red and white coat

The Circus

The circus comes without warning, and you find yourself among the crowds of people that wander from tent to tent in a current, bending and winding as it goes and leading from one amazing sight to the next.  Upon entering the circus grounds, you are greeted by a man on a stage. He wears a red and white striped coat and a large top hat, and with a bejeweled cane in is hand, he calls to the passing crowds. “Ladies and gentlemen and all other configurations of being! Come one, come all! Prepare to be amazed, astounded, astonished!” His pink mustache practically glows in the light of the little bulbs strung up above the crowd, and as you pass his raised platform, you could swear that he looks right at you and wiggles that silly, curled mustache with a twinkle in his eyes.

The first tent is a royal blue with a smattering of silver stars. They say the man inside can tell you your deepest thoughts and possibly your near future. Visitors are only allowed in one at a time, and when it comes to be your turn, you slip through the silken sheets into a dimly lit area. The ground has been covered in beautiful rugs, and a small table sits near to the ground at the center. You seat yourself across from him on the pillow provided, and through the smoke of burning incense, you see his face is partially covered by a bloodied cloth. He startles you with his quiet words, speaking your every thought aloud as you think it, and when you ask him what he sees in the future for you he says only, “There is a great misfortune in the very near future.” Insulted and somewhat scared, you rise from the pillow and storm out the other end of the tent as you hear the man call for the next visitor.

The second tent is bright red, flamboyant and loud, and as you wander inside, you squeeze through the tightly packed crowd until you get a glimpse of the man inside. The sharp-shooter, they call him, and he displays his abilities with terrifying precision, firing his gun from the back of a horse as he rides around the center circle of the tent. When his show comes to a climax, he flips from the horse and lands in the center, taking off his leather cowboy hat and giving a grandiose bow at the hip. The crowd cheers and applauds, but you wander on.

The third tent is a motley of colors, red and blue and green and yellow, all woven together into an eye-catching mosaic. Inside, four men spin, suspended above the crowd by long, flowing scarves of fabric. Each one is one of the colors of the tent. The tricks and flips that they do are mind-boggling, their strength and agility baffling. At times, they don’t even seem human but rather like something more powerful and graceful altogether. Each of the four men are also garbed in one of the four colors, and strangely, you find they all look very similar, very much like every other performer you have already seen. With this thought in mind, you move on.

The fourth tent is a glittering gold and shimmering silver woven into the shapes of many wild animals. The two men inside, one dressed in kingly apparel and the other dressed as a silver court jester, stand alongside ferocious lions and snow white leopards that perform, leaping through hoops that the men hold above their heads and climbing an enormous, spiraling platform towards the top of the tent. The cats act with lithe grace while the two men dance around beneath like clowns, and the show is both amusing and wonderful. As the two men and their animal friends take their bow, you slip out of the tent and on to the next.

The fifth tent is striped bright blue and deep purple, and inside you find a magician and his assistant. The magician, pushing his spectacles back into place on his nose, smiles towards the crowd as his assistant, garbed in blue lies down in a large box, his head exposed on one end and his feet on the other. As the magician in the purple suit saws his assistant in half, you cannot help but think of the fortune-teller’s warning earlier in the night, but as the assistant shouts, “I’m sorry, but I’m dying!” you laugh along with the show and assure yourself that nothing bad could happen. The assistant, of course, emerges unscathed having been “sawed in half” and then put back together by the other man’s magic, and you applaud before moving on to the final tent.

The sixth and last tent is a simple black and white checkered pattern with flourishes of scarlet red trimming the edges. You find that this corner of the circus seems nearly abandoned, and as you step inside the tent into the darkness, there are very few circus-goers remaining to fill the seats around the tent’s circumference. You find a seat in the low light of a few lit torches and wait patiently for the show to begin. Gasps erupt through the scattered crowd as a man emerges into the single spotlight. He is barefoot, shirtless, wearing only black pants and a black mask over his eyes. In each hand he holds a dual-sided torch which he lights from the caldron of fire that appears at the center of the ring. Somewhere out of sight, a band of string instruments strikes up a lively song, and the man begins his display. He moves with dark grace as the fire spins around him, at times, too close for your own comfort. The song grows louder and louder still until every person is on the edge of their seat watching this man and his glowing flames.

At the last moment, he brings one of the torches to his lips and a great burst of fire erupts from his mouth like a dragon laying waste to a village, and when that bright billowing flame disappears, the tent falls into darkness like pitch and complete and utter silence. The sudden change is jarring, so much so that no one claps, no one cheers, no one even moves. And then you hear it, somewhere, everywhere in the shadows, a dry, echoing laughter. You feel suddenly very, very alone as the fortune-teller’s words come crashing back to you and a hand brushes your back. The last thing you remember is a voice whispering through the acrid air, “You’re mine now.” Then nothing.

And the circus moves on.


After reading and analyzing the chapter correctly, I must say that it was not a bad ending. I know that we all expected (and I include myself) that at least the famous ships known as the “Big 4” had their romantic moments with a kiss, confession, marriage or even children.

First we have to remember that Fairy Tail is not an romance anime/manga, it will be cliché my comment but it is a shonnen, it is true. FT focuses a lot on friendship, trust, union, laughter, etc. Mashima himself has made it clear. Even so I will explain ship by ship and part by part:

Gray and Juvia: yes, I’m a big fan of this couple and of course I also expected as everyone the Gray’s long-awaited “answer”. Unfortunately we could not witness it but, it is a fact that it was a positive one. Why? Well, to start, a year has passed since the end of the war. I agree that obviously Gray does not wait a year to tell her. Then, as Gray takes Juvia out of the party to talk alone, it’s something new, Juvia was the one who pulled him in the past and now, he is the one doing so and it’s telling her to not strip, means that he cares if they see her just like Gildarts did (lol) but the most important thing here and what I loved was that they mentioned the scars. At the beginning of the manga, Lucy asks Gray about a scar on his forehead, which replies that “It does not bother me to have scars as long as you can see them because it means something important for happened for me.” Gray tells Juvia to ask Wendy for help so that she no longer has the scar, again worrying about her. Juvia tells him that she doesn’t mind having it, because Gray has an equal one. I’m sure Mashima wants to imply that those scars attach great importance to their relationship. The memory that both decided to hurt themselves at the point of dying for each other, is confirming again that importance they have for each other. Then we see that Gray is in his usual “tsundere” mode, he still admits that the body of Juvia (or Juvia itself) belongs to him. Recalling that Juvia told Gray that “her life will always belong to him” and of course, also remember that Gray emphasize that “he would take her feelings seriously from now on.” Then, I liked that the personalities didn’t change, Gray is a character who has always struggled to open and it’s easily for him to turn red but come on, he admit it. This scene plus the previous chapters of how Gray acts with Juvia is a great development. Also, Wendy manages to hear Gray say “now you’re mine” thing after seeing Juvia who had a pretty face meanwhile she was in her knees making it something compromising to Gray… yes, Wendy’s red face along with Lucy’s comment from “You Re-imagined Things” says it all. I do not think Gray would say that to Juvia without being anything. If this is not cannon then I do not know what it is. LOL

Gajeel and Levy. The whisper of Levy next to that red face of Gajeel like saying “HOLY SHIT!” was gorgeous! But again the faces of Lucy and Wendy confirming that they heard “baby” can only mean one thing. Levy is pregnant and those twin babies that are shown in the imagination of Levy in the chapter that Gajeel is sucked by the hole of the underworld confirms it even more. Gajevy cannon.

Zeref and Mavis. I know that we had an end with them when they went together to the afterlife but it was nice to see them again because it is clear that it is a reincarnation, same look, different names and personalities but the feelings remain. Meaning that, no matter what they do, Mavis and Zeref were and always will be meant to be.

Jella and Erza I confess that I’m disappointed like many people because, how we can’t even see a talk of both???!? it’s very striking that Lucy thinks them both and says “Erza straightens her hair every day” showing Erza In a happy panel with casual clothes (not armor) plus Lucy’s face of that little smile while thinking about this and looks at Erza… I think a certain red hair girl sees Jellyberry very often;) and that’s why she dedicate so much to her looks! Don’t you think? Mashima left it open this along with those hints;)

And now, Natsu and Lucy. Many say they are in the “friendzone” but this is similar to Jerza’s: leave the situation open with hints. Let’s analyze … Lucy makes it clear in the chapter that she is a little jealous of the other couples plus some of the things she did when she was drunk saying “oh, I will never be a good wife”, her memories of Natsu, her tears and of course the Cute hug of a full page, implies that Lucy has illusions in love and more evident than by Natsu. Instead, Natsu is one of those characters who are clueless about love, he has the personality that can relate love with food really. A romantic Natsu would be very out of character. Natsu does the usual thing since the beginning of the story: Go to Lucy’s house along with Happy, make her smile, invite her to a job, implying that trust will always be there. Natsu in some translations says “We will always be together from now on” and in others “We will do what you want from now on” that comment is key, again: open situation with hints. You must understand Mashima’s game here: tell you things indirectly.

Leaving the ships aside for a moment, I was very nostalgic to see the team Natsu ready for an adventure and more because, Lucy returned to her main hairstyle with her first outfit, Gray in his white coat, Wendy in her red outfit when she entered the Guild and of course, could not miss: Erza with her suitcases. 

Also, some will say “If Gruvia is cannon … why is not Juvia out there with them?” For two reasons: 1) Because is the main team and 2) Juvia is shown in a panel chatting at ease with other members, implying that a couple does not always have to be together, meaning the trust in each other.. and bye to the “Love rivals” lol

To conclude, a couple to be cannon does not necessarily need a kiss, a wedding, a cofension or kids. What matters is to confirm that both characters have mutual feelings and there’s so many ways to do it. Let me tell that in the couples I mention, I do see it! Mutual feelings.

Do not get carried away by not seeing romantic moments and say that it was a “bad ending”. Yeah, I confess, at first when i saw spoilers I made a mistake by my impatience and got a lil influenced by others:c but after reading it and analyze it I come to this.

In other comments, I really liked Lucy fulfilling her dream of being a writer! Although, honestly, I would have liked to see Laxus as a guild master come on!!!

Anyways, different ending, but never leaving aside the theme of friendship, values and feelings.

I yes expect some more but I’m also not disgusted at all. At last, Fairy Tail is Fairy Tail and I love it and respect Mashima’s decisions! 



Madame Gaston

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Pairing: Gaston x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Gaston x-reader where it’s your wedding night. I’m the 1st to ask for one

A/N: It’s official! I’m writing for Gaston now!


If someone told you that you’d be marrying Gaston within a year, you’d call them crazy. But here you are, standing at the altar wearing a beautiful wedding dress holding the hands of your love, Gaston.

“Do you, Y/N, take Gaston, as you husband, to have and to hold as long as you both shall live?”

You smiled up at Gaston, “I do.”

“And do you, Gaston, take Y/N, to be your wife, to love and care for, as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Gaston said proudfully as he brought your hands to his lips.

“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!”

Gaston pulled you close to his chest, dipped you, and gave you a big passionate kiss. The people cheered and applauded.

The two of you walked down the aisle holding hands and covered yourself as people threw flower petals at the both of you.

“TO THE TAVERN!” Gaston yelled and everyone cheered. Gaston helped you onto his horse and he climbed on behind you. Gaston gave you another kiss on the lips, “I love you, my darling wife.”

You giggled, “I love you too, my darling husband.”

“May the celebration begin!”

People followed behind you as you made your way to Gaston’s tavern. Gaston hopped off and helped you down carrying you bridal style through the door.

“Drinks all around!” LeFou yelled, thus making Gaston arch an eyebrow at him, “I mean, if that’s okay with you.”

Gaston nodded, “Yes, LeFou! Drinks all around! Music! Dancing! Let us celebrate!” Gaston’s little group of friends began to play their instruments. People began to dance around and sing. Some women, mostly the Bimbettes, were crying.

Gaston handed you a glass of wine, “Thank you, my love.” You sipped at it as you sat in Gaston’s seat. He lifted you up and you squealed. He sat down and set you on his lap.

You looked at him lovingly and leaned forward capturing your lips with his. Gaston hummed, “I can’t believe it. We’re married! Who’d have ever thought?”

You chuckled, “I never imagined either.” You gently stroke his cheek, “But you make me happy.”

Gaston took your hand and kissed it, “And you make me happy, Y/N. After I survived and was shunned by the town, I never imagine to be redeemed. But there you were, ready to defend me when I no longer had motivation to. I may be strong, but you are so much more stronger. And faaar more beautiful than I!”

“You’ve changed for the better, Gaston. I’m proud of you.”

“I wanted to be better for you. You deserve the best.”

“And you most certainly are the best, Gaston.”

Gaston shrugged, “Can’t really argue with that.”

You stood up and pulled Gaston to his feet, “Come! Let’s dance!”


It was late, everyone was drunk out of their minds besides you and Gaston. You yawned and leaned into Gaston’s chest more. His chest rumbled as he chuckled, “Let’s go home now, love.”

He picked you and decided to walk the couple minutes to the small cottage that you two now called home. He carefully walked inside and into the bedroom setting you down carefully.

He was about to put the covers on you, but you stopped him, “Nooo. Help me get out of this dreeeeess.” You whined.

You stood up and swayed a bit. Gaston held you by the shoulders. He then turned you around so your back was facing him. He unbuttoned the back and the dress fell, pooling at your feet. You stepped out and dove under the covers in only your bra and panties.

“Hurry up. Cuddle me.” You mumbled.

“Yes, I’ll be right there, beautiful.” He shrugged off his red coat and yellow vest. He slipped off his white shirt and only left himself in his pants. He hurriedly slipped into bed next to you.

“I know we’re supposed to consumate the marriage, but I’m really tired.” You mjmbled as you nestled your face into Gaston’s neck.

Gaston stroked your hair, “It’s okay, love. I waited for you to marry me. I can wait however long you’d like for that.”

You kissed his neck, “I love you, Gaston.”

Gaston kissed your head, “I love you too, Y/N. Sleep well, my wife.”

anonymous asked:

can red shibas be this creamish?? I always thought those were cream shibas lmao

It is possible for red shiba to be a very pale red to a very strong vibrant red – but they are all considered to be red.

(two red shibas)

The white markings on the face (urajiro) get lighter as a dog ages, so sometimes you’ll see an elderly red shiba with a very white face.  Additionally, the redness of the coat tends to pale with age, though it is possible to have a red shiba appear “faded” even from a young age.

Conversely, a cream shiba can have some red (I believe this is why the coloration is called “cream” and not “white” but I’m not 100% sure).  The most common place a cream will have red is on the ears or on some of the guard hairs on the back.  But even if a cream shiba has no red at all it’s still a cream!

(a cream shiba inu with red ears

(a cream with a reddish back)

"I Can't." A Sad Solangelo Fic

Hiya! This is a fic based on this post on @solangelo blog. Which I can only assume is a request based on this @willsolaced fic. Enjoy!

Nico di Angelo didn’t expect anyone to knock on his cabin door today. He didn’t expect it to be his boyfriend. And he especially didn’t expect him to be sobbing.

“Woah woah woah, what’s wrong, Sunshine?” Nico shook his hands in the air a few times before deciding to use them to pull Will Solace into his arms.

Nico scolded himself for hesitating, but what could he say? He had never even seen his boyfriend close to tears before. It was a bit shocking to him.

Nico had been sitting there on his bunk when there was a knock on his door. He answered to find an exhausted and disheveled son of Apollo on his front stoop.

Will’s eyes were red and his face wet, he was wearing his white doctor’s coat and was only wearing one blue rubber glove.

The blonde boy spoke from Nico’s shoulder. His voice was raspy and quiet, but definitely there.

“I can’t do this, Neeks.” He whispered.

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My girl, who looks stressed after her vet appointment, has had her pregnancy confirmed today! Looks like those signs were there after all!
Puppies will be sold first come, first served to approved homes.
They will all be vet checked, and have health guarantees. They will be ABCA registered.
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We are so excited!

This is my own Bendy/Cuphead fusion and i hope u all like him:

>Name: Inkcupen (Ink-kyu-pin)

>Design: Sharp cup design with horns, tail with fluffy tip, black eyes with red pupils, black ink hair, red and white straw, black nose, 2 sets of arms, beige coat, white shirt, black tights, brown boots, etc.

>Abilites: Dual Blasters (2 finger blasters, shown in picture above), Quad Blasters (4 finger blasters), Ray Beam (putting all blasters together), quick speed, excellent dodging

>Weaknesses: Reckless actions, destructive powers, demon vision (can cause them to lose their mind and distract them), sensitive horns and tail, rage mode (blind by anger)

>Personalty: Flirty, Cocky, Courageous, Depressed, Hot-headed, Reckless, Kind (to certain people), Overprotective (to certain people)

>Condition: Due to Bendy being fused with Cuphead, it nullifies the pain from the Ink Illness though it will still cause ink to leak from their mouth, cup, and eyes. Mostly the eyes which is why his eyes are black and can cause him to miss his shots.

>Extra Info: He tends to have trouble with entering some buildings due to his tall height, not to mention all the kids who play around him because of how curious they are of him. Boris and Mugs tend to call him “The Ultra Bro” and eventually grew attachment to the title, even though people find him weird and odd because of his looks.