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Things That Remind Me of the Signs

Aries: Clenched fists, speaking to a crowd of people, slow smiles and laughing until you can’t breathe, taking risks and jumping off cliffs

Taurus: Seeing your ex with someone else and missing them, flower crowns and floral aesthetics, prolonged eye contact, pridefulness

Gemini: Putting in a contact lense, sudoku puzzles, scenic photography, late night giggles on the phone with your lover

Cancer: Fluffy towels, warm hugs, chandeliers, blushing

Leo: Hairspray, glossy lips, standing up for your friends, looking at a person and thinking you’d want to marry them

Virgo: Tall, old-fashioned buildings, suits and ties, shy smiles, planting a seed and watching it grow

Libra: fancy jewelry, red wine, inspirational quotes, sitting in your pajamas and laughing with your friends

Scorpio: Black leather jackets, keeping secrets, movies, toothy grins

Sagittarius: Dying your hair a different color, messy handwriting, chalkboards, learning something new

Capricorn: Elegant, silver jewelry, black sharpie, all caps handwriting, forehead wrinkles

Aquarius: Washing shampoo out of your hair, typewriters, steaming black coffee, dimples

Pisces: Comfortable hoodies, colored pencils, sunsets, long bubble baths

anonymous asked:

hey, since I don't see much of him, could you please do some altar ideas for Hephaestus? Thank you so much!

You’re right you dont see much and thats a shame! I’ll do my best 

- Table top fire bowl (x)
- Or if outside, fire pit
- Hammer
- Tongs
- Homemade sculptures (Clay or metal)
- Rustic forged knives (Like railroad spike knives)
- Gold/ Copper/ iron
- Rough materials before they are crafted
- Coal
- Mini anvil
- Photos of complete crafts or flyers from craft classes
- Crafting tools
- Donkeys
- Volcanic rock
- Handmade tools or jewelry
- Candles (Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, White)

Altar Ideas
Amphitrite - Aphrodite - Apollo - Ares - Artemis - Asteria - Athena - Demeter - Dionysus - Hades - Hebe - Hekate - Hemera - Hephaestus - Hera - Hermes - Hestia - Khione - Persephone - Poseidon - Selene - Zeus

july aesthetic

* red lips gold jewelry white outfits

* low sodium low carb

* pink moscato

* eat like a model 

* 500 calories or less

* no generic “pro ana” tumblr diets

* make! money! bitch!

* yoga every other day, cardio on days in between

* skin poppin - this is going well so far 

* meditate morning and night

* focus and evolve

Braided Friendship Bracelet Color Ideas

1. Light Blue/Yellow/Black
2. Light Grey/Light Green
3. Light Blue/Red/White/Black
4. Light Blue/Black
5. Dark Green/Light Blue/Yellow
6. Black/Light Pink/White
7. Black/Light Pink
8. Red/Green/White
9. Yellow/Red
10. Black/Yellow
11. Orange/Light Pink/Yellow
12. Dark Blue/White
13. Bright Pink/White
14. Dark Purple/White
15. Red/White

BTS: Reaction: Unexpected Pregnancy.


*You and Jimin had only been dating for 6 months, and you just recently started having sex. You weren’t public, you were just a foreigner in Korea, but you and Jimin fell for each other instantly.*

In the past week you have been feeling very nauseous and dizzy, you even had the thought of being pregnant, but didn’t take it seriously because you were on the pill. But you took 4 tests, they were all positive. You weren’t scared because you had to tell your boyfriend, but you were scared what the consequences may be.

“Y/N, where are-” He came to the big table in the kitchen, he saw the tests beside you. “I’m so sorry Ji-” He shushed you immediately with his lips against yours. “Don’t be, i’m glad” He wasn’t jumping with you in his arms, but you could tell by his smile he was happy. “We have to tell the others, and the CEO, we have to be responsible now my love” He took you in bridal style and kissed you tenderly.


*You and Jungkook have been together ever since he debuted with BTS, you were a secret but the other boys from BTS knew, everyone knew he was spoken for, even the fans. But the fans didn’t know who had taken their Kookie*

Jungkook and yourself were playing with fire when it came to your sexlife, no wonder how you ended up being preggers. He always used the ‘pull out’ method, no pill, no condom, no nothing. But one day you finall went to the doctor and got the test, of course it was positive. After weeks of speculating about adoption, abortion, or just telling him. You did what you had to do, you had to tell him, even though you were young.

You called him and asked if he could come straight home from practice, and he did. You were hiding it perfectly, making dinner as usual, eating and discussing the days events. You finally broke down, the tears started flowing. “Jagi!? What’s wrong?” He ran to your side, holding both of his hands on each side of your head. “I guess we could call it karma” You laughed while you snifted. “What are you talking about?” He caressed your cheek. “I’m pregnant Kookie” You closed your eyes and brought your hands up to his hand placed on your wet cheek. “Well, i-i guess.. uhm” He coughed a bit out of shock, but never left you or sounded angry. “It’s a good thing we have an extra room jagi”.


*You and Namjoon were on your honeymoon in Thailand, you were supposed to have your period on your honeymoon, but it didn’t come. Namjoon knew your cycle and teased you by rubbing your belly happily*

You were both in the bathroom at your hotel room, waiting for the test. You knew your newly wed husband wanted it to be positve, but you didn’t. What about his career? His fans? You sat on the toilet seat while Namjoon was walking back and forward. “Stop walking, you’re stressing me out” You told him, you were nervous. “Haha Jagi, don’t be nervous. If it’s negative, then you know where the bed is” He blinked to you. You shook your head while you giggled. As he walked he saw the tests. “Look Y/N, They’re all positive” He kissed you passionately. “i did i good job i see” He looked arrogant while saying that, in a funny way. You slapped him lightly on the arm. He went down on his knees in front of you and shouted at your very flat stomach “Hi baby girl, it’s rapmo- uh, i mean IT’S DADDY HERE!”


*You and your boyfriend had been dating for about 3 years now. You loved him very much. You told his mother before you told him, you were already 8 weeks along. His mother were all of the sudden happy, Hoseok couldn’t understand, she never let you do anything, even of it was just gettong the remote on the coffee table*

“Yah omma, let her get her own stuff” He laughed, he thouht it was embarrassing, but he didn’t know why his mother was acting that way. “Oh Hoseok, my sweet grown up son” She kissed him on the cheek. “What is going on!?” He almost shouted through the living room. You sat up, biting your lip in excitement. “I love you very much Hoseok and i-” He sat up just lke you, in front of you. “Please don’t tell me you started dating my mom instead, that would-” “Haha, very funny oppa, no. I’m pregnant” He gave you the biggest elevator look ever “Is it mine?”


*You and Suga had been fooling around for a good while. You had feelings for each other, you both knew. You were everything and had everything beside the official title. You liked each other very much, and you even told him you loved him, he told you the same. You were on the pill, because you and Suga lived together, so that meant you slept in the same bed every night*

One day you and suga were cooking in the apartment, all of the sudden he pulls out an onion in front of you, he was about to slice it. You felt sick to your stomach. You pushed it out of his hand before he sliced it. “Y/N, what the hell?” He looked at the smashed onion on the wall and then back at you. You had your sweater pulled up so it covered your nose, and the stench. “It smells like..” Your eyes became big, you felt your sandwich you had for lunch beginning to crawl back up. You ran for it. Suga ran right after you. “Are you sick jagi?” You didn’t answer, you were too busy puking in the toilet. After a couple of minutes of you puking, him stroking your back while he held your hair. “I don’t feel so good” You stated. He saw your hand on your stomach “What if you’re pregnant?” Your eyes shot right open to meet his in all seriousness. “I can’t-I mean- I..” He put his hand on yours and kissed your forehead. “You haven’t used the new tampons I bought for you, that means you’re late, and you’re pregnant”. You looked down in embarrassment. He lifted your chin up and said “Let’s throw the rest of the onions out Mrs. Min Yoon Gi” He smiled a lot while giving you backrubs and kissed all over your belly.


 *You and Jin got married last year, a big beautiful Korean wedding with all your friends and family. This anniversary you wanted to surprise him, you knew he loved kids. You knew he wanted kids, you also wanted kids*

You put the finished touches on the table, the food was ready, you lit up the candles, and you wore a black dress with much cleavage. Suddenly you heard the door, you were excited. “Y/N..” He saw you, you had curled your hair, had some beautiful red full lips. You saw a bouquet of big red and white roses and a gift, a jewelry box. He walked over to you and hugged you tightly “You look absolutely beautiful” Your cheek were now flustered. You looked at the gift and asked “What’s that?” He smiled. “Open it” He gave you the present and you slowly opened it. “Jin, you shouldn’t have, I can’t accept this” He laughed. “I knew you’d like it” He took the big diamond necklace and put it on you. “So, where’s my gift” You frowned, just to trick him. “It won’t arrive soon, you’ll have to wait a while” You couldn’t keep your mask and your smile appeared. “What? For how long?” “Around nine months” He laughed. “What are you talking about jagi?” He hoped it was the one thing he had in his mind, but didn’t dare to ask. “We’re having a baby” Jin completely froze in front of you. He looked down of your belly. He hugged you very hard. “Thank you Y/N, this is the best gift you could ever give me, ever” He let you go and you saw the tears spilling one by one from his brown puppy eyes. “Don’t cry oppa, you can cry when I get fat” You both laughed.


*Taehyung had been away for a month, and the month before that, you guys bought a brand new apartment because it was tough when all the others were around all the time. He had left you to shine up the empty new apartment, and he left you pregnant without him knowing*

You stood in the room where you had painted the walls blue, you had a feeling it was a boy. You had the tiniest baby bump. You heard him come home. “Jagi, where ae you?” You went out in the hallway, closing the door so you could surprise him. “I’m here” You both ran to each other and you jumped in his arms, your arms were around his neck, your legs around his waist. He pushed you lightly up against the wall, kissing you. “I’ve missed you like crazy” he whispered to you with his eyes closed in your ear. “You have no idea how lonely it is without you” He looked around the place and smiled “I like what you’ve come up with so far”. “Let me give you a tour” He kissed you and put you down. You grabbed his hand and showed him all of the rooms until you came to the last room. “What did you use the spare room for you wanted so badly? “ He asked curiously. “Close your eyes and you’ll see” He did as he was told, you still held his hand, and opened the door into the baby boy room. You had everything, toys, furniture. “Open your eyes” He opened them and turned completely around. “This is what you wanted the room for?” He laughed a bit. “People will think we’re crazy, we don’t even-“ He looked at your bump. He smiled a lot. “Wait, are you pregnant Y/N?” You nodded wildly. He picked you up again and kissed you like it was the last. “Wait, you made a mistake” He looked angry. You were scared now “What mistake?” You asked him. “You painted it blue, what if it’s a girl?” You laughed and kissed him.