red and peter

  • Peter: [watching Steve lose to Red Skull] Oh, fiddlesticks.
  • Wade: Okay, hey, I know this is a tense situation, but I promised Cap to make sure you watched your fucking language.
Them kids needs therapy

Jason x afro Latina Reader

Angsty fluff. Jason and the reader have to deal with their worst enemy. Family interactions. There will be cookouts and misunderstandings(tw.Drug use,underage drinking, cursing, bullying, fighting, dirty dozens,mental illness being trivialized, family issues that aren’t all jay for a change. ) Wip

Jason isn’t really a unforgiving man. He says sorry first when strangers bump him, he almost never swears at little kids when they annoy him, and he pretty much swallows his pettiness and bites his tounge to bleeding when an old person tries to boss him around. That being said, there are things in his life that stroked the flames of his wrath even more than a bratty kid or a nosy old lady ever could. This was one of them.

It was 3’ o clock in the morning when every phone he owned started buzzing, he had ignored every text, call, carrier pidgon, and smoke signal from each and every member of the Wayne Clan (or the Jason Todd annoyance squad) since last week and even bothering to run to the oldest most out of the way safe house he had couldn’t stop what was coming. He swallowed his pride, rolled his eyes, and picked up the burner phone closest to him. “Well, good’ mornin’ to you too.” he croaked out immediately regretting not preping himself first, this battle was not for a weary warrior. “Good Morning Master Jason, I’ve trust you’ve been well?” Alfred said teasingly, he knew how hard Jason had been avoiding what was coming and he savored being the one to drag him back kicking and screaming. “As ‘ell as can be ‘xpected Alfie.” Jason said as he tried to slither out of bed and let (y/n) keep her rest and head to the bathroom. But seemed (y/n)’s heavy ass head had other plans, as it pinned down Jason’s arm firmly against the stiff, under used mattress. “Well as long as you’re in such good spirits, shall I pass along a message?” before he could even answer a loud low groan of stress sounded from the rusty hinges of his front door that he’d yet to take some wd40 to. Damn, he though he’d at least get a head start with how extra his re vamped security system was. He swore he heard Babs snicker in the shadows of the stale air of his one room shack. Steeling his nerves and coming to terms with the indisputable fact that there was no way of escape and he was trapped. With a tiresome sigh Jason slid the phone back to his ear and answered. “Sure?” With that, the poor front door came down with such vigor and weight it made him fear for a split second that Jon had agreed to play battering Ram for Damian again. His last place didn’t even survive that team up and the last thing he needed was to be on the run from another landlord. But no. The sight in front of him was far more spine tinglingly horrifying.

“Happy Birthday, Master Jason. Will you do me the favor of coming quietly or will I have to show a little force?”


I will always remember Carrie Fisher for that time she went to the Force Awakens premiere and made Adam Driver carry her dopey-looking dog the whole time. And Adam Driver was just like “Well, I guess this is my life now,” because clearly there was nothing he or anyone else could do about it, and Carrie Fisher was well past the point in her life where she gave a shit about what anybody else thought about anything. I was genuinely inspired by this moment. Rest in peace, weird space mom.