of us. You should make the most of him and his experience.”

“Aww, come on.” Yuna slid into your conversation.

“(Name’s) danced with Park Jimin.” She waved a finger at Jiwoo. “There’s not much to compare to that.”

Not wanting to pursue the sizeable subject of Jimin, you quickly changed it. “So how does this Dance Review thing work? How do we work out which class goes first?”

Yuna was grinning again, your diversion clearly having worked. “I think they flip a coin or something, but we’ll go look at the program right now. God!” She squealed. “This is gonna be great!”

You laughed and let her pull you up. Hyeun joined shortly after on your way down the corridors. “I reckon that partner of yours is kind of cute, (Name).” She said. “What’s his name again?”

“Dahn Eungkwan.” You told her.

“You should try him out.” She advised. “His silence was sort of adorable.”

You frowned. “Yeah…”

When you got to the staircase, you immediately heard the clamouring of people in the entrance hall. Yuna and Hyeun squeaked and began running down the stairs. Jiwoo and you followed, but in a more dignified pace.

The crowd in the foyer was large, full of people coming down just after class. Some were declaring that their classes were going to win. Seniors were shouting about which teachers they were facing. The teachers themselves stood off to one side, having a good laugh with one another as they watched the chaos.

Hyeun, who was a little broader over the shoulders than most other ballerinas, made a path for the three of you to get to the notice board. You scanned it down, searching for your class. However you didn’t have to look far. You were first up.

A bolt of nervous energy went through you. That meant that you were opening the entire show. Oh damn, but something much further down the page caught your attention. It was the signups for the seniors going against the teachers. Next to Master Jinho and Mistress Hyejin was a neat, simple script:

Park Jimin and Shinn Taeyeon.

A thrill ran up your spine. That was his writing. You knew it. The poster had only gone up today, that meant that he was still here! That meant that Jimin was somewhere in this building…

The thought warmed you more than it should have. Jimin hadn’t left, Jimin was still here, he hadn’t gone…he hadn’t left you

Dating Heroes

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Dean Winchesters
Word count: 1,859
Request: Anonymous. Would you mind writing a oneshot with captain America x reader x Dean where the reader hasn’t dated before and they approach the physical stuff at snail speed to make sure she’s comfortable? If you’d prefer not to that’s totally fine. Either way have a great night!!

When you were a teenager, dating wasn’t in your wheelhouse. You’d help your friends get ready, support them, and all of that… but you’d never dated. You didn’t have much of an interest in it, but you weren’t against it, either. Whoever you dated had to catch your attention.

You had no idea that it would be two someones. Best friends, actually. Both could have led lives as male models and made a killing. Instead, they saved lives. Dean was fire fighter, and Steve was the one and only…Captain America. When this all started, your friends were floored. You, the girl who never dated, landed two incredibly hot men. You’d blushed like crazy, and dealt with their ‘tips’.

It had been just a month or so since the three of you became ‘serious’, so you decided to have them over to discuss the more physical side of the relationship. With busy schedules for each of you, and not many dates, it hadn’t come up. You wanted to get ahead of the game, so to speak.

You’d cooked a nice meal, and wore your favorite dark wash jeans and a simple white t-shirt. Hearing the knock on the door, you smiled to yourself and hurried over. You opened the door, greeted by the two tall, handsome, blonde men. One with wildflowers, the other with daisies. “Thank you, guys.” You said softly, taking each bouquet. “They’re lovely.” Motioning for them to come in, you moved to the kitchen to find a vase to put the flowers in.

“How was work?” Steve smiled, leaning on the door frame. His hands were tucked under his arms, his leg bent in front of the other, his toe on the ground.

Lifting the vase, you smiled back at him. “Busy.” You chuckled. “Always is.” You were an ER doctor, and you never slowed down. “Dinner is almost done. Would you guys like something to drink?” You offered, setting the vase on a small table in your living room.

Dean shrugged, his hands in his pockets. “Got beer, sweetheart?”

“I do.” You nodded, moving back towards the kitchen. “What about you, Steve?”

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nozaki’s so used to seeing the top of her head.

the bright red curls and the patterned bows that are tucked next to her ears. his neck gets tired from always having to look down for she’s at such a short height. he wonders if she ever has trouble reaching for things like in the grocery market. the thought of sakura having to blushingly admit she was too short to reach a certain item she needed made nozaki smile to himself.

it’s not that he’s particularly dislikes sakura’s shortness — in fact, it’s one of the most endearing qualities that nozaki finds about her along with her bright, cheery voice and her polka-dot ribbons.

however, he does wonder what her eyes look like.

it comes across him after sakura leaves his apartment for the day, both of them having finished a satisfying amount of work together. nozaki had offered to walk sakura to the station, but sakura shook her head and thanked him, saying she had another errand to run before she took the train home and waved goodbye. he was settling into his evening routine of picking up supplies, gathering his homework, when he noticed something on the table.

glitter. mikoshiba had found it in the bottom of one of nozaki’s craft drawers, and took it out to play with it. all that was left now was a half empty canister and shimmering magenta glitter on the floor, and for a moment as nozaki stooped to clean up the mess, he thought that the glitter was strangely like sakura’s eye colour.

but then, he hesitated. he wasn’t actually sure.

it seemed ridiculous for nozaki to not be able to recall sakura’s eye colour off the top of his head, but he felt it was something he should know like the back of his hand. however, as he stared at the glitter that was wiped across his fingers, his mind was suddenly having a fit because were her eyes pink? or gold? or maybe blue? he could imagine her easily with all 3 colours and more and it bothered nozaki more than it should have. it was just her eye colour. yet why was nozaki suddenly so pressed for confirmation?

it was friday evening, and with the pre-made plans he and sakura already had made, he knew he wouldn’t see her until the monday school day. he felt too ridiculous to try and text her about it — how ominous and strange would it be for nozaki to text sakura 7 minutes after she had left his place to ask her, “what colour are your eyes?”

nozaki wasn’t going to bother. he would just have to wait.

throughout the next two days, all that was on nozaki’s mind was colours, and sakura. everytime a vibrant colour appeared in his sight, he wondered “is that it?” the gold sunlight in the afternoon. the blue ink of his pen. the pink on the packaging of his sweets. every single colour, he could easily imagine on sakura’s face, but none seemed quite right.

when monday finally came around, nozaki was absolutely delighted to see sakura waiting for him at the distance at the school gates, preoccupied with a book as she was standing. as he approached her, sakura hardly looked up, leaving him to stare thoughtfully at the top of her head — his favourite pattern of white polka-dots on red ribbon tucked in her hair.

“good morning, nozaki,” she said absently as she turned a page in her book. “i was so busy this weekend i forgot to finish this reading! i must be the most silly girl—”

but before she could finish her sentence, nozaki was moving. his hands went beneath her arms, and with an easy shift he lifted her up into the air, to his height so he could see her face. a squeal came from her, framed with her book falling to the ground in surprise, and he looked at her full in the face to see her blushing, and her eyes—


bright, brilliant purple like the deepest gems that one could mine from the depths of the earth, shining at him all wide and pretty and decorated with the pink of her cheeks as she exclaimed, “nozaki!? p-put me down, ah! what are you doing?!”

nozaki didn’t respond instantly, instead looking at her face. she was so short, and while that was a very cute thing about sakura, nozaki realised he wouldn’t mind seeing her blushing, round face a little bit more.

“n-nozaki! i- i demand you tell me why you just pick me up like this!”

and nozaki smiles gently, sets her down easily, and with her big gem eyes staring up at him, shining in the morning sun and looking at him with surprise, he tells her quietly,

“you have the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen.”

and with that, he loves the way her purple eyes gleam.


[image description: 1-  a red and white polka dot marble maze, a white with pink-themed dessert-print marble maze, and a paper maze pattern. Both mazes, while having different patterns, bear chain stitching maze outlines and one blanket-stitched edge. 2 - the red-polka dot marble maze shown front face up, displaying the red chain stitching, beside the dessert-print marble maze shown back face up, displaying the pale pink minky fleece backing, unmarked by the stitching.]

Handsewn Marble Maze Tutorial


  • A paper pattern the size of your maze. (Most tutorials don’t give sizes! I’ve been using rectangles 18.5 x 11.5 cm wide, which works for me and my hands; you might like it bigger or smaller. This includes a .5 cm seam allowance; if you need a 1 cm seam allowance, add .5 cm all the way around.)
  • Three pieces of fabric the size of your maze (cut using said pattern). I’ve been using one piece patterned flannelette for the front, one piece minky fleece (but it could also be flannelette) for the back and one piece whatever scrap fabric I’ve got, as you won’t see this, for the middle. (Fabric with minimal fray, like ribbing or T-shirt fabric or knit, is easiest to handle. Quilting cottons are a pain.)
  • A ruler and pencil.
  • A tracing wheel or sewing chalk or one of those fade-away pens/pencils.
  • Sewing thread and needle (I use plain white for the inside as nobody sees it, matching or contrasting colour for the outside).
  • Scissors.
  • A marble.


  • Draw your maze on your paper. I’ve been leaving columns and gaps of 3.5 cm (not including the seam allowance at the edge) for the marble to pass through.
  • Take your front fabric and your scrap fabric piece and pin them together so the front side (the pretty side) of the front fabric faces out.
  • Draw or trace (I use a tracer wheel over the paper pattern; others might find copying the lines with a ruler via a pencil, chalk or pen easier to use) your marble design on the front side (the pretty side) of the front fabric. Using a ruler with your tracer wheel helps keep lines straight.
  • Sew along the maze lines. I’ve been using a chain stitch because I can, but a back stitch will also work. Don’t use a running stitch, because you don’t want gaps in the stitching; you need a full line of stitching. I’d double-thread this, because the stitching is meant to be slightly decorative.
  • Take your finished maze design (the front and the scrap fabric sewn together) and the back fabric and place them front sides facing in. (You should have the wrong side of the fleece and the scrap fabric, marked by the less-neat lines of stitching, facing towards you.) Pin together.
  • Sew around three edges (two long, one short if a rectangle) of your maze, sewing through the three layers of fabric. Because the materials I’ve been using don’t fray badly, I’ve been using a back stitch (I back stitch everything) with small stitches and leaving the edges raw. If you’re concerned about fraying, back stitch, and then go over the edges with a blanket or mattress stitch.
  • Turn your maze right-way out. You’ll have the maze at the top and a pocket at the back. Slide a marble between the front and middle layers and push it down to the bottom of your maze (testing your maze at the same time). Tuck the raw edges (the two maze edges together, the back edge separately) inside the pocket and blanket/mattress stitch or whip stitch it shut.

Your maze will look like the mazes in the second image: stitching in the front, neat and smooth expanse of minky fleece (great for stroking) in the back!

Birthday Boy

Request: Bucky Barnes sub and dom reader one shot plz? That sounds rlly hot. What do you think? ;) - @rogue–rebel

Triggers: fluff, smut, unprotected sex, Dom!reader, spanking, oral sex (receiving)

Word Count: 4000+

A/N: Thank you for the request, I saw thing and thought birthday smut!! happy 100th to my favourite baby boy. I kinda got carried away with it.

*Send in a request to be added to my permanent taglist

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100 years old is a big deal, most people don’t reach it. And the people who do are usually in hospital, unable to move. There are those few people who run marathons till they’re well over their prime age. But there was only one Bucky Barnes. And in a few days he turned 100 years old and was still in his prime years.

The two of you had been together for just under a year and this was the first birthday of his you would celebrate together. Since it was such a big deal - being both the first and the 100th - you needed to make it perfect.

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digdipper09  asked:

Fecki n g hell, I'm not obsessed with this freaking AU where Tony-loving-Howard comes to the future. Especially because of that Tony-turning-into-child thing. It's amazing how fluffy it is and I am all. OVER. THAT. And also Bucky feeling miserable over that is... just... I did not expect that heartbreak at the end of such an adorable short man. Gahd! Ugh... I just love how... adoring Howard is... god, I imagine this Howard to sound a lot like Maes Hughes....

I MADE AN AU IN AN AU. AU-CEPTION. (Jesus Christ imagine AU Howard and Maes Hughes in a room, gushing about their children, wallets out and both of them have ridiculous amounts of pictures of them.)


Howard brings Tony back down to the kitchen. He takes a moment to feel heart broken about how obvious it is that Tony’s only recently moved back into the room of his childhood–because there are more clothes from his childhood there than suits.

Natasha sees the dress Tony’s wearing, white with red polka dots, and manages a small smile. “That’s a pretty dress, Tony. You look very nice.”

Tony hides behind Howard’s legs shyly. “Thank you. My friend Jan made it for me.”

“It’s very becoming. The red makes your eyes pop.”

“That’s what Jan said!” Tony exclaims, leaning around Howard to beam up at her, shyness apparently forgotten.

Natasha has to bite back a dopey grin. “Jan has excellent taste. Do you want some milk tea?”

Tony clambers into a seat with no grace whatsoever, not even flinching when Howard rushes to tuck his skirt back down properly. “Sounds gross!” he says cheerfully. “I’ll try it. Are you one of Daddy’s friends? ‘cause you were with Captain America and Sergeant Barnes?”

“…Yes,” she decides, because honestly what else can she say. “But I like to think I’m your friend, too.”

Tony beams at her as he accepts the mug she hands him. “You wanna be friends with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend?” Natasha asks, honestly curious. “You’re smart, funny, adorable. Sometimes we race when we’re wolves. You even let me win sometimes to make me feel better.”

“I win?!” Tony exclaims excitedly.

Natasha ruffles his hair. “All the time.”

Howard has no idea if she’s lying out of her ass or not but he puffs his chest out proudly anyway. “Of course he does! He’s perfect.”

Natasha turns back to the stove quickly so they can’t see her crying with the effort of holding in her laughter because Jesus Christ. These Starks.

Tony takes a sip of the milk tea. “This is really weird!” he decides. He thinks about it for a few seconds. “…But a good weird.” He slurps up more. It’s weird but not bad, and it warms him from the inside out. He doesn’t want to tell Daddy, but he’d been shivery cold ever since the monsters attacked.

Howard pats him on the back. “I’m glad. But remember, you’re supposed to keep your skirt down. We’ve been over this. Some people would be offended.”

Tony huffs, rolling his eyes. “Daddy,” he says primly. “Natasha was the one that got me proper clothes. She’s already seen me naked.” He pauses. “…I wonder why I was a wolf when those monsters attacked.”

Howard gapes at him speechlessly.

Natasha wheezes and covers her mouth with her fist. God, she was gonna pee herself at this rate.

I’ll Make an Exception

A/N: A request from @summerinavonlea for a Derek x Reader where the reader is really into that retro swing look (think Candyman by Christina Aguilera). One night, she invites the team out to a bar she goes to because they have theme nights and they’re doing swing dancing that night. Normally, shy and reserved, the team is surprised to find she’s a really good dancer. Both she and Derek like each other but have never said as much. When guy after guy asks the reader to dance, Morgan gets a little jealous. Many members of the team dance with her throughout the night, including Morgan. @coveofmemories

P.S. Here’s the dress and shoes I pictured!


“Okay, I have to ask,” Garcia said, walking out of her office after a long day cramped up in her tiny, but terrific office filled with computer screens. Y/N had been working at the BAU for nearly a year, and every single Friday they were home, she had a separate bag from her go-bag. No one had any idea what was in it, and until now, no one had ever asked. 

Y/N turned around, realizing that the statement had been for her. “Have to ask what?” She smiled, her red lipstick perfectly reapplied after an entire day of downing cup after cup of coffee. For months now, Derek had had a hard time keeping his feelings for Y/N off of his face. She was his opposite, shy and unassuming, but she was also vastly intelligent, kind and funny. They were just such opposites, he always imagined she’d be more into Reid than him. Garcia looked at her bag and motioned toward it. “Oh this? Well, any time we’re home on a Friday, I like to go to this bar downtown, Harbor Q. They have dancing and drinks, and they do theme nights.” She started to blush; she hadn’t intended to admit how much she enjoyed the themed dancing they offered, but she had been working with them for a year. 

“Tonight’s theme is swing dancing,” she finished, looking quickly around the room at her friends. “If anyone wants to come, I’d love it. I’m sure you’d all have fun.” Immediately, Rossi and Hotch said they were in. Given that they were the oldest on the team, they had an appreciation for that kind of music even more so than the rest of the team. Garcia quickly said she wouldn’t miss it and darted out of the BAU to go get changed into a theme-ready outfit. After JJ found a babysitter for Henry, she said that she and Will would absolutely be there, and soon after, Emily, Spencer and Derek agreed as well. Derek wasn’t really the swing dancing type of guy, but he didn’t want to miss a chance to see Y/N out of the office doing something she loved. He imagined she’d be even more beautiful than normal.

“Cool, I’ll see you all in a little while. I have an outfit in here so I’ll get changed there.” With that, she left, thinking about the adorable outfit she’d change into once she got to Harbor Q.


Within an hour and a half, the team managed to assemble themselves and make their way to Harbor Q. Y/N had texted them to say she was already inside. When they walked in, Derek nearly stopped in his tracks, causing Garcia to walk into his back. “Just ask her out, Hot Chocolate,” she laughed. “I’ve never seen the Derek Morgan have it so bad for someone and not say anything about it.”

Just ahead of him, Y/N was dancing with someone he didn’t know, dressed in a red, swing-style dress with black and white polka dots on the top and bottom. Her shoes were black and white too, and her hair was pinned up. “Wow, you have it bad Baby Boy,” Garcia laughed, waving toward Y/N as she caught her eye. “Ask her out. She’s single. I’ve asked.”

“I might just have to,” he said in a daze, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d been dancing (pun intended) around his feelings for too long. “But right now I just want to watch her dance. She’s actually really good.” She was great at basically everything, so he wasn’t sure why he was so surprised. It was probably because she was exceptionally shy inside the office. Here though, here she seemed like she was in her element. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she wasn’t the same person. In the office, she was shy and reserved, here she was animated, her smile as wide as the sea as she twirled around in the hands of her partner.

Minutes later, the song concluded and she walked over to the team. “Hey guys,” she said sweetly. “I’m glad you came.”

“We wouldn’t miss seeing you dance like that,” Emily said as she pointed toward the dance floor. She was stunned, as were they all.

Everyone stared at her in awe. It was unlike the woman they knew. “Where did you learn to dance like that?” Reid asked.

“Well, my grandmother was always really into this type of music, and then she bought me a pair of shoes like this,” she said, turning her ankles toward them. “At that point, I started listening to swing music all the time, and when I got a little older, I asked my parents if I could take classes. Throughout high school and college, I did it all the time, until the very end when work, school and dancing became too much, but I still do it as often as I can.”

Rossi especially loved this kind of music. He was a little more into smooth jazz, but he appreciated the carefree nature of swing music. “You’re exceptionally good at it,” he said. “Is everyone here trained?”

“No,” she laughed. “That’s Connor.” She pointed to the dance partner they’d seen as they walked in. “He is, but most others aren’t.”

“Well then,” Rossi said, straightening his jacket and making his way up to Y/N with his hand extended, “I won’t feel bad asking for a dance. You have to teach me how you’re so light on your feet.”

A pang of jealousy rang through Derek’s stomach as Y/N took his hand and ushered Rossi, JJ and Will, and Reid and Emily onto the dance floor. Apparently, she was going to try and teach them as well. Why was he jealous? God, he really needed to just take Garcia’s advice and ask Y/N out. It was killing him to sit idly by as she flitted around with everyone else, even his own teammates - though he had no reason to be jealous of them.

He couldn’t help but laugh when Rossi started tripping on his own two feet though. Rossi may have claimed to be a smooth-talking Italian, but he undeniably had two left feet. Derek was about to go ask Y/N for a dance when the song ended and she switched partners with Emily. Now, she was attempting to teach Reid how to dance, and surprisingly enough, he had an easier time than Rossi. 

Garcia had been floating between the bar, where a very handsome gentleman was making a movie (to which she was very receptive considering she’d just broken up with Kevin), the dance floor, and Derek’s table. “Are you sure she’s single?” he asked as she approached him with his drink. “She looks like she’s into Reid.”

“No,” she said firmly. “She loves Reid, but it’s more of a best friend kind of love. She’s actually been trying to set him up with one of her good friends from outside the office. Ask. Her. Out.” Again, he was about to get up as the song concluded, but she pulled Hotch from nearby and made him dance with her. Rossi was catching on quickly, dancing circles around Reid who was now tripping over his clumsy feet. 

Nearly 45 minutes went by, with Y/N switching between members of the team, including the ladies, and other men in the bar. Every time Derek wanted to go ask her to dance with him, she’d go to someone else without giving him enough time to even move from his table. Alright Derek, he said to himself. Get up. 

“It’s about time you showed up out here,” Y/N said with a smile when Derek finally made his way to the dance floor. “I have to know if the incomparable Derek Morgan is as light on his feet as I think he is.” She grabbed his hand and twirled into him. Without missing a beat, he gathered her by the waist and started moving his feet in time with hers, catching on much more quickly than any of his friends. 

“Since when does my sexy Chocolate Thunder know how to swing dance,” Garcia asked, reaching her hand toward him. Playfully, Y/N slapped it away.

“He’s mine now, Garcia!” Everyone paired up again, except Rossi and Garcia, who paired off with people they met there. “I’m glad you came.” Although it had taken over an hour to get a dance with her, Derek was glad he’d come too. Now to actually say something and not draw the attention of his teammates. 

“Me too,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back. “You look beautiful by the way.” Red really was her color. It made her eyes pop. “And I had absolutely zero idea you were as talented a dance as you are an agent.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, Derek,” she winked, her tongue pushed up agains the roof of her mouth. “And thank you. I fancy myself a great agent, so that’s quite the compliment.” 

“Y/N…” he started. “I was wondering if sometime soon, you might want to go out…just the two of us.” When he looked up, he could see Garcia giving him a wink and a thumbs up.

“I’d love that, Derek,” she replied as the music started to slow down, a much more mellow tune blasting its way through the bar. “I was wondering when you might ask me out.” Reid, Emily and Hotch looked on, knowing exactly what was happening, but they paid them no mind.

“Am I allowed to have two dances in a row?” Derek asked cheekily, feeling better now that he’d gotten his feelings off his chest. She’d danced with each member of the team more than once, but never two in a row, so despite an upcoming date, he wasn’t sure if she was going to move on to someone else.

“I normally like to switch it up,” she said, looking up from where her head was leaning against his chest. “But for you, I think I’ll make an exception.”