red and uruk

Father's Day Letter

Dear Father,

It’s been a long time since we have spoken. How are things in the big city? Is the Emperor in good health? I have been doing well myself, and I’m sure you’ll be proud to hear that I’m beginning to make friends again. Not from here, though. I have been traveling from Vyxwood not only to the other parts of Kavaan, but to the Outside. Most of my new friends are from there, and have shown me nothing but great kindness. It has also been dangerous, dare I tell you, but all adventures require it, no?

I do hope you can come back home for the summer some time. Maybe we can work out a month’s worth of vacation for you, with us! I love it when you come back with new stories and what kinds of spiders you have found while you are away. Mother misses you sometimes, but usually ends up complaining and thanking the gods that she doesn’t have to deal with some of your.. “tendencies”. Nevermind that last part, sorry. I haven’t gotten a “fair job” yet, but I’m quite content with my conditions. Farming is still a bore to me, no surprise there. Life’s been hard, but good.

If you can’t come down, please write to me more often at least. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Your loving daughter,

Wyn Fio