red and silver christmas table


This year I didn’t much feel like cooking and baking, but I did have fun making up my table.  With a little creativity and a couple of dollars I created a table that made me smile.  I printed out the cardinals from Martha Stewart’s website.  The red and white flowers from the grocery store were 4$ (they were still alive and pretty until the 6th of January…bonus)  I added some silver and red decorations from Michael’s.  Total cost for the flower arrangement about 5$.  I used the red packaging from the flowers to cover my blue vase and added a bow to make it complete.  My little tree was a Styrofoam cone from the dollar store which was previously used to make a lollipop tree.  I covered it with two types of ribbons and added paper punched hearts and white tipped sewing needles as decorations.  Our angel tree topper was printed from Family Fun…at a decreased size.  To top everything off my mom brought over the Christmas crackers which totally matched my theme just by chance and were placed on the plates under the place cards.