red and white goldfish

vibey-lesbian  asked:

Deep cut thoughts, if the boys were mermaids/mermen what colors would their tails be? In addition, any thoughts on designs for fins and/or tails in general? Lay that color spectrum of thought on, if you have any opinions. <3

Rubia, I have spent DAYS mulling over this ask in detail. Like I’ll walk from work to Subway, and ponder 1D’s mermaid tails. I’ll be mid tattoo and wonder, “in this universe where 1D are mermaids, can the scales change color like a mood ring? According to their mood? When Harry blushes does his tail get redder? When Niall gets flustered does his tail fluff up like an indignant ocean-bird? Can scales even do that?” 

You see I take this SUPER SERIOUSLY?? ANYWAY, without further ado, here’s what I came up with: 

1. Liam’s tail is primarily a red-gold, but there’s a blue tint to the interior of the scale, which creates this sort of depth because Liam is a passionate, bright-hearted person with this inner self-doubt which darkens him up a little bit, gives him this blue shadow. It’s the vulnerable bit surrounded by all the bravado, on the inside Liam just really wants to be liked!!! His tail is long with shorted, utilitarian type fins, no-frills but still pretty, like a Chinese Dragon Fish (which is like, the most expensive aquarium fish on the black market, fyi). 

2. Louis is turquoise and SUPER FANCY and absolutely gorgeous like the entire ocean and every single color in it? Represented is in his tail. There’s gold  like sunshine through surface water because he’s bright and radiant, and emerald like shadowy lagoons because he wrists deep artistic love songs. But mostly there’s just the bluest blue blue, like his eyes, so blue he sort of hurts to look at and all the other mermaids are jealous. His fins are absurd and showy and shimmery and even when he’s not trying he’s like, the most elegant swimmer ever, like fucking water ballet for days, 

3. Niall has all the colors of the sunset. He’s like, technically a goldfish, and when you’re like “wow Niall what a beautiful mermaid you are” he’s like “nah, I’m just a goldfish type mermaid, basic you know” and everyone rolls their eyes because he’s like a FANCY GORGEOUS goldfish, but whatever. He’s got gold and red and white and orange in his tail, which has a deep split fork like this, and he rolls out of mermaid bed looking all shiny, he doesn’t even have to try. 

4. Harry is the prettiest pink mermaid, all kinds of pink like a whole underwater rose garden, bright pink in place, almost fuchsia in others, but mostly, soft peachy rose gold like a blush. It suits him because he’s soft and sweet but it’s multi-layered softness and sweetness, and in some places he’s so pink he’s almost red, like blood.  His tail is one of those beta type tails that’s like, a gigantic puff of underwater smoke? He looks graceful when he’s just sitting there but when he swims he gets tangled up in his enormous tail like rapunzel. 

5. Zayn has oil slick type scales, where in some light he looks black, but when the sun is filtering through the ocean and hits him just right you see that there are so many colors to him, so much vivid complexity…cool blues and metallic purple and bright green. There’s a lot we don’t always see about zayn and it gets consumed by darkness, whether it’s inner darkness or external perceptions of darkness, but he’s actually a fucking rainbow? And his tail is multi dimensional too, spiky sort of fins almost like a peacock’s feather. 



Photos from the Best Western Hotel’s Lamplighter Inn Oasis Atrium, in Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

I did NOT expect a huge pond of Goldfish and Koi swimming around in the Atrium, but it was a pleasant surprise! fishmostly and crazy-fish-dude, I’m mentioning you guys cause FISHIES~

My favourite out of them is the white goldfish with red eyes and red-splotched fins in the second photograph.

Photographed February 12th 2015

•RFA Proposal/Wedding Headcanons!•

- this boy
- would be extra af with his proposal
- he’d get you a front row ticket to one of his shows
- as the applause dies down from his final curtain call he turns to you
- “(y/n), I love you more than I love myself Will you marry me?”
- it would be all over the media outlets
- Musical Actor Zen Settling Down!!?
- half his fans (probably the same ones who believed Echo Girl all those years ago tbh) would be pissed lol
- but his TRUE fans (Jaehee included) would be happy for the both of you
- red roses/rose petals everywhere in the venue.
- actually the colors of the wedding would just be red and white. Red and white everywhere
- there’s a whole platter of goldfish shaped buns on the buffet table shoutout to Mr. Kim
- Zen would wear an all white suit and maybe a black tie he would look beautiful as always
- he’d tear up as you walked down the aisle let’s be honest
- his vows would be cheesy as hell
- probably sneak in some lines from his favorite characters in there too
- he’d barely be able to contain himself once the officiator says “you may now kiss the bride”
- he’d lift up your veil and caress your cheek and smile at you for a moment before he kisses you
- he kisses you so sweetly and gently and he’s smiling into the kiss
- your first dance would be to some sappy romantic love song that Zen recorded himself surprise
- immediately afterwards Seven would just steal you away
- Zen would be slightly annoyed GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE LUCIEL
- you dance with all of the RFA at some point
- even Baehee
- when Zen finally gets you back he doesn’t let go for the rest of the night
- he’s always touching you in some way whether it be holding your hand, having his arm around your waist, etc.
- the cake is three tiers
- vanilla, red velvet, vanilla
- white chocolate and raspberry
- Seven wouldn’t be drunk but his speech would be complete nonsense anyways
- wedding night get ready he’s gONNA UNLEASH THE BEAST

- he asks you with with LOLOL
- he cooks you a very nice romantic dinner for your anniversary
- like
- it’s actually really nice though??
- like the food is amazing and he set out candles and it’s very nice
- he’s all cute and adorable and blushy throughout the whole dinner
- after dessert he wants to give you your present
- “No the dinner was more than enough omg what else could you give me?”
- it’s a tiny replica of his LOLOL avatar
- but wait
- what’s this in its hand??
- it’s a diamond ring
- to answer your question- “the rest of my life :)”
- although you don’t straight up cosplay your LOLOL avatars at your wedding….
- your outfit colors match the avatars’ colors that was the compromise
- Seven is the officiator because reasons
- Yoosung’s guild is invited
- V is there too! Yay forgiveness!
- the kiss was just short of a peck and you’re both blushing when you pull away
- you know how you slow dance in middle school? Like the girls have their arms around the guy’s shoulders and the guy has his hands on her waist and it’s a little awkward and essentially like an extended hug?
- yeah that’s your first dance with this bab
- also you know how sometimes people have bride and groom cake toppers?
- your LOLOL avatars are your cake toppers
- he would totally boop frosting on your nose trust me on this
- ah yes the wedding night
- this could go several ways
- 1) very vanilla and sweet
- 3) you nerds are up all night on LOLOL still in your clothes from the reception

- she would be so shy about it
- like it’d take her forever to work up the courage to ask you to marry her
- the proposal would be sweet and simple
- literally
- she hid the ring in your dessert when you two were on a coffee date
- this poor baby she was so stressed trying to plan the wedding she wanted perfection
- eventually you convince her to let you help
- the wedding is v small it’s pretty much just the RFA
- but that’s all you two need
- it’s such a nice wedding
- flowers and fairy lights and just very pretty in general like her
- Baehee’s in a pretty white flowy dress with flowers in her hair like the a n g e l she is
- your kiss is very soft and sweet
- Zen dances with both of you individually at some point
- he also sings the song for your first dance
- she’s internally fangirling so hard this adorable child
- high key she made your wedding cake
- and pretty much everything else on the dessert table
- your wedding cake is a simple two layer naked cake with berries
- you spend your wedding night watching (and singing along very loudly) to Zen’s musicals

- he ties the ring to Elly’s collar
- and then sends her to your room to wake you up
- you wake up to a kiss on the forehead and soft white mound and the smell of pancakes
- “Good morning, darling”
- well someone’s being exceptionally sweet this morning
- “What’s the occasion?”
- he just shrugs and “I just felt like it”
- you’re very suspicious of Mista Trust Fund Kid as he doesn’t just do things like this
- you’re enjoying breakfast in bed and petting Elly when you see something sparkly on her collar
- “Jumin what’s thi-”
- you almost choke on your pancakes when you realize what it is
- “(y/n) will you be my business partner for life?”
- you almost smack him with a pillow but you’re too happy so you don’t
- Breaking News: Jumin Han Does Not Gay
- but the RFA members are the most important clearly
- V is the best man ofc
- he hired a wedding planner so everything is pretty much down to a T
- he looks nicer than usual in his tux with a white rose in the lapel
- you basically have a princess dress he hired the best tailors to custom make it for you
- Elizabeth 3rd is the ring bearer and she has the cutest little ribbon on for the occasion
- your first dance is a waltz
- the wedding cake is HUGE
- the power of money wow
- he’s surprisingly vanilla on your wedding night
- just wants to love you
- but on the rest of your honeymoon….
- …Mrs. Han, Mr. Han will see you now

- probably hacks into your computer from the next room to propose to you
- you’re just scrolling through social media when all of a sudden your screen glitches out
- “I’m innocent I swear!” he yells from the next room
- you’re about to go whoop his ass when your computer stops glitching
- instead of whatever you were looking at now it’s Seven on the screen
- “I’m just gonna get to the point. Be the Honey Buddha Chips to my Ph. D. Pepper?”
- now he’s standing in the doorway smiling with his hands in his pockets
- “So, (y/n), what do you say?”
- then he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring
- space themed wedding duh
- this fuckin nerd wears a space suit to the altar when will your fave ever
- who needs a traditional wedding dress when yOU CAN HAVE A GALAXY PRINT WEDDING DRESS
- a bunch of random ass guests at the wedding
- Luciel did you invite longcat???
- poor Zen has to leave the room bc allergies
- his neighborhood friend Tom is the best man duh
- his vows are actually really sweet
- “(y/n), I didn’t know what true happiness was until you came into my life. I love you more than Elly. ”
- Jumin breathes a sigh of relief
- your first dance consists of a mashup of viral dance trends and dabbing
- you already know what the food and drink at the reception will consist of
- that’s right
- there is “actual food” as per literally everyone else’s request
- lol you know what his wedding gift for you is
- Custom sex toys
- enjoy your honeymoon ;)))

Pickle and Clem! I’m posting this one of Clem because it shows how crooked his mouth is. I bought his from a Petsmart almost 2 years ago when he was a very small fry; he’d gotten a rock stuck in his mouth and the store wasn’t doing anything about it. So I asked them to take the rock out, and then tried to walk away without buying the poor guy…but I couldn’t! So here he is, crooked rock-mouth and all.